Dr. Oz: Epstein-Barr Virus is Contagious, Exhausting & Deadly

Dr. Oz discussed a highly contagious, extremely exhausting and even deadly virus: The Epstein-Barr Virus.  Almost everyone reading this article is infected with the Epstein-Barr virus, and we are only starting to understand it.  From the moment  you are born, you are the prefect target for Human Herpes Virus 4 or the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).  Around 95% of us are infected with EBV by the age of 40, and unfortunately we have no cure for the Epstein-Barr Virus.  If you catch EBV as a child, you won’t show any signs, until sometimes as a teen EBV will flare up as mononucleosis (“mono” or “the kissing disease”)… did you know that you don’t necessarily get mononucleosis from kissing?  In most people though, EBV lies dormant and most people don’t even realize they have it in their bodies.  Epstein-Barr Virus is very serious though, because it may be responsible for some cases of multiple sclerosis and even cancer.

Laurie was frequently sick in her early 30’s.  Soon after she got married, her sicknesses would not stop; she was sick at least once a month.  Laurie was diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr Virus.  Before too long, she was exhausted constantly, no matter when she went to bed, she could not physically get herself out of bed.  One day she finally went to the emergency room and found out she had a large tumor in her chest.  All she could think about was her then 3-year-old boy.  Laurie had surgery to remove the tumor, which was as big as a football, and she found out it was a non-hodgkin’s lymphoma… cancer.  She believes in her heart that this cancer was caused by her Epstein-Barr Virus.  Laurie has now been cancer-free for 2 years, but is still exhausted.  She says that most people off of chemotherapy this long are feeling much better, but her fatigue is extreme and has only progressed over time (a strong sign of Epstein-Barr Virus).


  1. Nadine Saubers says

    This show was too simplistic to explain chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve spent 20 years researching and recovering from CFS (I’m a former pediatric trauma RN). If you want to understand this disease and recover see my blog Healthosity. STRENGTH!

  2. Patti says

    I saw that show the other day. We have it on dvr. I was so glad Dr Oz tested those women’s Vitamin D level. It’s exciting to see the word on Vitamin D getting out there. I’ve learned a lot on Dr Cannell’s website http://www.vitamindcouncil.org over the last few years. He believes cod liver oil i.e. Vitamin A is a antagonist to Vitamin D. His free newsletter just came out with something on that today. You’d probably have to take a lot more than 1000 IU if you are older and don’t go in the sun but that’s a great start. I take Bio-Tech D3 & I take coenzyme q-10 it helps energy. There are a few supplements that may cause fatigue so do some research if you are fatiqued. Take care!!

  3. MeLisa says

    I was diagnosed w/ chronic active EBV, never have been diagnosed w/ mono,but my blood test showed it as an early childhood disease & also an old one that was obviously “dormant”, but pandoras box has now awakened in my body! It has taken about 18 months-2yrs. & 6/7 phycisian specialists to argue w/ test results-the radiology MD’s & PCP & surgeons but the ONLY doctor that helped save my life was my internal medicine MD! She was a God sent! My heart, liver,spleen & iron anemia along w/ 25NG/ML’s of vitamin D deficiecy,tremors & extreme exhaustion,shortness of breath, BP 167/110 w/ a pulse of 160.I have always been healthy, appropriate wieght,non-smoker,drinker etc.,but now I’ve lost then almost over night gain 20lbs! Other MD’s misdiagnosed my symptoms even to the point of saying “wow” I need a picture of your pupils, I had severly dialated right pupil but hardly dialation on left pupil, but still no red flags, just more “RX dope” , my memory faded, dr’s had me on rx’s I did not even know about!! They just kept doping me up & saying I was just fatiged-exhausted- I have not driven in about a year ,sad when you are only 40 & have 4 children ranging from 16 to 8! This is hard for anyone! My support & love goes out to all forms of diseases, it seems as though the “baby boomers” are burying their children instead of how it used to be,the other way around, we must get this message out & help our country ween off the controlled substances that are actually killing our organs & is not even an aid to be rid of diseases but only to numb the physical & mental pain! We all must wake up & claim our health back & research & push for answers,not here’s a pill & another, follow up in 2 weeks, goodbye. The information is at our libraries-support forums- Internet ! Let’s all get involved with our health to be more educated & in tune w/ what our bodies are telling us! God Bless All

