Dr Oz: Drench The Doc: White Tea Anti-Cancer & Green Tea Weight Loss

By on April 28, 2010

Doctor Oz played a game called “Drench The Doc: Tea Time” to teach us all about the health benefits of tea.  What tea has the fewest health benefits?  What tea fights cancer the best? And how many cups of green tea will make you lose weight?  Green Tea Weight Loss

Doctor Oz’s Tea Facts:

1.  Which Tea Has The Fewest Proven  Health Benefits? Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea or Red Tea?

Dr. Oz said that Red Tea has the fewest proven health benefits.

2.  White Tea has the Most Potent Anti-Cancer Properties.  True or False?

TRUE!  Doctor Oz said that White Tea fights off cancer the best.

3.  To Get Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea, How Many Cups Should You Drink Each Day? 0 cups, 3 cups or 5 cups?

Dr Oz said you should drink at least three cups of Green Tea to lose weight.

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