Dr Oz: Diverticulitis & Diverticulosis: Can You Eat Nuts & Seeds?


Dr Oz did an entire segment on Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis.  What is the difference between Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis?  And if you have Diverticulitis, can you still eat seeds, nuts, and popcorn?  Doctor Oz covered lots of the latest information about Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis!

Dr Oz: Diverticulosis

Dr Oz said that if you have ever had stomach cramping, constipation, or nausea, it could be a symptom of something more than Dr Oz Diverticulosis & Diverticulitis you think – it could be a fatal bulge in your bowel called Diverticulosis, which is the hallowing out of the inside of the colon.  When you have an increased pressure in your colon or you strain to poop, the lining can get weak and a hole can form where poop can get stuck.

Dr Oz: Difference Between Diverticulitis & Diverticulosis

Dr Oz said that in Diverticulosis, you have the out-pouches that form in your colon and about half of the people in America who are over 60 have this.  Diverticulitis is what happens when those out-pouches get inflamed and infected by poop getting stuck in them.  The trapped fecal material can cause pressure, cramping, nausea, constipation, and all kinds of unpleasant side effects.  Dr Oz’s Assistant-of-the-Day felt how the walls of the outpouches are much thinner.  Dr Oz said that Diverticulitis was not even described until the early 1900’s, which is around the time when processed foods became widely available and fiber became less prevalent in our diets.

Dr Oz: How To Prevent Diverticulitis with Fiber

Dr Oz said that you can prevent Diverticulitis by getting enough fiber in your diet.  You need 25 grams of fiber per day, and the average American woman only gets 10-12 grams per day.  You can take fiber supplements or eat fiber-rich foods like apples, broccoli, beans, quinoa, and grains.  Dr Oz said that you also have to drink a lot of water with the fiber so that the poop can pass through easier – otherwise, it is like squeezing the toothpastte tube from the middle.

Dr Oz: Are Nuts & Seeds Bad For Diverticulitis & Diverticulosis?

Dr Oz said that doctors used to say that you should avoid seeds, nuts, and popcorn if you have Diverticulitis, but Dr Oz said that recent studies have found that they are not a problem.  Dr Oz suggested eating them because they are a good source of fiber and, when you eat a cashew nut, it is not like you get an entire cashew nut passing through your system because you chew it all up anyway during the digestive process.


  1. Nadine RobiczekRaspil says

    I knew I had diverticulosis for many years because it was detected in a colonoscopy. I never took the “seeds and nuts” thing seriously, because I only knew it as a joke on Saturday Night Live. Then, in 2008 I was having a lot of intestinal distress and went to a gastroenterologist. He ordered another colonoscopy and told me that it wasn’t cancer, so it was ok. I’ve been on a high fiber diet then, and since, but at that time, I also took fiber products from the drug store. The condition got worse and worse and in 2009 the infection burst through the intestine wall. I went back to the gastorentorologist and he ordered a CT scan, but by the time he could get clearance for the test from the insurance company, it was too late. My entire body was full of deadly bacteria. I lost mobility and felt very sick. I finally called 911. I was in the hospital for 4 months and had 2 surgeries, many medications, transfusions, etc. Then I went home for a few weeks, as the insurance refused to pay for rehab/nursing home, as prescribed, to rest up and then back in the hospital for follow-up surgery. I was unable to walk or sit up and I also became seriously mentally confused. Eventually, I began to learn to walk again and I can sit up for a while, before I begin to feel too sick and fatigued. I still eat a very healthy diet and I exercise. But the exercises caused the hernia from the perforated bowel to pop back out and I now have to have a fourth surgery to reverse it. I’m still not well enough to go back to work and I find it so difficult doing all the work to override the political problems trying to prevent me from having health insurance and I can’t afford to pay for both the insurance and the copays, coinsurance, out-of-network charges, etc. I still need weekly blood tests and then have my medications re-evaluated. This too has been threatened by the politics of health insurance. I almost died about 4 times from consequences of insurance problems in trying to treat the multiple diseases caused by untreated diverticulitis. None of this was caused by unhealthy diet or lack of exercise and it was all made worse by lack of health care in the United States.

  2. herman says

    I have diverticulitis, popcorn is the #1 thing not to eat, followed by nuts. If Dr. Oz has never had diverticulitis himself, and experienced the SEVERE pain this causes, the he shouldn’t be telling people that it is alright to eat these things, that is very irresponsible. Whatever happened to ‘first do no harm’?

    I do agree that you should track the foods that set it off for you, but the pain is so bad you will rather be safe that sorry, and trust me, you will be sorry.

  3. TJ says

    Herman, I have no idea where you come from to claim Dr. Oz is irresponsible. Even the Mayo Clinic and a large study done by the Journal of the American Medical Association have found absolutely NO LINK between seeds, popcorn, peanuts, etc., and diverticulosis or diverticulitis. So, in defense of Dr. Oz, yes, he is correct. If there are other foods that bother you, then fine, stay away from them. But it’s irresponsible of YOU to claim this doctor is giving bad advise or doing harm.

    I had my first attack of DV in January of this year. I have recovered fully, and changed a few things in my diet. Including adding more fluids and more fiber. However, I have not done away with eating peanuts, nuts, or other items that were once thought (and debunked) to allegedly cause or inflame diverticulitis.

  4. TJ says

    Carol – Stress can aggravate the situation, but I have not seen any studies linking stress directly as a cause/effect. However, there are numerous studies, books and research out there that verify that stress is a factor in overall health and well being (including emotional well being obviously). I firmly believe that stress aggravated my situation. So now I’m trying to keep things a bit more calm, however, just knowing I have this problem sometimes stresses me out on its own.

  5. Nadine RobiczekRaspil says

    Thank you Carol and TJ. I woke this morning thinking about how I have had a condition, that no one seems to be able to help me with successfully, even longer than I have had diverticulitis, and how the diveticulitis has made it worse. I was trying to trace it all back and wondering which condition effected which. Then, I went to look at my email and saw that you were discussing the relationship between diverticulitis and stress. The condition I have causes extreme stress and if I have to deal with the stresses caused by life, it gets even worse. Diet, exercise, yoga breathing, herbal and vitamin supplements, medication for anxiety and depression, don’t help. For years I tried to find help for this and for the intestinal condition and couldn’t get help with either until my intestines finally exploded. Now the repercussions of the intestinal disease are making the stress disease extreme.

  6. TJ says

    Nadine – as you describe above, your situation was pretty serious. I gather from what you say that your diverticulitis resulted in peritonitis (infection in the body cavity). That is about as serious as it can get. I assume you had the colon resection surgery? It’s not really clear if they took out the entire portion of the diseased colon, or you have had a recurrence of diverticulitis after the surgery. Are you also eating a healthy fiber diet and drinking plenty of fluids? I personally don’t take any supplements because my diet has been very good. However, my fluid intake was pretty poor and I live at high altitude to boot (which makes it worse). Since my first occurrence in January, I have been very vigilant about my diet. However, there are times where I get a twinge in my lower left abdomen that gives me stress because I think it’s coming back for a relapse. But so far so good. I do feel like I’m living with a ticking time bomb though.

  7. Nadine RobiczekRaspil says

    I probably had peritonitis; I know I had multiple infections and once they ate through the intestine wall, they were all over my body and I had multiple diseases. They cut off part of the colon and there was resection. There was a colostomy bag and I also had a hernia at the site. Then they did a surgery to reverse the hernia and remove the bag. But later, as I was starting to recover, I kept advancing on how much exercise I did and I used the lower abdominal muscles and the hernia came back. I am now trying to figure out how I can afford to have surgery to reverse this hernia. Even with insurance, this disease is costing me too much. But about diet, I always ate a high fiber diet and drank a lot of water and I still do. It definitely wasn’t a lack of fiber that caused it. In fact, I was looking over my notes, that I first made when I went to the gastroenorologist about this, and saw that I was finding that eating anything healthy seemed to give me symptoms and I felt better when I ate junk. But now, I don’t think I will get a recurrence and I eat a healthy diet again. But about stress, it would make sense that stress could have brought this on and I’m still battling stress and looking for solutions. I’ve been to psychotherapy, taken anxiety and depression medications, done yoga, meditation, deep breathing, lots of exercise, but none of this seems to be enough.

  8. Janet says

    I just had my 2nd attack of diverticlitis. I ended up in the er stayed in the hostipal for a few days. They were giving me antibotics but it seems to upset my stomach and the pain just go away. They say it’s a mild case though the CT scan. So why does it always hurt. I always ate healthy. I also have a rectum prolaspe in the virgia. I had surgrey to have that pushed up. Now I have it back but not sure if it’s rectum or bladder. Had my bladder tucked too. Now I have a new formed. My poop gets in it and I have to push it out by hand. Can all of this be conected I don’t want to have surgrey but from what I have been reading it sounds like it. I have been dealing with bipolar depression for a few years now and every time I get sick I feel even sicker and just want to end it all. The harder I say it will get better it doesn’t.

  9. Mandee says

    Agree with herman 100%!

    I have Diverticulosis and popcorn is THE worst thing I could ever eat.
    The pain it causes is horrendous and that popcorn pain has put me in the hospital.

  10. Nadine RobiczekRaspil says

    Apparently, some people get attacks from things like popcorn and some don’t. The important thing is that everybody should get preventive colonoscopies to find out whether or not they have diverticuosis, even if they never had an attack. Then, if people who know they have diverticula(those are like an appendix, but can be anywhere in the intestines and niot everyone has them) have any kind of intestinal problems, they should get CT scans right away. Then the doctors can tell where the problem is and treat it. The sooner the treatment, the easier it is to treat. Then, if a patient realizes that a particular food seems to cause the attacks, that patient should cut out that food. But if it’s left untreated because the insurance company denies approval for the CT scan, it’s deadly. It’s like having appendisitis and just letting it go.The thing that causes severe disease is when harmful bacteria and viruses get stuck in the diverticula, but some people may also have sensitivity to certain foods. Also, fiber and friendly bacteria can help push out the seeds or nuts or popcorn that get stuck.But the most important thing is to get tested. I have friends who have everything the same as me, but they demanded the CT scan and didn’t get as sick as I got. I’m now eating a diet full of fiber and probiotics and I’m also going to routine tests for other things for which I have no history or sympmtoms, because you just never know.

  11. sonya says

    I have just recently been diagnosed with diverticulitis and Im so confussed with it!! I an not confussed on the pain it is very sever!! Please give me advice i sure do need it!!! Thank you

  12. TJ says

    Did your doctor put you on the antibiotic regimen? I hope you had a CT Scan to verify the severity, etc. Yes, it is painful, but that will go away…

  13. sonya says

    Yes my doctor gave me antibiotics and Im still on them.I have been on a liquid diet for 4 days now and am starting to eat again but Im very reluctant to do so!!! I did have a ct scan.

  14. Nadine says

    I just got out of the hospital for my fourth surgery and found these latest additions. I can’t stress it enough that early detection and treatment are very important. Diveticulitis may come back and then get treated right away again. Some people find that seeds get stuck and cause it, others don’t. But if bacteria gets in there you can die.

  15. chris says

    I am in the hospital now they say its likely dv but the say im tooo young im only 29 how often do 29 year olds get this and

  16. TJ says

    My nurse practitioner said she is seeing more and more younger people getting DV due to lifestyle – mainly diet (lack of fiber and proper hydration) as well as lack of exercise.

  17. michelle says

    I have had this condition for just short of 18 years .I will be fine until i happen to eat any seed or nut of any kind then all hell breaks loose!( i tested this a few years back and just ate things like nuts , sunflower seeds etc a bird diet lol by the next day i wanted to die ! i was in so much pain )So i disagree with mayo and oz on this because i have dealt with this so long and know what makes me sick . I think it would be better if a whole cashew was to pass through my system it probably would’nt cause me as much a problem then the little chewed up pieces of the cashew just perfect to fit in those pockets to make my life hell!

  18. says

    oz is a doctor who gets paid for no knowledge!! ive had dv for 3yrs. doctors said dont eat nuts and i tested there knowledge and i ate nuts. i was in the ER the next day with so much pain. i was ok till 8 month ago when i ate seeds and popcorn, and again back to the ER. i now watch what i eat and i havent had any ER visits since.so if you have dv, take my advice and stay away from popcorn,seeds, and anything in the seeds family. and dr. so called oz, what college did you get your so called degree from. i would like to go to that sorry college.your over payed and your a waist of time and space on this topic. i cant wait till you get DV you sorry human being.

  19. says

    dr. oz your stupid. thats what DV is caused from. anything that has to do with hard seeds including popcorn. you dumb ass!!!!!!!

  20. TJ says

    Actually, you’re wrong Ernest. By the way…that would be “you’re” not your. The Mayo Clinic has even stated that nuts and seeds do not cause DV. And so have numerous studies…

    Lack of a proper diet that includes at least 25 grams of fiber daily, hydration and exercise contribute to DV.

  21. TJ says

    Ernest – you’re obviously a subject of very poor education. That’s all I have to say. And a pretty sad person too.

  22. Shay says

    Ernest, I don’t think race has anything to do with dv, so please stick to the subject and lose
    the vulgar language. People viewing this website are trying to find information, not your
    sad racial views.

  23. says

    I think we/me who have had bouts of diverticulitis following ingesting a particular trigger food disagree with the results of that one study. For me, I can eat nuts and seeds just fine. But after six bouts of diverticulitis following eating popcorn, I know I can never eat it again. Maybe the hull-less variety, but I’m afraid to try. One small study does not apply to each of our own particular situations. How can just one study of a small group of men (no women were included in the study) apply to the population as a whole? It makes little sense.

  24. says

    shay, Race has nothing to do with DV. i was getting my point across to BJ, i mean tj. she was trying to correct my spelling instead of viewing the subject about DV. and tj, i just retired from the United States Army. whats your excuse! the only sad thing about me is that you have no knowledge about dv and your trying to correct everyone. so i guess that makes you a sad case.

  25. Shay says

    Ernest, I live in a military town (Sav’h Ga), so want to thank you for your service.
    Three wks ago, I ended up in the ER and found out I had severe DV. I had a follow-up
    app”t with the gastroenterologist yesterday, but their office had made a mistake with
    the app’t and can’t see me until mid Jan. I was not given any info in the hospital as to
    how to avoid this happening again. Does anyone know of any phamplets or other
    material that I can order with info on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of this condition?

  26. Raquel says

    I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis around 11/ 2011, I was in so much pain and could barely move, I had fever and could not make a bowel movement and my stomach was hard all over and at first I thought maybe I was constipated, but then I began to pass urine like every 15-20 minutes. I was scared because I had never experienced this much pain ever.I went to the E.R and a CT Scan was done and that’s how I was diagnosed but still I’m left with many questions and confused and scared. I agree, If more people were aware and had knowledge on Diverticulitis, maybe there wouldn’t be so many cases of the disease.I need some kind of answers, not for sure on the diet because some say that you can eat seeds and others have said to stay away from popcorn, tomatoes, peanuts(any nuts), red meat, no pops with caffeine,no fried foods; I’m unsure of what I can and can’t eat and on the other hand I’m reading comments where some people are eating healthy and adding more fiber and water but still have to have surgeries and or Colostomy bags..I’m confused because I thought if you take care of yourself and eat healthy, more fiber and water and some exercise, I thought that you would be fine and wouldn’t have any more complications.I just don’t know what to do or think and yes it’s very depressing not knowing. Confused and would love to hear any advice or experiences that others would like to share….Thanks

  27. Rosie says

    I have been looking at all of the posts and don’t see where meats are addressed. My Mom has recently been diagnosed with dv, and we are trying to get her diet in place. Which meats should be avoided?

  28. ernest says

    shay thank you.raquel,i had DV the worst you can imagine.probably what you have now. i was suppose to have surgery but i refused it. for me, i dont eat any seeds of any kind. i still drink beer, soda, and everything else. and i havent han any episodes since my last one. my advice to you, just stay away from all seeds that you can think of and keep your mind off of DV and you will be just fine.(tomatoe seeds and cucumber seeds i still eat and i feel fine). one more thing i eat, alot of fiber especially refried beans.Raquel you will be just fine. Stay away from seeds no matter what anybody says.believe ME!!!!! Rosie, i never had a problem eating meats.i eat meats at least 5 times a week and i feel fine

  29. ernest says

    Also raquel, try to avoid surgery. something can go wrong after surgery. your intestines can come apart weeks or month later but thats a slight chance.but it has happened and its probably not fun carrying a diaper bag around.Stay away from seeds!!!!!! if you want to contact me e-mail me at [email protected] aol.com and i can give you more info.Shay, that goes for you also if you want to know a little more about DV.

  30. Vanessa F. says

    So I just got out of the hospital w/ my husband, this is his 4th episode of diverticulitis. Is there a point when the doctors decide is better to do surgery than to continue this way???

  31. Diana G says

    I had surgery two years ago for dv. The best decision I ever made! Stayed in hospital for 5 days but I haven’t felt better and I find I can eat popcorn, nuts and seeds..no problem.

  32. ernest says

    Diana,surgery works for some but it is still dangerous.after staying away from seeds I also feel better than ever.I just stay away from seeds. Vanessa, is it his 4th epiode because he continues eating seeds? If it is, have him stay away from seeds than decide on surgery if that still doesn’t work.

  33. TJ says

    The earlier you get surgery, the better the outcome. My surgeon said if I get a 2nd episode, then surgery would be advised. The longer you wait, the more damage is being done and it will be harder to recover. Also may want to check into laparoscopic surgery vs. traditional. The recovery time is much faster. Also, a study was done with 50,000 subjects followed over 18 years. Seeds, nuts, etc., do not cause DV, and in fact those who didn’t eat them had a 20% higher change of getting DV. High fiber diet, not loaded with meats, is advised. Along with exercise and fluid intake.

  34. Shay says

    I’m starting to think certain foods affect some and not others. I have a friend that has been
    in the hospital 3 times in the last 3 yrs with dv. She says she can eat red meat, but not steak.
    My Mom had to have a colostomy bag at the age of 77. She literally gave up and died a few
    weeks after the operation. Also, I never realized how many foods I eat that have seeds or nuts
    until I had an episode of dv. On a brighter note, I have said “good-bye” to Snickers and cola
    and have lost about 14lbs.

  35. TJ says

    Shay – it also depends on the amount of fiber you eat during the day. You can eat meat, but I wouldn’t do that 5 times a week. That’s ridiculous (keeping in mind the fat, cholesterol, etc.). Sorry to hear about your mom, and that’s probably why they say to get the surgery earlier in life rather than wait. Also, if the DV gets back then it can turn into peritonitis that has a 30% fatality rate. That will require emergency surgery. My doctor recommended if I had a 2nd episode, to have the surgery. Luckily, I’ve been OK so far. By the way, I still eat Snickers and drink Coke! Neither bother me.

  36. ernest says

    Shay, seems likeTJ is always trying to correct me. there is not anything wrong with eating meat 5 times a weak as long as its well cooked. Shay good job staying away from the snickers as that also will trigger the DV. Let her continue eating snickers so that way she can have her second episode. Maybe that way she can understand how important it is not to eat seeds. TJ, you need to be more educated on DV and also the food groups we need in our life. Seems to me that you give false information rather than helping out DV patience.By the way, how old are you?(TJ). Maybe thats why you think you know it all. Sorry to hear about your mom shay. continue fighting this DV issue and never give up.Stay away from seeds no matter what TJ says!

  37. TJ says

    Ernest, it’s pretty pathetic that you would wish and hope for an illness on me. Considering your nasty attitude towards me (and probably life in general) and the use of your foul language (which pretty much says you’re not very well educated in anything), I’m pretty sure folks here have written you off. Good luck, and have a nice life. And for those who want real information, check out the Mayo Clinic’s site instead of taking advice from an armchair wannabe.

  38. ernest says

    TJ , where did i say ” i wish or hope” That TJ gets an episode of DV? I said ” let her continue eating snickers so she can get her second episode”. You need to get your facts correct before you accuse somebody of something they did not say! As for my life, yes I will have a good one knowing that you dont live in my state. Arm chair wannabe, yea o.k. At least i served my country PROUDLY. What have you done for us Americans? Besides tell us that seeds are good for DV when there not and also meat was bad 5 times a week! Go get educated yourself and it would be nice if you stayed off this topic because you have no idea what DV is!!!!

  39. TJ says

    Since some folks like to use phony rhetoric and misinformation vs. fact, here is some additional information about seeds and nuts – by the way, Snickers has peanuts (they’re legumes, not nuts):

    An 18 year followup study involved nearly 50,000 subjects. Not a small sample. It also concluded that men who ate more nuts, seeds, etc., actually had a 20% lower risk of developing DV as opposed to those who didn’t enough fiber. Nuts, seeds, etc., are loaded with fiber. Here’s a summary article about the study:


    Quote: In fact, men who ate nuts at least twice a week had a 20% LOWER RISK of diverticulitis than men who ate nuts less than once a month; men who ate popcorn at least twice a week had a 28% lower risk.

    I educate myself by learning from my gastroenterologist, various studies, research centers, and hospitals.

    Oh, and what have I done for Americans? Let’s see, I own a small business that employs 27 people with full healthcare and benefits, and hope to one day grow it even more so that I can provide more jobs.

  40. Shay says

    I’ve actually given up all types of candy expcept Peppermint Patties (my fav) and I was
    drinking about 5 to 7 cokes a day. Trying to drink more water now. I think I’ve done this in
    part, to feel better and hopefully, to gain some energy. I know I don’t get enough fiber in
    my diet and that’s something I’ve got to work on. When the hospital did my CT, they told
    me it looked like cancer. Thank God, it wasn’t, but it did make me take note of my lifestyle.
    I’m 54 and ready to make healthy changes in all aspects of my life. I sorta feel like I’ve been
    given a second chance : )

  41. ernest says

    wow, she owns a small business. what is it called, phony inormation! you must really be proud of yourself giving false information to people. you dont impress me with your underpaid small business. oh by the way, let me know when you have really done something for our Ameican people.one more thing, you must really be dumb! peanuts,nuts,snicker nuts are all the same. whats next, mexicans and blacks are not humans because they are not white. man what kind of business do you run so we can all stay away from it!!!!!!!

  42. TJ says

    Shay, I’m glad you’re making those lifestyle changes. You will feel better in time. Just remember, moderation is key.

    And Ernest, please take your juvenile insults elsewhere. The moderator already deleted most of your F-bombs towards me. I’m surprised you were even in the military, because most folks I know in the military (including three former ones that work for us) are very polite, nice gentleman. Can’t say the same for you.

  43. Nadine RobiczekRaspil says

    I have important updates for everyone. The surgery I had when my intestines exploded and I almost died, caused a hernia. It was later reversed in another surgery, but came back. Due to the terrible state of health care in the USA, I realized that even though I have the most expensive insurance that covers the most possible, I would end up with $50k in out of pocket costs to have surgery here. So I went to France for the surgery, where there’s one bill that includes all the doctors and professionals and room and board and everything and my copay was 200Euros. While I was there, I talked to a lot of people and found that in France, they never heard of these studies that say seeds and nuts don’t cause diverticulitis. Most people who have ever had DV give up anything that might have small seeds or is anything like a nut or seed. If someone has gastrointestinal distress, they do both CT and colonoscopy rigth away, to check for both diverticulitis and cancer. If they find diverticulitis, they prescribe flagyl. When I first had symptoms, doctors never thought of diverticulitis even though I knew I had diverticula. No doctors ever mentioned seeds and nuts. I’ll never know if I had reactions to any of those things. I only know that I was on a very healthy diet and somehow bacteria got in there. I’m now back to eating healthy and I make sure to include lots of fiber and probiotics. The patheitic thing is, after all the horror I’ve been through, I feel lucky because the diverticula has been removed and I don’t have to worry about which seeds, nuts, legumes, etc might make me sick.

  44. ernest says

    thank you nadine for your information. maybe some idiots(TJ) will finally understand that seeds and or nuts or anything similliar to that will cause DV. She seems to think she knows it all. I guess when you own a small business you think you know everything. she is probably in the medical field therefore she believes everything the doctors say.but remember one thing, doctors are the worse ones when it comes to knowing the facts.they just do what they think will make them the most money rather than doing whats right for the patience.oh and TJ,juvenile comments, guess again like you been doing. i was serving our Country when you were probably in middle school.as for nice people in the militiary, your right there are several of us but when you have to listen to false information from jerks like you it seems to piss us off! after 20 years listening to officers who were always wrong, it brings back memories listening to you thinking you know it all.once again Nadine, thanks for your good information.

  45. TJ says

    Nadine – back in April of this year you stated: “I probably had peritonitis; I know I had multiple infections and once they ate through the intestine wall, they were all over my body and I had multiple diseases.” So, your situation went from diverticulitis to peritonitis, which is a whole other story in itself. Peritonitis can be deadly as you know, and requires emergency surgery. How many episodes of DV did you have before it got to this point?

    You also stated that “There was a colostomy bag and I also had a hernia at the site. Then they did a surgery to reverse the hernia and remove the bag. But later, as I was starting to recover, I kept advancing on how much exercise I did and I used the lower abdominal muscles and the hernia came back.” So you probably aggravated the hernia with the exercise? Did the doctors tell you not to strain yourself?

    And you also stated that when this happened you were eating healthy. Can I ask what your diet consisted of? Because nowhere did it state that this happened to you right after you had nuts, seeds, etc.

  46. says

    After visiting a surgeon for diverticulitis, he said to try YOGERT, I eat two yogerts a day and have not had any more trouble, I also stopped eating popcorn, corn and nuts just to be on the safe side.

  47. Raquel says

    Thank you to, Nadine, Ernest ,TJ, Rosie, and Shay, I really appreciate all of the info that you guys have shared with me as well as others. It would be nice if we could form an awareness Diverticulitis Group on Facebook, We could be support and help others prevent Dv. We all have something in common and that’s why we’re here sharing our stories. My email address is [email protected], or look me up on Facebook under Raquel Portis(feel free to contact me) and thanks again for your stories and advice…

  48. Nadine RobiczekRaspil says

    I’m so glad that zanne mentioned yogurt and that a doctor recommended this. This is the first time I heard that, although it was my personal theory that the probiotics(acidophilis, bifidus, etc) in yogurt could help wash out the things that get stuck and cause infection. Now we can even get capsules for this. Since I already had the diverticula removed, I started finding more and more products with more and more probiotics.

    In answer to TJ’s questions: I don’t really know when I started getting diverticulitis. I had some intestinal discomfort about 2 years before the peritonitis, but it seemed to pass. Then about another year later, it came back and I consulted with my internist and she said it was probably irritable bowel syndrome, but recommended that I consult a gastroentorologist.I did so and told the gastroentorologist that I knew for a fact that I had diverticula, so one would think he might suspect diverticulitis, but he didn’t; he was only concerned about cancer, even though I have no personal or family history of cancer. The discomfort seemed to pass, but then came back the next year and this time it got worse. This time I went back to the gastroentorologist and he finally ordered a CT scan, but he insurance company denied it and that’s when I had to have emergency surgery and almost died.
    During the time that I was recovering and building up my strength, I was exercising, but being careful about the affected area. Physical therapists gave me exercises and some of them actually worked the lower abdominal muscles. But my surgeon said that I needed more exercise and was very adament that I do more and never mentioned being cautious about the affected muscles, so I went back to my full routine and did the crunches I used to do and that’s what caused the hernia to come back.
    The diet I was on for decades before I got sick and now again: Lots of water and raw vegetables, including ones with seeds,next fruit, including berries,cooked vegatables, always something with protein,but more moderate amounts because of fat and cholestoral, but mostly tofu and dairy, but also nuts,more moderate amounts of carbs, starches, etc, but any grains, cereals or breads with whole grains, including popcorn. I don’t happen to eat meat, but that’s just because of a personal repulsion I had since I was 5 and realized it was dead animals, and it has nothing to do with what’s healthy. Anything that’s fat without nutrition, starch without nutrition, or sugar, I eat in tiny little bits for pleasure, if it’s really very delicious and it seems enough to satisfy my need for sweets and junk.Now I’ve added extra probiotics and fiber and take pills to be sure I get a lot of those no matter what I eat.
    During the years when the discomfort came and went, I never thought to monitor eating seeds and nuts. The only place I ever heard of a connection between seeds and nuts and diverticulitis was a running joke on Saturday Night Live, but docotors never said anything and when I tried researching on my own, I never found anything like that. So I’ll never know if I was effected by those things.

