Dr Oz: Dry Mouth or Cotton Mouth: Artificial Saliva Gel & Gum


Dr Oz spoke about Dry Mouth or Cotton Mouth on today’s show, along with Cecilia, his Assistant-of-the-Day from seat 118.  Cecilia told Doctor Oz that she is part of a group called Raw Expectations that hold each other up and give support to one another – sounds like a lovely group!  Do you get Dry Mouth?  Here is what causes it and how to cure Cotton Mouth:

Dr Oz: Dry Mouth Symptoms

Here are a list of some Dry Mouth Symptoms: Dr Oz Dry Mouth


  1. Ubong Inyang says

    Dr OZ, Greetings to you. I watch your show all the time. Please, what herbal remedy would you suggest to help me shrink the benign tumor in the salivary gland under my jaw. My doctor cannot take out the tumor without taking out the gland. Both the left and right sides are swollen, but the tumor of about 0.5cm was found on the right side. Please help me. It is very tender. Biopsy was only done on the right side.

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