Dr Oz: Diverticulosis Remedies for Constipation, Bloating & Cramping

By on December 9, 2011

Dr Oz: Diverticulosis Warning Signs

According to Dr Oz, 2/3 of Americans will develop diverticulosis over their lifetime. Some of the warning signs of this disease include bloating, cramping and constipation. Dr Oz brought up audience member, Leslie, who stated that her friend was diagnosed with this disease. Her friend had an issue with constipation and went to the doctor, where she was diagnosed. Dr Oz stated that a colonoscopy was usually done in order to diagnose this condition.

Doctor Oz pulled out the purple gloves. Underneath the sheet, he showed a normal colon. Dr Oz Diverticulosis Dr Oz says holes, or pockets, are formed in the colon at the onset of diverticulosis. When the pellets got stuck inside the pockets, they can push through and pop out the back. Bleeding may occur as the feces gathers inside the intestinal walls. Dr Oz removed another sheet and showed an image of a colon with full-blown diverticulosis. This colon was slightly darker in color was was shriveled up. (Yuck!)

Dr Oz: Diverticulosis Home Remedies

To demonstrate how this worked, Dr Oz used a large glass beaker labeled, “colon”. At the bottom of the glass beaker was a substance labeled as “poop”. Dr Oz poured a liquid, labeled as “fiber” into the colon glass beaker. It promptly erupted and spilled out over the beaker. This was what happened when you add too much fiber to your diet too quickly. Although you want fiber in your diet, the plan is to add it gradually so you don’t have those spill overs.

Dr Oz: Diverticulosis Fiber

1. Take 25 g of fiber per day. Start with 10 g per day and increase up to 25 g.
-Bowl of bran cereal contains 10 g
-1/2 C broccoli
-Apple contains 4 g
-Chick peas

Dr Oz Diverticulosis Nuts, Seeds & Popcorn

2. Eat nuts, seeds and popcorn—it will help your colon. It used to be feared that these small foods would actually get stuck inside the pockets of the colon, but new studies suggest that they do not, so eat away.

Dr Oz Diverticulosis Red Meat

3. Limit red meats to 1-2 2x a week. Too much red meat impacts on the walls of the digestive system.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Diverticulosis Remedies for Constipation, Bloating & Cramping

  1. I have had this problem-Extreme the past yr. My gas… put me on a strict diet no fruts,fructose
    Didn;t help me a bit. I started eating fruits the past wk, family doc said I was sl low on Potasium. I went to my Nuerologest 2 days ago. He didn’t think it was Vertigo-Very Dizzy -walk not stable lately. I;m seiu free the past few yrs. Still take med-My Dilantin has been slightly higher lately, He put me on 30mg ev other day,about a yr ago. He put that off me for at least 2 more wks. If things go well he may get me off Dilantin-330!
    BBut I have had Extreme constipation all yr with digestion trouble fill up qqquickly. I;ve lot sev lbs lately. Any advice

  2. I believe that STRESS is one of the major reasons people get Diverculitis. Once my stress was erased I no longer have Diverculitis.
    I did take alfalfa, B complex, vit C time release, E, Omega 3, Calcium with Magnesium, and a multi vitamin as well.
    I also use optiflora..acidolphilus. Which is another helpful thing to use as you heal up. Esp if you have been put on Steroids. Believe mine hit because of taking Steroids for Shingles which wrapped all around my body.
    I regret the steroids as they truly did my stomach and colon alot of damage.

  3. Dr Oz Hi,
    Sooooo glad you have cleared up the nut situation, but what about other foods?
    I was diagnosed with diverticulitis 4 months ago when I was rushed into hospital with pains so bad I thought it was my appendix.(till the pain moved sides) and I was put on a plain and liquid diet, when i came home but i did have a few more flare up over the next two months then I was told I had ultralectiv colitisas as well. i’m not even old enough to have this i’m almost 40!
    Food has become a major factor and been told to cut out on loads of foods to help prevent it and help it reduce it and to prevent it again but some foods don’t go well with the colitis. To be fair iv not had a flare up since cutting these out of my diet, but is it correct? in your opinion?
    as well as nuts (which I am delighted I can go buy some tomorrow)
    I shouldn’t have peas, corn on the cob/sweetcorn, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, caffeine, tobacco, white rice, pasta bread, red meat, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, raw veg, spices, apples, plums.
    there does not seem to be a full list of foods you can and can not eat.
    please help, whats good and what should we avoid?
    Thanks Dr Oz in advance x

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