  49. ernest says

    Zanne,yougurt might be helping with DV but i think for the most part that is really helping you is that your staying away from popcorn,seeds etc. Keep staying away from those foods and you will continue to be pain free from DV. No matter what anybody says, popcorn is the worse thing to eat when you have DV.Also, seeds are right behind popcorn. Believe me, I tested that theory and lost. I was in so much pain after eating those foods.Raquel, I don’t do facebook. Just to much drama for me.”sorry”. But thanks for your e-mail.

  50. says

    I have this diverticulitis and don’t know what to do I don’t have insurance all my doctor does is put me on antibiotics and I hurt all the time constantly throwing up can’t ever get any relieve I’m on pain meds can anyone help me. I have been on antibiotics 6 times now

  51. Nadine says

    crisha, find another doctor or go to the emergency room. Normally, diverticulitis can be treated with antibiotics, but in that case, the patient starts getting better, not worse. It could be diverticulitis that went to far before you started the antibiotics and now you have peritonitis or something that might require a different antibiotic. Or the antibiotics may be causing some condition, but the doctor should know the possibilities. The pain killers can also interact. A doctor should check the combination of medications and change them. Or you may have some other sickness that should be treated right away. You should have a CT scan and a colonoscopy and blood tests and probably other tests. If you don’t have insurance, there is probably some kind of help you can get from state or municipal agencies, but I don’t know what exactly to do and you shouldn’t wait too long. You may just have to call an ambulance. Don’t wait too long.The hospital should have some way of helping patients without insurance.

  52. Shay says

    Crisha, I agree with Nadine. Find another doctor. It may not even be dv, could be your
    gall bladder or something else. Check and see if you are eligible for medicaid. If not, most
    cities have hospitals that will see patients and charge them based on their income or ability
    to pay.Your city might even have a clinic that treats uninsured or underinsured patients.
    Start by checking with your local health department. They will guide you in right direction.
    In the meantime, keep a diary of the foods you are consuming. There might be a few
    foods making things worse for you.
    Keep us informed.

  53. ernest says

    crisha, dont worry about having insurance. just go to the E.R.and take care of yourself. you can always deal with the bills later. your health is more important than trying to worry about having insurance. oh by the way, didnt i mentioned earlier that most doctors are out to take your money and they dont really know alot. its all about them making money and not carryng about the patience. get youself a lawyer and go after that sorry doctor. we only live once but doctors rip off everyone everyday!!! take care of youself

  54. Shay says

    Ernest, you’ll get a laugh from my situation with one of the dr’s. The dr. who performed
    my colonoscopy while in the hospital gave me a card with a date and time for a follow-up
    app’t two weeks after the procedure. On the morning of my app’t., I called his office to
    confirm their location. After getting my name and d.o.b., they told me they had never
    heard of me and the dr. already had 6 appointments for that time slot and if I thought
    I really needed to see a dr., it would be almost 2 months before they could get me in.
    They have never heard of me, but they sure managed to send me a bill this week for
    over $2000. (just his part). Darn….I’m in the wrong business!!!!! Wish I could ignore
    the bill and pretend I’ve never heard of him…….lol

  55. Nadine RobiczekRaspil says

    There’s a new development in my life that strongly relates to everything we’ve been discussing here. I knew I had diverticulosis for decades and no doctor ever mentioned any special diet. When I did get diverticulitis it was my health insurance company that refused to let me get tested and treated and I almost died. I recently went to France to have the fourth surgery because I can’t afford it here, even with very expensive health insurance. My husband is French and I am on his insurance there, but here, it would cost me $2500 a month more to insure him and he won’t go to doctors here, so I just have emergency insurance for visitors for him. While we were in France for my surgery, he was complaining of intestinal distress himself, so I told him to get all tests while we were there. They tested for cancer and diverticulitis and he has diverticulitis. They gave him a prescription for flagyl and it helped. They also gave him a list of foods he should never eat. It includes not only seeds and nuts, but any kind of fiber. No fruits and vegestables, raw or cooked. No whole grains or cereals of any kind. I find it odd that the laws of science seem to be so opposite in 2 countries on the same planet. Now my husband ran out of flagyl and has symptoms again. He has a prescrition from France, but foreign prescriptions can’t be filled here. We tried to get a doctor to write one, but they won’t unless he goes through all the scans and test again here. His insurance is only for accidents and won’t cover pre-existing conditions. The cheapest and fastest way for him to get help is to fly back to France! We tried the local ER, and waited 4 hours, but we couldn’t see a doctor unless we were willing to pay for scans, etc, which we know cost tens of thousands here. Now, I feel like, even though my illness caused me so much grief and money and ruined my life, I’m happy because at least now I no longer have the diverticula and I can go eating the healthy diet I always eat. If I tired to eat the diet my husband has to eat, I would be eating nothing at all, as I don’t eat meat, poultry and fish and that’s about all he can eat. It’s like that old rhyme about Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.

  56. Nadine RobiczekRaspil says

    It is indeed confusing that in one country scientists say it is not seeds and nuts that cause DV and to eat lots of fiber and another country says to avoid all fiber and any kind of seeds, etc. Due to the fact that people at this site find that they get DV when they eat seeds, etc and I developed it when I was eating a high fiber diet, the old seeds and nuts theory must be right.

    I just found out even more. Originally I was given the impression, by doctors, that there were pockets called diverticula all through my intestines. After I was sick, I was given the impression that there’s one pocket, like a second appendix and some people are born with it and some not. I just consulted my friend who is a medical scientist and he said that anyone can develope these pockets at any time in life, but especailly when we get older. Even though my surgeries removed the pockets that were infected I can continue to develope DV until I die and so can everybody.

    Now it seems that only way DV can be prevented is to remove intestines at birth and replace them with plastic ones!

  57. ernest says

    nadine your right its all about doctors making money. i tried telling doctors that i have DV and they made me go through all the testing, pictures,etc.all because thats how they make there money.so you know what i did, after i received the bill i subtracted all the xrays fees , exam fees and everything else they wanted to charge me after i already told them what i had.i put that in writing and paid them only for the medicine and still to this day i havent received a hospital bill again.because they now know they were wrong and they wont even try to charge me for something i told them i had. sometimes you just have to put them doctors in ther place like i normally do if i know im right. also, seeds, popcorn, peanuts, and nuts will cause you to get DV back again. believe me, i already tested that theory. and still to this day i eat seeds to see if my DV will come back and it does. but its just something i do to really see what is causing me to get DV again.and it is the seeds,nuts,popcorn, and peanuts.BELIEVE ME!!!! if anyone says its not that, they are lying and dont want to face the facts.

  58. Shay says

    Do you think it’s all seeds? I love fruit and will subconsciously grab something with fruit
    or nuts and have a family member suddenly remind me not to eat it. I wonder if the seeds
    of strawberries are ok since they are so tiny. I’ve actually done good at avoiding nuts, which
    is a biggie for me. Did have a few over the holidays, but know it’s just best not to have anything like that in the house or I’m going to be tempted.
    What do others think about fiber such as black beans, oatmeal, etc.?

  59. ernest says

    Shay, i probably confused you a little. i do eat tomaotoes,strawberries, and cucumbers so i guess really the soft seeds dont really botther me.but your right, i never have problems with those kind of seeds.its the peanuts,popcorn,sun flower seeds,etc. that flares up the DV.sorry about the miscommunication.hope i explained myself a little better.

  60. Cheryl says

    I just had a emergency trip to the hospital and it resulted in 4 transfusions. I hope to be going home tomorrow. What an awful experience for me and my family. I had a colonoscopy 10 years ago and was told I had diverticulosis. I was told to eat lots a fiber, which I’ve done, unfortunately now I’m told that I’m likely to have more bouts until I die! What really works? Why can’t someone come up with a cure for such a prominent disease? Living on the edge of when this will happen again is very frightening.

  61. Amber says

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with Diverticulitis, a day ago. I am only 20. I went to the hospital with bad bad abdominal cramps in my middle abdominal area that moved to the riight lower area, along with pain everytime i moved to the point where i could barely walk. I did a CT at the hospital to find out i have this. Im very concerned. Apparently i have just a “MILD” case.. but judging by my pain thats hard to believe. I was sent home the day i went in with antibiotics (Flagyl,Cypto) To treat infection, and am taking Tylenol PM for pain at night to sleep. My appetite has yet to leave, so ive been eating normally even with the pains im having. Im not sure if that is alright or not? I have now started taking a fiber chew able tablet yesterday as well because im suffering from constipation. The anti biotics seem to be helping the situation alittle, but everytime i eat the pain is more intense. I just want alittle more information on this, should i not be eating regularly; i see alot of people talking about a “liquid diet” which wasnt meantioned to me in the hospital. I am a bit of a worry wart and i just want to know whats going to happen with this i am only 20 and this isnt something that 20 year olds usually suffer with so i understand???

  62. says

    Everyone’s different, but what helps me during the acute, painful stage is to back off high fiber foods and eat more simple, easily digestible lower-fiber foods such as white rice, jello, broths, and such until the worst of the pain subsides, and then to add back in, slowly, higher fiber foods.

    When the diverticulum are infected and swollen, it seems like high fiber foods get backed up in the colon and cause more pain–at least for me. The lower fiber foods give your colon a chance to heal. If you have a local health food store, see if you can buy some slippery elm powder to mix with water and drink…it helps sooth your GI tract.

    After your pain is gone, you’ll want to slowly add back in more fiberous foods slowly–and drink lots of water. Tje antibiotics you’re taking are commonly prescribed for this condition and are effective but will also destroy the healthy flora in you GI tract so be sure to take some pro-biotics to restore them and get tings back to normal. Every drugstore carries these over the counter.

    It’s important not to strain during bowel movements which creates more little pouches to get infected (hence drinking lots of water) and to avoid foods that might trigger future attacks. For me it’s popcorn…for others it’s seeds…others don’t know what triggers an attack, but drinking lots of water and eating ample fiber (whole grains, fruits, vegetables) can help you not strain and create the pockets that can trap foods and lead to infection.

    Exercise such as walking and biking are good, too. Right now, avoid heavy lifting and very strenuous exercise. Be gentle on your body until you heal..

    Hope this helps.

  63. ernest says

    I agree with patricias comment. i have cut back on all seeds, nuts, pop corn i am on a high fiber diet and i have regular bowel movements and i feel good. i do drink alot of liquids. Amber, everything your going through i been there. All you need to do is take it day by day, finish your meds, stay away from all seeds,pop corn,nuts etc. eat alot of vegtibles and drink plenty of liquids. oh and try not eating so much untill the infection is controlled. you dont want to over stress your intestines. they have to heal. DV is painfull and im very surprise tylenol pm is working for you. i was prescribed a pain medicine. i guess im just a cry baby. but anyways, hang in there and keep fighting it, and take my advice. remember i been through all that and now i feel better. Good Luck

  64. nadine says

    Patricia, thanks for making sense of everything. These opposing views about fiber either causing DV or preventing it didn’t make sense, and I also kept thinking that it’s infection that causes the trouble. Now it makes so much more sense.

    I agree with Ernest about the pain relievers, and pain relief is another issue that needs more attention from doctors and scientists.

    And yes, Amber is very young for this and it is rare for younger people to get it, but I’m realizing more and more that much more attention has to be paid to individuals. Someone can this at any age; some people are affected by certain foods; I think that a lot more attention should be paid to these details by the medical establishment and doctors have to stop making assumsions.

  65. says

    Glad I could help…it’s an unpleasant condition to have, but with care, bouts can become few and far between. I’ve read diverticulitis is mostly a Western malady caused by our low-fiber and low exercise way of life–which has led me to eat more fiber, exercise, and drink lots of water to keep a happy colon–when it’s happy, so am I. A bummer that I cannot eat popcorn as I dearly love it, but prefer being pain-free so I avoid it…

    A good diet might have oatmeal for breakfast (add some ground flax seed powder for more fiber and good omega fats), or a bran muffin with some fruit, or a veggie omelet. For lunch try a sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato (ever try a hummus sandwich? Pretty good!). A veggie or turkey Subway sandwich with all the veggies is not a bad choice, either. Add an apple, grapes or other fruit.

    Dinner options might include a big salad (a favorite is baby spinach, a chopped apple, a few walnuts, raisins, chopped celery, some crumbled blue cheese and a quick Dijon mustard/honey/vinegar dressing), steamed vegetables, a baked potato, a bean burrito, chili, or a soup with beans, split peas or lentils (not all at once!)

    Eating adequate fiber is not really that difficult– nor that expensive when you put your mind to it. Pretty delicious, too.

  66. Jennifer says

    I was diagnosed 3 days ago with severe diverticulitis. Here is what’s on one of the forms my doctor gave me…..
    You will need to be on a low residue fiber diet if you have diverticulitis. You may need to follow this diet only for a short period of time or for the rest of your life. Your doctor may refer you to a dietitian for help with meal planning.

    *What You Can Eat and Drink*
    Here are some of the foods recommended for a low residue fiber diet.

    Milk products:
    You may have up to 2 cups total of smooth milk products a day. This includes yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, pudding, or creamy soup, or 1.5 ounces of hard cheese.
    Avoid milk products with nuts, seeds, fruit, or vegetables added to them.

    Breads and grains:
    You may have refined white breads, dry cereals (Special K, puffed rice, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies), white pasta, and crackers. Make sure these foods have less than a half (0.5) a gram of fiber per serving.
    Do NOT eat whole-grain breads, crackers and cereals, whole-wheat pasta, and brown rice.

    You may eat these vegetables raw:

    You can eat these vegetables if they are well-cooked or canned (without seeds). You can also drink juices made from them if they do not contain seeds or pulp:
    Yellow squash (without seeds)
    Potatoes, without skin
    Green beans
    Wax beans
    Do NOT eat any vegetable that is not on the list above. Do NOT eat vegetables raw that are okay to eat cooked. Avoid vegetables and sauces with seeds, such as tomato sauce. Do NOT eat popcorn.

    You may have fruit juices without pulp and many canned fruits or fruit sauces, such as applesauce.
    Raw fruits you can have are very ripe apricots, bananas and cantaloupe, honeydew melon, watermelon, nectarines, papayas, peaches, and plums. Avoid all other raw fruit.
    Fruits to avoid are canned or raw pineapple, fresh figs, berries, all dried fruits, fruit seeds, and prunes and prune juice.

    You may eat cooked meat (including bacon), fish, poultry, eggs, and smooth peanut butter. Make sure your meats are tender and soft, not chewy with gristle.
    Avoid deli meats, crunchy peanut butter, nuts, beans, tofu, and peas.

    Fats, oils, and sauces:
    You may eat butter, margarine, oils, mayonnaise, whipped cream, and smooth sauces and dressings.
    Smooth condiments are okay.
    Do NOT eat very spicy foods and dressings. Avoid chunky relishes and pickles.

    Other foods and drinks:
    You may eat plain cakes, cookies, pies, Jell-O, sugar, and hard candies.
    Do not eat desserts that contain fruits that are not okay to eat, nuts, or coconut. Avoid chocolate that contains cocoa powder.

    Avoid caffeine.

  67. says

    I wish I was dead. I am in agony after eating a simple dinner and a piece of birthday cake. It never goes away. The burning and I can never sit. I am so tired of standing. I have undergone all these sticking tests and have hypothyroid disease ( now controlled), a brain injury due to being misdiagnosed…And two years later, the Hell never ends. I was recently diagnosed with diverticulosis. But it has to be something more. The pain is unreal and I take nothing for it. I swear that maybe they will figure it out if the doctors do an autopsy. I would die if it meant having to stop someone else from living like this. I am usually an upbeat person, which is odd, as I have lost absolutely everything due to this…But this pain is wearing me down. Day by day, it gets worse. But no one will help me because no one knows what it is. I am never hungry. I have been called anerexic. But I love food. But it is killing me and I do not know why. The only solution I can figure out is to stop eating. It makes no difference what I do or do not eat. I have tried it all, have had every test done..And I am slowly giving up. I am only 46 and I had dreams. Now they are gone. I wanted a future, But now I worry about if I will be alive tomorrow. This is so not fair. I hate to complain. But the burning and the pain. Why is this happening. Why can I not sit? I do not understand

  68. Shay says

    Marg, I am so sorry you are going through all this. Is there a different group of doctors
    where you live that you could see for a consultation?? They are certainly missing something.
    Perhaps, a CT scan??? Don’t give up. I wish you the best.

  69. says

    thak You shay for responding. I have had a CAT scan..Three colonoscopys, an ultra sound. But all comes back ok. Except one test showed I had gall stones, another said they are gone, the latest doctor said that they can not disolve. I was put in the nut house, given medications ( all wrong ) when my TSH was climbing slowly…shutting down my kidneys, hair falling out, and I forgot who I was. By the time I figured it out, and I did, I asked the blood technician, to ask the nurse, to ask the emerg. doctor to do a TSH test. It came back at 144. So they stopped the anti depressants, mood stabilizers, and put me on synthroid. I could not eat then, and two years later, I now know who I am, but I still can not eat. I just want a regular life. I am not eating now. I figure I will keep going until I drop. I have decided that I will not eat as of today and maybe then, Someone will see what is wrong. I have no other choice as the pain is unbearable. When I was in the hospital where we used to live ( due to not being able to move with the thyroid – we lost all our wordly possessions as well as the right to live near my elderly parents ) they gave me senekot. I passed out and woke up in a pool of blood. After that ( no post head trauma was performed )..I lost my small motor skills and to this day, my head is still numb – too easy-hahaha—but I have six dogs and as long as I am alive, I will look after them. I know I am dying, but I dont know why. I just want someone to look after them. Because when it is all said and done, they are all that the medical community can not take from me. They have robbed me of my right to a normal life. I just wish these doctors knew that we all have people that care about us…We are all sons, daughters, Mothers and Fathers…..I wish things could have been different..As I sit here in agony and thus starts my day. But nothing is wrong. Nope…The only real sad thing is that when I die, and I am hoping that an autopsy is done, I will be dead, and I wont ever get to know what it was. I am a female and curiousity is now getting to me.

  70. Jennifer says

    I went to the ER 8 days ago with pain in left side, nausea, chills, and low grade fever. The did a CT scan and I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I was put on a liquid diet (yes…I haven’t eaten solid foods in 8 days), and put on 2 antibiotics, Cipro & Flagyl.
    I don’t feel like I’m getting any better. Today I’m extremely thirsty, throwing up the liquids I’m drinking, and having a dull pain in my back. Should I go back to the ER?

  71. ernest says

    I agree with Shay. Go back to the hospital ASAP. You might have been giving the wrong medication as doctors do make alot of mistakes. As for you throwing up, thats not normal. But for you thinking your not getting well, its going to take a few weks. I didnt feel better untill about two weaks later.And yes, i was not able to eat solids food for awhile. Pain in your back, I dont have an answer for that. I never had that but I do have it now since im just a little over weight now.HaHa! Hope you feel better soon.

  72. says

    Dear Ernest,

    Thank You for saying a few words, that mean more than a novel. I have not given up. I wanted too, but I dont have any choice. I do not prescribe to hatred, yet where we reside now, there is a cliff. It leads up to a lighthouse. I climb this cliff everyday, take a rock and throw it in the ocean. I pretend it is my old Doctor. The sad thing is, is that if I ever got back to med school, and if He came to me as a patient, I would like to say I would not listen. But I suppose I would. I would never want another human being to undergo what I did. That is an awful, horrid thing to say. I wish I was the type of person that would walk away. But I am not. I wish for a normal life. To be hungry, to be full…to be able to put on pajamas when I go to bed. But I cant because I dont know what the next day will bring. And I live in fear of Sundays because there are no endocronologists on duty. The pain is relentless and I plain and simply can never sit, so I may as well keep walking, until my legs give out. And they are slowly…but nothing I can do when no one will help me. I have to admit that not being able to sit has its benefits…I have a very clean house. hahahahaha

  73. nayeli abarca says

    hi i have had diverticulitis for a year now the pain had got away but about a week ago came back the pain is horrible i can hardly bend over so i stopped eating most of the foods so i was wondering what are the foods that i can and cant not eat,what kind of fruits? i really don’t know what to do this is terrible i get so hungry but i don’t know what to eat 🙁 a little advice please!!!

  74. Shay says

    Look at what Patricia and Jennifer have posted for advice on foods. Also, if you are in
    a lot of pain you may have an infection and need an antibiotic.

  75. ernest says

    nayeli, try to remember what you ate a week ago. whatever it was,probably something that had to do with nuts,triggered your DV again. Get on some meds and it will go away again. Stay away from anything that has to do with nuts, including popcorn and you will be fine.Also, some say surgery is an option but i refused that since i dont want anything missing from my body if i can avoid that. I dont eat anything nuts, sunflower seeds, cornnuts,peanuts,sesame seeds,jalepeno seeds,walnuts,pecans,cucumber seeds, tomatoe seeds and especially POPCORN, and i feel fine after my last attack.You will get use to it, if not you will again suffer from that pain. Its your choice to make. Good luck

  76. nayeli abarca says

    Thank you Ernest one other thing i been exercising for almost 2 months but my stomach has NOT gone down not even a bit is been bloaded it looks like im pregnant so im wondering if it could be because of the diverticulitis?

  77. ernest says

    nayeli, im just concered about your stomach being bloaded. are you really sure your not pregnant? i know some females who dont even know untill there about 2 month into pregnancy. im just wondering because i have never had a bloaded stomach well having this DV. my suggestion, go see a doctor ASAP this might be something severe. good luck

  78. nayeli abarca says

    Im sure that im not pregnant is been 5 years i been trying to get pregnant but it has not happend and the reason why i haven’t check a doctor is because i have a low income but still wont qualify for medical , last year when i went to ER because of Dv my bill was almost 12,000 and i cant afford that so im really struggling with all of this, is so stressful 🙁

  79. says

    Well, I have the results now of the colonoscopy, and Doctor says Diverticulosis, He said that he can do nothing and has no clue as to why I can not sit and am always in pain. All these tests come back fine and I do not know why I simply can not sit. I am so active that I just hope that one day I will just run whatever is in me out. I dont jnow what is wrong. But I want to beat this. I get frustrated, and angry….but not at people in general. I like them. I just have a tremendous animosity towards Doctors. The last one at least said He did not know…Believes something is not right…and did not have the ignorance to question my mental state. I am not depressed although I should be as this pain is relentless. But everyday I wake up with a smile and try to do more everyday. Like a contest against this demon inside of my intestines. I figure that there is nothing more determined than the human spirit. If used properly, any ailment can be beaten. And if it cant be, we have one final reprieve. If we all live our lives to the best of our ability, support one another, treat others with respect and compassion and kindness, then we have succeeded in this life. Thanks.

  80. says

    Good point! Stress is definitely a factor in diverticulitis–have you ever heard that expression: “Don’t get your bowels in an uproar”? It’s true, stay calm. But personally, I believe avoiding constipation and the resulting straining by eating a high fiber diet filled with vegetables and drinking lots of water and other fluids is the key to avoiding this pesky problem…and it’s so easy to achieve this..a breakfast with oatmeal and chopped fruit or a bran muffin (easy to make your own with chopped apple, grated carrots, raisins and walnuts) and one large, fresh green salad with leafy greens a day is a wonderful start…

  81. Denise Beshears says

    That is what has me so confused..I was diagnosed last week after a very painful night, the only thing I kept reading was “poor diet” “processed foods” etc..well I eat a high fiber diet and take fiber, I always opt for salad or veg instead of white potatoes, whole grain foods are a must..I eat very little processed food and I have always been this way,,and here I am ..so I checked up and had to look up the stress connection specifically ..I have been under a tremendous amount of stress both physically and emotionally lately..work has become a “stomach turning” event…….and here I sit (very carefully I might add) on 2 anti biotics eating all of the foods I normally avoid……mashed potatoes, white bread etc….I think that stress plays a BIG roll….

  82. says

    Sorry to hear that…all that stress is playing havoc on you…hope there’s light at the end of the tunnel…do you have a yoga practice, do meditation and deep breathing? I would think ulcer from stress, but you ended up with diverticulitis…not fun at all.

  83. ernest says

    nayeli, dont worry about insurance you can just pay them $50 a month and it wont hurt your credit. but you really need to go see a doctor again. you can deal with the bill another day. you only live once. as for everyone else thinking stress may cause DV, i never heard of that. like i said before, stay away from all nuts and DV wont be an issue. good luck to all of you

  84. says

    You have to eat fibre. Yet that can be harsh on an already irritated colon…You are not to eat constipating foods. You are not supposed to eat nuts, because of seeds. Milk can be not tolerated. No spices. Stay away from Fats. So we are to simply survive on water?? This is plain and simply stupid. International television has been developed. Men have landed on the moon…We are all living in a space age that would seem impossible even twenty years ago. Yet no one can help us with our digestive systems??? Am I the only one here who sees how ridiculous this is??? I hate to laugh, but the more I think about it, and if I was not always in pain, I think I would laugh myself into incontenence…Actually, I wish I would as it would be a far better route than the cramps and agony I live with daily. Oh dear. Have a good day everyone, and keep smiling. Because there is apparently nothing else we can do about it.

  85. Denise Beshears says

    If you google Diverticulitis and stress you will be amazed….and yes Marg..laughing is painful right now……..And yes Marg..that is exactly what I am saying….confusing

    Ulcers are now found to be caused by bacteria..not stress

  86. bbgordon says

    5 years ago, I had my first colonoscopy and a polyp was found, removed and everything was fine. I’m now 73, and yesterday, I had my second colonoscopy and my doctor told me I had diverticulosis. I wasn’t too surprised that something wasn’t right because I’ve been getting more and more intolerant of certain foods like, wholewheat anything, spices, nuts, most fruits, yoghurt.
    The advice from the hospital yesterday was that I should go on a high fibre diet. However, I’ve been on a high fibre diet for decades and only in the last few years have I slowly had change to a diet with less fibre in it because I was getting discomfort in the lower intestine and loose stools.
    Mealtimes seem so difficult now. How do I maintain good bowel evacuation each day (needing fiber), but avoid rhe mild diarrhia, and general discomfort of the lower intestine situation, which I get until I eat a low residue diet, which in turn can make me constipated, meaning I’m more susceptible to diverticulitis? .
    It’s a conundrum that I’ve yet to resolve. I am also aware of this recent study :
    A high-fiber diet does not protect against asymptomatic diverticulosis.
    Peery AF, Barrett PR, Park D, Rogers AJ, Galanko JA, Martin CF, Sandler RS.

    Any ideas anyone?

  87. says

    Dear Mr or Mrs Gordon.

    I hold no answers for You. But I have decided that this is my life, such as it is. I am a happy person. Pain has become my daily companion. So I may as well befriend this pain because it is a part of me. Some days I get tired of this and want to give up. But I have a responsibility to my Family and my friends to kerep on fighting this demon. I hope for a better tomorrow. For a life without hope, is a life that is very empty. I enjoy my eyes. With my eyes I can see the spring coming. I can see the ocean. I can see the birds. I can see into a persons heart by their actions. I enjoy my ears. I can hear the music of nature. I can hear my Mothers voice. I can hear a child laugh. I enjoy my hands and strength. with this I can help someone who may be weaker. I can be somebodies legs, who perhaps can no longer use them. The list is endless and we all have gifts to give each other. As much as everyone here may think that their gifts are wrapped in sandpaper. But as long as we keep trying…push ourselves to the limits of what we are able to do??? It can be a wonderful life. Even with lousy intestines. So keep smiling and I will too. And life??? It is what You make it. And this my dear stranger, is the world according to me.

  88. says

    I’ve no answers for you as it’s so individual as to what foods we can tolerate–or not. It seems if I eat a large leafy green salad daily and drink lots of water, all is fine. As with you, too much of (some) high fiber grains, especially bran cereals, deliver discomfort. But the three grain (flax meal, oat bran and whole wheat plus carrot, apple, raisins and walnuts) muffins I make are tolerated fine–if eaten with a big glass of water.

    As we grow older our systems change. Have you tried a course of pro-biotics to add healthy flora to your digestive track? I do that periodically–most especially after a course of antibiotics–and they seem to promote healthy digestion. Might be worth a try to tune-up your colon with some.

