Dr Oz: Drugstore Deals & Bargains with Lisa Lee Freeman

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Dr Oz: Drugstore Deals & Bargains with Lisa Lee Freeman

By on April 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Drugstore Best Buys

Did you know that if you shop wisely, you can save up to $100 per month? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Editor of Shopsmart Magazine, Lisa Lee Freeman, to give you the top drugstore discounts that will keep money in your pocket! (I likey!) Lisa says that there are amazing deals at the drugstore but you need to work your coupons and generic brands in order to take advantage of the deals. Also, checkout Dr Oz’s Restaurant Appetizer Recipes that were made over to be reduced-fat and reduced-calorie!

Dr Oz Drugstore Deals

Dr Oz Drugstore Deals

Dr Oz: Drugstore Reading Glasses

Shaunie, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she wore reading glasses but didn’t like spending a fortune for them at the eye doctor. What can she do? Lisa says you should take advantage of some of the offers drugstores have like a Buy 2 get one 50% off deal. You can also use your store loyalty card to stock up.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Makeup

Tionne, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she was always looking for makeup bargains at the drugstore because specialty stores can be expensive. Lisa told Dr Oz that they’re always running daily specials on makeup at the drugstores. Check for weekly sales in your local circular. Another option is to purchase Minis in lipstick and nail polish because they’re much cheaper so you can buy more colors. Also, at drugstores, you can return your makeup if you don’t like it, even after you’ve opened it.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Toothpaste

Tiffany, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she liked to purchase her toothpaste but wanted to know how to get a good deal. Lisa said that toothpaste was an excellent buy at the drugstore because it’s offered with weekly markdowns. You can also use manufacturer coupons to buy at a reduced price (stack the store coupons and you may even get the toothpaste for free!) Keep an “Oral Care” coupon organizer so you can keep track of soon-to-be expired coupons.

Drugstore Milk & Eggs Discount

Michelle, an audience member says she likes to purchase her milk and eggs at the drugstore. Lisa told Doctor Oz this was a good buy because often times, the milk and eggs are offered at a 25% discount. Even Dollar Stores charge more for this than the drugstore.

Drugstore Store Brand Painkillers Review

Shelly, an audience member, asked Dr Oz what to look for in painkillers at the drugstore. Lisa says to buy store brand painkillers instead of name brand ones to save 25% or more. Generic painkillers have the same active ingredients as the brand names.

Drugstore Generic Prescription Deals

Sherry, an audience member wanted to know how to get deals with her prescription drugs. Lisa says prescription drugs are the “deal of the century” when it came to drugstores. All drugstores have discount drug programs. Over 400 generic drugs are covered under this program. Get a 90- day supply of generic drugs for cheap.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Hair Color

Katie, an audience member, said she was tired of spending money at the hair salon for her color and wanted a cheaper option. Lisa told Dr Oz that hair color was another great buy because when it goes on sale, you can stock up. Most hair colors take 2-4 years to expire.

Drugstore Brand Sunscreen Review

Dawn, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she lived in Florida and constantly used sunscreen. Lisa told Dr Oz that most sunscreens are good for 3 years, so stock up when it goes on sale. (This is a great find for Kids’ sunscreen too.) Studies indicate that drugstore brands work just as good or even better. Be sure to get SPF 30 or higher.

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  1. I buy things from drug store sometimes; but any time I bought something from it, I felt drug store is more expensive than other store. I wish to have its coupans.

    I buy from drug store reading glasses, vit., toothpaste, allergy medicines (over the counter), Prescriptions etc.

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