  4. Michelle says

    My Vitamin D is 11 Normal range on the low end is 32). I was tested for Epstein Barr too and that level was 8 (normal range is .2 to .8) I feel lousy. I am tired all the time, my knees ache going up and down stairs. My joints in my ankles, hands, and feet hurt! I am still waiting for instructions from my doctor, but still wondering what is going on. I am someone who rarely gets ill, but this year has hit hard. Any suggestions.

  5. racquel decastro says

    I was staying with my mom for like a week and she was just diagnosed with Epstein-barr about 1 month ago, and I slept in the bed with her, and she told me that the Epstein-barr virus was not catchy, and now for the past week to week and a half, I have been feeling lethargic, absolutely exhausted no matter what I do or how many hours of sleep I get! It is affecting my job and my concentration, and I can’t even talk or eat some times because I am so tired. I do take Vitamin D-3 2,000 m.g. ..I have had blood work done, but the results have not come back yet. I am wondering if I should increase my vitamin d myself. I know that Epstein is a form of a viral herpes, and I usually get the coldsores form frequently.
    my energy level has been cut in half, I always feel beat up . any suggestions

  6. ina says

    Melisa it sounds like your bipolar or a scientologist pretending to be suick so you can flip it into a rally against drugs. I don’t take pills and don’t believe in antidepressants, but geez what a wacky shift. See a psych doctor and take your life back.

  7. Pete says

    I was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago with EBV after becoming very ill at work pain left upper chest and throwing up at work with nausea that never went away . Since then had several cat scans and one Pet scan they discovered 3 large cysts and sent me to a hematologist . Theres not much known about EBV the disease how can cause all these problems and no cure yet .
    Since my diagnosis I have not gone back to work.

  8. Lorna Boon says

    HELP- I am 47 years old some days I wonder if I can go at all. In May 2005 I was in a car wreak thats when it all started. First I have 4 herniated disc with 2 displaced nerve roots in L-4 and L-5 also 2 herniated disc in my neck. Next I was diagnoised with Fibromialgy. Then chronic fatigue symdrom. Now i have Chronic Epstein-Barr virus along with sleep apnea, also chronic pain. They want to check me for Lupus.and diabetis i’m tired and don’t want to know anymore. I’m female with one son age 21,his dad passed away three years ago. Also, people dont understand my mom says all it is your lazy I can do more than you any day of the week yes she can. She has now convinced everyone i’m just crazy and lazy. She loves Dr.Oz and believes him . I need your heip before she drives me overboard. To top it all off my son is in prison it’s almost more than I can handle I sure could use soom feedback. Have a blessed day. I live deep in the woods of Ozan, Arkansas.

  9. says

    Lorna Boon. Im appauled that your mother would say that to you. Iv been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, along with cluster migrains and other things. Are you on disability?? If not get it! These are very very real dibilatating illnesses!!! I use to be a nail tech. but had to quit work after 13 years due to becoming more and more ill and eventually i just couldn’t do it any longer. I know how you feel about others thinking its lazyness. Sometimes I when I feel good I think to myself maybe its just my imagination…Then not long after that Im so sickly again. One minute your fine and the next minute your sickly!!! Its real! Have you printed out all the info. from web sites to show you “MOTHER” what you have? Maybe just maybe she would see things a little more clearly??? Thank god all of my family are supportive. My mother has lupus and my daughter has basicly the same thing as I do. So we all know how each other feels. Do not allow people to humiliate you. Your sick!!!!! its not your fault!!!! All I can say is try to eat good food, little salt and rest as you need to. Do not deprive yourself of good times when you feel good! On the rare days of feeling good I get out, go away, treat yourself because feeling good is very few and far between. I feel bad that your own mother has this attitude about your health. If your not on disability get it! chances are your pretty much unable to work. I wish you well and sooooo understand.

