Dr Oz: Dog Pedometer, Dog Yoga & Dog Food Puzzles: Dog Bad Habits


Dr Oz: Dog Bad Habits

Dr Oz did a segment with Dr Marty Becker, author of Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual, to teach us solutions for our dog’s bad habits.  Apparently, not only can dogs and their owners look alike, they can also share the same bad habits.  Dr Becker told Doctor Oz that he has been a veterinarian for 33 years and he has noticed that pets often exercise, eat and groom themselves just like their owners!  Here are some tips from Marty Becker on how to get your dog to take medicine, how to make your dog less of a couch potato and how to stretch your doggy out with Dog Yoga or Doga!

Dr Oz: How To Get A Dog To Take Pills

Dr Oz’s first guest was an adorable dog named Chanel.  Chanel’s owner said that they both get upset stomachs and take medications for it, but Chanel is bad at swallowing her pills and usually spits them out.  Dr Becker said that only 30% of owners are successful at getting their Dr Oz Dog Food Puzzledogs to take their pills, and everyone else is too embarrassed to tell their veterinarians about the problem.  I am shocked by this statistic and feel so badly for all of the doggies out there who are not getting their pills… please make sure to forward this article to all of the dog owners you know!  Here is what you should do to get your dog’s medicine to go down:

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