Dr Oz: Dr Mosaraf Ali: The Controversial Healer


Dr Oz: Controversial Healer

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Mosaraf Ali, MD and author of “The Controversial Healer.”  Dr. Ali claims that with one look, he has the power to heal with no medicine.  Dr. Ali diagnoses with methods that include looking into the eyes (Iridology) and pressing the neck, which is the most controversial of his practices.  Some call him a medical fortuneteller, but is he for real?  Dr. Ali practices in Europe and has celebrity clients that include, Sylvester Stallone, Kate Moss, and Prince Charles and Camilla.  Today’s show marked Dr. Ali’s first interview on American television.

Dr Oz: Mosaraf Ali Heals:

Dr Oz had Dr. Ali diagnose patients (audience members) with his use of the alternative medicine.  Dr Oz already had the audience members/patients charts, but was curious to see what Dr. Ali would diagnose.

Dr Oz: Acid Reflux

The first patient:


  1. Tatjana says

    my family and I personally know of this wonderful doctor Ali. And thank God for what we got to know him. Even be near him … in the presence of an angel or Light … and even this is part of his treatment. If these doctors were more the world would be out of danger.

  2. Francine Wismann says

    The whole show needed to be doctor Ali he was fascinating. I was so disappointed I turned it off very tired of watching overweight people I think all the attention they are getting makes them want to eat more.

  3. ann good says


  4. Franki Levin says

    I thought the expressions on Dr. Oz as he watched Dr. Ali were absolutely fabulous!!!
    I enjoyed that segment very much. I think we all need to be more aware of alternative

  5. Lisa says

    I wish the whole show could have been Dr. Ali, he was fascination, and needs his own show!
    Maybe his way of healing could make me feel like a normal person unlike the doctors I see now who never can seem to heal me.

  6. Diana C. Bledsoe says

    There was a healer in california that Ruth Montgomery wrote about, his healing was unbelieveable, I am sure this party has passed on, Dr. Ali may have the same ability, un-
    fortunately I wish we had more of these miracle parties, and Dr. Ali is a rich man’s healer and

    his price may be quite high, unfortunately. Then why are so few people endowed with this

  7. says

    I used to work for Dr Ali at his clinic in London. Pretty amazing guy I can tell you. He certainly inspired my work (Practicing nutritionist, TV chef, Author) a great deal, and I had some fascinating conversations with him. Was great place to work. Havent seen him in a few years

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