Dr Oz & Dr Christiane Northrup: Hormone Replacement Therapy


Dr Oz did a segment called Dr Oz’s Alternative Health All-Stars and then he brought back Dr Christiane Northrup to discuss what women have to do right now to improve their health, including a surprising thing you do not know about estrogen.  Dr Northrup told Doctor Oz that women must avoid refined sugar, because it increases insulin which wreaks havoc on hormones.  Between diet, exercise and meditation, you can decrease your insulin and stress hormones and balance your hormones naturally and automatically.

Dr Oz & Christiane Northrup: Estrogen

Dr Christiane Northrup said that estrogen is the key hormone to a woman’s health.  Estrogen is very Dr Oz & Dr Christiane Northrupvolatile though.  Dr Oz asked why is an understanding of estrogen so key to understanding bad things that happen to women?  Dr Northrup said that we have estrogen receptors everything, even on our skin.  If you get too much estrogen, it can act as Estrogen Dominance and make too many large cells too quickly which leads to a whole bunch of things including obesity.


  1. Vikki says

    Dr Christiane Northrup said we should stick to natural forms of progesterone and estrogen. What exactly are these natural forms? Recently I had a thermogram of my breasts and they showed “leopard spots” – what exactly is this and is it a bad thing?

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