Dr Oz & Emeril Lagasse: How Much Red Meat Can You Eat in a Week?

Dr Oz let Emeril Lagasse ask a question as part of the Ask Dr Oz Celebrity Edition — after teaching Russell Simmons how to make this White Bean & Tuscan Kale Stew Recipe.  Emeril told Doctor Oz that he loves steak and potatoes, but how much red meat are you allowed to eat in a week?  Dr Oz’s answer surprised me actually, because he said that he does not really have a problem with red meat, but it is the portion size and type of red meat that you eat that can lead to problems.  Meat should be on the side of a big serving of vegetables.  Dr Oz’s simple rule of thumb is that the less legs the animal has, the less saturated fat it contains.  So cows are 4-legged and have more saturated fat than chicken, which are 2-legged.  And chicken has more saturated fat than fish, which have no legs of course. Dr Oz How Much Beef Can You Eat Each Week

Dr Oz: Leanest Cut of Meat

Dr Oz said that inside of the Round is a cut called the Eye of the Round, and this is the leanest cut of meat.  The Eye of the Round has only 144 calories and 4 grams of fat in a 3 ounce serving.  The most fattening part of the cow is called the Short Loin, which is where T-Bone steaks are cut from, as well as Short Ribs.  Emeril said that these areas also have lots of cartilage, so you have to cook these parts for a long time to break down the cartilage.

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