Dr Oz: Energy Types – Sluggish, Fluctuating & Reactive Energy Boosts

By on April 24, 2012

Dr Oz: Energy Boosts for Your Body Type

Do you feel tired and rundown all the time? Maybe you’re finding it difficult to make it through the day without some kind of quick pick-me-up. On today’s show, Dr Oz gives you a breakthrough show on a topic you care most about—energy boosts. Find out how to supercharge your energy according to which body type you have. Read on to find out if your e-type is reactive, fluctuating or sluggish. (Sometimes I feel like I have all 3!)

Dr Oz Energy Types

Dr Oz shared Energy Boosts for all Energy Types, which type are you?

Dr Oz: Reactive Energy Boost

Collette, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she was stressed all the time. She tends to gain weight when she gets stressed, with most of the weight gain on her top half.

Dr Oz: Reactive E-type

Symptoms of the Reactive e-type include overly responsive to stress. You feel constantly on edge for no reason. You also tend to carry weight on your top half. (chest and arms). For the reactive type, you also feel tired in the mornings.

Dr Oz: Reactive Energy Type Remedy

Dr Oz says the key is to reboot your adrenals. Your sluggishness may be an imbalance in your cortisol levels. This may be made worse with a high glycemic diet. To supercharge your energy, curb your cortisol by using a cortisol cut. Replace high glycemic carbs with low glycemic carbs, such as beans, grains and whole-grain foods.

Dr Oz: Astragalus Supplement

Also, consider blacking out the bedroom by turning off all the lights, including alarm clocks and DVD light. Add in an adaptogen to help the body cope with stress. Take 1000 mg of astragalus per day.

Dr Oz: Fluctuating Energy Boost

Patty, an audience member, told Doctor Oz that she was sluggish in the morning and when she gained weight, she gained in the hips and thigh areas.

Dr Oz: Fluctuating Energy Type Symptoms

Symptoms for the fluctuating e-type include unpredictable periods, random tiredness and weight gain in the lower body. (Patty said she had all 3 of these symptoms.) You find yourself tired several days before your period because your ovaries are thrown out of wack.

Dr Oz: Fluctuating E-Type Remedies

Dr Oz says the key to supercharge your energy for the fluctuating e-type is to balance your hormones by reducing excess estrogen.

1. Eat foods like almond, milk, dairy and nuts. These foods will get your body to calm down when it comes to estrogen surges.
2. Limit soy intake. Soy seems to spike estrogen. Soy is contained in a lot of products like ice cream, some sauces and burgers. Soy is normally good for you, but if you have the fluctuating energy type, you should limit the amount of soy products.
3. Parabens (or chemicals) contained in lotions and shampoos may cause stimulation in estrogen. Look for products that are paraben-free.
4. Pat on ¼ tsp of progesterone cream (OTC) every day. Apply to skin 2 weeks before your period.

Dr Oz: Sluggish Energy Boost

An audience member joined Doctor Oz on the stage to say that she had the sluggish type. She was tired throughout the day and felt as though she gained weight throughout her entire body.

Dr Oz: Sluggish E-type Symptoms

Symptoms for the sluggish e-type include being tired all the time, sensitivity to temperature and weight gain throughout the entire body. This happens because the thyroid is functioning improperly and you need to jumpstart your thyroid. This can happen when the body doesn’t get enough iodine.

Dr Oz: Sluggish Energy Type Remedies

Get rid of goitrogens (substances that suppress the function of the thyroid), like cruciferous veggies. Since these veggies are part of a healthy diet, you may want to keep them in your diet. Try steaming these veggies a bit to reduce the amount of goitrogens. (You’re not getting rid of broccoli that easily!) Also, consider taking 1000 units of vitamin D per day. Doctor Oz also suggested humming to vibrate the thyroid gland. Some believe it releases the thyroid hormone. Do for 10-seconds.

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