Dr Oz: Empty Nest Diet with Weight Watchers


Doctor Oz did a segment on the Empty Nest Syndrome Weight Loss Plan Diet, and then followed it up with a segment about a woman named Barbara who recently became an “Empty Nester.”  Barbara’s daughter went off to college and now she feels sad and like her daughter no longer needs her the way she used to.  She feels a huge void and has been filling it with food.  She will cook her daughter’s favorite foods and put it in the fridge, which she of course ends up eating (like baked ziti).  Barbara said that even her dog gained weight!  Plus, since Barbara wears scrubs to work every day, the stretchy waist makes it even easier to gain weight without noticing.  She wants to get back to her old weight!  Barbara said she is so proud of her daughter, but not very proud of herself.  Dr Oz Weight Watchers

Empty Nester’s Truth Tube

Weight – 176 pounds



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