Dr Oz, Dr Weil, Dr Jim Nicolai, Dr Russ Greenfield & Dr Victoria Maizes


Dr Oz did a segment called The Medical Renegades: Fighting For Unconventional Answers with Dr Andrew Weil and three of his next generation doctors: Dr Jim Nicolai, Dr Russell Greenfield and Dr Victoria Maizes.  Doctor Oz knows that we want to trust our doctor to be up to date on the latest in medicine, but there are secrets of a revolutionary new approach to medicine that fight for unconventional answers.  This fairly new field is called Integrative Medicine and Dr Andrew Weil is certainly the expert in that area.

Dr Oz: Dr Andrew Weil & Integrative Medicine

Dr Andrew Weil challenges conventional wisdom and instead looks at the combination of both Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine.  His goal is to allow natural Dr Oz Dr Andrew Weilhealing mechanisms to come into play and to heal people.  Dr Weil trains doctors to be a new generation of health professionals in the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, though now there are Integrative Medicine departments available in universities across the country.

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