Dr Oz: Earlobe Crease & Heart Disease, White Eye Ring & Cholesterol

Dr Oz did a segment on 4 things your face is trying to tell you about your health.  White rings around your eyes could indicate high cholesterol, bumps under your eyelids could warn you of Undiagnosed Allergies, and cracks at the corner of your mouth could be from a Vitamin B Deficiency.  Doctor Oz said that you can even tell your Heart Disease risk by looking for an Earlobe Crease!

Dr Oz: White Ring Around Eye & Cholesterol Warning Sign

Dr Oz said that if you have a white ring around the color portion of your eye, you might have high cholesterol.  Ideally, your Dr Oz 4 Things Your Face Tells You About Your HealthLDL Cholesterol (that is your Lousy Cholesterol) number to be under 100.  However, regardless of whether you have a light colored ring around the iris of your eye or not, you should always know your cholesterol numbers!

Dr Oz: Bumps Under Eyelids & Undiagnosed Allergy Warning Sign

Dr Oz said that 20% of the population has allergies and does not realize it, because we are so accustomed to feeling the way that we do.  If you pull down your lower eyelid or roll back your upper eyelid, you can check for cobblestones or bumps that are commonly seen in people with allergies.

Dr Oz: Vitamin B Deficiency & Mouth Cracks

Dr Oz said that you might have a B Vitamin Deficiency, which can lead to other problems inside of you, if you have cracks on the corner of your mouth.  Eat leafy dark green vegetables and make sure that your multivitamin has 100% of the daily dose of needed B Vitamins.

Dr Oz: Ear Crease & Heart Disease Warning Sign

Dr Oz said that if you have an Ear Crease in your earlobe, you have a 33% increase in your risk of Heart Disease.  If you have an Earlobe Crease in both ears, then it is an even bigger concern.  Luckily, Heart Disease is something that you can actively fight off by having a healthy diet and a lifestyle with lots of activity and exercise.


  1. Thomas says

    I was at the doctor the other day and a Fellow asked me if I had high cholesterol(because of the crease in my ear lobes)? I told him, no. In fact, I had pretty low cholesterol. The Attending physician who was present said that he didn’t think much of the study and I was a good example of the weakness of the conclusions.

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