Dr Oz: Easy Feet, Emjoi, InStyler: As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Dr Oz: As Seen On TV Products

Dr Oz did a segment where he had several women review three As Seen On TV Gadgets: the Easy Feet foot cleaner and massager, the Emjoi Tweezer for hair removal and the InStyler for curling and straightening hair.  Do these As Seen On TV Products do what they promise?  Holly Carter from People StyleWatch gave her opinions on these products as well.  She said that before you ever consider buying a product while watching an infomercial, you should ask yourself the following questions: is there a money back guarantee?  Is there a trial period?  Is it realistic that it would work?  And do you really need it?  If you are a real infomercial lover, then read what Dr Oz said about these other As Seen On TV Products on a different show: Dr Oz: As Seen On TV Products.

Dr Oz: Easy Feet Review

Doctor Oz’s first As Seen On TV Product was the Easy Feet gadget which cleans and massages the bottom of your feet.  Dr Oz asked a lady named Dr Oz InStylerSusan to try the product in her home, so she put liquid soap in through the top and scrubbed her foot back and forth through what can best be described as a “Foot Car Wash.”  Susan said that she was not impressed because she thought that the bristles were not hard enough to really exfoliate her feet.  She also felt that the pumice stone should have gone up higher in order to really remove callouses.  Even with all of these comments though, the bottom of her feet were noticeable smoother – it is just the sides of her feet that did not seem to get enough attention.  Dr Oz tried out the Easy Feet product himself and said that it was not bad, but if you have serious callouses then you probably should try a hand-held foot file or pumice stone instead.  The Easy Feet product is available for $14.99.  Have you tried this gadget?  If so, please leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Dr Oz: InStyler Review

Dr Oz’s second As Seen On TV Product was the InStyler which is supposed to straighten and curl your hair.  Stacey tried on the InStyler and said she was not in love with it, but it did seem to straighten hair better than to curl it.  Holly thinks its a good investment and replaces multiple tools with just one unit, but she said that it is better for people with straight or wavy hair than it is for someone with very curly hair, because it is hard to reach the roots of the hair.

Dr Oz: Emjoi Review

Dr Oz’s final As Seen On TV Product was the Emjoi Tweezer that removes unwanted hair from your body.  The lady who tried out the Emjoi said that it was very painful and did not work well.  She said it takes way too long to remove all of the hair, but it hurts so much that eventually it numbs the area so that you can finish all of the hair removal if you really want to.  Doctor Oz tested out the Emjoi too and said that he would not use it.  Holly Carter said that the Emjoi is good for people who just have a few stray hairs on their lip or chin area and don’t want to wax.  But for other areas, Holly still suggests waxing or tweezing instead.


  1. Shannon Dunlop says

    The InStyler is a rip-off and they wouldn’t stop charging and charging and charging my debit each month, for months and months. I finally had to get my debit card changed to get it to stop! Their customer service team is nonexistent and I think there needs to be a class-action measures taken against this fraudulent company!

  2. Sandy says

    I love Easy Feet. It works so well. I was skeptical because the bristles around the toe area are soft, but the bristles down where the sole of the foot is are firm. The pumice stone works so well. To get the sides of my heels clean and smooth with the pumice stone, I just slightly angle my foot and rub my foot back and forth. It works great. I’ve stopped getting pedicures since I bought my Easy Feet. My bath has a no slip bottom, so the Easy Feet won’t stick to it. No problem: I just put it up on the flat part of my tub where I set my shampoo. It’s perfect. I recommend it highly. I have the most smooth, clean feet and my heels are perfect for sandals.

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