Dr Oz: Dragonfly: Designer Drug Dangers

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Dr Oz: Dragonfly: Designer Drug Dangers

By on November 8, 2011

Dr Oz: Bromo Dragonfly

Earlier this year, Dr Oz presented a show on the Bath Salt Drug Craze and how kids were using it as a drug.  Today, Dr Oz focused on the designer drug, Dragonfly.  Dragonfly is cheap and unbelievably much easier to “score” than alcohol.  It’s also deadly. Dragonfly is similar to LSD, but more powerful.  User of dragonfly get intense psychedelic highs.  11 kids between the ages of 16-21 overdosed on this drug, with another 10 hospitalized and 1 dead.  In Idaho alone, 4 kids have suffered seizures from this drug while 2 have died.

You can buy this designer drug online because all you need is a computer.  Have your kids ever heard of it?  Would they know how to obtain it?

Dr Joseph Lee: Dr Oz Show

Dr Oz introduced Dr. Joseph Lee, MD (Medical Director of Hazelden Center for Youth and Families).  According to Dr. Lee, Dragonfly has been around for a while, but is relatively new in its abuse.  Dragonfly contains synthetic stimulants and is designed to last longer than other hallucinogens.  Dr Oz asked audience members if anyone had heard of dragonfly and only one person raised their hand.  According to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), dragonfly is in the “grey area” because it doesn’t neatly DEA’s banned drug list.  Changing one chemical makes it a completely different drug.  DEA can’t keep up and is a year or two behind in the battle against this drug.  Dr. Joseph Lee suggested that we as parents inform ourselves and not rely on the government to prevent the abuse from happening.

Dr Oz Designer Drugs

Dr Oz showed an animation of a kid who took the drug.  The first moments are euphoric, but on the inside, neurons are being bombarded by chemicals.  The brain is over stimulated and the arteries, where the blood vessels are, begin to spasm.  The lungs flood with water and eventually stop functioning.  The heart is desperate to push out blood until eventually it stops.  This is cardiac arrest and happens very quickly.

Dr Oz: Dragonfly Drug Effects

Dr Oz introduced a mom from Oklahoma.  Stacey was her youngest child.  Mom stated that Stacey was a happy kid.  She started college and up to her second year was doing very well, getting all A’s and B’s.  Stacey told mom she was going to a semester party and mom warned her to be careful.  At the party, kids took the drug with a medical dropper.  An hour later, 9-1-1 was called.  Stacey was spitting up blood.  Mom got a phone call from her son, screaming, “Stacey is dead!”  Mom couldn’t believe it.  She had just talked to Stacey.  Mom learned Stacey had suffered an agonizing death, her daughter’s kidney, heart, and liver had shut down.  One week later, Stacey’s boyfriend passed away.  Mom found out that the boy had bought the drug that killed Stacey from the Internet and somehow Stacey ingested it.  The drug Stacey ingested was Bromo-Dragonfly—a more powerful drug.

Dr Oz: Dragonfly Drug Deaths

Mom told Dr Oz that she had never even heard of Dragonfly.  She couldn’t understand how you could buy the drug from the computer. Mom had no idea Stacey would even try a drug like dragonfly because Stacey was totally against drugs.  Mom felt that if Stacey did do it on her own, it was because, on the computer, it said the drug was “safe and legal.”  Mom was enraged.  Dr Oz asked mom in hindsight, what would she have done differently with her daughter.  Mom stated that she couldn’t think of anything because she was always keeping tabs on her daughter.  Mom knew Stacey’s Facebook and Myspace pages and felt that you could only protect the kids to a point.

Dr Oz Drugs:

Wendy’s nephew, Trevor, died from an overdose at a party.  Like Stacey, Trevor had a ton of friends and was social and loving.  He had so much joy.  It was frustrating for Wendy how Trevor died.  Wendy felt that there are too many deaths from this drug.  How many is it going to take before something is done?  Wendy feels that regulations needed to be in place.  (I agree)  Wendy took Trevor in when he asked to live with her.  Wendy even went as far as asking if he had any addictions before he moved in.  She was cognizant of it and willing to have those conversations.  Trevor told her he was fine and even seemed to take steps on his own to be a better person and student. Wendy feels like anytime something like this happens, you have regrets but she stated that she was grateful that Dr Oz was helping to spread this message about this deadly drug.

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    thanks for such an important information and for keeping us parents up to date in these matters

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