  10. Angel says

    I have been living with EBV and CFS for years now. I am extremely tired every moment of everyday. I have two young children and a husband that doesn’t seem to get that I am sick. I don’t even want to get out of bed and if it wasn’t for my kids I wouldn’t. I wish something would help me feel better. I had a complete hysterectomy this year and I am still trying to get my hormones right. I am never going to feel good again. My life is horrible in every way. No one understands and it is hard to try to make them understand. I am very scared that something is going on in my chest. It hurts daily and I am afraid it will turn out to be something else I can’t handle. I just hate my life and there is nothing I can do about the way I feel.

  11. says

    Angel, as I said to Lorna Boon, there are people like us that do understand. I may not have EBV but I do have chronic fatgiue fibromyalgia with cluster mirgraines along with other things. Why not go to the Dr.? The sooner you find out whats going on the better things will get. Your children deserve it and so do you. Men don’t like to think that their partners are sickly. Once I found out what was going on with me I got all the literature, brought it to my husband and let him read it all. You have to draw them a picture! Now my husband is very very loving and considerate to my illness’s. It’s worse not to know because you worry about whats going on. Find out… You will then eliminate some of the illness and stress.
    Terry from Utah

  12. Angel says

    Terry, I show him literature and everything but he still just doesn’t get it. I am going to my doc. on Aug. 1st I will tell her about my chest hurting. I am really just sick of being so tired and achy all day long. Now my three year old daughter will not sleep at night and I have to keep getting up and taking her back to her bed. I just can’t win. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I am on an antiviral med. but it just helps a little not enough to really make it through the days. Thanks so much for your support I really need someone to listen to me. I am at a loss. Take care and I hope you are feeling better.

  13. Ebv sufferer says

    i read that lupus is a reactivation of ebv. take antivirals like valtrex. acyclovir u will need more pills to give the effect of 1valtrex. valtrex wrks better bcuz it lasts long and its more potent. u must take them consistently and ontime for years bcuz Dr. lerner researched ebv and said that b cells die off. if u stop them while the virus is activated and not completely suppressed it could flare up even worse. sum ppl just have it in there blood that affects their hormones n thyroid and pancreas. then after it reaches the tissue layers. it feels like lupus bcuz the lymphocytes that have not been affected starts attacking the b lymphocytes that have ben affected. in sum ppl with chronic fatigue there whole system has not been affected but when ur all ur bcells have been affected a person goes thru ebv flares about once a mnth. mainly females bcuz hormones trigger ebv like any other herpes virus. call Dr. Martin Lerner in Michigan. he cured himself of ebv. God bless u. any questions or if u want support im on ur team can call me at 3137785032. i have ebv but no med insurance! i pay for acyclovir whenever i can get it. barely affording it. but i feel so much better like i have my life bk when taking it. i dont have enuf money to visit doctor lerner. but as soon as i get enuf im going to visit him.