    Good luck!!

  89. bbgordon says

    Thank you so much for the comments. Have you a recipe for the muffins you make? I’m experimenting at the moment, and open to any suggestions. I’ve had my first probiotic capsule yesterday, not sure about the effect yet. I’ve also measured out 2L of water so that I can make sure I’m drinking enough water (I’m sure I wasn’t before).

  90. cruiser says

    i had a colonoscopy about 6 months ago they found hemrods an banded them.
    all has been good
    started geting stomach pain whent to dr got a ct scan this is what they say

    finding in the low-descending and sigmoid colon there are occasional small diverticula, but no local inlammation. no local lymphadenopathy.

    uniary tract is normal with no calcauli or hydronephrosis. small right renal cysts.

    liver is normal size , but density suggests there may be fatty infiltrtion
    no other abnormality.

    no was no diverticula when they did the colonoscopy . what do i think about this and what should i do .

  91. Aaron says

    Marg – that is an interesting question about pancreatitis and diverticulosis. I had chronic Pancreatitis for years – then developed diabetes and was diagnosed with diverticulosis in 2007 after a colonoscopy. I don’t have the severe symptoms of pain and such that most of you speak of but do have some rectal bleeding that my doctor knows about and wants me to monitor. Would be very interested in the response from others on the link between the two.

  92. catherine i. kipp says

    I have a friend with this problem and has quite a bad time. In reading all these comments, I am quite confused. What is a person to eat? We have just found out that celery has seeds. Who would have thought?!! I have browsed around to see if there is a way to remove celery seeds. (Quite a job when you can’t even see them). Any thoughts on that?

  93. says

    Catherine…no offence, but who cares enough about celery to deseed it? I could see if You wanted to deseed a pizza, or a piece of chocolate cake….Now that would be well worth the effort. But celery? No, some things in life are simply just not worth the effort and I would have to say that deseeding celery would be right up there with vacuming a beach.

  94. cruiser says

    lol i went to the dr he said maybe its ibs he siad he does not know whats wrong now i have to see a gastroenterologist

  95. says

    Cruiser….been where You are and two years later I still am. I say, enjoy the day and let them eat cake. Because we sure as Hell cant. Just enjoy every second. And whatever this demon is….rage against the dying of the light. Rage against the physicians who would sell Your soul for a dollar but would sell Theirs for two million. Everyones life is worthwhile. Wether You are a ditch digger or a Doctor. We need ditches too. We are all in this together. Some times power and glory makes one forget this. I just want to go back to school, but thanks to the medical community? I have lost absolutely everything. Not my will nor spirit nor compassion for my fellow man. I hold no heart of darkness. And self pity buys You nothing but a lonely exsistence

  96. says

    Cruiser. Let me see now. I have been told I have gallstones by one Doctor, yey another Doctor says I do not. I have been told I have diverticulosis. IBS. spastic colon, shoot with all these thing wrong with me, I think I am dead and just have forgotton to die. Must be the thyroid level creeping up again and I simply forgot to lie down. Shoot now that is truly funny.

  97. Joy says

    LISTEN, PEOPLE…YOU ARE ARGUING ABOUT THE WRONG THINGS! My doctor made the situation pretty clear to me when a colonoscopy determined that I had quite a few diverticuli present in my colon. Your diet if you have NOT been diagnosed with diverticulosis should, indeed, include popcorn, nuts, among other foods rich in fiber. Once your doctor has determined that you do have diverticuli, you need to avoid any food that would not be completely digested. He mentioned the harder nuts, berries with small seeds, tomatoes (seeds, again), popcorn (seeds & hulls), and corn. He said that a small amount might not hurt (i.e., pieces of corn in a stew,) but the odds of an incident would increase proportionally to how much of the “dangerous” foods you would eat. I followed his advice carefully until one summer when the roasting ears just tasted too good to pass up. We had them every evening for most of a week. I ended up in agony with a full-blown case of diverticulitis. It took two antibiotics, a liquid diet, and bed rest to get me back to what is my new “normal.” I am not going to play the odds again….no luscious strawberry, no handful of mixed nuts, not even the sweetest fresh ear or corn or garden tomato is worth going through that again! I do eat lots of non-threatening foods that provide high fiber and also take fiber pills. (BTW, my doctor pointed out that diverticulitis was basically what killed Frank Sinatra.)

  98. says

    I’ve had multiple bouts with severe diverticulitis. Have been told no nuts, seeds, corn, popcorn, etc. I also just learned I am lactose intolerant and can have no dairy. I am diabetic and am supposed to have protein with every snack and meal. I have a very low income due to disability and can not spend much at all on food. What can I eat?

  99. Shay says

    A few inexpensive forms of protein are turkey, tuna, eggs, ground beef, frozen chicken
    breast and whey protein powder.

  100. Shay says

    You might have to mix a little protein powder with a liquid for snacks….and get really
    creative with the meat and eggs thing. Try protein powder with liquid for some of your
    snacks. I know it’s hard. I miss eating nuts, especially almonds as they are my favorite.
    Thought I would cheat and eat a few of them last month. Ended up in the ER for the second
    time in 5 months with diverticulitis, so no more nuts 🙁 Oh, just thought of something. Can
    you eat protein bars with the diabetes? I like to eat the Kellogg ones, but maybe there
    is a brand that doesn’t contain sugar and cost too much. I wish you well.

  101. ernest says

    for those who are still confused, DONT EAT ANY SEEDS OR NUTS, PERIOD!!!!!!! if you want no more episodes of diverticulitus then take my advice. if you like the pain then keep eating nuts. i cannot stress it enough, DONT EAT ANY SEEDS OR NUTS, PERIOD!!!!!! Linda, go to the food shelter if your on low income. my dad as well is on low income and he gets help from the food shelter. i also cannot have dairy products but i seem to manage well without it. keep a strong mind and keep moving forward

  102. Shay says

    So true Ernest, and it’s amazing all the foods that have seeds in them. I had tomatoes on a
    salad last night, but it’s just not the same once the seeds are picked out. I miss all the
    stuff that’s bad for me. I was shocked when my new doctor gave me a food list and it
    said nuts are ok to eat. Told him I didn’t know what caused my first round of dv, but
    I do know almonds caused the second round. He looked dumbfounded and said “you
    are probably right”. Linda, We have a Second Harvest food bank where I live. They
    are wonderful. Also, might check into food stamps. There are times when we all need
    a little help. My daughter has been there…food stamps and WIC. She said it was
    embarassing and the clerks treated her indifferent. Told her to hold her head high,
    cause they might be in her position one day. I also had another thought. Can you
    eat peanut butter????
    Listen to Ernest. He always gives good advice.

  103. Cecilia Sweete says

    Oh how I miss those tomatoes and cucumbers.. I have been trying to find other foods I love instead. My GP said that “they” say nuts and seeds should not harm you but we all know our own bodies the best and he told me to stay clear of them.. it is just not worth the chance. They said DDT was safe for us in the old days and now look. We all have to be responsible for our own health.. regardless of what the Dr. Oz’s of the world say. I admire him and he has done more good than bad but think he is wrong on this one.

  104. says

    I cannot eat any seeds at all the result is days of acute spasmodic agonising pain, can anyone recommend a pain relief that works. I will try a higher fibre diet and see what happens it’s early days for me so i will do a daily diary and then i may see the trigger food.

  105. ernest says

    thanks shay. Cecilia, once you get in the habbit of taking out the seeds in tomatoes or cucumbers its like part of your cooking routine. in fact my daughter who is 8 yrs old. always seems to beat me in taking out the seeds for me. she also knows that seeds are bad and i guess thats why she picks them out. Linda, if i qualified for any government help i woild take it. Theres nothing to be embarrased about. im sure there is people on food stamps that have lied about there income just to qualify for them so there is nothing to be embarassed about. take advantage of it while you can because one day there may not be any help out there. Jayne, i eat alot of greens to keep a well balanced diet and i also stay away from seeds, nuts etc and i feel good. and incase you wanted to know, i also like my heineken. that has never been a problem with my DV.. Shay, i have came to a conclusion that we know our bodies more than the doctors know it. they really dont know much about DV unless they had it before. Thats why he looked dumbfounded. oh yea Cecilia, your right, Dr. Oz is wrong on this topic. SEEDS ARE BAD IF YOU HAVE DV, im a proven fact and so is Shay. Good Luck to all.”Stay Away From Seeds and Nuts”

  106. says

    Wow, we’re all so different on what causes flare-ups! Me, I can do seeds and nuts as long as I chew them well and consume with lots of water. But popcorn and corn kernels? Nope–a flare-up every time. Know your body and be good to seems the best formula for each of us.

  107. bbgordon says

    That’s a very sensible comment Patti..nothing is black and white in life, and our bodies are really different. Thanks for your information about what you can eat, and what not.

    Can someone describe what a mild case of diverticulosis feels like?

  108. Shay says

    The symptoms probably vary from person to person. My second bout with dv wasn’t as
    bad as my first, but I had severe pain that went from dull to sharp and went from my left
    side to my right side. Probably worse on my right side (wierd, I know). The first time,
    I had a temp a little over 102. The second time, my temp was only 100. If you think you
    might be experiencing dv, I’d have it checked out. Best of luck.



  109. says

    Does anyone have advice on pain management i’m new to this and have experienced sharp pain which seems to shift from my left side to the right side my stomach is extremley tender and sore it even hurts when i walk around. Have spent best part of the day unable to do anything much.

  110. Connie says

    I just finished my second round of antibiotics. I had two attacks in two months. The second one wasn’t so bad. I believe it is beacause I knew the pain form my previous attack and went right to the hospital. I was reading your worries about health care and I am so sorry that is stopping people from getting the help they need. I am really glad I live in Canada if I have to have this disease. I started adding fibre back to my diet almost immediatley after the liquid diet this time round and it is not hurting me so does that mean it is ok, or should I go low fibre. Any replies would be appreciated.

  111. bbgordon says

    Connie, I’m experimenting with ground, flaxseed oil muffins. I make them myself, and eat one for breakfast (and white of egg omlette) each day. I do think I’m tolerating this fiber well so far. Good luck though and let us know how you get on.

  112. Marg says

    Does anyone have terrible burning pain..all the time and horrible when sitting down? This has been going on for two years and now I will never get any help…I have been to emerg five times in about 16 months because of it…And I can never go back because my family Doctor says that I am making it up and that I will be put in an institution for electric shock therapy…So now I can not even go and get my synthroid renewed because I do not want to be locked away…Some one…anywhere…has to know what it is…The colonoscopy just showed diverticulosis…but surely it can not cause this kind of pain…Can it?

  113. Connie says

    Hi bb…so far so good…the only time i feel pressure is when i need to go if you know what I mean. Two months ago I did the clear liquid diet and then low fibre, however when it came time to add fibre back to my diet it was really hard on my system not to mention the fact that I was constipated. This time after the clear liquids I added whole wheat grains in small amounts and just today I had a mango and a delicious bowl of vegetable soup. I made it in the pressure cooker…6 minutes,,,gotta love that. I do put ground flax in my yogurt and I seem to be tolerating that well. I will see tomorrow if the mango and soup agrees with me. I pray to God it does. I am still feeling the after effects of the meds and other than that it has been easier this time.

  114. Grandmere says

    Hi, all.
    I’ve been having a flareup so am doing a lot of “resting.” I have several comments due to 25 years of having diverticulosis–didn’t realize it was so long. First of all, diverticulosis is the disease, usually confirmed by colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy (ugh) or CTscan. Divertiulitis is what you have when you have a flare-up.

    Next, what I have learned these past years…

    First episode. By the time I was diagnosed, the pain in my left lower gut had been with me so long, I had no idea what caused it. Next time, POPPY SEEDS were the culprit. Don’t like them anyway, they were in a salad dressing. Doctor said cut out seeds. Next time, it was POPCORN. When I have a flare-up, I think back two days (48 hours or so) and try to figure out what might have caused it. Each time it appears to be something new, I add it to the no-no list. Now, black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes with skins, (or too many tomatoes — which I think caused this current flareup–after 3 years of none) have been added to the list. When I’m not having a flareup, I can actually eat walnuts. Don’t bother me at all. Currently, I’m on all liquids, what a pain. Anyhow, I have managed to avoid surgery up to now. I’m 71. I use red or pinto beans to make chili or refried beans, no problem. I was told by the gastro guy who correctly diagnosed me that following a flareup to go from liquid diet to low-residue diet (there’s one listed a few pages up-with one exception: it has lettuce on it. My gastro guy said to gradually add fiber back to my diet, with lettuce being the last thing I add back).

    So far, this has worked for me. My husband is very ill, and my stress is increasing. I firmly believe that it’s a combination of eating something stupid (for me) and severe stress that causes flareups.

    Hope this is of some use to some of you. My hubby loved popcorn. I never had it after I added it to my list — I decided the smell was the best part anyway. I eat little rice cakes instead.

  115. Jackie says

    My first bout with diverticulitis (which ended with a perf) came within 45 minutes of eating sesame chicken! The nuts and seeds are bad for you if you have the diverticulosa in your colon. I agree if you take something to make you go along with the seeds/nuts that it should help, but people who have diverticulitis know that it’s always tough to go to the bathroom – no matter what you eat! I would avoid them if you can – from my experience, it can be a killer!

  116. Erica says

    This article is very helpful! But why tell people with this diagnosis that it is okay to quinoa, it is a seed!!!

  117. says

    my name is diana and it’s my first time having diverticulitis the pain was so much i went to work and i was there for about 2 hours and i couldn’t stand it i went to the doctor then i realized it was the watermelon that i ate that had the seeds i was so sick, now that i’m on medicine and i’m on the 4th day i feel like i can’t eat anything cause everything has to be a little bit of this a little bit of that well i guess i’m gonna lose weight but this has help me out that i have a second chance in my life.

  118. EmPA says

    I have a question for you all, if you would be so kind…

    Are nut *flours* ok? I.e nuts ground to the consistency of say, whole wheat flour. Nothing to get stuck there right? (I hope.)

    Thanks! EmPA

  119. Patti says

    Check with your doctor, but I imagine the flours would not be a problem–no hard edges to get trapped and cause infection.

  120. ernest says

    diana,hang in there. you should start feeling better soon if you havent already. whatever you do please take all my advice. stay away from every seed and nut family and DV will not botther you again. as for now, dont over eat. stay away from fried foods, hard meats and for some reason, milk. also no juice with pulp and of course all seeds and nuts. one more thing, get alot of rest and do NOT lift anything heavy. believe me, i been through this 4 times already. my 4th episode was a month ago. i tested DV again since i havent had it in a long time so i ate roasted corn and of couse i was back with my doctors with DV. just wanted to know if i still had DV but i guess i did. as far as eating light, yes you have to for now untill your intestines heal. but in a couple of weeks, go back to eating normal and also include a salad in your meals. that helps alot. whatever you do , stay away from seeds(tomatoe,cucumber,watermelon,), sun flower seeds and all nuts and you will be just fine. EMPA, i never had any problems with flour. good luck to both of you. Stay Away From Seeds!!!!!!!!

  121. Cat says

    I was diagnosed with diverticulosis on Sept.11,2012 and reading all the comments has helped me to know what to eat and what not to eat. It will be hard to give up the fried chicken and the nuts(chocolate covered the most). Nothing in life is easy, so I guess I’ll see how it goes. Thanks to everyone.

  122. ernest says

    Cat, i never had a problem with any fried foods. Of couse you might want to stop eating that untill your intestines heal, say for about 3 wks, but after that you should be ok. i dont know where you got that info on fried foods, but its not right. believe me i know. but do stay away from any seeds and peanut family. IE tomatoe, cucumber, seeds on buns, and any peanuts. oh and also corn of any kind including popcorn. take my advice and things will be just fine. if you want to take other advice, do so but your DV will come back again. good luck

  123. Marg says

    Ernest…I just found out that I am full of gallstones…but I also have diverticulosis…I plain and simply can not sit due to pain…It is a terrible existense as I sleep…get up at 6…and have to stand for the rest of the day…Have You…or anyone else ever heard of such a thing…The Doctors do not know what is wrong but it is getting worse…whether I eat or do not eat…I am in very good shape, mind You, as I swear I have the strogest legs in Nova Scotia…I am scheduled to have my gall bladder out and I wonder if it will help…I wish somebody would have some answers for me…I have had many tests…but nothing shows…The pain is constant and the only reprieve is sleep.

  124. says

    I just spent the last week trying to figure out what has been going on with my gut! Went to my regular Dr. 3 days ago, presented with pain in my upper right quadrant. Had the typical CBC,
    X-Ray, that determined severe constipation and scheduled for a colonoscopy in mid October. Next day severe pain (felt like my insides were going to fall out every time I got up!) Finally, after two days of this pain,went to ER and was diagnosed with diverticulitis. Given Cipro, Flagyl, Miralax and Hydrocodone for pain (which I did not have filled due to the warning that it could cause constipation.) I was told to go on the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and White Toast) until my pain subsided. Pain and bloating is better this morning, but do I really need to start another laxative right now? I couldn’t even pass gas yesterday, much less stool! I have reviewed this entire page, and there is so much good information! Right now, just need some clarification about the laxative issue.

  125. Lou says

    Okay, I just wrote a message and it came back in error so I think it should go thru now that aI added .com to my email!!! Anyway, I have this too. I want to let everyone know what has helped me the most. Putting about a half to 1 whole tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil in a cup of coffee each morning. It firms the stool, it lubricates the area and my bowels, it speeds the metabolism some so it pushes food thru my system, it also softens my skin and reduces wrinkles as a side benefit. But the main thing is it hardens the stool and lubricates the entire bowel area and everything works just like when I never had this disease. I can even eat popcorn AS LONG as it is made with some coconut oil too. Other oils if not included with this oild only make my system get gummy, slow down too much and the food gets stuck in the pouches. Try it. You will be amazed at the difference cocnut oil (unrefined) makes. End of diverticulitiswhatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. ernest says

    sorry lou, but you dont have diverticulitis. the only way to get rid of it is surgery. you might think this oil is working for you but really its not. maybe its something else you have besides DV. as for everyone else reading on this topic, stay away from popcorn. i dont care what kind of oil you use or what people say. I f you have DV as bad as we have it then it doesnt what you use to try to eat seeds, nuts, popcorn etc. its going to come back again and again. Lou good luck with your DV, but maybe its something else you have. and believe me, i will not try eating popcorn with any kinds of oil. any seeds, corn etc will slip into the pouch no matter how much you try to avoid it.

  127. Shay says

    Ditto Ernest,

    Coconut oil is great for a lot of things, but eating it in order to tolerate popcorn is playing
    with fire. Popcorn is one of the worst foods to eat if you have been diagnosed with dv,
    and it’s just not worth it. Save the coconut oil for cooking and yes, skincare…..but
    not as an aid to prevent an attack of dv.

  128. bbgordon says

    I think coconut oil could absolutely work for Lou. The ‘pockets’ in the colon and shape of the colon can all be different, so solutions can be different too.
    I definitely will try coconut oil. I think I’ll put it into the flaxseed (milled even more finely in a coffee grinder) muffins instead of the Macadamia nut oil I have been using. Coconut oil is thought to help with other medical conditions too.

  129. Lou says

    I hope I dont have it but after my last colonoscopy the doctor said I do and I wasnt surprised becuz I had been having lots of problems for a long time. He advised psysillium (sp) which I havent taken. I know it sounds crazy about eating pop corn. I KNOW!!!! But sincerely if I eat it with some oil being coconut oil it actually works in my favor to help clear the bowels. Yes, it can be kinda lol scratchy lol, but it works like a good fiber should. I dont eat it that often. Corn actually if you can tolerate it makes one regular. Anywho, I hate my condition. I also have tried senna tea which has pros and cons. It can help with the constipation too. But do not need it if I use a little coconut oil daily. And i do mean a little. If I take too much it makes me too hyperthyroid. (Nervous, anxious etc.) I dont take 2 or 3 tablespoons as some regimens say to do, I take maybe one or prolly less tablespoon a day and only in the morning. It will keep some up if its taken later. It will help many lose some weight. Only one time have I had a severe attact where all turned to diverticulosis. That was several yrs ago b4 I was diagnosed and b4 I used coconut oil. I was in agony and it took a LONG time for that to completely go away. Does anyone have any opinions on senna tea? I still drink it like once every couple weeks. I do know it makes the colon and intestines black where the damage/pouches are as I was told this as well. But the color change isnt supposed to cause harm according to my doctor.

  130. Cat says

    Ernest & Shay,

    Thanks to the two of you. I thought I had my positive attitude going until I kept getting put off by the staff at the Drs. office. I am waiting on results on the biopsy of the 9 (yes 9 polyps, unusual for a woman,so my Dr. told me). He said that f I did not hear from his office by Friday to call on Monday, so I called on Monday. His staff says that it takes 6 -7 days,so I called on Tuesday,His staff says that it tasked 6- 10 days.So. I took a Xanax and then another one. That didn’t work, so I had a Bloody Mary, now I am on my 2nd White Russian. Keep this in mind, I have a drink maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Iam not supposed to drink with this dv, but not knowing is driving me nuts. Of course, now I can smile and say what the heck.

  131. Shay says

    WOW, Prayers are with you as to the outcome of your biopsy results. Be careful mixing
    those Xanax with alcohol 😉 I’m with you on the 2 to 3 drinks a year only and then it would
    be a White Russian also. You’re not “slurring your spelling” yet, but no more today!! LOL
    I’m kidding with you, hopefully to get your mind off the test results for a few minutes.
    Oh, and bet my buddy Ernest would agree….eat some fried chicken…..

  132. Marg says

    I love that…Now there is a post that ought to be saved forever…Proving that no matter how much pain we live in…no matter how crappy out intestines make us feel…We beat them all…by still holding on to the ability to laugh…I best get to bed as standing all day..makes for tired legs…One day..I dream of being able to sit…I would say that is a right…But not for me..I am so tired of standing..I don’t know what I will do when my legs give out..I am not sure what I have done to deserve this…But it sure must have been horrid…Have a drink for me would You…I would not dare..And dont worry too much..I had tonnes of polyps…And I am a female…They were all benign..as the majority of them are…Take care and dont drive..hahaha

  133. ernest says

    first of all cat,marg and shay.I love to drink. oh yea and I always do on the weekend. but my weekend starts on mondays since i am retried army. so that means i drink when i feel like.but usually monday(because of nfl football), thursday(because of college football),saturday(because of college football) and sundays (because of nfl football). if it wasnt for football, i think DV what have taken control of my life. and after football its nba basketball. well my point is, has any doctor advise you all not to drink, or is your choice? for me it doesnt botther with my DV and my doctor said drinking was ok. well not for your liver but ok with DV. just curious why you all dont drink. cat i found out the same night that i had DV when i went to the emergency room. you must have a weird doctor.also i have never had a White Russian. but since you mentioned it, that will be my choice of drink thursday. Shay your right, fried chicken is awesome. the greace settles my hangover. thanks buddy.

  134. Shay says

    I don’t drink as much simply b/c I don’t have the “taste” for it like I used to, but told my
    dr just yesterday that I was going to start back with an occasional glass of wine to calm
    my nerves. Funny, I live in one of the only two cities in the U.S. where it’s legal to walk
    around the streets downtown with a “to-go cup” of alcohol and so much here revolves
    around drinking. I’ve never heard that alcohol is a no-no if you have dv. As with most
    things, I think moderation is the key. Anyone old enough to remember the old Bill Cosby
    joke about feeding the kids cake for breakfast? He said they were getting the benefit
    of the eggs and milk in the cake. Well, Ernest…think White Russian!! You’ll have the
    healthly benefit of the milk! LOL
    Cat and Marg, keep us informed as to your health.

  135. Marg says

    Dear Ernest…I used to drink…I used to drink very well…As a matter of fact…I used to drink so well that I think if there was a prize for drinking..I would have won…First even….The Pulitzer prize for the most creative drinker in history…The Nobel peace prize for the most outstanding drinker in history…Now? Alas..I am a nerd and no longer drink…I can not imagine drinking now as I enjoy life far better without the false happiness derieved from drinking…The only thing I drink now is the odd gulp of salt water when I take a mouthful down at the ocean..A horrid beverage. Life for me now is work…It is so windy here today that I think I should get ready for the second coming…And perhaps reconsider and have a drink of sacrificial wine. hahah

  136. Kathleen says

    DO NOT EAT POPCORN..I have been well for 2 years and have eaten small bags of popcorn 2 times in the last couple weeks and here we go again. NO POPCORN.

  137. Shay says

    Cat, I’ve heard raisins are among the foods to avoid, but I’ve started testing a few foods that
    are questionable. (knock on wood) If the food item would soften in a bowl of water within a few
    minutes, then I’m more tempted to try it. If it’s something that would not “soften” at all, I’m
    staying away from it. So far, so good……

  138. Marg says

    Well all my diverticulosis friends…I am pleased to announce that yesterday morning I gave birth successfully to a rotten gallbladder…weighing in, by the way I feel today, at 10 pounds and 3 ozs.. It went kicking and screaming…b.ut I am not going to let this stop me as I am working today…See, what all these Doctors fail to realize is that some people are raising above and beyond the expected “oh, poor me, I am a lazy pathetic excuse for a person, and will use any excuse I can to get out of doing anything”…” we are all making up this pain and agony”…Screw them all…The human spirit is absolutely nothing to reckon with…Determination to keep running when we really want to lay down and die…But there is something…something far stronger than “nuts or seeds”…Food is simply energy…but the human heart is what really fuels are body… And God is the Captain of our spirits…Unlike most Doctors who have grown to believe that they are God….If doctors were indeed God…I would far rather spend my eternity in Hell with the devil. At least He acknowledges pain and fire…A doctor does not…So wish me luck..as everyday is now a contest…to beat the odds and to survive…A journey that I never asked for..And one day, when I get to the finish line…I will be able to rest…And know that I have done the best I can…And I will name all those asshole doctors who lived off of my money, but never helped me…And sit with St. Peter and say…” Nope…Down they go”..And see how there money does not do a thing to help them then..

  139. Shay says

    I’m happy for you that someone found what was causing your pain.Not happy that you
    had to endure surgery.I’m prayful that you will be on the mend in no time!! When you
    feel better, I think you should become a writer. You have an incredible flair with words,
    and while your posts have been about something none of want to deal with, you have
    written with a style that makes it enjoyable to read. Best of luck to you in the future.

  140. ernest says

    wow what do you know. coconut oil does not work with popcorn. i went ahead and tried it to prove lou wrong and so people with dv wouldnt have to suffer with pain by trying it. and the results were that no matter what you eat with popcorn, its going to flair up your dv. so lou, coconut oil did not work!!!! and for everyone else, like ive always said, stay away from seeds,nuts, etc and of course POPCORN!!!! i was in so much pain but at least now you know i like to try to prove people wrong even if i have to be in pain again. well at least now we all know that coconut oil does not help with DV.

  141. Marg says

    I believe that what works for one person, may not work for another…We simply have to eat what we can…do what we can…help who we can…and be the best that we can…Celebrate the successes that one person may have..and not feel sorry that it does not work for yourself..I say..let us all eat cake…hahaha..having a lousy gut does not determine our value, our capability to empathize, our eyes to see, our hands to help,or our strength to be strong, invincable, decent people..The journey of life is meant to simply walk and help those who may fall along our path…we have to do this…as if we do not?? when we fall, and we all do…there will be no one to help us stand up. I think that this is very important…And for us who struggle more than others..It is a victorious way of divesting our life..I know this to be a truth. Although Ernest, one mans truth is always anothers deception. This is just my truth.

