Dr Oz: Underwear Report by Philip Tierno: Candida & Streptococcus


Doctor Oz did a shocking segment on dirty underwear found in stores across America.  Ladies love to look through the underwear and lingerie section and pick out the best color, shape, size and material… but do you know what is lurking in this most intimate article of clothing?  Dr Oz’s staff bought underwear in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York.  In each city, underwear was purchased at a bargain store, a middle sized department store and a high end boutique.  Dr Oz’s staff then sent the underwear to Dr. Philip Tierno, a microbiologist at the NYU Langone Medical Center, and the results were horrifying.  While I was watching this segment of Dr Oz, I literally gasped, and my husband (who had just come in from another room) said is everything ok?  That is how upsetting the underwear test results were.  Now my mother always told me to never wear new underwear without washing them first, even if there was still a hygiene strip on them.  But I really cannot imagine that some women try on underwear without any hygiene strip or that women will wear “new underwear” that have no hygiene strips!  As it turned out, it did not matter if you bought your underwear in a high end store or a low end store, it made no difference in terms of cleanliness.Dirty Underwear

Underwear Contaminated with Fecal Matter – Tetracoccus

In Los Angeles, which was the city that had the most bad results, tetracoccus or feces was found in the underwear.

Underwear Contaminated with Candida

In Chicago, underwear was found with Candida, which can cause yeast infections.

Underwear Contaminated with Group B Streptococcus

In Miami, Group B Streptococcus was found on underwear.  Group B streptococcus can cause meningitis, and is especially a big problem for pregnant women.  Wash your hands thoroughly when you try on underwear!

Underwear Contaminated with Blood

In NYC, my most loved city, underwear was found with a blood stain.  Who goes shopping for underwear during their period?  People are shocking.

Underwear Cleaning Tips:

1.  All new underwear should be washed in very hot water (at least 140 degrees).

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