Dr Oz: Drugstore Mistakes: Pill Box Alarms & Flashing Cap Pill Bottles


Dr Oz spoke about 3 big drugstore mistakes that many of us make.  With flu season approaching, this is definitely a good refresher for everyone to read.  Often, when we go to the pharmacy we see long lines and find it impersonal.  Doctor Oz went behind the scenes at A.J.’s pharmacy in NJ (located at 673 Anderson Avenue in Cliffside Park, NJ for anyone who lives around there!).  The pharmacist at AJ’s Pharmacy is a man named Drew who everyone seems to love because he is so knowledgeable – I wish I lived near there!  One man told Doctor Oz that he goes to Drew the Pharmacist before going to his own doctor and another lady said she trusts Drew even more than her own doctor.  During my next visit to NJ, I will have to be sure to visit AJ’s Pharmacy! Dr Oz Alarm Pill Bottle


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