  142. Marg says

    Shay…Thank You very much for Your kind words…I do love to write…As Barney Fife used to say..” It is thera pet ic”…I am very glad that my mind has come back…Hard to believe that just over two years ago, I did not know my own name..My TSH was 144 and I was in the beginning stages of a myexedema coma. Of course I was told I had a brain tumor and was also put in the mental health ward..Never did a Doctor think to do a simple blood test..My hair was falling out..my kidneys shutting down..my blood pressure was 100 over 180…And I went down to 108 pounds…Then came the brain injury…again..was told NO…But I have one I now know to the frontal lobe…I could not write my name..nor could I walk…I have recieved no help..except from a strong faith in the big Guy…and my dog..The lousy doctors had me on 18 clonazapam a day..So drugged up..But somehow..in this fog…I knew something was very wrong..And I asked for the TSH blood test..I am not sure how I ever figured it out..But I will never forget the look on the doctors face when she got the blood results…Never a sorry though…There never is a sorry..I say I am sorry if I do anything to hurt anyone..I even say I am sorry to my dogs…hahaha…And now? this stupid diverticulosis crap…But I always figure..Life could be far worse..And I see people..Peaple in wheel chairs..blind people..and I think to myself..Yes..I am lucky…Life is not a contest..who has it better or worse..But it is about being grateful for our own abilities and gifts…So thank You Shay..and celebrate Yours..Compassion and empathy and seeing outside of Yourself..I can tell…

  143. Shay says

    Marg, I’m so glad you are getting better AND I do think you should write. The posssibilites
    are endless. Childrens books, Romance, Humorous fiction, maybe about what you have been
    through. I think you would be a great Lit teacher or tutor. If you ever do, let me know. I love
    to read and love authors with a flair! Good Luck

  144. Nadine says

    I’ve been away for awhile, but very interesting to read the current comments. I send sympathy to all. The most important thing I’m seeing here is when Marg says “I believe that what works for one person, may not work for another…We simply have to eat what we can…do what we can…help who we can…and be the best that we can…Celebrate the successes that one person may have..and not feel sorry that it does not work for yourself”. It sounds like Marg had a very similar experience to what I had. Since then I have been thinking exactly what she says here and realizing that this discussion group is necessary because the official studies let people slip through cracks. I see the same thing happening over and over (have you been noticing all this news about gluten?) I started writing a book about exactly this, that each person must find out what works for her/him. Then it was a fun surprise to see Shay saying Marg should consider writing books.

  145. Lou says

    Sorry you got sick Ernest. I would stay away from the foods you have problems with. I dont have problems with much of anything anymore. I feel a lot better and I dont know what has made that happen. You may want to try to put a tablespoon or less to start of coconut oil (not the refined) in your coffee or on a piece of toast in the morning to replace the butter and see if it helps your digestion. It helps many people. It wont hurt diverticulitis. I aagin am sorry you ate pop corn when you know it isnt good for you. But eating a little coconut oil and not the stuff you dont digest well may help you. Good luck. I havent even had to use the senna tea for a month. My system seems to be working very well. I feel very fortunate. I have cut back on coca cola and not drinking sierra mist (lemon lime drink) or lemonade. I still drink some coke. I also quit trying to go if ya know what I mean. I just keep track of if Im able to and when it was. I dont force it anymore b4 it is going to be and I a lot better. Good luck.

  146. Marg says

    Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone…and as we do no longer have the joy of eating a big Thanksgiving dinner…All the turkeys in the land rejoiced..and were happy…I bet there is no turkey with diverticulosis…and even if they had it…their heads are far too small to probably have it register…Yes..Turkeys are a joyful bunch…I ate oatmeal for breakfast…and I rejoiced…It was good actually…But alas…no pumpkin pie, nor dressing, nor leftovers for me…Just Turkey jogging by…waving at me….hahahahah…

  147. ernest says

    marg, not so fast with the hollidays. dont forget halloween even though its not a holliday but we look forward to it. as for not eating a big thanksgiing dinner, i dont see why you cannot. it has never been a problem with me as long as i dont ear seeds.pumpkin pies are the best. easy to digest i dont see how that is a problem. lou, i dont think you had DV. maybe something else. but good for you that your feeling better. if you had DV you would know. very painfull and there is no way a person can get by with eating seeds, nuts, and especially popcorn. so i guarantee you your doctors were wrong about you having DV. but thats a good thing because you dont want to expierence it. believe me , you dont. also i was confused about you “quit trying to go”. also why would you have to ” keep track of it”. are you sure you were diagnosed with DV? im confused. forcing to go and keeping track of it does not help with DV. happy halloween. good luck. ohbyea shay, i do eat green beens but the shredded ones without seeds.

  148. Marg says

    Dear Ernest…here in Canada…today is Thanksgiving…I am looking forward to Halloween though…I have to watch what I eat as I just had my gall bladder out…As well as having diverticulosis…Ahhh…makes for plenty of pain free days…Not…ha..But I went to work the day after surgery…just came back from working tonight…as I refuse to let anything beat me..I am stubborn and probably part turkey…hahah

  149. Lou says

    Ernest and all others, Gosh i never thought that the docs coulda been wrong. Actually it was one doctor that performed a colonoscopy. I only got pain once and it last like 6 weeks and then it gradually improved week by week. Very bad. What i meant by the questions you asked are that I have a tendency to feel urges to go more than I used to. I no longer try to force that to happen just wait til nature comes. I also wrote that I keep track of how often I go like per week. I quit concentrating on that too much as it was makeing me have a nervous colon. I hope the doctor was wrong. I am surprised I havent heard any of you say to eat psyillium. (sp)? It was what he told me to eat but I didnt as i was afraid it would plug me up too much. I do need some fiber and without it is when I get worse. Also too much calcium will bother me/hence low milk amounts and if I do drink that i counter the calcium with chocolate syrup in it. He also said this illness has to do with too much meat/protein as well and the body’s inability to process it all. I have quit eating a lot of meat as it does seems to cause problems. I get other problems too from food. Balance for me is key and also not eating a lot. Have a good day!

  150. Tom L. says

    I ate a fairly typical American diet most of my life (i.e., poor diet: not much fiber, not much water, lots of fried and processed foods, large portions, about 30 lbs overweight. I did eat nuts, I loved pistachios and almonds, but I don’t think I was eating them more than “average.”) I had dealt with constipation for many years but never thought it more than an inconvenience that is not too uncommon anyway.

    I had my first DV flare up (and initial Dx) around Sept. 2009, age 40. They gave me lots of antibiotics and rested my bowel for several days and told me to avoid nuts and seeds and “processed” foods. Also, the MD instructed me to use psyllium husk fiber (a.k.a. Metamucil) daily as directed on the container, and drink at least 64 oz of water daily. Not wanting to ever experience that level of pain again, I stuck with the diet my MD gave me.

    But I read a lot about DV over the following months and saw that the prohibition on nuts and seeds was considered practically a superstition by many doctors, siting some studies that have either shown no relation between DV and seeds and nuts, or actually showing an improvement — as the original article on this page points out. After nearly a year and a half of feeling fine, and no recurrence of DV symptoms at all, I started experimenting with eating some of my favorite nuts again. Just a bit. I ate a handful of almonds, one at a time, carefully chewing thoroughly. I felt no problems! Two days and I felt fine! It was all a silly fear based on nothing but anecdote; an “old wives’ tale.”

    I munched down a couple handfuls of almonds, feeling stupid about my paranoia. I love nuts and seeds, so this was great news indeed! And perhaps by sheer coincidence — after feeling well for a year and a half — about 30 hours later I was being admitted into the hospital for another round of antibiotics and bowel-resting from my second DV flare up. However, this second flare-up had a complication they didn’t catch and they sent me home after a few days as recovered. But later that evening, I felt a sudden pain in my gut that was somehow actually worse than the DV flare up (I don’t know how!), more intense cramping and general pain than I had ever experienced. I tried to rest until the next day, but the agony was intolerable. I never was able to sleep but I did get a friend to drive me back to the ER the next morning (every individual pebble in the road hitting me like a hot knife in the abdomen). Turned out my bowel had perforated and I had a full-on case of peritonitis.

    So, emergency surgery that included a sigmoidectomy and colostomy bypass followed. I was on an IV for every kind of antibiotic I’ve ever heard of and a few I’d not. They saved my life. The recovery was brutal and lengthy. For six months I had the colostomy pouch. Then the bypass reversal surgery (with nearly as difficult and long a recovery), the stoma-site hernia I acquired afterward, and the surgery to fix that about 7 months after the reversal. The bills to pay for all this cost me my house. But I am alive.

    I want to say that today I physically feel better than I have since before my first DV flare-up, I am fit and trim, and I eat very healthy. I drink at least 64 oz of water daily (often flavored with Mio or similar), in addition to the two daily 16 oz glasses of half water-half light apple juice with a heaping dose of Metamucil stirred into it I take religiously. Psyllium husk fiber and clear fluids are about the best thing you can do for your colon. It firms up loose stool and softens too-firm stool that can cause constipation and damage to the inner lining of the colon. It has this effect simply due to the gel it forms (provided plenty of water) that envelops the contents of your bowel and helps everything to move smoothly along as it should.

    I may be nothing but one more in a long, long line of anecdotes, and my experience doesn’t constitute “evidence” in the eyes of science — fine, I don’t mind. But I know damned well that I have not since, and never will again, willingly eat another nut or seed. Do all the studies you like. Study me.

  151. bbgordon says

    What a well-written account Tom. I’m so glad everything’s fine now for you. I do think we’re all so individual that the more well-written, well-balanced articles that are posted, the better..one person’s experience may well apply to a reader.

    I haven’t yet had diverticulosis, but have got diverticula, so could in theory have diveriticulosis in due course. Prevention is the name of my game. My complication is that I have IBS anyway, so adding any new food can be a nightmare. Amongst my triggers for IBS is fiber, so managing my colon the fiber way isn’t an option. I am learning by trial and error though, and managing better than previously. Psyllium gives me a reaction, but I do take http://www.helpforibs.com/shop/suplmts/acacia.asp
    and make a muffin with that and flaxseed etc. which I have every day.
    All the best everyone.

  152. Marg says

    Brilliant account Tom..I know exactly what You are talking about…I lost my house as well..I have lost everything I own…But I am alive. The strange thing is..Is that we seem to defy the odds..I do not like that anger towards the medical community has been my motivation..But I have to admit it has…I had my gall bladder out last Friday and was back at work the next morning..I went to the post op and the surgeon stated that the gallstones were the most dangerous kind and had been blocking ducts..what the previous surgeon said would not hurt me and even though they knew I had them..decided to let me suffer..And I continue to suffer. When I had money, I was treated well…Now that I no longer have it, I am treated differently. I clean now for a living. so society dictates our worth by our occupation. Yet I spend my days helping seniors just survive, in a world where they are no longer valued. I value different things than others do. I see an entirely different world now that I have been sick…And I now know what is important..Nuts and seeds? That is the least of our problems..We can survive without them. Yet I wonder how long we will survive in a world that has become so tainted by greed and indifference to our fellow man. Where the poor are left to die and the seniors are left alone to wither like a neglected plant. I have seen older flowers..Some when tended too..can live for many years..And the flowers that they yield are just as vibrant and beautiful as the freshly planted ones..Yet they are stronger..have stood the test of time..And have weathered many a fierce storm..Somehow, to me, they speak volumes. I do not hold the answes as to how to help us all…But I do know that for this day..If we can all think outside of the pain and suffering we must endure..And add a bit of beauty to the world by simply doing the best we can…We have lived a day not in vain.

  153. Charz says

    I have had pain in my lower left side and goes into my back for about 5 years now and only found out that it could be DV. I definately believe that nuts are bad as I got worse after eating them. It is sore when sitting down and wearing pants that are tightish across that area of the stomach. I lie down straight on the couch instead of sitting. I have eaten alot of sugar, fat etc for the past 20 years, I do eat healthy too, but have a sugar, chocolate, creamy food, raw baking etc addiction. So no wonder I have this problem 🙂

  154. Marg says

    Dear Charz…I can not believe that I finally have heard from someone who has pain when sitting…I have asked so many people…And no one will tell me anything..I have diverticulosis..but this not being able to sit thing had everyone stumped..Tell me, does it get worse after You eat? Thanks marg

  155. says

    Marg..I am sorry..I have pain quite often when sitting, I can get more comfortable if infection is not present..but the act of sitting “ouch” all of the time. I am going for a surgical consult today, my colonoscopy showed that I need a resect…I don’t want to do this..but I haven’t been able to work since this started last Feb. I have a job that requires many hours in my car therefore standing and sitting frequently and often no available bathroom when I need one..so I am slowly going broke and losing my mind. I have stopped eating all of the things I love…everything I like has seeds of some kind..I am tired of soup and scrambled eggs, I have gone all organic and only eat easily digestible foods to no avail…still sick and in pain.
    So if anyone has had a resect..PLEASE tell me more..

  156. Marg says

    Dear Denise…I finally have found someone who understands…Wow..It has been three years…And still, even with the gall bladder out…same problem…It seems so weird…but I have to walk all the time…And when I had my gallbladder out…sitting or recovering was no option…so I kept walking..the surgeon who did my gall bladder surgery says he can not help me..He says he does not know what it is..except IBS C..which I do not believe..never did believe…I have given up trying to get any help and have resigned myself to just going to bed after I eat dinner..I sleep through the pain..as this is my only reprieve…But I can move mountains..because I am strong..And I will never give up on joy or happiness..I too have lost everything.. I could not walk a few years ago…I remember one night thinking that I was no longer breathing..I figured I would not wake up the next day…This was soon before I found out I was in the beginning stages of a myexedema coma..All along, the doctors, they told me it was all in my head..A TSH of 144 is not in Your head..So now? I am still fighting…I want to know the answers..But no one will help me..I wish somewhere I would find someone who would…But I know, no one will…But that is ok. I realize now..what is taken from You, due to illness, does not matter…We moved..As we lost our house…I moved to Heaven..Nova Scotia…where the ocean reminds me that even in beauty, lies an ugliness, just beneath the surface…when the tides become strong, and the waves become predetors, and no matter how strong You are?? You can drown if You are foolish enough to be mesmorized into Her clutches…I believe that many Doctors are like the ocean…Ever so beautiful to watch, their pride so strong…and predators after money…Yet if we depend on them for help?? When we begin to really drown..They simply walk away..They are no longer any hero’s to me..They have become villians..Their indifference is like poison…And their compassion is like the wind..Seems so real and fierce, initially…and then it disappears…And where does the wind go when it stops? Who knows..No more than we know where is the soul of the water. .I hold no answers..nor questions..I simply enjoy every day…and try to do the best I can..Thanks Denise..and let us hope that our legs never give out..I run…all day long…because I can not sit…I would run for a million miles..If only for a moment that I could sit without pain.

  157. ernest says

    to everyone who is suffering with DV! why dont you have surgery to get it removed? i was told i could have surgery to remove ths but i refused it. i know its expensive, but doesnt your hospitals have payment plans like here in texas. what about health insurance, do you all at least have that. also, what does having DV and all this suffering have to do with people loosing there house. has anyone heard of working part time and going on welfare. sometimes thats the best way to go these days so we all can qualify for medicaid, foodstamps, and housing. that way you can get the health insurance you need for free. i myself, am a 100% retired disabled veteran, so im covered. but for everyone else, i would look into getting on welfare. i see many people on welfare with nice houses and they also have full health benifits. maybe thats the way to go these days. im just confused about people loosing there houses. not to be mean, but if you cant afford it, you sell it. you make money off it and move into an apartment. or you have the surgery done with the money you make off the selling of the house.as far as the rest of us, just keep fighting and stay positive. your only making things worse for yourself when your feeling sorry for yourself. never let DV bring you down. i myself think about how good of life i have compared to soldiers in afganastan and how i dont have to fight my diease as much as cancer patient have to. thats what keps me going and my health is nothing compared to those cancer patients who are dying everyday…..

  158. says

    have you applied for welfare? Welfare will not cover a mortgage..it will not cover a shack if you can even use this program….you have to be poorer than poor to receive services… …I have worked all of my life..I have always covered myself with insurance with the exception of the short period of time that I did use welfare years ago to get through school.as a single mother..I was working full time and than some when this started, I went to part time which means I had to give up my insurance which was costing a fortune anyway and the co pays for everything were astounding, I than started to look for private insurance to buy myself, remember that I have a trail now due to Diverticulitis…I could not afford that either, meanwhile I get sicker and sicker, now I have to pay for Dr visits and prescriptions that also make me sick….so my part time has to go way down to prn, yes I am blessed to have this…but now no insurance and no matter what I do..what I eat how I live I still keep getting sick …..I get a DIC monthly which is not nearly enough to live on but will put me way over the poverty level you have to be at to get any welfare or insurance provided by the govt.
    This disease is so potentially deadly that people are rejected for life insurance plans, so if surgery is too expensive for you who has total coverage how is someone like me supposed to pay for it when it is constantly making me sick..not everyone gets this sick..some have one bout, it gets taken care of and they go on, not with everyone.. since this all started I have heard of many cases that are even more debilitating than mine..and people who are scraping by and than lose their income often have someone else to depend on..say like married people..but one income isn’t enough to keep up financially but its too much for help….not everyone fits into a nice little box sir….and I too have tried gratitude and positive thinking….and working through the pain and sickness..but I am watching my life fall apart around me and my bank accounts get emptier and emptier and I have nothing to sell..I am a renter…
    I live in Texas..where are these people who live in “nice houses that are on welfare”? Because I know that my DIC is not enough to provide me with a mortgage but it is too much to allow me to get help.

  159. Marg says

    Ernest..That is true..But did not apply to me..I do work..I worked the day after I had my gallbladder out..I lost my house because of the undiagnosed thyroid problem..THEN I got diverticulosis..I could not work then, because I could not walk..I also did not know who I was..As I was in a bloody coma..I do not feel sorry for myself..Never said I did…And if life were as simple as You say..” go on welfare”…sure..and become another leech on society..Yes, right…I think I will run right out and apply. Money is not the answer…It does not solve health problems..knowledge does.

  160. Marg says

    Way to go Denise…Dont pay attention to Ernest..He does not understand. I do…Boy do I ever. I have a brain injury, and can not get disability…Welfare is a temporary fix…But I never have been on it….It is meant for a ” until You get work”…Not a lifelong income..I have lost everything, but I really do not feel sorry for myself…I am grateful for what I do have…My dogs and my Husband..and a job…But I am tired of pain as well…so please..Dont let his comments effect You…They are insensitive and for some of us, they are not a valid solution…

  161. Marg says

    Ernest…There are some of us..Like Denise, by the sounds of it, and myself…That have been diagnosed with diverticulosis…But there is more going on than that…So we come to this forum..for support…and searching for an answer..any answer…that may help us to figure out what really is wrong…It is not ” feeling sorry” for ourselves…You got that one wrong…I never feel sorry for myself…I get tired of pain, yes…It is with me twenty four hours a day…I want to know why I can not sit…But I try so hard…I help any one I can..I WILL move mountains for my neighbour..That is the spirit of humanity..We simply can not critisize, force opinions, or simplify anothers reality…We are all in this world together..Sick or well…And an encouraging word, to help a Brother or Sister, beats a judgement…And we do loose things..Material things..I really don’t care…I was in a coma when I lost my house..banks do not care…It happens..But I have learned a valuable lesson…Never count on a tomorrow..to look after today…because You never know what tomorrow will bring…So I live for the moment…And now? Unlike many regular people..I have eaten dinner and am in more pain than I want to think of…I can never relax after dinner…I forget what that is like…But no one knows why. Anyways..Take care…And have a good night.

  162. Lou says

    Just wanted everyone to know that I have now almost completely eliminated soda and sugary drinks from my diet. I have suspected this to cause trouble for a long time. Just couldnt give it up. I have been all but off of these drinks for a couple weeks and can honestly say that it has helped a ton with this issue we all have. I just wanted to pass this on so others could try this. Its a pretty simple thing to try and just drink water (I still drink some coffee in morning) and see if it helps your body heal. Im praying this helps you. For me this was a radical change in diet by the way, as I was sometimes drinking almost a 2 liter bottle a day. So yes, it has helped me in more ways than one giving it up. I have cut back on the coconut oil and dont seem to need it for now. Drier skin tho.

  163. ernest says

    denise and marg, didnt mean to upset anyone. as you should know, i have back up and protected anybody with bad comments towards us people who have DV since day one. i even cursed out someone on this post who thought they knew it all. go back and look at my comments from december 2011 with TJ and you will see how much i defended DV patience. denise im from san antonio, what about you? just wanted to know how come welfare wasnt an option, and sorry i fit in ” that little box”. i thought you would at least thank me for serving Our Country for Our Freedom. but thats ok, it doesnt surprise me. marg, you said ” dont pay attention to ernest” ..”he does not understand”. well guess what, your 100% wrong. ive had 4 episodes and i also suffer from this DV on a daily basis. i even tried coconut oil to prove to lou that no matter what you use, nothing is good for DV when it comes to eating seeds,nuts, and especially popcorn. im just as in much pain as you and denise are, but i continue to move on and think positive in everything i do, because i know that someday my knowledge and advice will help someone else, even if its not myself. i may not be able to move mountains, but i surely can move people away from seeds,nuts,and popcorn to live a better and healthier life like i once had. now back to DV, does anyone know if DV also causes your left side of your leg to hurt or is this a different issue. also, the pain is now a constant pain on my left side of my lower stomach rather than a sometimes pain. its not a stabbing pain but a pain. is this getting worse? my intestines are always moving and making embarrasing noises, does anybody have this problem? one more thing, the pain really hurts bad when i have to use the bathroom. is this a problem for anybody else and is this a severe problem that i need to take care of. i dont like doctors especially VA doctors so i rather get advice from you people. please help. thank you

  164. says

    My dear Ernest…..I get a DIC..and I am an Army brat…..I have more respect for people who serve in the military than you will ever know, welfare is not the answer for soooo many reasons most of which I have already stated .
    Yes I now have constant pain or discomfort in my groin and upper leg and when it gets bad everything hurts and I have nausea (one or the other all of the time) which is what scares me, perforation is a real possibility..and going back on anti biotics is scary because have very adverse reactions to most…making me unable to work….I worked through the first bit but my job does not allow for call ins forever..I see people in their homes and make commitments and appointments …if I can’t keep them everybody loses.
    You can have the surgery..why don’t you?

  165. Marg says

    Dear Ernest…I dont want to move a mountain…But if it is in my way?? I will move it. A mountain is a metaphore for doing what I can to beat this…I do wish Doctors felt the same fierceness whan dealing with a patients health. I actually find You refreshing, sometimes…Actually You are funny and make me llaugh…I am not mad at You…Just wanted to point out that we all are not the same and that some of us have other health issues that seem to be complicated by this…Welfare is not the answer.. I want to find out why I have to live like this. Then carry on..You know?

  166. Lou says

    Hello again to everyone. I enjoy the knowledge and support from this cite and appreciate it being here. I did want to say though that I dont endorse eating pop corn to anyone. Ernest I am sorry you did this. When I said I can eat pop corn (made primarily with coconut oil as the oil) I was not encouraging anyone to eat something they have trouble with. I was recommending a little coconut oil in one’s diet if they can use it for overall digestive help. Just wanted to say that. As far as the sugary diet I have been consuming for too long, I again want to speak on that and say that I DO feel it causes a lot of my problems. I feel a lot better since drinking water and a bit of coffee in morning only. I will keep everyone in my prayers, and continue to let you know if this remains beneficial to me. So far so good. (I ate seeds on a Burger King burger last nite!) Not endorsing them! Just relaying that i did.

  167. ernest says

    wow to many dears. is good to know that i make some people laugh. denise,what part of texas are you fom? surgery would be nice, but i dont have trust or faith in militiary doctors. i have seen so many mistakes by them. besides that, i wouldnt let an arabian. pakistian or anybody that looks like them touch any part of my body. i dont like them people and im sure you know why.marg, thank you for the smile. its going to be a good day now. you know whats weird, a song just came on. its called “one of us” by joan osborne. that song will now remind me of you. listen to it.

  168. Marg says

    Dear Ernest…I can not honestly say I agree with everything You say…But You speak Your truth…And that is good..” I may not agree with what You say, but I will defend with my life Your right to say it”….You do make me laugh…Something about You…You seem honest…And that is good.

  169. says

    I hear you loud and clear Ernest…the VA is a scary place..have been to many of them with a loved one….I was hoping that they had improved over the last 10 years. I do not know that an MDs nationality has anything to do with it..it is lack of training and supervision and a low functioning medical force that our govt. hires. I am quite sure that most are hired at the VA because they could not cut it anywhere else..no matter the nationality. I once had a VA MD who was awesome ( can’t pronounce or spell his name) and he was awesome!!!!! Alas the VA system knocked him down to the point where he resigned..he spoke to me briefly before he departed stating “I cannot continue to stay here and watch how these Veterans are treated” I have seen good and bad from all over the world.. I am North of Austin and am originally from NY state.

  170. Marg says

    Ernest…Why come to Nova Scotia…and then we can move a mountain…Sometimes four hands are better than two..hahahah

  171. Bill says

    When I eat nuts or even worse popcorn there is a direct relationship… I am 54 year old male..Triggers it 80% of the time. Hurts for 24 hrs and eventually subsides… My Father had the same condition. Popcorn was bad for him too.

  172. says

    I wonder myself…..they ( the medical community) are now saying these things are OK to eat…who stands to benefit from this? Think about it. If anyone of you have done any research at all ..we get sick and who benefits?????
    I have NEVER met anyone who can eat seeds, nuts and especially corn..and I have spoken with quite a few..

  173. Anne says

    Umm….Ernest, your and you’re do not mean the same thing. YOUR is the singular form for saying Ernest, your grammar is very poor. YOU’RE is a contraction and it is used when you want to form YOU ARE, You’re going to get a lot of people after you for being so rude. While we are definitely thankful for YOUR service in the Military, my Brother is an EOD Tech in the Marines….Race, nor Military Status has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I too have DV…I do eat nuts, but I make sure to chew them well and drink plenty of water, I also take Metamucil Fiber Capsules. Popcorn DOES cause problems for me so I try to stay completely clear of it. I think that is ALL TJ was trying to say, we should eat foods on a case by case basis. Different things affect people in different ways so it should be handled on a case by case basis. Thanks All!

  174. says

    I had my resection 3 weeks ago. My surgeon is very skilled and when he got in there found everything was really much worse than he anticipated. What he thought would take about 2 hours ended up as 41/2 hours. I ended up with 20 staples -he had to cut more than he planned. But everything went really well and recovery is going well.

    I had been having very severe diverticulitis for at least 7 years. They had me on a diet that allowed no fresh fruits and veggies, not many cooked, no whole wheat or grain products,only cooked fruit, no skins and no dry beans.. Being diabetic this was very dificult. Now I can eat healthy (but cautiosly) again!

    If you are having trouble with recurrent diverticulitis please give this surgery serious consideration

  175. ernest says

    Anne, first of all you saying ” your going to get alot of people after you for being so rude”. Well to let you know, im (or is that I am, since you seem to think your an english teacher) not scared of anyone or anybody!!!! (which ever word you use to choose). I will even give you my cell # or e-mail if you would like to continue on with this argument. Like i said before, I AM NOT SCARED OF ANYONE OR ANYBODY!!!!!!! Denise and Bill, i agree with the both of you since i myself cannot eat any kind of seeds,nuts, or popcorn. I also have never met anyone who can eat seeds etc. without triggering there DV. So you both have good knowledge about DV. Hope everyone will give up the seeds, etc up because they are bad if you have been diagnose with DV. I dont care what anybody says, SEEDS, NUTS, POPCORN, ETC are not good to eat if you have DV. Please listen to us. LInda, good to hear your surgery went well and your recovery is going good. I myself should have had the surgery this past january, but i dont trust VA doctors. Maybe one of these days i will change my mind. My symptoms have came back, but not as worse as it normally is.I have a doctors appointment today and i will see what exactly is botthering me. And i will also ask if a civilian doctor can perform the surgery on me. If so, I will get the surgery. It must feel good to back to normal again. Congrats Linda. Linda, you stated that it was worse than anticipated. How exactly were you feeling with DV and what exactly did they find? One more question to everyone, does your DV seem to hurt more when you have to go to the bathroom, or am i at a point to where it has gotten worse. Please let me know, since this is new to me. Not DV but my new symptoms. Oh and also, please excuse my grammar. I only have a two year associates degree, and only served 18 years in the militiary before being medically retired.. I should have been an ENGLISH teacher since this toppic is about GRAMMAR. or is it about diverticulitis?

