Dr Oz: Easy Stress Fighters: Black Tea, Vitamin B & Oranges

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Dr Oz: Easy Stress Fighters: Black Tea, Vitamin B & Oranges

By on September 14, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Defend Your Body: Easy Stress Fighters” to teach everyone (especially New Yorkers!) how to relieve stress.  Dr Oz said that 75%-90% of all doctor’s visits are caused by high levels of stress.  Stress can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and many other medical problems.  So can you manage your stress?  Dr Oz gave us some great tools to fight stress naturally!  Stress Fighters

Dr Oz hit the streets of Manhattan as a cab driver (cab 6X37 will be forever lucky now!) to test New Yorkers on their knowledge of stress fighters.  Here are the questions Dr Oz asked and the answers:

1.  What is a vital element to reduce the negative health effects of stress?  A strong social network helps to reduce stress.  Dr Oz gave eye masks to help reduce stress (I love those!).

2.  A cup of this high antioxidant beverage has the power to fight stress.  Black tea!

3.  What vitamin has the ability to fight mental stress?  Vitamin B.

4. Of these three foods, which can reduce stress?  Oranges, rice or granola.  Oranges have Vitamin C and can reduce stress hormones plus strengthen your immune system.  Dr Oz said that if you are approaching a stressful event, it is often a good idea to increase your vitamin C.

5.  What stress relieving activity produces calming gas inside of your body?  Deep Breathes.

6.  Which should you eliminate to reduce stress?  Coffee, pasta or potatoes.  Coffee elevates your blood pressure and stimulates stress hormones, so drink black tea instead.

Dr Oz, along with orbitz.com, gave one of the contestants a 5 night stay at the Sheraton Maui, plus airfare to Hawaii.  I think Dr Oz has improved the prizes this season!

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