Dr Oz: Dynamic Duos: Surprising Food Combinations for Your Health

Dr Oz did a segment called Dynamic Duos: Surprising Food Combinations to Fix Your Health.  Doctor Oz spoke about foods that are powerful alone, but when you eat them together they are even more powerful – hence the name Dynamic Duos!

Dr Oz: What Food Combination Gives More Energy?

Dr Oz asked which two of theDr Oz Pasta & Balsamic Vinegar Trim Your Belly following foods gives you the most energy: chickpeas, peppers or eggplant?  Dr Oz said that red pepper and chickpeas give you the most energy when you eat them together.  Chickpeas are rich in iron which is great for your immune system, but your body can’t absorb the iron fully without the vitamin C found in red peppers.

Dr Oz: What Food Combination Improves Your Mood?

Dr Oz asked which two of the following foods improves your mood: eggs, tomatoes or broccoli?  Dr Oz said that broccoli and eggs improve your mood.  Broccoli is one of the most easily absorbed forms of calcium, and eggs have Vitamin D which help with Seasonal Depression.

Dr Oz: What Food Combination Trims Your Belly?

Dr Oz asked which two of the following foods improves your mood: pasta, balsamic vinegar or shrimp?  Dr Oz said that the acidity of balsamic vinegar slows down your body’s absorption of sugar from the pasta.  By adding 2 TB of balsamic vinegar to pasta, you slash your sugar absorption by 20%.  I personally would prefer my balsamic vinegar on a side salad though, rather than placing the vinegar directly on the pasta.  Do you have a good recipe for a pasta dish that uses balsamic vinegar?  If so, please share it with everyone in the comment section below!


  1. KenNZ says

    I watched the show. It aired in New Zealand last week (1st week of 2012) and so of course since then I have been trying to find out more. I came across the fact that pasta being high in sugar is not as friendly a food as we are led to believe. I also checked out Balsamic vinegar. This is interesting; the balsamic we buy in the supermarket is infact not genuine; it’s wine vinegar mixed with caramel and sugar inorder to liken it to the genuine taste. Genuine will cost a fortune. Source from Wikapedia.

    Anyway, whatever, I’m giving it all ago and using cider vinegar instead.

    The broccili a day works; whole and raw. The buzz is amazing. I was keeping away from eggs, but now I am glad as I’ll be having one a day from now on.

    If pasta is indeed a food that puts fat on, then if there is an alternative I would be interested to know.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Margaret says

    My favorite summer version of pasta includes balsamic vinegar. While putting the water on to boil for the pasta I crush a couple cloves of garlic and dice and drain a couple large tomatoes or cut in half a small container of grape tomatoes and drain. I put the tomatoes in a large bowl with the garlic on top and then tear or cut up a small bunch of fresh basil and place it in the bowl. I drizzle a couple tablespoons of virgin olive oil on top and then about four tablespoons of balsamic vinegar on top of that. I then set the bowl aside while the pasta cooks to allow the flavors to meld. (Lingue works best for this recipe but rotini will works well too.). When the pasta is ready I drain it and immediately put it in the bowl and toss with the other ingredients then serve with some crumbled feta cheese on top and a little freshly ground black pepper.

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