  176. Marg says

    My dearest Ernest…What a treasure You are…You sound too much like me…Still making me laugh…The world is filled with so many different people..That is what makes it interesting…I am undergoing a military operation today…Called..” hide a pup”….Having a delightful meeting with a new landlord…So he can judge and make a decision if we are worthy of his house…I miss owning a house..It was because of this horrid affliction that made us loose it…Yet in the words of Winston Churchill..” I will never surreneder”..and have my dear little dog all ready to go and hide for an hour in a kennel in a shed. I am an honest person, and feel rather sinister…Yet it all strikes me as somewhat diabollically funny. and I am not entirely certain as to why? Talk soon Ernest…and keep fighting the battle too…Marg

  177. Anne says

    WOW! Ernest, PLEASE…Funny that you are now saying is this website about Grammar or Diverticulitis?? You are the one that started to veer off course by bringing up Military and Race, etc…I am an Editor for a living so I do get paid to know my Grammar but you’re right, it’s irrelevant! I ONLY said that EVERY person reacts differently. I have been diagnosed with DV and since my diagnoses, I have eaten popcorn and nuts, HOWEVER, the popcorn definitely does cause me problems so I choose to steer clear of it. Nuts however have not…so long as I take Fiber Capsules EVERY DAY!! I was only VOICING what works for ME… I’m not going to continue back and forth with you because you seem to be very opinionated. If you are allowed to voice your opinion, others can too. Take care!

  178. Marg says

    And the sun continues to rise..and the stars continue to shine…and the tides they continue to change…and so we carry on…People they fight..people they love…and people destroy..and people rebuild….And popcorn and nuts? Well? they pop and are shelled….And some of us can eat them…and some of us can not…and our intestines…..They do the best they can…So on this very day…let us celebrate peace…instead of fighting….I think that would be a nice thing…but it wont happen…never does…But I will wish it all the same…On a star even…

  179. Shay says

    I like when you post!! And, the dog thing…my husband and I have done the same thing. HA
    If you ever visit Savannah, Georgia, I would love to meet you. Your poetic spin on DV and
    related problems is too funny! Keep up the good work.

  180. Marg says

    Dear Shay, thanks for the kind words…But surely people must realize how silly it is to fight on a website, where we all have the same problem..and life is a challenge at the best of times…So I figure…There really is very little hope for humanity…Who cares how people spell, or how they choose to word things..It just does not matter in the grand scheme of things. I find it entertaining…I am not entirely certain as to why I do…but I do…hahahah…And I would like to meet You as well…but we must remember to have our fibre pills for lunch…I wonder if McDonalds has that on their menu..A big Mac…fortified with fibre one…hahahah

  181. Shay says

    I agree about the fighting. When I read our local newspaper on-line, I always note where
    people comment on articles. Seems everytime, someone gets off subject and the name
    calling begins. (regardless of what the article is about)
    Now, about McDonalds…..No good southern hostess would take a guest there. Too much
    good food here! We would have to eat all my city is famous for……minus seeds, nuts,
    berries, etc.
    Linda, Best wishes for a full and quick recovery!

  182. Marg says

    Dear Shay..Operation “hide a pup” went off successfully..After vacumming upstairs and downstairs, all traces of white hair were removed, leaving nothing to analyze by enemy forces. There were no traces of demonic poo left to be used as a weapon of mass destruction, except on the outer limits of the war zone ( the backyard ) ..The battle to save The Little Bulge ( little Rover ) is underway..We had all the lookout points manned, and all the necessary counter measures in place in the event of an early arrival…Will be in touch with the updates..Marg ( alias Winston Churchill ) who will never surrender ( Little Rover )…hahahahaha

  183. Marg says

    Dear Shay and Ernest..I still have diverticulosis ( figure I best say that, but am sick of having it, so I am in denialticulosis )…We got the house…I am happy…and my little white dog, is now nicknamed..” little white lie dog”….Off to clean the stupid bakery and I all those cookies and cakes…mocking me…calling my name…Life is tough…But now? I no longer have to move a mountain..Just the contents of an entire house. Hey Ernest…want to send me a ” few good men”??? I will need all the help I can get… hahaha

  184. Shay says

    Congrats on the house Marg. We have a “little lie dog” too, except not white.
    Ahh Marg, my youngest daughter dates a soldier…wish I could send him and his
    guys up for a few days to help. He’s a super nice guy. Saddly, he is getting deployed
    in December 🙁

  185. anne says

    My intention was never to fight with anyone because I do realize how silly it is. However in an earlier post, someone…I won’t mention his name now…completely veered off topic to say that’s why we had to get the white man out of office & all kinds of other ridiculous comments including the use of obscenities. I only stepped in to say how ridiculous it was & point out that race, military status, etc…had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Everyone’s body processes things differently. I happen to be able to eat nuts very carefully. Others can’t! I wish all of you much peace & comfort. I won’t be posting again now that I have been accosted on this site when I was only trying to help someone else. God Bless us all! <3

  186. Marg says

    Dear Anne…Don’t feel like that…We all deal with this pain on a daily basis…We are all here to support each other…It is a place to vent…argue…make friends…The world is made up of all sorts of people..Some we get on with…others we just do not…That is life…The world can be a cold place…or a warm place..A place to suffer..a place to learn…I realize what the subject is here…But I also see things differently…and I think that if we make this diverticulosis thing our master..pay homage to this hell iside our bodies..It will take over…I dont want to let anything control my life, but my mind, and spirit…So please dont leave…Join in…share Your story and Your life..The journey can be cold and lonely…But I will extend my hand metaphorically…and if we all did that..we would never be alone…And our walk through this world will be remembered…Because we cared about others…And I do…and I care about the stars at night..The ocean waves..the smell of pine trees after a rain…And people..and all the beauty that surrounds us…Especially the hearts of my fellow man..with or without diverticulosis…My heart beats and is strong…The strength to move a mountain…So stay and help move one too..And be strong… Marg

  187. ernest says

    anne, how long has it been since i posted that topic about grammar, race, etc? you remind me of my 8 yr. old daughter. she always brings up things that happened months ago just to argue with my 13 yr. old son. GROW UP WILL YOU!!!! but hope you come back to this site,it was fun arguring with you. we all need to blow off steam once in awhile. just try not to correct my grammar again and everything will be just fine. HI Marg

  188. Marg says

    Hi Ernest..Hi Shay..Hi Anne…where ever You are..Little white lie, fell down the stairs this morning…So now I have to carry her as she is afraid…Poor little white lie..Shay..Good luck with Your Son in Law..I wish the war would just end….I wish all the hate and violence would just stop…I wish we all would celebrate peace..instead of pieces..of lives ruined by hate and intolerance…I guess I am nothing but a tree hugger…hahaha..But when You hug a tree? ( yes I have and do )…The worst thing that can happen is You may get a branch in Your eye..Or a splinter…I like my trees…They are a good lot.

  189. Shay says

    Marg, Sorry to hear about “Little White Lie”. Hope she gets over her fear of the stairs.
    Well, our soldier isn’t my son-in-law. LOL, maybe one day 🙂
    Has anyone tried eating boiled peanuts, as they are soft (and mushy)?

  190. Connie says

    Well here I am again. Another attack, third one this year. I am on antibiotics and doing my best with the clear liquids. It is not easy as I have young children and need energy. I am sticking to very small amounts of low fiber foods. White bread and cream of wheat. I think this time I will lose my job as this has been the third attack since April this year and I had to take the summer of to recover from having two attacks so close together. It really sucks but without my health I have nothing anyway. I was doing so well after the last attack this summer past, went away on a spiritual retreat and ate bread with flax seeds in it. I really believe that si the culprit. Lesson learned as I sit here in pain with a grumbling tummy..

  191. Marg says

    Dear Connie..Sucks is right..Sorry to hear about your troubles..But can You, or anyone, out there in diverticulosis land..tell me..what does an attack feel like..I am in pain all the time…And what is an attack? how do You know that you are havinng an attack when the pain is always there…It has been almost three years of it..pain..twenty four hours a day..never any answers..so I have given up asking questions..Now how is that for logic..hehhe

  192. Marg says

    By the way..has anyone noticed the cartoon picture of Doctor Oz on the top of this site?? Hahaha..he looks like Fred Flinstone on crack..

  193. Connie says

    Sad to hear you are in constant pain Marg, When I get an attack it is a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen. At times it feels like someone is cutting it from the inside with a sharp object. It hurts to sit, walk and lay certain ways. My pain is not constant. It only starts when I get the infection back. As I am in recovery from alcohol and other things my doctor doesn’t prescribe pain killers and I am fine with that. I do stay positive and know when life happens God will bring me through it. It is how I keep going and not freaking out….lol..I just scrolled to the top of the page….thanks for the laugh

  194. Marg says

    Dear Connie…We might be Kin…hahaha…You should hop on the ferry and we could share our misery in person..You know, sit around and have a visit without eating…Invite You over for an antibiotic served on a little sandwhich plate…with a beverage of water…Dont forget to get Your hair done. And You would not have to bring a housewarming gift, as I have lost mine due to this crap..Hey? the jokes are endless…but it is not really all that funny…yet as You said..we have to laugh. Because the alternative bites..not food though…We are not allowed to bite food..we have to chew it well…Marg

  195. bbgordon says

    I was interested in Connie’s comment about flaxseed.
    Seeds in bread, so common these days, doesn’t work for me at all, so always avoid them. I’ve been experimenting with further grinding of ground seeds with a coffee grinder until the powder is as fine as I can get it. This means I’m getting the benefits without the downside of pain etc.. I add this fine powder to any baking, smoothies etc. and especially the muffins I make to maintain a balance in my colon. Hope this helps someone.

  196. says

    Hello again..well I have finished the tests for Diverticulitis…colonoscopy/CT scan…even though I still have pain I am told that “yes I have some diverticulosis I do not have diverticulitis”
    So now to find out why I still have pain..I apparently have an ovary issue…please be careful ladies..I was diagnosed last Feb. in the ER with diverticulitis and recently found out that is was “probable” not definitive..and I have now found out that ovarian issues can mimic the symptoms.

  197. Marg says

    I am bored. Anyone want to do something? A bored me is a bad thing…I hate being bored…better than being a bored…A bored is rather flat. I wrote a story about a church pig..anyone want to hear it? It is not too bad…sounds funny…but has a moral to it. This is what happens to the people who have diverticulosis…They get bored and write stories about pigs. sob.

  198. Marg says

    OK Shay This one is for You…The Church Pig…A little pig decided to go to Church one fine Sunday. Off He went..Tra la ling all the way..His spirits high..He put on His finest clothes and carried a large bag with many things. Upon entering the first church, he was met with jeers from the preacher. ” Get out You filthy pig, yet first show me what is in Your bag”, yelled the preacher..Church pig sobbed yet obliged the mean preacher. The first thing Church pig pulled out were five shiny coins..The preacher grabbed the coins greedily and quickly put them in his very own pocket.. The little church pig, left this church..with no money and very sad..Yet as he walked away..He heard the preacher begin his sermon..”Thou shalt have no other Gods before me”…Church pig was very wise..and realized that this preacher who was preaching such a thing..worshipped the God of money…

  199. Marg says

    Poor little Church pig..Not to be discouraged, he soon came upon another church..He went in, with His little bag, and once again, very high spirits..For He was going to see God..Well, this preacher began to laugh at Church pig..” Why would YOU ever think YOU would be welcome in MY church..This is a great building…Made from the finest metals, and Gold..Get OUT You dirty pig..Do not bring Your filth into my glorious building…Have You no sense?? But first, let me see what is in Your bag..”..Little Church pig opened his bag and the preacher pulled out a wonderful bible, with gold trim and the finest leather. I will keep this, as it will look just right on my golden pulpit..Poor little church pig left this church in tears..Yet he heard the beginning of this preachers sermon..”You shall not make Yourself a carved image”..Once again Church pig became sad..realizing that the preacher had made his building far more important than God…

  200. Marg says

    Well, poor little church pig..yet having a resillient spirit and a strong faith..He was determined to continue on..Once again he came to another fine church..In he went with his bag, and by now?/ a rather dirty suit…The preacher glanced up from his pulpit and screamed out in anger..” You stupid pig..Get out of here..God..What are You thinking? As if I would allow the likes of You in MY church..Holy Christ..Get out..” This was a terrible thing for little church pig..and he began to weep..Why would a man who was to represent a loving God..ever act in such a manner?? As poor little church pig left yet another church..discouraged and somewhat beaten..he heard the words from this preachers service..”Thou shalt not take the name of thy Lord, thy God, in vain”..Little church pig understood..and quickly began to feel sad for this preacher, rather than for himself..

  201. Marg says

    Have You had enough yet Shay???hhahahaha..It goes through the ten commandments..Poor church pig…But at the end he does find a church..and he is judged by what is in his heart..rather than the material things he carries in his bag..and for everyone who wants this to have something to do with the subject at hand?? I did not eat a single nut nor seed while typing this..hahah

  202. Marg says

    Ok, one more chapter…So on Church pig persevered..with his tattered suit and no tie, as it had fallen off…And soon he approached another church…He drew in His breath, held his head high and said a quick prayer for strength and courage, and in he went. Once again the preachers voice fell upon church pigs ears..” What? hahaha, a pig in a dirty suit..You could not even clean Yourself up…get out of my building…But before You do..let me glance in that tattered bag”…So the preacher grabbed church pigs bag and began to route through it…pulling out a broom and a hammer and a saw.” Clean my walls pig, and fix the loose boards in my floor of my beautiful church…and then get OUT pig”…So the church pig did what was requested. When he was done the preacher waved..” be gone pig”….No thank You, nor good jobs, just more jeers. So as church pig left..The preacher began his sermon..” Remember the sabbath day..To keep it holy. Six days shalt thy labor and do all Your work. But the seventh is the sabath, to the Lord thy God. And on it You shall not do any work”..Off church pig went, confused and alone, yet tral laa ed his way into hope…In a now, very dirty and torn suit with no tie…In search of a church to pay his respects to his creator….

  203. Shay says

    LOVE,LOVE, LOVE !! You have to finish, b/c I want to hear about Little Pig finding a church.
    And I’m glad you are not eating nuts while writing this. LOL
    I keep telling you, you should be writing books……

  204. Marg says

    Dear Shay..here is Your laugh for the day ( told You I was bored..and I did eat two pistachios )..I wrote it all out..and offered the conclusion for sale on EBAY…hahaha…I think it is hysterical…No one will bid..but I want to go back to school…and I would love to go into the ministry..I figure..may as well be fighting for good..rather than evil..Will let You know what happens..what a joke..me with a dog called little white lie..I ought to be ashamed.

  205. Shay says

    How in the world did you stop with two pistachios??? For me, one would have led to two, two
    would have led to three, etc…… I did cheat and ate a Snickes bar Friday and green beans
    with almonds last night which is what led to my last ER visit. I think this past wk-end,my
    horns were the only thing holding my halo up.
    Love the story and I hope it gets picked up on E-Bay. Good luck with the ministry.We used to
    do “Faith Visits” with our church.

  206. Marg says

    Dear Shay..I used to go to the hospital because of terrible pain..I still have it..But have given up trying to get any help…The doctors say I have diverticulosis and IBS C…I go every morning..but have pain reguardless…So now? they can not find what is wrong..So they say it is in my head..I will die before I go back…How often do You go..and do they help You? or say it is in Your head? I was told a bunch of crap..My doctor tried to put the ” You are depressed” crap on me..I said..” the only time I am depressed is when I have to see a lousy Doctor”..I would like to depress him..right between two large bricks..I could write a book about all the lousy doctors I have seen..and because no one knows what is wrong? they blame me..So?? I just cary on..and laugh as much as I can..and write stories about Church pigs.heheh..I worked tonight and am dreading getting up to go to bed…Can I give You my email on this site? [email protected]..I will try anyways and see if You can get it. Nite Shay

  207. Marg says

    Shay..Guess what…I am going home..I did not know waht to get my father for Christmas..when I moved here..My Mom and Dad moved into a retirement home..Their black lab died..and part of their spirit did on that day too..I helped them pack and I would bring little puppy Rover over every day..It was like they got their joy back..My Father became young again…my Mother would laugh…When I would leave? darkness returned and they waited until the next day to see Her..Then? I moved to Nova Scotia..as we had lost our home due to my illness…So I am flying home on the nineteenth…and I have booked a flight in which I am taking little Rover..They do not know..There will be tears..But not of sadness…of joy…And it will be the best Christmas..Parents are gifts when You have such fine ones as I had..I do not like the last post…What that person said about Ernest…Obviously a mean spirit…Who does not realize what we live with on this site…Happy day Shay…Marg

  208. Shay says

    I agree. The post about Ernest was mean spirited, but looks like it was removed. Thank you
    to the person(s) able to remove it. I’m glad you get to go home!! Where is home for you?
    I hope to e-mail you this wk end. Hubby had oral surgery yesterday and this past wk has
    been a bit crazy. My e-mail will be from a hotmail web address. Will tell you how my 2 bouts
    of dv came about. Each had different symptoms. Did survive the snickers and almonds last
    week….LOL You are so lucky to still have your parents. I may have mentioned on this site,
    my Mom died with complications of the colon. We were always so concerned b/c she had
    heart disease and had survived a heart attack, that when she starting complaining about
    stomach pain, we didn’t pay attention soon enough.
    Hope everyone has a good wk end. My prayers are with any of you who have be recovering
    from the effects of hurricane “Sandy”.

  209. ernest says

    marg and shay, comments like what they said about me gets me excited. i now have to find the person who posted that and track them down. i have connections around the world and people who can easily get into there e- mail and let me know who they are. its just a matter of a wk or two to find them and knock on there door. and when i do, i can guarantee you they wont post anything dumb about anybody again! THATS A PROMISE!!!!!!! as for me, i go for a colonoscopy next week to see how bad my DV is. i think this time, im ready for surgery to get rid of the DV. thanks for supporting me marg and shay.

  210. Shay says

    Oops, just thought that rude comment had been deleted. Hopefully, the moniter if this site
    will delete it. Ernest, good luck with the colonscopy. Are you considering surgery b/c of
    constant pain or b/c you want to eat the things you cannot eat with the dv. I wonder, if after
    surgery how much diet plays a part in not having future problems. Does anyone know?

  211. Cheree says

    Ernest deserves most of what is said to him. Why don’t you all look at how nasty he has been. I have no idea where in the english language your and you’re mean the same thing. He went out of his way to trash talk and belittle TJ. TJ does have diverticulitis she stated so repeatedly. Everyone’s body is different. My brother has it and he eats nuts, seeds and popcorn with no pain or episodes. Maybe it sets yours off Ernest but everyone is different. 90% of this thread you were foul and doing all you could to insult and ridicule TJ. Then you went on your racial outburst. Sad Sad day. Who is in the white house has NOTHING to do with his race. Never have I met a military person as disrespectful and uneducated as you are. Had you been respectful people would pay more attention to the advice you offer.

  212. says

    Shay, I had my surgery Oct 1 and they told me I can eat whatever I want now. So far so good. I’m making an effort eo be somewhat careful. So far I have added back all veggies but not yet corn or popcorn and no nuts yet. They had me on diet of refined, white food and no fresh uncooked veggies, no nuts, no seeds and low fiber for about a year before surgery.

  213. Marg says

    I like Ernest…Sure sometimes he gets mad…we all do…but I still like him because I think he is a kind man underneath it all…pain can make us cranky sometimes…He does try to help in his own gruff way…I hope You are ok Ernest, and let us know..We are all in the same boat here…And we all wish for everyone to stay in the boat..I do not want to be an anchor.

  214. ernest says

    linda, what are the risk of having surgery, waht are the things i need to know. doctors have told me several things but i rather take someone else is advice since you had the surgery already. please let me know

  215. Marg says

    Shay..Ontario I am headed..with my little white lie…With the luck I seem to have? The plane will forget how to fly. I will sit for hours..And Rover will bust out..enter the pilots cockpit..and knock them all about…I will be charged with mischeif..and end up locked in jail..And no one will have the sympathy..to get me out on bail. hehehe…

  216. ernest says

    cheree i didnt mean to piss of your sister (strawberry). oops i ment TJ. oh and by the way, my brother is also a veteran and disrespectful as i am but even more. when you get a chance, come down to texas so i can introduce you to some more disrespectful military people. just because were military doesnt mean were angels. oh and by the way, college wasnt on my mind after high school. serving Our Country for Our Freedom was more important. You might have forgot, but it was our military people who serve to protect our Freedom to give you a beautiful life that you live. so being uneducated as you say, was worth serving Our Country. shay, i was considering surgery so i can put nuts back in my mouth hahaha.

  217. Marg says

    Dear Ernest…remember that education is not always about school..I would imagine You know far more than I do about the horrors of war..And I do not think You are disrespectful…I think You just speak Your mind..Everyone does not agree mind..But Ernest..You will agree with me when I say, that if the world were tolerant of others and their opinion? There never would be any war vets or wars in the first place..I like You…I still think You are funny and I look forward to Your posts..Because they are honest. Your pal Marg

  218. Lexy says

    Ernest! I am a black guy as well. And Sir you are out of line! I have DV, nuts and seeds don’t affect me yet. So it must be true that some people with DV can tolerate seeds, nuts and popcorn; and others with DV can not tolerate them. I don’t think a person’s race has anything to do with this debate and you should probably read a few books on emotional intelligence. In order for us to be treated more equal, son we need to believe and act like we are equal. People are people and you should do some reflection. Go make some white friends and learn that we are all the same.

  219. Shay says

    Linda, you are lucky that you will be able to eat the forbidden foods again.
    I miss eating nuts more than seeds, popcorn, etc. I didn’t realize how much of
    what we eat contain or are coated with nuts until I found I had dv. It makes
    looking at Christmas cookbooks depressing.

  220. Lou says

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy this cite tremendously and it has been very helpful to me in learning about this disease. i also truly enjoy the humor and LOVE I feel from everyone here. I have learned from here that while some should eat fiber some should not. It is not clear to me why doctors are saying nuts etc are okay for everyone when they can hear from us that for some it just isnt so. And yet they used to say NOT to eat them. I know that when I eat too much fiber I get problems. On another note too much fiber just dries me up so much no matter how much liquid I get and it makes me feel sluggish. It dries the skin out too much too. Kinda like taking meds for high cholestrol. keep writing everyone, I love this cite.

  221. Lou says

    I also wanted to add that too much dairy gives me these problems too, as does too much citrus. For me it is about staying well lubricated thru out my system. But I dont eat hardly any dairy (some pizza) and I dont miss it at all. It will plug me up for sure and thats when my problems begin. Believe me when I tell you that it causes me exama (dry skin) as it just pulls all the moisture out of my skin as does citrus. Stay well my friends!

  222. says

    Hi Shay, I do feel very blessed that my health has improved so much since the surgery. I am afraid to eat nuts and popcorn even though they said I could.Last night I had a cookie with macadamia nuts in it-so far so good. Another thing is that I am losing weight since the surgery. I never heard anyone else say this happened to them. Anyone?

    hope you and all our other dv friends are having a good day

  223. ernest says

    wow lexy, you yourself seem really intelligent. only thing is where in my post did i say i was black, white brown or purple? also, please quote me where i mentioned i didnt have any white friends. man your really intelligent!!! oh by the way, my children are half white, my nephew and nieces are half black, and my mom and dad are mexican. so seems like you are very intelligent. IM MEXICAN DUMB …oh yea, i forgot to mentioned also, did i say we werent treated equally? and one more thing, i have hundreds of white friends, black friends, brown friends and one purple friend( Barney). so i know how we are all treated equally. maybe your guilty about prejudice, but im not. anyways, enough of proving you wrong. about eating nuts, seeds, popcorn etc. doesnt anyone get the picture besides marg, shay and lou. you cannot eat nuts,seeds popcorn if you have DV. why doesnt anybody believe that. if your eating that, you dont have DV. havent you ever heard a saying “stubborn than a mule”. seems like everyine who has DV and agrees that you can eat sees,nuts popcorn are stubborn than a mule. thats what causes pain. when seeds, nuts or popcorn among some other foods pass through your intestines and slips into a pocket and causing inflamation. DV is now active and you now have to take meds. most people dont have those extra pockets therefore they can eat whatever. us people do have pockets and suffer alot while these seeds etc are sitting in there waiting to slip out or be taking care of with meds. this is called DV. so if you can eat seeds, nuts, popcorn etc. you might want to see if your suffering from something else besides DV. have a good day my friends and also my enemies. because we are all equall no matter what color we are. oh by the way, please dont correct my grammar. im not intelligent or educated.

  224. Marg says

    Ernest, I wish You would not say mean things about Yourself…You seem like a nice man..You are just stubborn is all…I am too..and stop saying You are not educated..We are all educated..Some by books, others by life…So there.

  225. Marg says

    Oh, Has anyone here been tested for mesentric Ischemia? That is my next thing. Now the doctors think this is what I have. Anyone have it on here? They say it can be a severe complication of diverticulosis.

  226. Marg says

    Hi Ernest…beats me…All I know is what I have learned on line…Where some artery is not supplying enough oxygen to the small intestine…I really dont care anymore…I am looking forward to Christmas…I am going home to see my Mom and Dad…I miss them…They are 83 and 84 years old..And it will be a Christmas like no other…Oh, how I miss them..mind, I will probably want to kill them both after 10 days…but that is family…and that is love…hahaha…Keep a happy thought Ernest and stop saying You are not educated as it makes me mad…Your pal, Marg

  227. Karen says

    I’ve been reading the posts on this blog with interest. I’m a long time sufferer. I was unlucky enough to have a perforation requiring surgery and a colostomy, which was later reversed. I just suffered a minor attack this past week. The medical world has been debating and I’ve been following with interest the ever changing views on the causes, treatment and prevention of diverticulosis/diverticulitis. The reason I became interested in this blog was Dr. Oz noting that recent studies do not directly relate nuts and seeds to attacks. It is important for each of us to know what triggers an attack. I read a very interesting article linking attacks to putting too much stress on colon function. My attacks are triggered by a combination of stress and poor food selection. In my individual case raw vegetables and taking an iron supplement, both considered sound nutritionally but unfortunately not the best choice for me. In terms of the broader community our triggers are neutral on an individual basis they are not. There are no simple answers for those of us who suffer. We should discover our triggers and avoid them. Eat with good sense and avoid stress. I eat some seeds if they are contained within whole grains but I always cut the seeds out of tomatoes.

  228. Karen says

    Tom, glad to hear you are recovering sorry to hear about the cost. As time goes by you may find your Stoma site is sensitive – I can often feel my bowel moving. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Psyllium husk fiber.

  229. Tom L. says

    Thanks for sharing your situation, Karen. I agree that we all have slightly different “triggers” and there is still remarkably little known about them for a disease this widespread. Perhaps there are seeds that I could eat without issue, but it is simply not worth the risk from my perspective. If it was “only” about a potential flare-up, I might be inclined to experiment at some point (as I did in the past). But after a perforation and all that entails, the stakes are a lot higher (life or death, just for a certain type of food? No thanks. And I’m not even going to think about the pain.)

    Yes, the stoma scar area is sensitive and occasionally painful. It itches constantly, too, though really, I’m nitpicking. 🙂 And I can feel whatever barrier they put in there to hold in my guts from the hernia. I still have to press my palm against it whenever I blow my nose or lift a carton of milk to pour or anything that requires abdominal muscle strain (even slight). But I don’t feel like it’s going to pop so easily out of my belly anymore, which is a relief, oh boy.

    And I would really like to add emphasis to your mention of STRESS as a major contributing factor. This is not talked about enough. Or, perhaps it is not talked about properly, as some people take a dim view of blaming much on the amorphous “stress” catch-all. But it is essential! Our emotional state and they way we think of ourselves and our symptoms have a tremendous impact on all aspects of our quality of life. To focus on physical symptoms and medicinal methods to the exclusion of mental or emotional factors is like attempting surgery with one hand tied behind your back.

  230. ernest says

    hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. just wanted to know if anyone had an experience like i had 3wks ago. my pain came back and i was put on meds. the entire 2wks i was on meds, my pain got worse. i finally stop the meds and started drinking (beer) again and i never had a pain since then. if wasnt for the alcohol, my thanksgiving what have been painfull. has anybody had problems with meds not working or is it the alcohol that kils the infection. im confused but at least not in pain. marg, merry christmas. i didnt know its christmas time for you already. hope you had a great time with your parents.

