Dr Oz: Emeril Lagasse Healthy Items: Gadgets & Spices


Dr Oz: Emeril’s Must-Have Items to Revolutionize Your Health

Doctor Oz brought out culinary rock star, Emeril Lagasse (or just Emeril, for those of us who have followed his career.) Chef Emeril is one of the most famous and beloved chefs in America, whose culinary career has spanned over 20 years. (Who can forget his famous, BAM! tagline?) Emeril’s had several cooking shows and even a sitcom. Emeril is one of television’s most celebrate and recognizable chefs. A few years ago, Emeril struggled with his business empire as well as his health.

Dr Oz: Emeril’s Diet

As a teen, Emeril worked in a Portuguese bakery. He migrated to The Big Easy several years later and began building his culinary empire. At the top of his career, he wrote 15 cookbooks and hosted over 12,000 television shows. Then Hurricane Katrina hit and ruined his home and restaurants. Struggling financially, Emeril made a tough decision and sold his company to Martha Stewart. Today, Emeril has another challenge—to get healthy. Dr Oz asked Emeril to share his biggest weight loss secrets with you.

Dr Oz: Emeril’s Weight Loss Secrets

When Emeril came out into the Dr Oz studio, he wore his trademark white chef’s coat, reminding us of his earlier days. Dr Oz Emeril

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