Dr Oz: Dragonfly- How To Get Designer Drugs!


Dr Oz: Dragonfly Drug Online

Dr Oz and Web Expert, Jeff Hahn, performed a demonstration to show how it easy it was to score the Dragonfly Drug.  They first went online and then put in 2c-e, which is a less potent form of the drug, into the browser.  Quickly, they found several links that sold the drug.  They clicked on a link and saw that you could purchase the drug for $195.  You could purchase the 1, 5, or 10 gram options.  Dr Oz added the drug to his online “shopping cart” and found that you could have the drug shipped right to your home.  He tried the same for the more potent dragonfly drug, and again, was allowed to purchase it online and have it shipped to the home.


  1. m389s says

    GREAT JOB DR.OZ! Make some more money while you’re at it. Sell some more products……. The designer drug show, proves to me that Dr.Oz is most concerned with ratings. Also known as, making money.

    You irresponsible dung beetle!

    My high school students are buzzing about it today!

    Thanks for teaching 100million kids where to get new drugs!

    This site is dedicated to reposting everything the show pukes up? While feeding the idiot masses will pay the bills, as a human webmaster, you should be ashamed.

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