Dr Oz: DMAE Cream & Sulforaphane Supplements for Skin Cancer

Dr Oz did a segment called Dr Oz’s Alternative Health All-Stars and then followed it up with a special segment on advice from Dr Nicholas Perricone, one of the Alternative Health All-Stars, on how to get rid of wrinkles and prevent skin cancer.  Have you heard of DMAE Cream or of eating watercress or Sulforaphane Supplements to prevent Skin Cancer?  If not, then you definitely have to read what Dr Perricone told Doctor Oz!

Dr Oz & Nicholas Perricone: Wrinkles Are Optional

Dr Oz said that Dr Nicholas Perricone has a revolutionary theory which is that wrinkles are Dr Oz & Dr Nicholas Perriconeoptional!  You can choose to never look old.  Dr Nicholas Perricone said that by eating right, you can look young longer because your skin is just a reflection of your internal health.  By eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet that includes cold water fish, fruits and vegetables, and by avoiding sugars and starch, you can choose not to get wrinkles.

Dr Oz: Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Dr Oz asked which of these two foods do you think fights wrinkles: salmon or cheddar cheese?  Of course the answer is salmon, which is a lean protein full of Omega 3’s that turn off inflammation and makes your skin beautiful.  Dr Perricone said that you should also put something anti-inflammatory on your skin topically, because that will always help to cut down on the whole process of wrinkling.

Dr Oz: DMAE Face Cream

Dr Nicholas Perricone said that by using DMAE Cream on your skin, you will almost immediately see a change in your skin and an increase in your skin’s radiance.  These DMAE Creams are not a gimmick and have a huge potential to help us.  Read the ingredients list on your face cream before purchasing it and look for the ingredient DMAE or Dimethylethanolamine.  It will take around 35 days to get the best results.  Dr Oz showed a before and after picture of a woman who used DMAE Face Cream, and the results were really impressive – even better than some plastic surgery treatments for aging that I have seen!

Dr Oz: Sulforaphane & Watercress Prevents Skin Cancer

Dr Nicholas Perricone said that watercress is beyond antioxidants in how amazing it is for you.  It helps to regulate good genes, to detoxify your body and to eliminate all kinds of Cancer.  Dr Perricone suggested eating watercress 3-5 times per week.  Alternatively, you can take a Sulforaphane Supplement, but it is always best to try to get these supplement from their natural source if at all possible.


  1. Kelly Kinkaid says

    I just viewed the website for the show and, surprisingly, there is something that everyone should take note of. At the site, the question was presented as, “Which ingredients in skin care products should you avoid?” and one of the answer’s was DMAE. So, at one time, we were advised to avoid this product and now we are told to use it! Come on, make up your mind! What are the facts? Does anyone really know and until they do, I’m not going to spend my money on the latest and “greatest” so called cream.

  2. Mary Morrill says

    I looked up DMAE on line and found a receipe for making your own face cream and have done so. My question is more about sulforaphane. Is there a lotion out there already that contains this substance? My other question is….Why do we always get suggestions from Dr. Oz that are not readily available, like must try fruits that are not available locally and cost a bundle on line.

  3. SAKX says

    Since recently having a baby I’ve had small, puffy bags under my eyes and I just look tired all the time even when I’m well rested. I got the Made from Earth Vitamin Face Firmin Serum in the mail the other day and tried it…woke up this morning and I’m very impressed with the results! Just one use and I look well rested, refreshed and my skin looked visibly brighter! The bags are gone and my eyes look amazing!

  4. james burnside says

    dr. oz why do you allow these snake oil drs. on with a product that you can not buy locally ,only on line about ready to quit watching you .

  5. lorraine bass says

    want to know where i can purchase dmae cream locally as i’m a a limited income & cannot afford toorder on-line.

  6. Kathleen says

    I started using DMAE supplements by KAL a week ago, along with omega-7 (sea-buckthorn)– got it from a local health food store in Nebraska–and have already noticed changes. First on my neck, front view, then my cheeks/jowls. My arms when I turned them were all crepy, that is almost gone. I still have a lot on my neck and eye area from cataract surgery, but after all I am 76 years old and do not expect miracles; nevertheless, I am pleased with the results in a very short time.

    I am concerned about the warnings and if they are a detriment to the eyes I will discontinue use.

  7. says

    In response to the comment “Look at the MSDS sheet for DMAE: harmful to skin, lungs, eyes!” the reference addresses exposure to handling large amounts of the powder itself. For the most part, breathing in any powder can not be good for anyone. DMAE in a cream or even as a supplement had been studied and is safe. In concentrations over 3% it has caused some irritation of the skin in some people. (not all). There is also no increased effect in concentrations over 3%. The best DMAE creams have a 3% concentration and will be listed within the first few ingredients. If you see it toward the end of the list there may not be enough concentration to create the effect. It’s a natural and effective approach to wrinkles and sagging skin.

  8. Hilary says

    I am 4 weeks pregnant and used DMAE until I found out last night online about possible birth defects.. I stopped right then and there but am terrified about damage to my embryo. Apparently it might be a teratogenic? Very, very scary! The bottles I have (Reviva Labs DMAE and Source naturals Skin Eternal DMAE) say NOTHING on the label about NOT using in pregnancy..If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it…I am calling my Doctor today, hopefully he can give me peace of mind..

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