Dr Oz: Dr Weil Classical Music Playlist & PMS Stress Relief


Dr Oz: Holistic Stress Remedies

Dr Oz did a segment with Dr Andrew Weil on Holistic Medicine Stress Remedies.  Whether you have the Sunday Night Blues, PMS Stress or stress from sitting in traffic – these tips are sure to help!  Dr Weil told Doctor Oz that one of the biggest misconceptions it that we can live a life without stress – that simply is not possible.  However, there is a lot you can do to protect your body and mind from the damage stress causes.

Dr Oz: Sunday Night Blues

Doctor Oz  asked his viewers what things cause stress in their life.  A lady named Lou-Anne said that the Sunday Night Blues cause stress for her every single week.  Around 3 pm the stress hits and stays with her for the rest of the night.  It totally shuts her down and puts her on the couch for the remainder of the night.  She is often not even able to cook dinner, finish laundry or get things ready for the work week ahead.  And she hates how the stress robs her of family time.

Dr Oz: Stress-Free Squash Soup Recipe

Dr Andrew Weil said that he has the perfect cure for the Sunday Night Blues, which is a Stress-Free Squash Soup.  All you do is roast delicious produce (like butternut squash, onions, garlic and apples) in the oven, and then blend it together with some vegetable broth.  And voila – you have a really tasty and slightly spicy soup!  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz Butternut Squash Soup Recipe.

Dr Oz: Holy Basil Stress-Reducing Supplement

Dr Weil’s second tip for reducing your stress is to take a Holy Basil Supplement, which he says is totally safe and effective long term.  Try taking Holy Basil twice a day for a few months and see how it works for you.

Dr Oz: Gentle Waking Sounds

Dr Andrew Weil’s final tip for beating the Sunday Night Blues is to not have a jarring beeping sound wake you up.  Instead, use an Dr Oz Classical Music Playlistalarm clock that can wake you up with relaxing music, which is much better for your nervous system.

Dr Oz: Black Currant Oil for PMS Stress

Dr Oz’s next stressful situation is PMS Stress.  A study found that women with high levels of stress are also 2-4 times more likely to have PMS Stress.  If you tend to have a short fuse and have a lot of stress during your time of the month, you should try to reduce the caffeine you ingest.  Also, Dr Weil suggested taking Black Current Oil (500 mg twice a day), which is also a helpful Anti-Inflammatory.

Dr Oz: 4-7-8 Breathing Technique for Traffic Stress

Doctor Oz’s final stressful situation is sitting in traffic, which is something that Doctor Oz said that he also finds very stressful.  Your chance of dying of a Heart Attack actually increases if you sit in traffic for three hours.  Dr Andrew Weil said that the first thing you must do when you are driving is to have calm music on the radio – or at least avoid non-calming music.  Then you should do what he calls the 4-7-8 Breathing Technique.  To do this, you breathe in through your nose to a count of four, hold your breath for a count of seven, and then breathe back out for a count of eight.  Dr Weil suggested doing this for four breath cycles.  Also, here are Deepak Chopra’s and Dr Andrew Weil’s Classical Music Playlists:

Dr Andrew Weil’s Classical Music Playlist:

“Largo from Xerxes,” George Frederic Handel
“Water Music,” George Frederic Handel
“Minuet in G Major,” Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach
“Fantasia para un Gentilhombre,” Joaquín Rodrigo
“Canon,” Johann Pachelbel

Dr Deepak Chopra’s Classical Music Playlist:

From Deepak Chopra’s The Secret of Healing:
Track 2: The Secret


  1. Linda says

    Please do not post – this is just a question. What is the name/brand of clock radio that had the peaceful waking sounds (as opposed to a buzzing alarm) used on this show featuring Dr. Weil and Dr. Chopra. If you don’t know, is there a way to ask someone who works in customer relations for Dr. Oz?

  2. Jean ONeil says

    Name and/or brand of soft sounds alarm clock as shown on Dr. Oz show please. Have looked everywhere and cannot find.

  3. Maureen says

    I too am looking for that alarm clock. I have searched everywhere with not luck.


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