Dr Oz & Dr Andrew Weil: Alternative Health: Brain, Lungs & Heart


Dr Oz brought Dr Andrew Weil, Alternative Health All Star, on his show to discuss how he transforms American medicine by integrating alternative therapies.  Dr Weil also gave Dr Oz an Anti-Inflammatory Diet plan for us to follow. Traditional medicine does not have all of the answers, so Doctor Oz always seems to be looking for hidden secrets from around the world to live a longer, healthier and happier life.  These revolutions in medicine could change our lives. Dr Oz & Dr Weil Alternative Health


  1. Joe says

    “Dr Oz asked Dr Weil what vitamins, supplements and pills he takes every day. Dr Weil said that he takes a multivitamin, CoQ10, 2 baby aspirin, and a Mixed Mushroom Formula every day. Plus he eats well, which always helps!”

    I thought he said earlier he also takes acetyl-L-carnitine and ALA daily.

  2. mary cornette says

    I go in for echocardiogram this week. I ignored symtoms for 7 months .Will alternative methods really work so I can say no to any bypass

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