Dr Oz: EGCG Green Tea Extract & Vinegar Cocktail: Food Craving Killers


Dr Oz Food Craving Killers

Dr Oz did a segment called Food Craving Killers with Julie Daniluk.  Did you know that EGCG Green Tea Extract, Pine Nut Oil, Wheat Bran and Red Wine Vinegar can all help to curb your cravings?  My favorite tip was the Red Wine Vinegar Cocktail recipe that helps you to feel full longer while tasting like red wine… can’t wait to try this one!  Here are all of Doctor Oz’s Food Craving Killers:

Dr Oz: Green Tea Extract

Julie Daniluk said that Green Tea Extract or EGCG helps you to burn more calories every hour by speeding up your metabolism.  Plus EGCG makes you Dr Oz Vinegar Cocktailfeel full between meals.  You can buy Green Tea Extract Drops for about $10 or Green Tea Extract Supplements for $7.  Dr Oz’s volunteer said that the Green Tea Extract Drops did not taste bad.  Daniluk said that you should incorporate EGCG into your diet either before meals, in between meals or even during meals.

Dr Oz: Pine Nut Oil

Julie Daniluk’s second Food Craving Killer is Pine Nuts or Pine Nut Oil, which release CCK hormones that tell your brain that you are full and have had enough to eat.  Fats can be healthy and Pine Nuts are a wonderful fat burning tool, even though they have fat in them.  You can either sprinkle Pine Nuts on your salad, or you can incorporate Pine Nut Oil ($30) into your diet.

Dr Oz: Wheat Bran

Dr Oz has mentioned the importance of fiber like Psyllium Husks in several other shows, but Julie Daniluk suggested Wheat Bran which does something similar.  You cannot digest Wheat Bran, so even though it is a carb, it reacts differently than other carbs in your body.  When Wheat Bran mixes with water in your stomach, it fills you up like a sponge.  Doctor Oz said that he likes to stir Wheat Bran into yogurt, but you can also eat it plain.  Daniluk said that it is crucial that you drink 8-12 ounces of water when you eat Wheat Bran to ensure that you get good “sponge”-like action and that you do not get “clogged” up.

Dr Oz: Red Wine Vinegar Cocktail

Dr Oz’s final Food Craving Killer was vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar in particular.  Vinegar helps you to feel full faster and for longer, plus it balances out your blood sugar.  Julie Daniluk said that she loves making a Red Wine Vinegar Cocktail by mixing together 1 TB of Red Wine Vinegar, 4 ounces of Club Soda and serve it over ice.  Red Wine Vinegar is basically formed by letting red wine ferment for a long time, and it produces antioxidants that are great for your heart.  Daniluk suggested drinking this with meals to help you digest your food properly.  My guess is that drinking vinegar without food could also be bad for your insides, especially if you happen to suffer from acid reflux disease or heartburn.  So I would also only drink a Red Wine Vinegar Cocktail with food!


  1. Miki Montrose says

    Thanks, I will share the red wine vinegar drink with my family and friends. I happened to have some on hand and mixed it with grape juice which I did have. I don’t know what this did but it was very good.I will get some club soda. I have a digestion problem. In all my years of living, I have NEVER seen one doctor who will talk about digestion.

  2. says

    I just copied the “crush your cravings Pesro” recipe. I am sitting here eating the most delicious asparagas pie. I don’t take credit for it. I found it on telivision; my point; I am drinking the red wine vinegar with grape juice nd i hope I don’t bloat way up ( the pie has cheese in it). I have been avoiding cheese and milk for years (by-the-way; the pie had milk in it/ You see, my belly is so big, I look 12 months pregnant. I look like a grapefruit with tooth picks for legs. I don’t digest food very well and, as I mentioned earlier, doctors are of no help. Thanks for all the terrific ideas. You can see me on face book. I will be 91 years young on July 3rd. I will continue to look for recipes to reduce my cronic inflamation. Thanks to you, too, Julie

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