  231. Lou says

    Hello and Happy belated turkey day. Ernest I am just guessing, but it could be the barley in your beer that helped your digestion and rid the infectious areas. I know barley is good for helping with digestion. Of course most know if they drink beer it will definately help a person to “go”. Maybe you should drink more. hee hee And hope for your sake the pain continues to be outtathere!!!!!! Good luck to you.

  232. Tom L. says

    Ernest, Thank you for your many contributions to this thread, I’ve read every post here. And thank you for your service to our country.

    I wanted to ask you about the seeds that you DO eat: tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries (from what I can remember of your previous posts). You describe them as “soft” seeds. But when I de-seed a tomato, I can easily tell the seeds are quite hard when pressed between thumbnail and forefinger. They don’t seem like that when they are in the tomato surrounded by the gel, but they are hard seeds. Also, strawberry seeds are very hard, tiny, and not fully digested (if at all) — exactly the kind of food so many doctors have advised me to avoid.

    If you have been eating these foods for some time without symptoms, even though you get painful flare-ups from popcorn and nuts (and other types of seeds?), then perhaps the hardness or size of the seed is not the question of whether it is a trigger for DV. I don’t know. Maybe eating the seeds in a tomato is OK since they are in that soft gel — though wouldn’t that be digested away, leaving the hard seeds to travel down the large intestine? Perhaps it is the amount that is eaten. When you eat foods with seeds, like tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries, do you eat a lot, or a little? Often or rarely? Maybe it has something to do with what else you are eating along with those foods?

    Bottom line, I know that swallowing an individual seed or a nut does not necessarily cause any symptoms, in my experience. It isn’t like taking a pill where you know what will happen as soon as you take it. But when I have had painful symptoms, it has been after eating nuts (which is why I never do that anymore). I’m wondering if it has to do with the amount eaten at a time, and/or what else is in your stomach and intestines as you digest. There are clearly enough inconsistencies that medical professionals (and non-professionals) from all over the world have different ideas on this very issue.

    I’d like to focus on those “odd” situations, like those hard seeds that do not bother the very same people that other seeds and nuts do bother. Perhaps we can find a common element that explains this better than “sometimes it happens, but other times it doesn’t.” I believe it is that ambiguity that causes articles like this from Dr. Oz to be published alongside countervailing advice from many physicians (and DV sufferers), leading ultimately to patient confusion.

  233. ernest says

    tom, thank you for thanking me. yes i use to eat tomatoe and cucumber seeds but i quit that. not because it botthered me but because i just got use to not eating any seeds. it was just part of my daily routine with other seeds,nuts etc so it just made it easier for me just to stop. beside that,those seeds never botthered me . it was just something i wanted to do to make everything easier for me and my family. as far as any nuts or nut family and popcorn, i completely stop that since i knew that was the problem i was having with DV. i dont miss it and dont miss the pain. whatever you do, take my advice. stay away from seeds,nuts,pecans, anything you might think that is a nut, and of all POPCORN. i dont care what anyone says, but that is one of the top 2 foods that causes the problem.i already tested that and failed with alot of pain. thank you for your post and good luck

  234. Kevin says

    I don’t know if Dr. Oz really said that popcorn is ok to eat but he couldn’t be more wrong. I eat very healthy foods however I started eating popcorn as a snack in the evenings. Once day I woke up with the worse pain in my lower left abdomen. Long story short, it almost killed me.

  235. ernest says

    yep the oz said it was ok to eat popcorn! and so did several other peole but not me. i said before stay away form popcorn. thats the number 1 food to trigger your dv. but people think doctord are always right. those people deserve to continue get dv. good luck. hey marg, where have you been?

  236. Marg says

    Dear Ernest…I am back from an early Christmas at my Mom and Dads in Toronto…had a great time…I brought my dog on the plane and it was a wonderful surprise….Now? Back to reality…And cleaning the stupid bakery….And getting ready to move….here in Nova Scotia, we have a thing called free cycle…People post wanted and offer adds…No money or bartering allowed…Just people giving things they no longer want to people who need them…I posted me on freecycle…For Christmas….I thought it was funny…But a lot of people had responded…I love Christmas…And I feel horrid that I will not have a Christmas tree…So I decided to help someone else…and then I will be all in the Christmas spirit…You know better than many Ernest…That the world is filled with too much hate…I think angels cry too much…So I think we should all try to make them smile…Before they forget how…Keep a happy thought, my Ernest….And believe in Christmas…And yourself…I do not like You saying bad things about Yourself…We all have gifts…Some we simply leave unopened….Marg

  237. Marg says

    Dear Shay…I believe that when You help someone….You kiss the face of God….And what we do in our community…gives hope….bit by bit…and maybe it will spread…and give hope to all the nations…Hatred has spread like a virus amongst this land….And hope is stronger than hate….even with lousy intestines…we hope…And that can never be taken from us…Maybe one day there will be a cure for us….And if You hope for the impossible…Soon it develops into faith…And if You believe in things…Surely it will happen…I hope….everyday….I hope to go back to school…And if I ever get there…I will use what I learn to help…I believe….And I also believe in the power of Christmas…every day of the year.

  238. ernest says

    welcome back, marg. our christmas is 3 wks from today. its not going to be the same this year as last year was alot better. my sister and her 3 kids(18,15, and 13) all moved in with us since they are having financial problems. my family live in a 4 bedroom house but with all the extra people, things just are not the same. my sister really doesnt celebrate christmas that much as she always says shes broke. the only bright thing that is happening for my family right now is that on Dec 10, they will start building our new house. we been at it since middle of august and they finally called us on a start day. it will be a 2 story 5 bedroom house with a game room and a huge living room. i dont know if you know what california stairs are, but were adding that to the house. even though were from texas. also my birthday is dec 16 and my son goes to court on dec 18 for the only bad decision he has made in his life. im hoping the judge takes that into consideration. with all my prayers and hope, i think everything will go his way as for we all made mistakes one time or another in our lives. and im sure Marg, even though you dont know me, we will be in your prayers as you seem to be the church type of person. My son’s name is Justin. Thank you. as for everything else, it will fall in place like it has been. if it doesn’t, it will be soon. my pain has not came back in over a moonth and i feel like i can eat seeds again but im not going to test it as i already did at one time and failed. im not going to fail twice. oh yea, and i do believe in miracles and i always have.”GO NOTRE DAME”. take care.

  239. Marg says

    Hi Ernest..How is Your son doing? Sorry, I have been busy and now my back went out..And I did not. I wonder where it went? If You see my back would You please tell it to get home as I miss it…II hope Your Son is ok. Your friend, Marg

  240. Leonardo says

    I was intorduced to diverticulitis the hard way, regaining conciousness from the bathroom floor while my wife was dialing 911. Good thing she was there. I could have died. I passed out from severe abdominal pain while on the toilet, even though no straining was involved. Fortunately the infection could be treated with antibiotics. That happened two months ago and I am feeling much more like myself now. I still get a little twinge of a reminder occasionally, but nothing that actually “hurts”. I’m taking fiber tablets and drinking more liquids, especially water. I drink nothing stronger than a couple glasses of wine. Yogurt, and more health foods are being introduced to my diet every day. So far the occasional nut or popcorn hasn’t been a problem, but I’m carefull to chew everything much better than ever before. The incident has served to remind me that even the smallest of excesses in my diet can lead to serious problems. Aloha

  241. Marg says

    Ernest…well, how you play a Sister like that…here I wrote You back and You did not answer me…sob…I bet You ate a peanut, didnt You???…Holy crap? A school shooting in Kindergarden in the states again…Merry bloody Christmas…what a terrible thing…I just saw it on the news.

  242. Shay says

    Marg, the school shooting is horrific indeed.My prayers go out to all the children, school
    staff and families involved., the community too. May God bring peace to all by this tragedy.

  243. Marg says

    Dear Shay…I do not believe that God will bring peace…we do not deserve peace…We have to return to the values and ethics which dictates peace….we can not expect what we do not live..If we all lived peacefully, were good to one another…peace would follow..When we destroy others..and we all do it…even on this website…with name calling and insults…no, peace is not a realistic goal when we live opposite to what peace stands for….Always excuses..to hate and to kill…and peace is a dying ideal…I live with dogs..they may emit little growls once in awhile towards one another…but forget soon and lay down and groom one another and sleep…knowing that they are safe..We could learn from them..Hi Shay…How are You doing?? marg

  244. Marg says

    I wish it never happened…It makes me sad…For the families…and for a world in which this is becoming far too normal…I do not understand hate…not at all…I get mad…but I never really hate…I got mad at my vaccuum cleaner today…It blew up on my floor..But I fixed it instead of destroying it…I wonder if we could fix the world? Maybe? I think we could…Apathy is more of a dangerous disease than diverticulosis and I will rage against being apathathetic…I think it is what we all have to do..And in simply saying hello to people we do not like..Can begin a change in the world in which we touch…And then..it will continue on…I think that THAT is the begining step to peace…PEACE Shay…easy to say as I like You.

  245. Shay says

    Peace to you too Marg. I just told my husband we are either watching a Christmas movie
    tonight or turning the tv off for awhile. We will watch the news tomorrow when more facts
    are in about the incident.
    Thank you for the humor you have provided on here and the e-mails you have sent me the
    last few months. You have brought a lot of smiles to this face.

  246. Tom L. says


    Hello and welcome to this long-form “discussion.” Sorry no one has responded to your post as yet. I hope you feel better and stay strong.

  247. Marg says

    Merry Christmas everyone out there in lousy intestine land…May Your turkey have fibre and the pie be seed free…and may the only nut in Your house?…Be dear Old Aunt Effy…May santa bring You vegtables that are easy to digest…In any case…I wish You a happy day, and all the best.

  248. Shay says

    Hello Ernest,
    I had a few problems with DV in December. Have no idea what caused it, but started
    antibiotics that I had in case of a flare up and they did the trick. Thought about you
    when Notre Dame played Alabama…….sorry, can’t help it……SEC,NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!!!
    Maybe next year Georgia will be SEC national champs!

  249. shay says

    i have listened to everyone on this blog, and i must say wow! this is a lot!. i was also diagnosed with DV. i was told as some of you i would live with this for the rest of my life. I thought i was doing pretty good, after the initial flare up, I read that these things occur sometimes, and that the colon thins out over time. made sense. I try to look at my colon as a very sensitive thin lined organ that needs extra care…which it does. mind you i do not have many vices. i try very hard to take care of myself. i believe that i have deviated from the foods that God gave, and that the processed foods have taken a toll on my colon. I rarely eat red meat, every blue moon i will have a hamburger. (smile). but i eat mainly fish, chicken rarely…vegetables, and incorporating Real garlic, red onions etc, trying to eat foods as fresh as possible. i just have had my second flareup, but honestly i was doing pretty good the 1st was a couple of years ago. For the last month i was eating a bowlful of popcorn almost every day or other day, yikes! unfortunately i think that this is what sent me flying to the emergency room. i sat in a chair for 8hrs straight, just wanting to pass out on the floor! I am home with cipro, and flagyl. i cannot take the cipro! i have heart palpatations, bad dreams, restless leg syndrome, it is a nightmare, and that is just half of the 500mg pill not the whole one!. i am trying to be patient with my body. i keep looking at the flagyl, and am too afraid to take it!. i did have flagyl and another antibiotic in the hospital by IV. I have stepped up my probiotics now to 3 a day versus 1 a day, i am praying and just trying to keep as calm, and stress free, as i can. and using heat for abdomen, and lower back. last bout i took only one of the antibiotics as prescribed and was ok. i am going to the health food store to consult with one of the people there. i called my emergency room doctor to try and get some feedback on my tests, and i did not get a call back. my heart truly goes out to all of you…for i understand what you are experiencing. I am crying, that some of you want to give up!. I am 57 yrs old i have 3 grandchildren, and 3 adult children, and elderly parents that really need me. I cannot give up! PLEASE, PLEASE do not give up! God loves you all! If we the people keep talking to each other and sharing our stories, we can get through this! sincerely sharon (shay)

  250. Shay says

    This is Shay, I didn’t write the above comment. I’m not 57, nor do I have 3 children or
    aging parents. Not sure why my name was used in the author box, but please who ever
    used my name, retract and use your name.

  251. ernest says

    hello shay. i dont know why your name was mentioned. anyways, i never received any updates through my e-mail so i decided to check this site and sure enough there were some updates. i dont know why it wasnt sent to my email. not even the jan 17 post about the notre dame game. as for my DV, it comes and goes and it really sucks but i just deal with it. by any chance, does your stomach make alot of noises like hungry noises or like when you have to pass gas. please answer that questions because mine makes terrible noises and its embarrasing. the other day i was at church and my stomach sounded like a wolf when they hollow. it is very emarrasing and i dont know what to do. my doctor says its just my intestine moving. but how come i never had this problem before. if anybody has any soloutions in what i can do to try to stop these noises, please let me know. marg, how are you doing? shay, maybe you were sleep typing. just kidding. take care

  252. Shay says

    Hi Ernest, LOL, Hopefully, If I ever sleepwalk, I’ll clean house instead of getting on the
    computer. I’ve never had problems with the stomach noises, but I do have a good friend
    with DV. Her symptoms (?) seem so different from mine and she does have problems with
    her stomach making noises. She says when it starts with little warning, she knows she will
    be making numerous trips to the bathroom. Said it’s been very embarrassing at times.
    How’s your son? Hope everything turned out for the better. Marg, how are you?
    I, too,have found a couple of the comments from this blog in my junk folder. Found
    some interesting statements about DV earlier this week. I’ll copy and paste them w/i the
    next few days.

  253. ernest says

    my son is doing good. he was sent to county jail for 30 days and tomorrow will be his 30th day. hopefully that is his wake up call and decides not to hang around the bad crowd anymore. as for me, still having these weird noises and gets frustrating since i tried everything already to keep the noise from coming back. i guess ill just have to deal with it as it is now part of my life. how are you doing marg? havent read a post from you in awhile.

  254. says

    I have severe bloating in my abdomen which I’ve had for a year. Been examined by local GP’s and hospital, had a CT scan and x-ray with iodine drink, with no result other than normal results. Also been told I have a small hernia. Difficult to bend to put shoes on and looks like I’m pregnant. Had anyone had a similar experience they would like to share? How are they coping? Any advice would be appreciated.

  255. Shay says

    Hi Lorraine,
    I recently found I have a small hernia also. I don’t know if that would cause bloating.
    My husband is thin, but his stomach stays bloated and we have decided it’s b/c he drinks
    a lot of soda. Certain foods will cause bloating, including sugarless gum and drinking
    with a straw. I’m glad your CT scan was normal and I’m assuming that’s where the dr’s
    found you have a hernia. You might google “foods that cause bloating” and try eliminating
    them from your diet for awhile and see what happens. Best of luck.

  256. says

    Hi Shay,

    Many thanks for your reply. I looked at foods that cause bloating, it seems if I keep away from these foods, I won’t be eating anything. What I fail to understand is when gas is passed, why does my abdomen keep the same size day in day out. So it can’t be gas. It’s truly frustrating not being able to fit into my clothes and have no explanation from doctors. I am confused, puzzled and fed up. I’d love to have some feedback from anyone with a similar problem.

  257. ernest says

    lorraine and many confused people like myself. i dont want to scare anyone but my cousin was diagnosed with diverticulitis and suffered many years. he continued to deal with it untill something worse happened. he was having bloating, severe pains, lack of sleep, constipation, and everything else we suffer from. after many hopital visits and still no good answers, he finally found out what he was suffering from. not only did he have DV, but also was suffering from “CHROME DIEASE” if anyone is currious what that is, please look into it. doctors say, DV might have caused it to get that bad. Chrome Diease! he is now going to get surgery and because of his bad luck, i will also be getting surgery in may to avoid “CHROME DIEASE”. i think thats how you spell it. so for those who have bloating and any other unknown complications, please check into that. good luck.

  258. says

    sorry shay!, my name really is shay and did not realize there is another shay here!. my apologies! i will call myself shay 2.

  259. Jennifer says

    I went to the er yesterday and was told I have diverticulitis, they told me to eat normal but referred me to a GI to get a colonoscopy to make sure it’s nothing more serious. I’m really scared and don’t know what to do know I’m on day 3 and I’m still in pain but the pain is not as bad as day 1. They put me on 2 different antibodies and I think it’s helping

  260. Lucy says

    I have had this for 20 years ,I was just told 2 months ago that in have it . No it doesn’t make sense,but all the dr .that I went to know it ,they had to of , but didn’t say . I was at the dr. With my husband ,and out of the blue I ask the dr. If it normal to always have morning sickness feeling ,and be sick after I eat ,anything . He said no . He did the scope ,and yes he told me I have this and ,10 years ago when I had surgery to have 8 ins of my intestine removed was not the first time it happen . I still am sick all the time and have came to the reality that I will be sick like this the rest of my life . I have to find out for myself what I can eat or not . And throwing insults at each other on this sight does no good.

  261. says

    Does this hurt one ,like the left more than the other, and by the way we as a family are thinking it runs in one side of the family

  262. says

    @ TJ Number one, do you have a M.D. at the end of your name because you act like you’re a doctor. And I am sure you are getting most of your information from the internet. You know what they say, you can’t believe everything you see and read on the internet. And, it’s so petty to point out to someone that they misspelled a word. It happens to all of us at times, I am sure to even you. Anyway, to the real point. Because my doctor told me the same thing Dr Oz and Mayo clinic is now saying about popcorn, nuts and seeds I was so glad to hear it because I love them all and really missed them. So, I bought some popcorn and ate it. Oh it was sooooo good. And then, wham, the next day I was rushed to the hospital in severe pain after crapping popcorn kernels out with blood etc. Tests were done and guess what? The doctor said NO MORE POPCORN. He explained that no one REALLY KNOWS all the reasons for diviticular flare ups and everyone is different as to how their body will handle seeds, nuts, and popcorn. I believe him over Dr Oz, Mayo Clinic and all doctors who are advising the same thing regarding eating seeds, nuts, and popcorn. My doctor is an internist and specializes in this bowel disorder. So all I can say is; it seems you are on here to “correct, discipline and be rude to the opinions of others. So why don’t you just shut the hell up and go eat your seeds, nuts and popcorn and admit that not everyone can tolerate them. But I must admit I am jealous of those who can eat them, I really miss them. So, @ Herman, your are RIGHT.

  263. ernest says

    thank you mary for feeling the way i do towards TJ. she thinks she knows it all. i still canot eat seeds,nuts,popcorn etc. the symptoms always comes back when i use to eat those foods. lucy, my pain is always on the left side and hurts more when i have to go to the bathroom. after the bathroom,i feel better. jennifer, the meds should work. it takes time. and no matter what, your probably going to continue with DV unless you take care of it now. believe me, im going on 3 years with this horrible diease. but i will have an colonoscopy on may 23rd then surgery to remove it right after that. i just hope its not as bad as i think it is. i should have got the surgery 3 yeras ago but i was hoping the DV would go away, but i was wrong. there is no cure for it unless you get surgery. and whatever you all do do “NOT” eat POPCORN,NUTS, AND ANY KIND OF SEEDS. please take my advice. ive been through all that before. mary, i think tj is off this site so dont worry about her. and for everyone else, do not listen to TJ, she is 100% wrong with all of her information. good luck to everyone

  264. Claudia A says

    Hi Everyone,
    I feel your pain. I have suffered from DV, IBS, SBBO (Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth) for years. I had my first bout with DV back in Jan and Feb of this year. I realized that the doctors surely don’t have all the answers, but we are all desperate when we’re in pain, and will try anything. But, don’t get the surgery unless there is no other choice. I found a website diverticulitispainfreefoods.com and it has helped me tremendously. I have no affiliation with this website, but wanted to pass on what has worked for me. I stay away from all nuts, popcorn and some seeds. I can’t tolerate any grains at all. I primarily eat vegetables, chicken, fruit, good fats (coconut oil, organic butter, olive oil) and organic eggs, and absolutely no sugar. I know it’s hard not to eat sugar, and I struggle with it daily. There is a small fee to get the diet on the website that I mentioned, but it has been worth it for me…..BUT, I still struggle daily….and, so far no surgery. Bless you all, and I hope you find relief, and can enjoy good health again.

  265. says

    The confusion is in the difference between DV-osis and DV-itis
    If you’re diagnosed with diverticulosis a diet high in fiber and plenty of water will keep you from having the symptoms or progressing into Diversticulitis. In the case that you are in this stage it is recommended a diet low in fiber, bland foods and plenty of water until symptoms subside.
    The controversy is what you can and cannot eat if you are diagnosed with DV..
    There are plenty of high fiber foods you can eat while eliminating hard to breakdown sharp seeds like strawberry seeds, pumkinseed shells and the sharp edged she’ll of the corn kernel in popcorn, I would suggest not eating these or anything with a similar physical structure at all. Why take the chance on a handful of definite irritants to DV. And remember this as a rule of thumb.. Always chew your foods completely and especially those that contain ingredients that may stay hard in pieces and chunks and could remain solid while passing through your intestines and down through the colon. Nuts and especially seeds that you cant chew in to a mush or paste are fine as long as you chew them to that consistency.. If you can’t then don’t eat them! I have DV and have had a rupture, a colostomy and a reversal.. If you remember what I just simplified here into your eating habits? You will be fine! 🙂

  266. ernest says

    shay, no i havent had surgery. i had a colonoscopy 2 wks ago and tomoroow(june 11) is my follow up. they did find 2 polypose (however you spell it) and some diversticulitis, which i already knew they would. i will find out tomorrow what my results are and the choices i have to make. and for everyone else, i put off the colonoscopy off for 3 yrs because i was scared. and after all that, it wasnt bad at all. i actually was awake through the procedure and the liquids you drink the day before was not bad at all. and im glad i finally did it. i will now see the outcome of all this tomorrow morning. one more thing, stay away from any kind of seeds and popcorn!!!!

  267. jason says

    Last night I ate peanuts and fiber cereal I woke up this morning and my poop was hurting what should I do

  268. ernest says

    jason, wrong topic. that ha nothing to do with diverticulitis. check your hemoroids. they might be flared up. but its not DV

  269. says

    Be aware that severe pain in the bowel can be caused by PEANUTS, specifically an allergic reaction to peanuts or a food sensitivity to peanuts. I learned this the hard way, but through trial and error, I have not had any more of this pain because I completely avoid eating peanuts. Read the ingredient list in EVERY food you eat to look for peanuts and peanut powder. Peanuts are added to many different foods to increase the protein level at a low cost to the manufacturer.

  270. ernest says

    but wait, i thought TJ said peanuts or any kind of seeds had nothing to do with DV! david, i guess your another victim who has proven her wrong again. stay away from any seeds,nuts and popcorn. good luck

  271. Richard says

    I really am getting quite a kick out of this; it’s a real shame that so many trolls inhabit these feedback and comment lists. Of course it is evident that the Ernest persona is a troll, but not sure of the others. Even if as Ernie boy states Peanuts and popcorn added to DV distress, that would be the whole kernel thing, not powdered or in peanut butter form it is the kernels etc., hard pieces that would tend to get caught up in the pouches not smoother forms of fiber which all studies worldwide show along with liquids (lots of water will tend to improve the condition. (And yes I do have DV) and Ernest you are so full of BS you must be constipated. Oh by the way I actually did retire from the military after 22 years in the U.S. Navy submarine service and I really resent trolls like Ernest using that to bolster their spurious claims. Also for those who are not familiar with Troll practice. The misspellings and grammatical errors are a deliberate ploy.

    Rich T.

  272. Jan says

    I am 58 and was diagnosed with DV in my twenties. My mother had very severe cases of DV attacks and a number of hospitalizations and in fact died of peritonitis as a result of DV so I wonder if there is a heredity factor. I have experienced many attacks over the years and I for one cannot eat nuts or popcorn…period. However I can eat other foods with seeds ie. tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries etc so maybe it is an individual thing. One of the things that I have tracked that really gets me good is Uncle Ben’s Wild grain rice of all things. I think maybe it is those little flecks in the rice or something but it definitely is a problem for me. I have spent most of this summer with episodes of DV. I get an attack go on a liquid diet feel better go back on my regular DV diet then soon get another attack. I do not take antibiotics. My doctor told me that if I can stand it and I don’t have a temp. of 100 degrees for more than a couple days than I should try to wait it out. Being on antibiotics on a frequent basis is not a good thing and I tend to agree. When I have had to go on antibiotics I am sicker longer because it throws off the balance of good bacteria. The one thing I have really noticed lately is that exercise really seems to trigger an attack. I mean like doing yard trimming, mowing the lawn, even going for a walk. Has anyone else experienced exercise as a trigger??

  273. says

    Nuts do not cause DV! Period! The reason SOME people have to stay away from nuts, seeds etc is because the small pieces of the chewed seeds get caught in the pockets the CV creates and can cause inflamation hence the pain. SEEDS DO NOT CAUSE DV! It is advised to stay away from seeds because of the end result of pain and possible infection if seed become lodged in pockets of colon. Am sorry Ernest you are wrong; however, I do understand you feel this way because seeds are not good for you. Seeds are not the cause of your DV and it does not mean others can not eat seeds just because you can not eat them.

  274. jsuarez says

    I’m 38 years old and was diagnosed a few days ago after a visit to the ER. Wasn’t advised of a clear diet, just a low fiber diet till along with antibiotics. Felt very nauseous the first day of taking antibiotics , but doing a lot better now. I lead a very stressful life and to top that off I dont eat as healthy as I should.. which I’m trying to change now that I’ve been diagnosed. Best of health to everybody here. Take care.

  275. jsuarez says

    I’m 38 years old and was diagnosed a few days ago after a visit to the ER. Wasn’t advised of a clear diet, just a low fiber diet till along with antibiotics. Felt very nauseous the first day of taking antibiotics , but doing a lot better now. I lead a very stressful life and to top that off I dont eat as healthy as I should.. which I’m trying to change now that I’ve been diagnosed. And yes.. staying away from seeds and nuts! Best of health to everybody here. Take care.

  276. ernest says

    richard, what does your post mean!!!! oh yea, thank you for your service in the navy. Biya, im sorry but your right. nuts do not cause DV. but it does trigger it and causes all the pain and infection after you have DV. so when you have DV and eat seeds, peanuts, etc. your going to get that horrible pain and will be back in the hospitle and on meds. jsuarez, what is your expierence when you eat seeds, nuts, etc. remember stay away from seeds, peanuts, nuts, popcorn, etc

  277. ernestleal says

    Richard, thank you for your service. you say im full of BS!!!! what does that make you. your post doesn’t even make sense. spit that load out in your mouth then post something that makes sense. we have no idea what you meant, but I guess that’s what happens when you take a mouth full. anyways, biya, your right. nuts don’t cause DV but it does make it worse. also seeds and popcorn causes your DV to flair up. it slips to the pockets causing the infection to get worse. but if nuts don’t bother you, then keep eating them. but believe me, it will catch up to you soon if you In fact have DV. sounds to me the doctors diagnosed you with the wrong infection. jsuarez, im glad your on the same page as me. stay away from seeds and nuts. oh yea Richard, don’t forget to brush your teeth after getting rid of the load that’s in your mouth. maybe then we will understand what you are trying to say

  278. k says

    AMEN Richard!!!! Ernest made this post an environment of hostility. I couldn’t even read it all. Its like talking to a wall. No one is that stubborn unless they are looking for attention. Bottom line for everyone is EVERYONE is different. The suggestion is to keep a food diary. For those looking for information there’s tons out there via the internet. Stay well folks.

  279. Patti Frank says

    I wonder if anger and hostility aggravate DV? And I concur–each of us have different “trigger” foods that aggravate our DV attacks. I can eat nuts and seeds (though not too many fresh tomatoes) and it’s popcorn that gives me an attack. You? You may have entirely different trigger foods. There is no one right answer for all of us. Trial and error reveals our own truth in preventing future bouts.

  280. Renee says

    I have this and just went in to the doctor and am now on a course of anti-biotics. Painful is an understatement. I eat popcorn and never seem to have an issue, but nuts seem to cause me some distress. I eat a fairly high fiber diet, so I am not sure why this happened. It seems to flair up for me about every 3 to 4 months.

