Dr Oz: Don’t Ditch Your Carbs: Health Extraordinaire


Dr Oz’s Who Wants To Be a Millionaire knock-off was called Who Wants To Be a Health Extraordinaire?  Doctor Oz said that carbs are the most misunderstood food, so he did this segment to teach us not to ditch our carbs.  Dr Oz’s contestant for the game got two lifelines – a phone a friend and a 50/50.  The prize was a dinner for two.

Dr Oz: What Wants To Be A Health Extraordinaire?

Question 1: Good carbohydrates make glucose which is the fuel that gives you energy.  They’re also called… Dr Oz Healthy Carbs


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    My sister told me about this super carb article and saw the show on T.V. She’s started adding four servings of super carbs to her daily food intake three weeks ago. She’s went down TWO sizes in her jeans already and she’s got more energy and in a better less depressed mood when I see her or talk with her. She’s sleeping better and not getting up in the middle of the night hungry and raiding the frig! Now to get my diabetic husband to include four super carbs in his daily diet, not for weight loss, but to keep his sugar levels at a more normal level and to boost his energy would be a huge plus also. I’ve been doing this for about a week now and I’ve lost 12 pounds! I’ve suffered for years with constipation and in just a week I’m not being bothered with that at all. My 75 year old mother is now adding super carbs to her diet and she’s no longer having bouts of irritable bowel. I’m jazzed up about this diet and telling everyone I meet! I think it’s a good healthy plan for all age groups and health conditions.

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