Dr Oz: Energy Drinks – Do They Really Work?


Dr Oz: Miracle Energy Drinks

Doctor Oz did a show called “The New Miracle Energy Drinks: Do They Really Work?”  Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing markets in America. Once aimed toward gearing up your kids, these drinks are now being targeted to you—the busy mom. This year alone, sales of energy drinks hovers in the 9 billion range and they want you as part of their growing market. With powders and travel size shots, energy drinks are packaged to be convenient quick boost of energy while on the go.


  1. Catherine L. Darmetko says

    My husband Lowered his cholesterol by changing the foods and drinks he chose.
    His Dr. Was impressed. The blood tests proved it could be done, but it takes will power and
    Keeping your eyes open on diet and nutrition education. We watch Dr. Oz Nd also the Drs. Show and The Chew. Hah-he added a red wine -Merlot after dinner also, and completed the whole healthy package -lowered stress too!!! We are a happy family!!! Thanks to your Staff too;)

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