Dr Oz: Dreams Decoded: Falling, Flying & Teeth Falling Out Dreams


Dr Oz: Dreams & Lauren Lawrence

We’ve all had that dream where we are falling, but did you ever dream your teeth were falling out or that you were flying? Dr Oz introduced Psychoanalyst, Lauren Lawrence, to tell you how your dreams directly affect your health.

Lauren Lawrence stated that the dream is to the mind what exercise is to the body.


  1. Lorraine Krause says

    Very interesting. Very occasionally I am skiing down a hill and it just goes on and on. Litle tiring.

  2. Maxine says

    I think that’s nonsense. LOL. I find that you can understand what a dream means the moment you wake up if you ask yourself “what was that all about?” Dreams have different meanings for different people.

  3. says

    Dr. Oz, last summer you had a Dr.on your show and the audience was asking questions, one lady said ..she takes this huge extra face and swift deep breaths in all of a sudden, and I do the same mainly when sleeping it wakes me or just lying down, but I take a huge deep breath one or two in a row, the Dr. had a name for it, even my Heat specialist can not tell me why I do this, it’s scary, what it is this, t=He said the name for it, what was it ????pleaseeeeeeee

  4. jen says

    Recently I had a horrifying dream. I cannot stop thinking about it, and every time I recall this dream I start crying.

    I have 25 years old dauther. She is the only child I have. She leave in a different city now but we talked almost every day.

    In my dream we were somewhere on a street and I know some kind of vialance started. I believe it was shooting but I did not hear it. I just know the street became a crime zone. Someone used a tazer gun on me and I lost a site of my daughter. Next thing I know we are in the emergency room. I was unharmed, but my daughter was on a table being operated on. I could see doctors cut opened her cheek and kept on working on her while I was sitting in there watching a surgery.. At the same time some other doctor was sitting next to me. He was smiling giving me a feeling of comfort . Suddenly, smiling , he talked to me and sad in a culm voice that my daughter have only several hours to live. In a horrow I looked at the table were my daughter was and she was screaming, calling for me. I was right there and could not do anything to save her. I did not see her dying, but I kept hearing doctor’s voice “She has several hours to live” and her cry for help.

    I woke up screaming, with the only though: if something happen to her, I do not want to live.

    This dream felt so real, it left me emotionaly ill. It’s been several weeks since I’ve had this dream. I cannot shake it off. I am leaving every day feeling a great sadness and anticipation of a tragedy. I know I’ll remember this dream for the rest of my life. II need to know what this dream means.

    Please, help.

  5. BlueCornMoon says

    I think some of that dream analysis is off base. Some dreams just reflect life events.The only time I’ve has those falling teeth dreams is when I’ve had, am having, or will be having a lot of unpleasant dental work done: root canals, oral surgery,& anything involving needles….which I HATE !!! I went to Colorado , Utah & other states yrs ago with pals afraid of heights. We went to Royal Gorge Bridge, Grand Canyon, & drove high roads ( Trail Ridge) with switchbacks & no guard rails anywhere. They made me do all the high driving LOL!! One pal had several falling dreams.

  6. sgroclkc says

    For a long time, due to the ignorance of physiological knowledge of lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, and so on,, psychological illusion in people’s sleep generated by such physical symptoms i.e the nightmares , flying dream and falling dream really has puzzled the psychologists,  One without flying experience in the daytime would dream of flying; One without falling experience in the daytime would dream of falling; one without terrible experience in the daytime would have terrible nightmares. Such examples are the major evidence for Freud and other oneiromancy masters to prove the causes of dreams are very complex and that dreams have special meaning. They are also the major cause why countless people believe various ridiculous oneiromancy theories with mysterious color put forward by Freud and other oneiromancy masters. But, the latest researches of Chinese scientists show these dreams are of no any special meaning and the causes of dreams are very simple, viz. they are the reactions of the objective things in the minds. As Germany’s well-known psychologist William Wundt’s view of “the most common causes of the dream are indigestion, heart pulsation(palpitations or flustered),difficulity in breathing, aswell as such symptoms.” For instance, students dreaming the examination before the pre-examination, is caused by the things about examination. The sense of urgent urination would give rise to the dream of looking for the toilet. In a cold night, thin quilt would cause one to dream the clothes are socked by water and thus make him/her feel cold. Similarly, the nightmares are mainly caused by several palpitation feelings such as the heart hanging in the air, heart dropping and seemingly being chased. The flying dream arises from the palpitation feeling that the heart hangs in the air; the falling dream arises from the palpitation feeling that the heart drops; the nightmare of being chased or running arises from fast heartbeat. In 2009, my opinions above were strongly opposed by all on the website consistently when I first published them on the website of International Association for the Study of Dreams. After several years of impassioned debate people on the website , everyone consistently approved my opinion that these dreams are of no any special meaning and the causes of dreams are very simple. Since last March, nobody has published dream-related articles on the website. In the end of last year, the website had to be closed. After knowing the reasons of nightmares, sleep paralysis, flying dream and falling dream , nobody will believe the dream theories of Freud and other oneiromancy masters. The disclosure of scientific mysteries such as the nightmare , sleep paralysis, flying dream and falling dream is equivalent to sentencing the dream theories of Freud and other oneiromancy masters to death.

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