Dr Oz: Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Burger King Healthy Breakfast Options

By on October 17, 2011

Dr Oz: Fast Food Healthy Breakfast

Dr Oz played a game of Battle of the Drive-Thru Breakfast!  In this segment, Dr Oz brought up two contestants to take the Best Breakfast Challenge.  He gave the contestants (and the audience) a choice of two breakfasts at their favorite fast-food restaurants.  Can you pick the healthier choice?

Dr Oz: Dunkin Donuts Breakfast

1. Dunkin Donuts
a. Whole wheat bagel with reduced fat cream cheese
b. Egg white turkey sausage wrap
Answer: b. The egg white turkey sausage wrap has 150 calories and 5 g of fat.  The bagel has 420 calories and 11.5 g of fat.  Bonus: The wrap is so much healthier, you could have two of them.

Dr Oz: Subway Breakfast

2. Subway
a. Egg white and cheese muffin melt w/black forest ham
b. Yogurt parfait with granola
Answer: a. The egg white and cheese muffin melt with ham has 170 calories and 1 g of sugar.  The yogurt parfait has 160 calories and 24 g of sugar.

Dr Oz: Burger King Breakfast

3. Burger King Dr Oz Burger King Oatmeal
a. Breakfast bowl with eggs, roasted peppers, potato, sausage
b. Oatmeal with dried fruit
Answer: b. Oatmeal (Anyone else think this was a no brainer?)  The breakfast bowl has 540 calories with 42 g of fat.  The oatmeal has 200 calories with 3 g of fat.

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