Dr Oz: Dry Milk Almond Hydrating Mask & Skin Home Remedies


Dr Oz: Skin Home Remedies

Looking for a way to repair your damaged skin with natural products. Dr Oz’s longtime pal, Dr. Jennifer Ashto, who is now starring on The Revolution TV Show, shows you how to keep your skin healthy with products available right inside your kitchen.  Also, click on the following link for more Home Remedies!

Dr Jennifer Ashton Your Body Beautiful Review

Christina, an audience member, stated that she tried all different products, like toners and creams to get her skin looking shiny and healthy.


  1. Dotto says

    I tried the coriander and cumin paste and it played havoc with my skin — totally irritated it to the point where I am using cortisone cream to relieve the inflammation. Bad medicine, at least for me.

  2. Dotto says

    It is now two weeks since I tried the cumin and coriander mask. I have been to my PCP who gave me a cortisone shot and prescribed 4 days of prednisone to attempt to end the horrible irritation and inflammation that I have experienced since doing this stupid facial. I still have inflammation and irritation after the steroid treatment and I am seeing my dermatologist to see what, if anything, more can be done to get my skin back to normal. I surely hope I have not done permanent damage to my face. Think twice before following these home style remedies. This will permanently end my watching of the Dr. Oz show. I would like to sue him.

  3. Pam says

    Love the coriander and cumin paste. Apply it at least four times a week. Look younger and have people asking me what kind of foundation I use

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