Dr Oz: Difference Between a Cold & the Flu: Cold & Flu Symptoms


Dr Oz did a show called CSI: Cold & Flu to discuss What is the Difference Between a Cold and the Flu?  Plus, Doctor Oz gave a bunch of advice on how to stay healthy this season.  Do you know the difference between cold symptoms and flu symptoms?  Or how to treat the cold vs the flu?  This is a definite must read for the upcoming winter season! Dr Oz Flu vs Cold

Dr Oz said that the University of Virginia does some of the most groundbreaking Cold & Flu Research.  The main scientist that studies colds and flues there is Dr Ronald Turner, who has been studying the difference between the cold virus and the flu virus for 30 years.  Dr Turner even infects volunteers with viruses to help in his studies.

Rhinovirus: Common Cold Symptoms

The most common symptoms of the Rhinovirus (a fancy name for the common cold) include sore throat, runny nose and a cough.

Influenza: Flu Symptoms

The most common symptoms for the flu include fever, muscle aches and body aches.


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