Dr Oz: Dog Health Exams, Exercise & Nutrition


Dr Oz: Dog Health

Dr Oz said he would do anything for his dog Rosie, and many of us who have dogs agree that our Dog’s Health could not be more important to us!  Doctor Oz brought onto his show a Bulldog named Larry who is in need of a major health makeover, like many of our pets.  Larry is an overweight Bulldog who suffers from super dry skin and bad breath that just will not go away.  His family said that he is playful and has a great personality, but he is really lazy and does not even fetch a ball when it is thrown.  Plus, he sits at the table with his family and eats whatever they eat.  Jeff Werber D.V.M. said that it is all about preventing your dog from getting overweight.

Dr Oz: How To Measure Dog’s Waist

Dr Oz sent Larry the Bulldog to the Truth Tube and found out that he weighs 60 pounds and has a waist size of 28″.  In case you do not know how to Dr Oz Dog Healthmeasure your dog’s waist size, I did a bit of research and found that you want to measure a dog’s waist in front of his or her hind legs and go all the way around the circumference of the waist.

Dr Oz: Dog Health Exams Twice a Year

Jeff Werber said that dogs need Health Exams more regularly than you probably think.  Many owners take their dog to see the vet once a year for a checkup and for shots, but you should really go twice a year.  Also, vaccinations for dogs are not one size fits all.  It depends on where you live, so make sure to check with your vet at your appointments two times every year.

Dr Oz: Dog Exercise

Werber said that exercise is crucial for dogs, and they really need to get some exercise for 15-20 minutes twice per day.  This will help keep your dog’s heart healthy and fight against obesity.  Plus, it is a great bonding opportunity for you and your pup!

Dr Oz: Dog Nutrition

Werber said that Pedigree Dog Food has discovered four universal needs of all dogs, which is as follows:


  1. says

    The show today re dogs. I feed my Pembroke Welsh Corgi a good brand dog food with no grain and all necessary ingredients. I have always had dogs and no itching problem. My daughter just lost her dog of 16 years. She lives in Sprague River, Oregon. Helps with a herd of 400 cattle. I am in Colo., unfortunately; Would there be anyone in that area (Klamath Falls) who could put me in touch with dog resque facillity or someone looking for a home. I am looking for a Border Collie. a Australian, or mix of both—OR an Picardy Shepherd to have a wonderful life with a caring, loving Christian girl, Unfurtunately, they can’t afford much. I don’t have the means to help her. I would be so thankful and appreciative if someone would help with this search

  2. Jeannie Larocque says

    Dr Oz lost all credibilty with Thursday’s ( June 9th) show on Dog’s Health Exams, Excercise and Nutrition. He is obviously getting kickback from the makers of Pedigree dog food.Larry, the bulldog, would return to a normal weight and have great oral hygiene if he was fed a raw diet rather than artificial pet food. All dogs and cats should be on a diet as close to their “natural diet” as possible and there is no artificial pet food in the world that can provide that. There are very few vets who will support a raw diet simply because a) the pet food companies inject a ton of money into vet colleges and thereby control the content of the nutrition curriculum.As a matter of fact, they provide the text books so that young graduating vets have a very limited understanding of pet nutrition b) the same pet food companies line the shelves in vets’ offices with their own specialty diets and the vet gets a percentage of those sales c) if every dog and cat was on a raw diet the vets would only see a fraction of the business that they do now because dogs and cats would be so much healthier.Heart disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney disease, skin allergies, periodontal disease would all diminish significantly.A huge drop in vet’s income. I adopted a Bichon at 10 months and her teeth at that time were already covered in plaque and her breath was bad.Her urine was very concentrated and she quickly developed a urinary tract infection .Someone( thankfully) loaned me a book entitiled “Give Your Dog A Bone” by Dr Ian Billinghurst, an Australian vet. We have never looked back. My Bichon is now 6 years old and has the sweetest breath in town.( dogs on raw diets do not need their teeth brushed!!)Her urine is now perfect and we have never had problems with urinary crystals or infection since.Her weight maintains itself at 10
    1/2 pounds and even though my vet is NOT supportive of raw diets ( for all of the reasons previously listed I suppose) he does concede that her weight is perfect and that she is in excellent health. My son adopted a 10 year old yellow Lab that he switched to raw soon after getting him. The dog has done extremely well and has regained energy and strength that is amazing to all. His breath has also become sweet.He is now 13 years and with the energy of much younger dog. Artificial pet food is junk food for dogs ( and cats) no matter how much it costs or how fancy the packaging.Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.The pet food companies are extremely wealthy and powerful and spend a lot of time and money convincing us that we are not intelligent enough to feed our dogs without their help.Rubbish! Dr Oz should see the light and start feeding Rosie a healthy diet if he wants her to be around for years to come.

  3. says

    sorry,i am not sure what website. i love everything about dog health.i have a moluccan cockatoo. could you do some health on cockatoos? please. thank you very much. darlene

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