  14. Ebv sufferer says

    i read that lupus is a reactivation of ebv. take antivirals like valtrex. acyclovir u will need more pills to give the effect of 1valtrex. valtrex wrks better bcuz it lasts long and its more potent. u must take them consistently and ontime for years bcuz Dr. lerner researched ebv and said that b cells die off. if u stop them while the virus is activated and not completely suppressed it could flare up even worse. sum ppl just have it in there blood that affects their hormones n thyroid and pancreas. then after it reaches the tissue layers. it feels like lupus bcuz the lymphocytes that have not been affected starts attacking the b lymphocytes that have ben affected. in sum ppl with chronic fatigue there whole system has not been affected but when ur all ur bcells have been affected a person goes thru ebv flares about once a mnth. mainly females bcuz hormones trigger ebv like any other herpes virus. call Dr. Martin Lerner in Michigan. he cured himself of ebv. God bless u. any questions or if u want support im on ur team can call me at 3137785032. i have ebv but no med insurance! i pay for acyclovir whenever i can get it. barely affording it. but i feel so much better like i have my life bk when taking it. i dont have enuf money to visit doctor lerner. but as soon as i get enuf im going to visit him. Sumbody please help me! it is affecting my heart causing SVT and incomplemete right bundle branch block. its also affecting my pancreas and hormones. i have to take metoprolol for my racing heartrate during flares of ebv like when im exposed to too much sun or heat or when i doing too much activity. i take metformin. doc said im prediabetic and the worst is dry mucous membranes dryness. i want my life back! docs at free clinics are puzzled and dont know anything abt ebv or mono. they think im crazy when i tel them ive never felt better since i had mono. they think my heartrate is due to panick attacks when ive never had a history of an psy illness like that. hw can i have a panic when im sleeping?! ill wake up and my heart is pounding hard and my hr ratehigh. if u kno anybody who can help plz call. so much more i can say. i want to be happy!

  15. Angel says

    I take acyclovir for EBV but how much do I need to take to feel better? I take 800mg in the morning. Do I need to take more because I was taking 800mg in the morning and 800mg in the afternoon. I just still feel so tired. Not only that I had a total hysterectomy in Jan. of this year and my hormones are all over the place which isn’t helping. I could fall asleep just typing this but I have two young children who won’t take naps and my three year old will not sleep through the night anymore. She is killing me. I need more sleep than most but don’t get much because of her. I feel like I will never feel good again.

  16. Ebv sufferer says

    i was fine with 800mg every 8hrs 3times a day. i hate to take so many pills but i cant afford the valtrex. thats a high dose i know but it works. doc had started me on 800mg twice a day. but i fouind out the hard way that the pills do not last over 8hrs. if i dont take them consistently it will flare bk up quickly in the nineth hr and ill need more to get it bk down. i dont have fatigue anymore but now its just hits me right b4 my menstrual and stops when it stops. the blurry vision light sensitivity loss of concentration and headache come bk. it progresses until my heart races so fast then just go bk down n stop. the heavy bleeding stops. during my period im just bleeding bright red blood with big clots with no cramps! ive had 2reactivations b4 it got this way due to not being able to convince a doc give me a refill. i tell u sum docs no nothing abt ebv. oh and can u tell me if u had ebv or cfs when u gave birth to any of ur kids years ago ago? if yes any complications? im worried about my future. my life is dependent on the pills cuz i dont want to spread this to anyone or give them mono. what i go thru with ebv is terrible. never want this for anyone. and when ppl see u walking and talking they dont understand. they think ur fine or its all in ur head. everyday i pray and beg God each time i feel symptoms. it really can affect ur life in such a huge way. i pray God blesses u all! thanks

  17. Ebv sufferer says

    once a month i have ebv flares right b4 and during my period. about a few days. i know its coming when i see blurry spots in my vision, have pounding headache, body temp increase, heartrate goes up with slight activity, then the fatigue and heavy bleeding. i just started taking another batch of acyclovir i got after realizing that it activates during my period. now im seeing y women get lupus ebv or ms. these are viruses triggered by hormones!

  18. ebv sufferer says

    altho i have never been diagnosised with ebv, i thought my symptoms were similar. i have been checked for it nd results were negative. im learning that ebv can have similar symptoms to lyme disease a bacterial infection caused by a tick. So now i would like to be checked for that. if anyone has symptoms to ebv and results are negative, make sure youve beeen checked for lyme! (just a sugestion). Dr. lerner checks patients for lyme. Now im unsure y my symptoms happen during my period. Cud it be bad pms? idk.

