Dr Oz: Dragonfly: Designer Drug Dangers


Dr Oz: Bromo Dragonfly

Earlier this year, Dr Oz presented a show on the Bath Salt Drug Craze and how kids were using it as a drug.  Today, Dr Oz focused on the designer drug, Dragonfly.  Dragonfly is cheap and unbelievably much easier to “score” than alcohol.  It’s also deadly. Dragonfly is similar to LSD, but more powerful.  User of dragonfly get intense psychedelic highs.  11 kids between the ages of 16-21 overdosed on this drug, with another 10 hospitalized and 1 dead.  In Idaho alone, 4 kids have suffered seizures from this drug while 2 have died.


  1. Mariela Feuillet from Venezuela says

    thanks for such an important information and for keeping us parents up to date in these matters

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