Dr Oz: Diet Pitfalls: Motivation Loss, Restaurants, Busy Schedule


Dr Oz did a segment called Conquering Your Diet Pitfalls.  Doctor Oz said that 400,000 people so far have signed up for the Dr Oz Move It & Lose It Plan and are working towards their weight loss goals, but it is hard to stay on track with so many pitfalls all around.  So, Dr Oz setup a poll on his website to figure out what is your biggest diet pitfall?  The answers included: Friends With Bad Habits, Eating Out At Restaurants, Busy Schedule, or Loss of Motivation.  Here are the 3 biggest Diet Pitfalls from Dr Oz’s poll and how to avoid them!

Dr Oz: Overeating At Restaurants: Diet Pitfall #3

Dr Oz asked a guest from his show how often she eats out.  She said she is a Realtor and a single woman, so she eats out  Dr Oz Conquering Your Diet Pitfallsaround 3-5 times per week.  She starts out with good intentions but inevitably ends up ordering the unhealthy options like penne with vodka sauce.  Here are Dr Oz’s tips for eating out:


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