Dr Oz: Ear Lobe Repair: #1 Plastic Surgery Procedure & Juvederm

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Dr Oz: Ear Lobe Repair: #1 Plastic Surgery Procedure & Juvederm

By on July 13, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment for us ladies who love to wear big fashionable earrings that weight a lot and stretch out our earlobes.  Did you know that the number one plastic surgery procedure is an ear lobe repair surgery for people who have stretched out the piercing in their earlobe?  Janet, a 36 year old lady, loves to wear jewelry, especially big hoop earrings that are heavy.  But her ear lobe started to rip and she has been concerned about completely ripping through her pierced ear.  Earlobe Repair

Dr. Jeanine Downie said that 1 in 15 women have a stretched out ear piercing, and this plastic surgery operation is a minimally invasive procedure that is an in office procedure.  Basically, Downie told Dr Oz that they clean the ear lobe, plump up the ear lobe, cut out the scar tissue and put it back together again.  After about a month, the doctor injects your ear with Juvederm, which plumps up the earlobe.  And about a month after that, you can re-pierce your ear.  The ear lobe repair plastic surgery costs between $450 and $650 and its around $750 for a full tube of Juvederm.  I have to say though, after seeing Jeanine Downie inject Janet’s earlobe with the Juvederm, it really did help to plump up her earlobe and make it look more like a normal earlobe. I wonder if 1 in 15 women really have stretched out piercings in their earlobe.  Perhaps I shall make that a poll!  Are your earlobes in need of Earlobe Repair plastic surgery?  If so, how dramatically do you think the surgery would change your life and the quality of your life?

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Comments to Dr Oz: Ear Lobe Repair: #1 Plastic Surgery Procedure & Juvederm

  1. Grace M. White says:

    Yes, I have one earlobe split and the other earlobe is stretched out. I get weird looks, because when I find earrings that I can wear fit comfortable without too much pain over my split ear, I wear them all the time. On a few occasions, I have worn other earrings, and I will be talking to someone and my earrings will just fall off my split ear. I have gotten some strange looks when that happens. Those incidents have brought on embarrassment and shame. Getting my earlobes repaired, I would not have to be embarrassed again.

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