  281. Reba says

    I read many of these comments and it appears that some ppl can eat some things that others can’t tolerate. I’m in the process of my second flare up, and I have no idea what caused it. I stoped earting the seeds etc after the 1st attack. I didn’t want to take any chances. This time? Who knows. 1st time I was presribed Cipro and Flagl, but they made me more sick than the DV. Took me 3 weeks to get back to normal after taking those 2 meds. This time..My doctor prescribed a mild antibiotic, and its working fine (Clindamycin 300 mg 3 times a day). I started taking them Friday night, and this is my second full day. I am much better, and the weakness the previous antibiotics caused is GONE. I do drink lots of water, and alway have. At least 4 bottles a day. I do know that overeating can trigger DV as well. Checking back over my previous meals before the attack brought nothing to memory…although I did have a big ribeye a few nights earlier, and next night..manicotti with a caesar salad and garlic bread. I cooked leafy greens aound the middle of the past week ..so I have no idea what brought this on,,, UNLESS it was the frosted Mini Wheats, which I have eaten many times in the past. I eat yougart everyday, so it seems I was doing everything right. IMO, its just the way our system accepts what we eat. Its a real mystery to me. I had my last colonoscopy 2 years ago. JMO, but everyone should have that procedure before the insurance problems we’re now experiencing get worse. Good luck everyone. Feel better soon

  282. says

    October 5, 2013 at 11:32 am

    I read many of these comments and it appears that some ppl can eat some things that others can’t tolerate. I’m in the process of my second flare up, and I have no idea what caused it. I stoped earting the seeds etc after the 1st attack. I didn’t want to take any chances. This time? Who knows. 1st time I was presribed Cipro and Flagl, but they made me more sick than the DV. Took me 3 weeks to get back to normal after taking those 2 meds. This time..My doctor prescribed a mild antibiotic, and its working fine (Clindamycin 300 mg 3 times a day). I started taking them Friday night, and this is my second full day. I am much better, and the weakness the previous antibiotics caused is GONE. I do drink lots of water, and alway have. At least 4 bottles a day. I do know that overeating can trigger DV as well. Checking back over my previous meals before the attack brought nothing to memory…although I did have a big ribeye a few nights earlier, and next night..manicotti with a caesar salad and garlic bread. I cooked leafy greens aound the middle of the past week ..so I have no idea what brought this on,,, UNLESS it was the frosted Mini Wheats, which I have eaten many times in the past. I eat yougart everyday, so it seems I was doing everything right. IMO, its just the way our system accepts what we eat. Its a real mystery to me. I had my last colonoscopy 2 years ago. JMO, but everyone should have that procedure before the insurance problems we’re now experiencing get worse. Good luck everyone. Feel better soon

  283. says

    I am only 39 and have had Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis now for over 10 years. It took so long for Dr.’s to diagnosis that in 2009 I ended up in the hospital for weeks at a time before they finally figured it out and had to take out 7″ of my lower intestines because it took so long…..since my Gallbladder had already been taken out in 1999 and that wasn’t the problem which is what they were stuck on. I used to eat popcorn everyday up until 2009 and my surgery was complete. That is a huge trigger for me. I cannot eat Popcorn, nuts, quinoa, beans etc. I suffer miserably with any of it no matter how much water I drink. I personally think it is an individual condition meaning that each person has their own food tolerances based upon the degree of their condition. What I can say though too is that my Degenerative Arthritis in my hip and back, as well as my ruptured disks in my back can also set my Diverticulitis off due to the inflammation and vise-a-versa, just a side note. Now I’m having issues in that they found cancer cells that had they not caught due to flare up of Diverticulitis would have been full blown cancer in 3 years time. Thankfully we have gotten that under control but just know that a weekend immune system from any body part can trigger other health issues in the body if it is not healthy enough to fight off infections etc. I hope you all that have commented and are suffering have someone they can talk to because days are long and difficult sometimes . It is most definitely hard to communicate this with people who do not understand and look at us on the outside as if we do not have any problems at all =( Take care all!

  284. Kris says

    Wondering if you are still taking coconut oil and if so have still been seeing improvement? I was diagnosed with DV last week. I am going to start the coconut oil today. Actually, my friend, who had a colon resection, sent her home from the hosp. with coconut oil and raw unpasturized honey. At her follow up, the doc was amazed at the healing of her colon. I am sure gonna try this.

  285. says

    Well I thought fiber had nothing to do with diverticulitis but it has everything to do with it… suffered for 2 years.. vomiting and pain etc.. went to a dietitian and found out that everyone only gets about half the fiber they need. Increased fiber and slowly introduced blueberries.. I now eat everything.. no more paranoia.. back to all the foods I love. I have 2 tsp of metamucil every nite and since July 23rd.. not one attack… back to nuts, seeds, tomatoes.. corn, popcorn… everything I loved is back. There is hope out there.. water and fiber wooshes everything out b4 it gets stuck. Good luck to everyone out there suffering.

  286. Lou says

    Hi Kris, I have not been using it but feel that I should again. I swear by this combo and you are going to be afraid of it but here it is. I eat the pop corn at the movie theatre here and they use coconut oil. My bowels LOVE this. I know its gross to discuss this, but they do. It cleans me out and I feel clear if you know what I mean. The coconut oil works for some people and it helps many things. I would recommend starting slow and also trying a little more fiber along with using it. They really seem to work in unison. Let me know how you do. P.S. If youre afraid to eat pop corn try something else. I have eaten Wheat thins but they seem to bother me. They seem to take too much moisture out of my body. Also, water water water!!! I do drink lots of coffe in the morning. (You can put a small bit of coconut oil in your coffee). Make sure its not too hot when you take a sip.)

  287. ernest says

    thanks for all the suggestions. I will try that coconut oil and try eating popcorn, seeds etc. I do take metamucil three times a day and It works. ill let you all know the outcome of eating seeds etc.

  288. Rita says

    My mom had a foot and a half of her colon removed and she swears not to eat nuts and seeds. I had diverticulitis pain for four years Mand I went on a milk diet for 3 weeks and cured it!!!!!!!!!!!!that was three months ago and last night I went to the movies and ordered popcorn. Today the pain has come back and I am scared again so that is how I found you guys.
    (mayo clinic says don’t do raw milk because of mucus??????????.) In my opinion the are deliberatel” y giving out false information. I learned about the raw milk from studying and the book “listen to your gut

  289. Rita says

    First I took flagyl and cipro. It did not help because it was not an infection. It was inflammation! The doctor never even ordered blood work well let me warn you guys about CIPRO!!! It will cripple you. Google cipro, tendon rupture. Now I have tendonitis in both archilis tendons and my left shoulder came out of the socket and is still damaged. Further I have burning pain in both legs and feet from the knees down and nervous system damage in my hearing. Cipro has a cumlitive effect and will do this to its victim 10% of the time. CIPRO is the #1 antibiotic given freely for diverticulitis. Don’t ever take it unless your going to die. Also any fluoroquinolone antibiotics will poison you!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Barb says

    I too suffer from bouts of DV attacks. Its been ongoing for 15 yrs. It has been very enlightening
    reading all the posts. I started to make the connection between stress and the attacks.
    The last 3 attacks have come as I’m preparing for overnight company. And also this last time, I was given some wonderful fruitbread that I now remember had walnuts and raisins. I am a senior in pretty good health, female and have been consuming 25 grs. of fiber a day. I have varicose veins on the back of my thighs that only hurt just prior and during an attack.If I get on meds right away, the 1st. 36 hrs. are the worst. I just came off the meds yesterday.
    when it hits I go on liquids for 24 hrs. then the White Diet to rest the colon for 2 wks..
    I guess Granny will have to go on Zoloft before overniters. Hey, whatever works.

  291. fran says

    Ernest, where r u ? Enjoy reading ur posts. Did u try the coconut oil thingy & eating popcorn, nuts, seeds, etc; ?

  292. Anna says

    Just into my second bout of diverticulitis. Is it okay to juice my fruits and vegetables? I ask this because of the seed situation. And, I have a question as to how go about healing yourself.
    Is this correct: liquid diet until when? then follow with soft foods (cannot have milk, dairy, nuts, and eggs) until you are pain free. Suggestions as to what to eat for breakfast. I usually have juiced fruits, but don’t think that’s good right now. Any suggestions would be helpful. And to those people who are almost given up, pray. I am praying for all of us who have this malady. Thank you.

  293. Jason says

    You should get off your high horse and stop pretending you know what you are talking about. Because a few studies could not find a link it definitely can’t be true? This is the same medical community that said eat margarine instead of butter for decades only to change their mind. Same people who swear by cow’s milk even though casein is one of the worst things you can have. Same with soy, corn and wheat. I am sure the almighty dollar has nothing to do with it, considering they are all powerful industries. When you throw common sense out the window you look like a fool. I hardly ever ate popcorn, and only had peanuts occasionally. Then I ate more popcorn and peanuts than ever before and I ended up in the hospital with a horrible attack. When it is obvious I certainly will not listen to your poor thoughtless advice. Herman is right – Dr. Oz should shut his mouth!

  294. Jason says

    Hey TJ,
    Get off your high horse and stop thinking you know all. Just because a few studies could not find a link to nuts, seeds, and popcorn it can’t be true? This is the same medical community that swore margarine was better than butter for decades and then changed their mind. The same medical community that worships cow’s milk while casein is one of the worst things you can have. Same with corn, soy, and wheat. Gee, I wonder if it has to do with the almighty dollar considering the power of all those industries. When you throw common sense out the window you look like a fool. I barely ever ate popcorn, and occasionally had peanuts. Then I found a healthy popcorn and ate more popcorn in one month than the previous few years, and also upped my peanut intake. Then I ended up in the hospital with a horrible attack. When it is obvious to me and others, we certainly are not going to take your poor advice. And Herman is right – Dr. Oz should shut his mouth!

  295. Monica says

    I am a healthy (so it seems) 43 year old female. I was first diagnosed with diverticulitis (on the right side) when i ended up in the ER back in 2008. Had no clue what was happening, pain was so severe. was treatated with flagy and cipro and DV went away. I was told to increase my fiber and water intake. I admit, i was not a great fibert eater. So a year passes and in march of 2009 i had another attack. This time it was on the opposite side (left side) – same things were done – CT scan, colonoscopies and more antibiotics. Pain would subside buy yet never went away. Was admitted to hospital for IV drugs but that didnt help. Doc decided to to elective surgery because 6 months had passed and never really got 100% better. Surgery was done 09-09-09 and was released 2 days later. Had a left-hemi colectomy done. Lab reports show that the colon had perforated but the infection surrounding the area had contained the infection from spreading. Lucky me. Took awhile to get back in shape. Those who have had surgery know – low- fiber diet, easy on the exercise. Follow up colonoscopies were good. Was able to stop taking them yearly. Following the surgery, I never stayed away from nuts, fruits with seeds or popcorn. I had been told by my doctor that there were no significant studies showing these were a problem but to just be careful and increase my fiber. Flash forward five years to 03-06-2014. That familiar pain of bloating and feeling pressure on abdomen…know what i mean? 5 years and no problems and then BAM! one morning…well, got thru that day and the next day i was in the hospital. On cipro and flagyl thru IV and morphine for the pain. My surgeon came in and was surprised to see me – said my colon “was pissed at me” according to the CT scan. the right side was really bad – THE RIGHT SIDE! – Doc said he couldn’t understand why the right side – all liquid passes through there – only 5% of cases he has seen on that side. Lucky me. So thats 2 episodes on the right side. Was released and did the 2 weeks of cirpo and flagy (anyone hate that stuff as much as i do???). Currently waiting for the colonoscopy to see what’s going on – elective surgery or not? Another one? Not gonna have much colon left. I have read several of these posts – to eat seeds or not? i don’t know. My surgeon said he actually cut open someone one time and saw chili seeds in the intestine. He knows what the studies show but he actually saw it – so he told me to eat smart. is it worth it? everyone is going to have their opinion – just do what is best for you. For 5 years, I had no problem? What caused it this time? the almonds i had 2 days prior??? As i sit here and type this, i have pain again and that full feeling of the abdomen – hoping its not a third attack. My prayers go out to all those suffering from this horrible disease. Maybe one day, they will find a cure….maybe…

  296. Matt says

    I haven’t read every post on this page, but the ones I have read, it sounds like some people are confusing “cause of diverticulOTus” and “cause of diverticulItus”. Like the site says, diverticulotus is having the pouches. Apparently the pouches are NOT caused by eating seeds or nuts. But IF you have the pouches, then seeds or nuts CAN get stuck in them and cause a flare up of diverticulitus. Sounds like not everyone has this problem. Since I came to this page after eating half a bowl of rice I discovered had some kind of seed mixed in it, I hope I won’t get a flare up. I have been avoiding seeds and nuts to avoid a flare up, but not because I believed a diet that included seeds and nuts was the cause of the disease that seeds and nuts can make intolerable.

  297. Rhonda says

    I have read everything posted on this site, and am still afraid ( please don’t correct me on my spelling or punctuation ) ffs get a get a grip, people are trying to reach out. I LOVE popcorn, my fave snack. I used to eat it at least 3 times a week. The first time that I had a flare-up was after eating sesame seeds two days in a row ( I also love sesame snaps ). What I don’t understand is that why after all this time that I have eaten seeds, nuts and popcorn, do I finally have a trip to the hospital. I drink plenty of water, eat a ton of roughage and still I have flare-ups. Seriously what does a person do…..I got risky the other night and ate 2 raspberries and one bite of strawberry shortcake ( was feeling like a rebel ) and had twinges for three days later…….On the up side no hospital trip, but totally stressed….

  298. fran says

    Rhonda, I’m as confused as you are. One doctor says don’t eat seeds, nuts, popcorn, etc. Another doctor says go ahead & have them cause new research shows no connection. I’ve gotten 4 different opinions so far and none of them agree with each other. Whats a poor girl to do? I have a relative with Diverticulosis & she eats popcorn all the time with no problems. I’ve been staying away from the movies cause I’m afraid to eat the popcorn & I’m about ready to go ahead & try it. I wanna see Godzilla! LOL Movies without Movie theater popcorn just wouldn’t be the same, ya know? My doctor told me to take 2 Fibercon caplets with each meal & it really did stop the twinges. I buy the Walmart brand & it’s must cheaper , of course. Be sure you drink a full glass of water with it. I’m newly diagnosed & like you I’ve been eating these foods all my life & now all of a sudden BAM! I might add I am 63 years old.

  299. Someone says

    I just read on the Livestrong.com website that the studies by Mayo have found that it is ok to eat seeds and such during the chronic stage of diverticulosis (inflammation only) but should discontinue if have diverticulitis. This was in a thread I was reading regarding eating quinoa with diverticulosis. I personally try to avoid such foods as I usually don’t feel well after eating those items. But ALWAYS do your research thoroughly and verify with doctor. My doctor said it’s the seeds and small bits of nuts that get caught in the pockets that then irritate and develop into more severe problems. Why risk it, just cut out seeds, nuts, and such to help keep from a worse situation…that’s my opinion. I love those items but it’s just not worth it to me.

  300. Ernest says

    Fran, I’m back. Jason, it’s not TJ. It’s BJ if you know what I mean. I will post more tomorrow. Just wanted to let everyone know I’m back. In the mean time, stay from seeds, nuts, and especially popcorn. And rest your eyes, I’m going to post long tomorrow.

  301. ernest says

    yes im back and for some reason this site is not posting my postings. ill type a smaller one. I was diagnosed with thin colon walls after my colonoscopy but wanted a second opinion so I did it on my own. the va doctors said I didn’t have DV so i went and ate seeds again and my DV flared up once again. I told the VA doctors they were wrong again and haven’t ate seeds since my last attack. ok, lets see if this writing post. ill post more tomorrow if this one appears on this posting. but yep, im back. take care

  302. Nadine says

    It’s amazing how there is no medical or government association that really tracks how these things work and base medical advice on truth. I just got off the phone with a New York State Survey that’s trying to do this, but I kept telling them that I can’t just answer the questions as multiple choice or yes or no. I was thinking of this site and Ernest and how there are definitely some people who have a definite sensitivity to certain hard particles entering their intestines and they shouldn’t be ignored, just because it’s not statistically common. Thin colon walls is the first thing I’ve heard that makes sense for which people should be tested. Ernest has sacrificed a lot to finally make some scientific progress.

  303. Fran says

    Ernest, I’ve had the same problem . It will give me a message that says “slow down your typing too fast.” HA! Little does it know, I CAN’T type fast. I’ve found that sometimes I have to click on the submit comment box more than once for it to accept my comment.

  304. ernest says

    wow, it posted. I do take a fiber drink after I eat and so far no pain in my stomach. although, when I do get constipated, its a sign for me to take the powder drink. I have been on this fiber drink for about 4 month now and it seems to be working. I went to vegas in april and forgot to take the powder with me and I was uncomfortable the entire week. I buy the product from walmart therefore I couldn’t buy it in vegas. the powder is called “konsyl’ its a 100% psyllium fiber original formula from walmart. $18.00. it taste like cold oatmeal and very thick. but it works. and im sure some of you are saying, “well you don’t have DV then”. well read my older posting. it states I ate seeds again and I was in the ER again. so keep your thoughts to yourself until you read my postings. so back to the powder, it will make you use the bathroom and its a very smellfull dumping. its that bad but its a reliever. actually what im going to try soon, is eat seeds again and take this product at the same time and see what the outcome is. ill let everyone know how that goes. thinking about trying that next week. as for now stay away from seeds, nuts, popcorn, etc. don’t listen to anyone about seeds doesn’t trigger DV. im a good example of how bad it will trigger your DV. believe me. take care

  305. Marg says

    hi all again….Well..I am still here….What a time…but am stronger than ever…even though food is my enemy…and despite it all..I have gotten rather fat….haha…Mom died this past Dec..I miss her more everyday…I have lost three dogs to age….and my Father is unwell…in assisted living nursing home…My beloved Brother in Law..who was as nice of a man You would ever wish to meet…an advocate for peace and animal rights..went nuts and is now in jail after assaulting a police officer…So I have decided….to forget about being sick and living in constant pain…and have ordered a new German shepherd puppy who will be arriving in three weeks…I have paid for her by cutting grass..and helping other people who are worse off than me…and slowly…I have become much stronger…I remember a time when I could not walk…now..I run…because at the end of the day…we all have something that wishes to chase us..and if you don’t put Your mind in charge of Your body…it will catch You…Six months in a chair…seems like a bad memory….I have decided to not let this disease become my master..Let us not fight with one another….let us respect each others journeys…let us all be support to one another….and most of all….let us understand that we all have different reasons for our viewpoints….and learn from one another….Anger is just fear….manipulated by our heart.

  306. Shay says

    Hi Marg, I’m sorry for the loss of your Mother and your dogs, but I’m glad you are doing
    so much better. Good for you! Missed your writing. Keep up the good work!
    Hi Ernest, Hi Fran.

  307. Fran says

    Hi Shay & Marg & Ernest. Marg, sounds like you have a positive attitude & that helps in every aspect of life. Sorry for all your loses. I still haven’t eaten any popcorn, seeds, or nuts since I was first diagnosed last Oct. & so far I haven’t had any more flareups. I sure do miss the popcorn, tho. I’ve considered trying it again but I’m afraid to. Ernest, did you ever try the coconut oil & popcorn thing? I wanna go to the movies & eat movie theater popcorn, so bad. I still take 2 fiber pills a day & it keeps the twinges away.

  308. Mary says

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to tell you all thank you. After all of the sites and reviews I have read since my own attack a eek ago. You all put things in perspective and find humor and joy in the your travails . I can’t remember who said “Wisdom is found only in the cracks.”
    Thanks again and I agree with Ernest, It’s the seeds, nuts, but Lord that gluten free Skinny popcorn WAS wonderful and vey painful.

  309. Ernest says

    Thanks Mary. Need I say anymore about eating seeds, popcorn etc. I have been saying that for a couple years now. Don’t eat those items. By the way, has anybody heard from TJ lately. Maybe she choked on a couple of nuts. thanks again Mary and hope everything goes well for you.

  310. Ernest says

    Fran, yes I tried that popcorn idea but it didn’t work for me. I tried a hand full but fell felt some discomfort hours later. I never ate anymore after that. So once again, no popcorn ever for me again. And I never did care for the coconut oil. Hope this help.

  311. says

    Hi all. I feel as though I know you all having stumbled upon this fabulous ‘forum’! I thank you all for sharing your painful experiences. I have learned so much from you today. I will keep this fairly short as I see some of you have had trouble submitting your comments. If this posts, I will follow up with more. For now, I will say that DV is positively awful and, having suffered from it for 40 odd years – since I believe I was 7 (that is not a typo – I remember the flare-up as though it were yesterday – and it was put down as an appendicitis attack), I finally got a diagnosis at the ER Christmas Eve 2013! It’s wonderful to know that I actually have a ‘condition’ and that living with this amount of pain 3.5 weeks out of the month is not actually normal! (I’d convinced myself it was a cancerous ovary!) I have found your experiences interesting – and I have suffered with most of your symptoms. It certainly seems (absolutely in my case) that seeds and nuts are a big no-no (damn it – I love nuts). I sit here today, in much pain (it’s been over 4 weeks now), currently on anti-biotics – all because I ate sesame seeds (by mistake!) exactly 1 week before the pain started. The day I was diagnosed, 10 months ago now, I believe can be nailed down to popcorn. Being from Britain (and now living in the States), I’d started a brand new love affair with popcorn. That love affair has since DIED!! I shall never eat it again after it put me in hospital! Until later…

  312. says

    OK, so that posted OK, so would someone please confirm that corn (normal yellow corn that you get in a packet and boil or steam!) is as dangerous to some of us as nuts and seeds?! I think I read a comment above that someone mentioned corn as being a no-no food too. Other than here on this site, I’ve not heard that before and now I’m wondering about it, as I eat it quite frequently (and have flare-ups very frequently!) I am pretty sure the bad flare-up I am currently enduring is due to sesame seeds (see post above). I started taking the anti-biotics and felt fine for a few days (pain-free for a few days – oh sweet relief). I’m halfway through the course of anti-biotics and the pains are back, and getting worse, and my stomach is huge, hard and swollen again. I am pretty sure I have had corn this week, which is why I am asking about it. And whilst writing, could cereal bars also be a trigger, I wonder? As with nuts, surely the hard little grains of wheat, etc. could get lodged in the little problem pockets and have the same effect? Oh man, I am wondering if any food is safe – and I’m actually feeling a little frightened. Being newly diagnosed and having never kept a food diary before, I guess I’m going to learn the hard way, right? I’d be grateful for your comments/any similar symptoms in respect of corn and cereal bars. Thanks. 🙁

  313. Fran says

    Welcome Caroline. I have a sister by that name. Boy you have really suffered a long long time. I’m pretty new at it. 2013. I haven’t noticed anything bothering me as far as tomato seeds, cucumber,etc: But I might add I have not eaten any nuts since my diagnosis or popcorn. I was really putting the nuts away when It first hit me. If you’ve read my posts you probably know I really miss the theater popcorn. Matter of fact I have not even went to the movies because of that very thing.. LOL I’ve never been tested for DV just diagnosed at the ER. I will be having a colonoscopy pretty soon & I guess that will tell the tale. Once again, Welcome Caroline.

  314. Fran says

    I eat corn pretty often & I’ve noticed nothing. I also eat cereal bars with no problems. No nuts of course. I think everyone has a different degree of this condition and what hurts some people might not bother others. My Dr. told me to take 2 Fibercon pills with a glass of water at each meal for those pains. “Twinges” It helped to stop them. But then I’m not inflamed right now. I only take 2 pills a day now & it keeps the twinges away for me.

  315. says

    I have had DV for many years and in the past 5 years have had numerous attacks ending in hospitalizations. Last year I had 3 attacks in 5 months ending with MRSA and pseudomonas. A colonoscopy showed pockets throughout my entire colon and reduction surgery was not recommended. They opened me up at one point and ran my bowel to locate some bleeding and couldn’t find the source. I think they must have put everything back differently because I no longer take any stomach meds. Everyone has differences in their anatomy and I decided to take charge of mine and find out what works for me. I NEVER EAT ANYTHING WITH SEEDS, SKINS OR NUTS. I get my fiber from high fiber breads, rolls or muffins. I never eat raw fruits or vegetables (eat mostly bananas and avocados) and maintain a healthy low fat low sugar diet. I eat some meats such as canned pink salmon, frozen chicken breasts, frozen turkey patties, also egg substitute and smooth peanut butter for protein. I use fat free lactose free milk with a supplement powder (Carnation instant, no sugar added) twice a day for additional vitamins and minerals since I hate to cook. Thanks to my change in my diet I no longer have GERD or heartburn (unless I fall off the wagon). I am 71 years old with a kidney transplant (21+ years) and have not had any episodes in well over a year. I have a positive outlook on life and my new mantra is “if it works and doesn’t hurt you, keep doing it…if it hurts you STOP IT”!!! Take charge of your body and good luck to all.

  316. says

    Hi Betty

    You lucky girl living in Dallas! I lived in Plano for almost 5 years (until 2011) and miss Texas and it’s wonderful weather every single day!

    I’m sorry you’ve been so ill with this horrible condition that it’s landed you in hospital so many times. Wow. But what a result that you now feel better and haven’t had an attack in so long. Although, Jeez, you really have changed your diet. I made a list of all I’m going to have to give up yesterday, and felt really quite depressed driving home. I had no idea that raw veg or even skins were triggers. I learned a lot finding this forum yesterday. I have a lot of work to do, but I am determined to work hard to change my diet. It’s got to be better than living with pain day in day out, right?!

    Nice to hear from you. Keep up the good work!

  317. says

    Thank you, Fran. Great hearing from you.

    I took myself, in tears, to the ER in agony last Christmas Eve – the doc who treated me had a hunch it was diverticulitis (I’d never heard of it before). The CT scan dept was closed by then so he sent me home with pain meds and I went for a scan the day after Christmas Day – which confirmed his hunch. Two months later I had a colonoscopy which confirmed it further. Like you, I remember putting away a TONNE of popcorn about a week before Christmas. Now you mention it, I’ve not been to the movies since either; that lovely smell of popcorn would be a killer! I think food that falls into those nasty little pockets must take about a week to go bad – then the pain rolls on in. It’s an interesting disease, if nothing else!

    I am thinking that because I’ve pretty much had constant but varying levels of pain all my life, pretty much everything on the list must affect me. It’s only this week that I’m realizing how serious a problem it is – and finding safe foods that I like is going to be a bit of a challenge. I’m really quite upset about having to give up so many things I enjoy eating. I too will never eat nuts again – and my fav thing to do is sit at the bar on a date night with my husband and eat nuts washed down with a nice glass of red wine! (There is 1% of me (just 1%) that kinda wishes I was still in the dark about my diagnosis!) I have read your posts, and most of the other posts on here, and it seems popcorn (more so than anything else) is a real killer. What a shame, eh? In the last few years since I’ve lived here in the States, I’d really gotten into all kinds of popcorn (especially caramel) – and now I can never have it again; it’s just not worth ending up in hospital again!

    I too absolutely agree with some of the comments above – that stress makes things worse!

    Tell me, Fran, one other person on here mentioned that during a flare-up, she has to urinate really frequently. Do you (or anyone else on here) have that problem? I do, hugely so – about every 15 mins during work (and about every hour throughout the night – hence, a terrible night’s sleep!). Last year, before diagnosis, whilst trying to get to the bottom of these month-long pains, I even took myself off to a urologist to get my bladder checked out (via camera – yuk!) as I’d (at that time) convinced myself I had some terrible bladder disease. My bladder was fine. (Then to the gynae to get my ovaries checked out again. The pains are always so low down, I was convinced something was wrong with my left ovary. All was fine.). Anyway, I digress. I am now thinking this full bladder thing happens when my intestines swell up due to the flare-up and push against my bladder (as in pregnancy)?? I wonder if this is what happens. I’d be really interested to know if anyone else suffers with this as my doctor never mentioned it.

    Thanks for replying to my questions. I don’t KNOW if sweetcorn or cereal bars are triggers for me, but I am assuming they are. I guess I’m just going to have to test all these foods out, aren’t I?! I’d hate to give up something I like that I’m OK with! It’s going to be a painful learning curve, all this, I just know it. I think I’m going to get some Fibercon pills though as, probably like you, if I’m not having a flare up, I get sharp twinges much of the time. I hope those pills will help me too. (I’ve started having a Metamucil drink each day now – and hope this helps too.)

