Dr. Oz: Ear Wax Facts

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Dr. Oz: Ear Wax Facts

By on March 12, 2010

Doctor Oz and Sharon, his assistant of the day, taught some facts about ear wax.  Dr. Oz checked Sharon’s ears for ear wax, and sure enough, there was some of that orange – yellow ear wax in her ears.  Is ear wax bad?  What is the best way to get rid of ear wax?  Dr. Oz explains:

Doctor Oz’s Ear Wax Facts:

Ear Wax Fact 1: Ear Wax is Normal

Your ears should have ear wax in their ear canals, before the eardrum.  Ear wax is made of dead skin, sweat, oil etc.  But the most exciting thing is that our ear canals are actually self cleaning!

Ear Wax Fact 2: Ear Wax is Good For You

Ear wax traps things like bugs and foreign bodies, so it is actually good for us to have ear wax and helps to keep us healthy most of the time.

Ear Wax Fact 3: Excess Ear Wax Can Cause Infections

If you have too much ear wax, then it can cause an infection by trapping water in your ear.  Whenever there is extra moisture or water, this encourages the growth of bacteria and infection.

Ear Wax Fact 4: Wrong Way To Clean Your Ear Wax

Do not use Q-Tip’s to clean your ears, because they just shove the wax deeper into your ear canal and can impact your eardrum.  In fact, you can actually pop your eardrum when you use a Q-Tip!

Ear Wax Fact 5: The Right Way To Clean Your Ear Wax

Three times a week, put three drops of Baby Oil into your ear while your are lying down.  Stay still for a few seconds and then get up and put your finger or a towel in your ear to rub all of the Baby Oil and ear wax out, because the Baby Oil will have dissolved all of your ear wax!

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