    Well, good luck with the colonoscopy and diagnosis. The colonoscopy is a breeze – it’s drinking all that horrid liquid beforehand that was the worst part, in my experience anyway!

  318. says

    Hi Caroline
    Don’t be discouraged about changing your diet. Just knock out the main triggers and then go from there and fine tune what works for you. Since mine is a severe case I keep to my strict routine the majority of the time but allow myself to go out and splurge a little a couple of times a month with friends. I still avoid the regular triggers but I choose some fried foods (chicken tenders, fries or Mexican food) and a chocolate dessert once in a while. But I usually make reasonable choices and only eat half and bring the rest home. That way I can spread it out for the next day and not overload with a large meal. It seems to work for me. After all sometimes you have to eat for the soul! And having something special to look forward to helps the feeling of being deprived. Just let your body tell you when you need to back off. When I do overdo I follow with a few days of my supplement drinks and lots of water and no harm done. Hope this helps.

  319. Ernest says

    Caroline, corn bothers me a lot. I don’t remember if I posted that a while back, but it does trigger my DV. Along with seeds,nuts, and especially popcorn. I don’t eat sesame seeds so I wouldn’t know if that’s a problem. welcome to my DV world. Good luck

  320. Fran says

    Caroline, I don’t recall having to urinate a lot. I also was checked for bladder infection & had my ovaries checked. All was fine. I thought it was ovarian too. But it wasn’t. Those low twinges for me were on both sides. I’ve read you could have them on both sides & most commonly they are on the lower left side. The Fibercon has really stopped those twinges for me. Did I mention that I buy the Walmart equivalent ? Much much cheaper. I got weak & ate a handful of Crunch & Munch the other day. OMG!!!! It was delicious! So far all is good.

  321. Fran says

    Caroline, just be sure that you drink a full glass of water or some other liquid when you take the Fibercon. Hope it helps with “The Twinges.”

  322. Ernest says

    For anybody that cares, I also take a fiber drink. It helps a lot and it keeps you from constipation. I read that someone posted that fried food and red meat bothers with there DV. I myself am bothered by that but it’s because I have a thin colon wall. So the doctors say. I don’t think those foods trigger DV but either way, that fiber drink helps me to use the bathroom and I don’t get constipated anymore. It is a big help for me and so far no pain. Remember, stay away from seeds and especially popcorn. good luck

  323. says

    Thanks Ernest, Fran and Betty for your tips and advice

    I’m always eating corn, and never thought of it as a trigger. I won’t be eating that again! Isn’t it awful to think that all this food that’s supposed to be good for us, makes people with our condition so ill? It’s incredible. I reckon I have a pretty good solution – we should just stick to a diet of McDonalds – we’d probably be pain free AND very happy!

    Have a great weekend.

  324. says

    Hi Ernest. I was also advised to have a fiber drink every day. I bought the stuff (Metamucil) after my Christmas flare-up, took it for a few days, then got complacent and it’s been in my cupboard ever since! Since my recent doctor visit when he told me off for not taking it, I’ve been having one of these drinks every day. I’m not sure if it’s helping as yet (it’ll probably take time). I am also going to follow Fran’s advice and take a couple of fiber tablets a day too. Not that I have any trouble in that department, but I’m sure my body would welcome any help it can get in keeping this condition under control. I think I’m just coming out of this latest painful flare-up as I write. I hope so – my anti-biotics are nearly finished!

    I’m leaning towards my next phase of DV research as it’s sounding more and more to me that probably anything that doesn’t digest well (not to mention seeds, popcorn husks, nuts) should be avoided. I was interested to find this out about sweet corn: Fiber-rich corn is good for you, but it also contains cellulose, a type of fiber that humans can’t break down easily because we lack a necessary enzyme. Our evolutionary ancestors were probably able to break it down with bigger, stronger teeth, Anderson says. If you chew corn longer, you can probably digest it just fine, she says. But wolf it down and it may pass through you undigested, and cause gas and abdominal pain.” I bet that THEN it falls into those nasty little problem pockets. So I think that answers my corn question!!

  325. Jinx says

    I’ve had DV for 2 years now and have had 3 episodes, one which required a trip to the ER. I was informed that when it comes to diet that every case is different. In my case I cut out all nuts after my first episode and did well for 3 months. I added popcorn to that list after my second episode and did well for 8 months. After some thought I figured boiled peanuts would be OK because they are softer… wrong… this one put me in the ER, so now I have amended my list once again. It was suggested that it is not the seeds themselves, but the husk or skins around them that our bodies can’t digest, which is why some other fruits and vegetables make the list in addition to the nuts and corn.

  326. Shay says

    Caroline, you are right about corn. Corn was originally grown to feed farm animals and
    not humans. Although it is delicious, it is very hard to digest and can cause a lot of problems.
    I have dv flair-ups about 4 times a year. I still haven’t figured out a specific cause as far
    as food, but I do know stress seems to be one of my triggers.
    Ernest, hope everything calmed down with your son. : )

  327. Susanna says

    I never knew I had DV until my bowel ruptured in March and I found myself in the ER going into emergency surgery. I now have a colostomy bag which is so annoying and I also have a pretty big hernia behind it. I have a hernia belt for it but it doesn’t do much except make my stoma protrude out. The doctors keep putting off the reconstructive surgery so that I can lose a little more weight but I’m hoping it’s going to be within the next few months. My question is, I’ve seen some people talk about their hernias returning, is this a common occurrence? Should I be concerned once I get put back together again?

  328. Nadine says

    Susana, I had the exact same thing, except that the surgery and the infections caused multiple diseases and I was emaciated, so I had to gain, not lose weight. I wasn’t able to move or get up at all, but eventually, I started to get a bit better and had the reconstructive surgery. I had physical therapists teach me exercises I could do in bed. Then, I was getting able to get up, the surgical wounds were starting to heal and I was getting back into doing almost all of the physical exercises I used to do and starting to build back the muscles. Then I visited the surgeon and he said that I wasn’t exercising enough and should do more. So I did all my physical therapy and dance, yoga, calisthenics. etc. that I had been doing, and added back sit-ups. The hernia immediately burst back out. Another $50k for the surgeon. The most important thing, once you have the reconstructive surgery, is to keep fit, but be extremely careful about exercise that’s too forceful, like sit ups. You can exercise the lower abdominal muscles, while lying flat on your back and just doing a bike-riding motion with your legs, or lift the legs a bit and crossing one over the other. It all has to be very gentle, or the hernia will just pop right out.

  329. ernest says

    can someone please post something ASAP about eating “Hominy”. we are going to have a Christmas Eve get together tomorrow and I am going to make menudo. I have not had menudo in months but I do make it quite often. I just care to eat it because of the hominy. but for some reason, I am craving a large bowl with some onion ,cilantro, lemon, tobacco sauce, and burnt corn tortillas. and of course big red. I know corn triggers DV but does hominy also trigger it as well. I was thinking no, only because the hominy is boiled and a little softer. but im just not to sure. can anyone please post ASAP what kind of experience they had if any when eating hominy. thank you

  330. Fran says

    Hi Ernest, Long time no hear from. I can’t really help you on that question. I do eat corn & it has never bothered me. I know it does bother some folks but it has not bothered me, I have to admit I have eaten some nuts in dishes at get togethers this season & hopefully I won’t have any problems. Still keeping my fingers crossed cause I know it strikes later. Never been much of a hominy fan. Does corn bother you?

  331. Ernest says

    Happy new year to all. The menudo was great and I did not eat the hominy. Maybe one or two but that’s about all. I did not want to be in the hospital for the new year. Fran, corn does bother me a lot. I stop eating that years ago. as for diverticulosis I haven’t had any episodes lately. But that’s because I don’t eat any kinds of seeds or popcorn.

  332. Ernest says

    Fran corn does bother me a lot. The menudo was good but I stayed away from the hominy. I ate only a couple. I hope this post this time

  333. Fran says

    Hi Ernest. Glad to hear that you made it through the holiday meals. It is tempting, isn’t it? Yeah, sometimes a post shows up & sometimes it doesn’t. Go figure.

  334. Shay says

    Ernest, I’ve never heard of menudo, so just googled it…….Don’t think I’ll be trying it
    anytime soon. LOL If, I remember correctly, you are from Texas. Is this popular there??
    The next time I eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant, I will see if I see it on the menu,
    BUT, I won’t try it. ; )

  335. ernest says

    hi fran. shay,yes menudo is popular here in texas. especially for the new years eve and after a night of drinking. it cures the hangover they say. its actually good if you know how to make it. if you eat gizzards, tripas, cow tongue, chitlins, squid, oysters, or ramon then you will like menudo. try it with lemon and cilantro with corn tortillas and you will be just fine. but the menudo has to be cut up in small pieces since its hard to digest. well not really hard but for me since I have thin walls it makes it a challenge. that’s why I only eat my menudo. I know how to prepare it. try it out and good luck. remember stay away from seeds popcorn nuts etc.

  336. says

    Hi all

    Well, I must thank you all so much for your advice. So far, so good – it seems to be working!

    My findings so far: I was diagnosed just over a year ago, having had 40 odd years of pain (varying degrees; some weeks/months being unbearable) almost every day of my life. Since diagnosis, I have been avoiding the foods that I know have so far been triggers. A rule of thumb, I reckon, is basically anything that is difficult to digest or doesn’t digest, i.e. popcorn, sweet corn, seeds). However, I have found that if I chew nuts up really small, I’m OK. This must aid digestion, because so far, I have not had a flare-up due to nuts. I write down anything I think is dubious and wait a week. If I don’t experience a flare-up after a week, I consider it to be a ‘safe’ food. On doctors orders, I am also drinking daily an 8oz glass of water containing MetaMucil. I think it helps, although I do miss the odd day, so I am not attributing it to any kind of cure. And I am trying to drink a little more water (previously, it was next to nothing – which was obviously asking for trouble!). Anyway, so far, very few pains; just twinges here and there. It is an absolute turnaround for me.

    It’s a journey and we’re all slightly different, but keep going, everyone – we can have pain-free days – it’s wonderful!


  337. Ernest says

    Lou, what part of Texas were you at. You never heard of menudo!!!! “Wow” anyways, Caroline I’m glad your doing better. Hopefully everything continues to stay good. Remember stay away from seeds, nuts, popcorn, etc and everything will be fine. But as far as chewed up nuts, how small do you chew them up. Because I can’t even eat sunflower seeds without the flair ups. My advice, stop eating them because eventually a piece is going to slip to the pockets and back in the ER you go. Believe me!!!! take care

  338. Lou says

    Ernest and others. I was from the Houston area. The Woodlands to be exact but I worked in Spring and was friends with so many “locals” that had lived in the hills (other areas you would know of, of course). Hubby was friends with many people including ranchers and farmers, and country people. All were hunters. Wild pig was a staple and delicious. Best ribs ever. Of course the pig was always fed out. (Pinned for 1 month or so to clean its diet up before eating it). As far as eating steak Texas has the best tasting steak (Sams Club steaks!) . I could go on and on about how much I loved Texas. Now in Iowa you would think meat was better, but it is not. The beef is so fabulous in Texas and the pork from the store is not as good as wild. So Ernest since Ive never heard of this and have eaten some pretty weird shiit, Ive not heard of this. I just know the more purines anyone eats the more your knees are going to hurt. But they have benefits too. They have an affinity for soaking up moisture in the body and can cause problems and usually do. As far as seeds and nuts, I would say that if they bother a person they should stay away from them. I can eat pop corn, but find I have to eat it fresh not bought and stored from a bag from the store. It gets dry and absorbs too much moisture, hence problems with slow transit and more. I have trouble with lots of fiber. I cant seem to eat apples! Its a never ending battle and I just eat carefully. Take care!!!

  339. ernest says

    just to let everyone know, my flair up occurred again sunday night. made pasta salad and used Italian(very small seeds are in the ingredient) dressing. and for those that say diverticulitis is not trigered by seeds, popcorn, etc. you are very wrong again. im once again a proven fact. take care and stay away from tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, popcorn, etc. because its going to catch up to you. believe me

  340. Patricia says

    Sorry, Ernest, hope your flare up is quieted soon. Just had my first in almost five years.

    Friends served a smack some kind of dry roasted Fava beans with a crunchy outer shell.

    I made the mistake of eating quite a few, not chewing them well, and not drinking much water.

    Uh oh, a couple of days later, the familiar lower left lower ab pain. Got antibiotics (including the dreaded Cipro). Ten days of pills, a bland diet, no caffeine, wine, and massive insomnia and the runs. How delightful. But now pain is gone, the runs are tapering off and I’m back to being cautious.

    I took probiotics with the antibiotics so my gut didn’t get denuded of friendly bacteria. A wise pharmacist taught me this trick to avoid problems with yeast infections and gut problems post-antibiotics.

    Cannot eat popcorn or hard crunchy things like dry-roasted Fava beans. Small seeds and nuts seem fine as long as I chew lots and drink lots of water.

    Be good kids, drink lots of water and chew, chew, chew…

  341. ernest says

    patricia thank you for the quick response. did the medicine you were taking keep you up all the time. also did you go into sweats at night. for some reason im feeling different. I feel like im always not sleeping and wake up sweating. I don’t remember going through this when I first had my attack. now for the important thing. I never had a problem with Italian dreesing. this time I guess a seed passed to the pockets. my point to you is stay away from the seeds and nuts you are eating. it might not bother you now but it will soon. it doesn’t how small you chew it because its going to slip into the pocket one day. same way with my Italian dressing. actually I didn’t even know they were seeds until I read the ingredients the following day trying to figure out what went wrong. and there it was, red pepper seeds. I thought it was just garlic or tiny onions but I was wrong. so im just giving you a heads up, its going to catch up to you. don’t be like some of the hard headed people on this topic where popcorn or seeds is not a problem because it is. that’s what triggers diverticlits. good luck to you Patricia

  342. ernest says

    everyone must be doing ok. that’s good. just had another episode but this time not as bad. come to find out, I also have a thin colon wall so every time I over eat (3 pizzas or even 2 hamburgers) I will continue to get these pains. so now I have to watch what I eat and how much I can eat. what a great life to be living. good luck to all.

  343. Fran says

    Hey Ernest, good to hear from ya. Sorry to hear you had another episode. Glad to hear that it wasn’t severe tho. I’ve not had another one since my first initial thingy. God forbid. Ya know I read the other day on the web that no surgeon has ever found a seed or nut; etc; during surgeries. Dr. Oz said on tv one day that it’s fecal matter that gets in the pockets. I’m back to eating anything I used to & so far so good. It’s been a year & a half, now. If your colon wall is thin does that make it dangerous for you to get colonoscopies? My mother in law knew a couple of elderly people that had it done & they ruptured their colon wall. Everything gets thinner & drier as we age, of course. I’ll be having one this summer. YUCK YUCK YUCK

  344. ernestleal says

    Fran, good to hear your doing well. Im not sure about you eating seeds, nuts, etc but if it works for you, go for it. as for me I will continue to stay away from all that because I know better than that. its just a matter of time before you get the attack again. as for surgeons not finding any seeds or nuts during surgery, I doubt if they even look for that. they do the surgery clean up and on to the next patient. they make money by surgeries not by what causes the problem. as long as the surgery goes well, the surgeons are happy. but of course im not a surgeon so I wouldn’t know exactly what goes on during surgery. but im sure there not looking at the large intestine trying to find a seed or nut. my advice to you, just stay away from seeds, nuts, etc because im a good example of what happens when you eat those. I tried beating that but I failed every time. as far as having a thin colon wall, I don’t know if a colonoscopy is dangerous. my colonoscopy was done about 2 years ago. and I was told about my colon walls a few weeks ago. well Fran, good luck to you and I hope the seeds and nuts continue to do you good. as for me, those foods are out of my diet unless I accidently forget to read the ingredient list. Take Care!!!!

  345. Ernest says

    Hope all is well. Im doing ok. No attacks since the last one. But all is well here. Thank you.

  346. ernest says

    Good morning. Is this site still up. Did everyone stop using this site for information. “Hello”

  347. says

    Hi all

    I’m glad to hear everyone seems to be managing their condition for the most part. I’m totally with you, Ernest (although noting we’re all unique and probably suffer different trigger foods), as popcorn, sweet corn and sesame seeds (no more of those on my beloved Big Macs these days!) seemed to have been my main triggers, as well as nuts. As much as I love ALL of the above, I stay away from them 100% and have been pain free for months and months now – for the first time in my life since I was about 7 years old. It’s absolutely wonderful. I could kiss the doctor who finally diagnosed me, I really could. I’d never heard of diverticulitis before and this site has been extremely valuable for me, so thanks, all, for posting your symptoms and advice. Stay well, everyone!

  348. ernest says

    Continue to stay away from seeds, nuts, and popcorn and everything will be just fine. I myself stop eating them and I feel fine. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and watch what you eat. Stay away from popcorn.

  349. ernest says

    Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving. As for mine it well. Couldn’t eat the pecan pie but its ok. Well I could but I probably would have been back in the hospital. Shane, Fran I hope all is well. I haven’t heard from you all in a while. Well just wanted to post a little something and let everyone know im doing fine.I still stay away from all nuts, seeds, and especially popcorn. Since that is the leading diverticulitis trigger. People might disagree with me, but thats ok, because they are wrong. Have a good day and enjoy the holidays. Stay away from nuts, seeds, and especially Popcorn.

  350. Fran says

    Hi Ernest. Still here. Glad to hear your doing well. I’m doing good myself. I have not had any more bouts as of yet. I do still eat anything I want but so far nothing has bothered me. I was eating lots of nuts the first time I had an attack. Although I still eat nuts I don’t eat a lot of them . Maybe that was what caused my attack? Don’t know. I’m just glad I’ve not had another one. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving , Thank You. Merry Christmas Ernest and Happy New Year, too.

  351. Fran says

    Hi Ernest & Shay & everyone else. Hope this finds you well. I am currently having my second bout of Diverticulitis. On meds. First one in 2013. I had stayed away from nuts & now I’ve had a few here and there and I now have a second attack. I have eaten popcorn over the last few years with nothing happening, tho. Now, I’m afraid of nuts. I’m very afraid of nuts.. How is everything going with you guys these days?

  352. says

    Hi Fran

    I am sorry you’re in the middle of a painful flare-up. Since diagnosis – Christmas 2013 – I’ve had very few flare-ups now that I know what to avoid. Personally, I have found that sesame seeds and popcorn are a killer for me (I was eating lots of them before diagnosis – and I will NEVER eat either again, despite loving them!). Nuts and sweet corn too, although if I have a teeny bit of sweetcorn now and again with a meal, and make sure I chew it very well, I’ve been pretty much OK. Certainly nothing agonizing, but to stay COMPLETELY pain free, I have to avoid ALL of the above, darn it.

    Hope you’re pain-free soon! It’s no fun at all, is it?!


  353. Fran says

    Hi Caroline. Yep, another flare-up. Looks like we were both hit with this in the same year, 2013. I have eaten tomatoes, cucumbers, corn & popcorn over that time frame with no problems that I know of. But, adding the nuts back in seems to be a problem. It’s so hard to know if that’s the culprit, tho. I know Ernest said he doesn’t go on Facebook but at some point their gonna delete this thread and we won’t have any other way of keeping in touch with each other. Whatcha think? Also, does it take like forever for this site to load when you come here on your computer? It does mine. and, I have very fast internet speed. I get a popup box @ the bottom that says it’s due to a long running script or the website has stopped working, etc.

  354. says

    Hi Fran

    I hope you’re on the mend. How long do your flare-ups last? Mine usually last about 3 weeks plus – the first week being sharp and pretty uncomfortable; the second two being extremely painful, with my stomach being swollen and solid. Then one day, towards the fourth week, the pain just vanishes – until the next time! It’s a very strange illness that I believe I’ve suffered with most of my life, but never knew what it was until diagnosis (when it felt as though my stomach was about to explode in agony!). So I’ve only ever had anti biotics once or twice (since diagnosis). It’s kinda amazing I’ve not ever had it rupture (thankfully!).

    I have to say, I dread the day where I can’t even eat tomatoes! I have been warned the seeds will probably affect me at some stage. It seems to be all the healthy stuff that affects people like us. How fair is that?!!

    I know what you mean though, if there was a risk of just one day’s pain (instead of 3 weeks of it), it’d be good to narrow down the EXACT triggers, and I’d do it! I am pretty sure popcorn is a big no-no for me as I’d only just gotten into it over the last few years – and ate a lot of it – and have definitely been in more pain, and for longer periods, since I got into it. I will never eat it again – not even one piece (darn it). Sesame seeds too – a huge no-no that presents grief for me whenever I order a Big Mac or eat at Benihana, but it has to be done! I used to love to sit at the bar with a glass of wine and a bowl of nuts – but I am sure the evenings I did that no doubt resulted in agony for 3 weeks thereafter. (I don’t know about you, but it usually takes 1 week after eating a trigger food that I start getting the pains – I started to keep a diary). I am sure we all have slightly different triggers anyway – it’s just a case of nailing them down and never eating them again.

    No, I don’t have any problems loading the site…

    I know – this site has been absolutely invaluable to me since I found it. We could certainly message each other on Facebook.

    Take care and pop those anti-biotics like crazy!


  355. Ernest says

    Good to hear from you fran and Caroline. Fran sorry to hear you had another episode. Please stay away from all nuts,seeds,popcorn, etc. There is NO WAY getting around it. You might not get a flair up today but you will soon. Those foods are not good to eat with the diverticulitis we have. I don’t care what anyone says!!!! Caroline its good to hear your doing better. As for me im doing good in the diverticulitis area. But not so well with other issues. I had a episode the other night to wear it was hard for me to breathe, legs went numb, was dizzy, chest hurting, and mouth went dry. ER said all test came back normal. So now im wondering what caused this. The VA is going to schedule me a stress test soon but the doctor said it was probably just a bad Anxiety attack i was having. Anyways, please stay away from all the foods mentioned above and everyone will be fine. Have a wonderful weekend.

  356. Fran says

    Ernest, good to hear from you too. Hope you are doing better. I feel better today than I have felt in a week. Meds are finally helping, I guess. Would this clear up on it’s own if you didn’t take meds? I have read that it could but mine always just gets worse day by day. I will stay away from those foods. I do believe it was the nuts, tho. That’s when I had this second flareup. When I went back to eating those stupid nuts. I didn’t eat very many either. Just a small handful a couple of times and them BAM, I had it. I’m gonna see a gastroenterologist when I am better in a couple of months. My husband goes to VA & loves it there. Thank God for it. Hey, just out of curiosity, what state do you & Caroline live in? I’m in Indiana.

  357. Fran says

    Hi Caroline. Sorry, to take so long but I haven’t been feeling too well. Feel pretty good today. Thank god! My flare ups last about a week because I always take meds. I don’t think I would get any better if I didn’t take meds. I just get worse day by day. I am diabetic & prone to being easily infected. I am also lactose intolerant. Well. combine Diverticulosis, Diabetes, Lactose Intolerant & all my other allergies together and pretty soon I’m gonna have to live on air. It’s about to that point. Good grief!!! I’m wondering about tomatoes & berries. Whatcha all think?

  358. ernest says

    FRAN I live in texas and the VA is bad here. I actually have a doctor outside of the VA hospital due to poor service here. and for tomatoes and berries, stay away from those also. those are just as bad as nuts and popcorn. you may not think so but they are. don’t learn the hard way again. take my advice when you can.. take care and good luck. stay away from all seeds, nuts and popcorn.

  359. Ernest says

    Hope all is well. No flair ups lately. and still waiting on the stress test. Like I mentioned before the VA here in San Antonio has poor service to us Veterans. stay away from nuts, seeds, and especially popcorn and everything will be just fine.

  360. Fran says

    Hi Ernest. Well, as you know I had a flareup in March & things have escalated since then. I was getting over the pain with meds but started having bowel issues. Just gurgling but no movement. this went on for 2 weeks. I went to Dr. & he ordered CT scan. It showed my colon was full of liquid but said no Diverticulosis. Possibly gastroenteritis? But, no diarrhea??? He was puzzled so I was sent to the gastroenterologist. He said he thinks I do indeed have Diverticulosis and that a CT scan \CAN\ miss it. Will do a colonoscopy @ a later date because the CT scan found another more serious issue. Severe abdominal aortic blockage. On to a vascular surgeon. Nuclear stress test & dopplers were performed. Found 2 more blockages. One in Carotid artery & another in bottom of my heart. Having surgery in a week for the carotid that is 90% blocked. Doing nothing about the abdominal blockage because the surgery is very involved and as long as I have good mobility in my legs it’s better to live with it. As long as I don’t walk fast or uphill or try to run I’m ok. I can walk fine. Even on the treadmill. Will be seeing a cardiologist after the surgery healing time to discuss the heart blockage. Whew! All of this because of a flareup. If that had not happened it would have gone unnoticed quite possibly & I would probably have had a stroke or heart attack later on. I look at this as God watching out for me.

  361. Ernest says

    Fran, hope all goes well for you. Keep me posted. Continue to stay away from all seeds, nuts, and popcorn. Good luck to you.

  362. ernest says

    Is this site still up. Nobody has posted since July. How is everyone doing. Stay away from all nuts, seeds, and especially popcorn. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

  363. Fran says

    Hello all. Hi Ernest. As far as I know this site is still up. It might stay up as long as it is still active. Did you see my post in May 2016?

  364. Liz says

    The studies may say that nuts and seeds don’t cause diverticulitis, but my attacks have always happened when I have foolishly had some. I avoid them most of the time and stay fine, but occasionally when eating out there are seeds/nuts in a dish – currently in the middle of an attack after a seeded roll at the weekend. perhaps different people have different triggers for attacks.

  365. Fran says

    Hi guys. How is everyone? I’m ok so far. Stayed off nuts & popcorn. I did not get a notice that Liz had posted on here like in the past. I just happened to think of this site & check in. I will continue to do so in the future. thinking of adding popcorn back to my diet cause it never seemed to bother me in the past. Nuts always do. Liz. I eat seeded buns but very seldom. Nothing happens. I also eat tomatoes, cucumbers, poppy seed dressing & corn. Nothing happens. I only gave up popcorn after my last attack cause I was scared to eat anything that might possibly hurt me. but it was the nuts that caused it. it scared me tho so I gave up everything. Best wishes to all.

  366. Fran says

    Why do my posts NOT show up??? I’m tired of typing the darn thing for it just to disappear!!!

  367. Ernest says

    Hey Fran good to hear from you again. It’s been a while since I post as well. My advice to you, please stay away from seeds, popcorn, etc or you will be in pain again. Once you have diverticulitis you will always have it. Unless of course you get surgery. You say right now those foods don’t bother you, well it’s just a matter of time when they slip into the right pouch and DV is triggered. Have a happy thanksgiving.

  368. Fran says

    Hi Ernest.Long time no hear from. I am not getting alerts anymore when someone posts on here. I see you posted in Nov. & I just thought to check this site . Wonder why I don’t get alerts anymore? Are you?Oh well,, I’ve been doing good. How about You? No more bouts of the diverticulitis but I have other problems I’m still dealing with. Lots of different blockages in my arteries. Had the carotid cleaned out & we’re watching the others for now. Most likely will be having more surgery next year for the arteries in my legs. Also have developed angina due to a small blockage in my heart. Still not eating nuts, seeds, popcorn, etc. Hope this finds you well, Ernest. Love to hear from you. Looks like You & I are the only ones still posting on here now.

  369. Fran says

    Hi guys . Well, I got cocky & decided to test the popcorn. I lost. Trying to get rid of a bout of diverticulitis right now. I took all the meds and the pain & tenderness went away but I still had cramping. Read online to do the liquid diet for a couple of days & then switch to low fiber soft foods till my bowel has time to heal. It is helping.

  370. Patti Frank says

    Yep, it’s popcorn for me, too. Anything else seems okay, though I got a bout after eating wasabi soy nuts once, too. Foods with a hard outer shell are a no-no for many of us. Hope you feel better soon.

  371. Fran says

    Thanks Patti Frank. I am sloooowly recovering. Glad to see someone is still on here besides me. LOL I no longer get notifications when someone posts on this site. Wish I did. SIGH

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