  19. Angel says

    My doctor tells me that it is not contagious. I am married and my husband doesn’t have it. I just got my lab results back. I get them checked every now and them. The reference range was 0.0- 21.2 mine came back at 599.9. I feel so sick. I am so tired and taking care of my kids is so hard. I am now on generic valtrex. 500mg three times a day. I hope this will help soon. I also have asked for something for fatigue but yet to hear back from my doc. and it’s been two days. He did mention ritalin but I have not heard back from his office. I know I am not his only patient but I really need something asap. I can hardly get my son off to school. And my daughter gets up one-three times a night. and then gets up at 8. So my day starts at 6:30 am and ends at 8:30 pm. When my daughter goes to bed. I am beat to say the least. Is there anything to help with the fatigue? I am on three kids of multi vitamins and all kinds of extra b vitamins and it doesn’t touch my fatigue. I wish there was a cure for this. I have had this for 5 years now.

  20. VipsMom says

    Angel – have you had your vitamin d levels checked? If they are low, the deficiency will cause fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, depression, immune disfunction and several other problems. It is a simple blood test and simple treatment that could help alleviate some EBV symptoms (since it can boost your own immune system, which is typically the best defense against any type of viral or bacterial infection) As a matter of fact, people with adequate levels of vitamin d rarely get sick. Just thought I’d mention it… Vitamin D is in the news, but not all doctors think to check it in cases of fatigue. Good luck and keep us posted!

  21. Angel says


    Thanks for your post. I have had all my vitamin levels checked along with everything else. I am on the generic Valtrex now and i am hoping it will help with some of the symptoms. I am also on Ritalin hoping that will help with the fatigue. So far I feel a little better bet not much. It will take a little while for the meds to start working. I just hope to feel better soon. I also had a total abdominal hysterectomy back in Jan. and I am still trying to get my hormone levels back to normal. It’s been very hard and the hardest part is that I don’t look sick so no one understands. I may not look sick but I am and it is not fun. Take care


  22. Cynthia says

    Hi, This is a touchie subject for the medical world. Lyme Desease is not adaquately treated. It causes so many other conditions that the infectitious desease experts will deny any association with the bacteria. Could you break that boundary and bring on MD’s, DO’s and alternative treatment specialist to help bring to the light this invasive bacteria.
    Hope you will consider this.
    Thank you for all that you do,

  23. Teresa says

    I just found out that I have had this in the past and never knew it. I have also had the Human Parvo Virus and thought that is why I have been ill for 7 years…. What do I do now?? I am sick of being sick.

    Lupus is negative but whatever I have comes and goes several times a year.

  24. Tiffany says

    I am currently in a Mono Flare…well that’s what the doctor said. I didn’t know you could get flares after having Mono and I had it when I was 13. It resulted in the removal of my tonsils and adenoids. Since I had my son at 19 I’ve been sick with something every other month. I have been diagnosed with CFS and possible Lupus ( 2 positive ANA and 4 negative). I also have Raynaulds and a Thymectomy( 4-26-10) due to a tumor the size of a small orange pushing on my heart and left lung. My strep count is always above 600. No one can seem to help me or pinpoint an exact diagnoses or a remedy. Friends and Family don’t really believe me when I’m sick. My mom thinks I exaggerate it. Sometimes its just plain lonely and miserable!! I am only 25 and feel ancient! Could all of these problems be due to the Epstein Barr? Thanks for listening. I hope everyone feels better and has a great Holiday and New Years!

  25. Joy-Ann R says

    I went on a 35-day ‘Parasite Cleanse’ after first doing a bowel-cleanse — a 2-full-days organic veggie juicing diet/no solids, plus colonics to clean out my bowels/colon before starting the parasite program. I also did ONE parasite-enema per WEEK (total of 5) during the ‘Parasite Cleanse’. I also took a real high-quality probiotic every single day.

    If the bowels are not clean, and you do a ‘Parasite Cleanse’ anyway, you wind up with dead parasites stuck inside of your colon … and dead parasites give off toxins. Dead or alive, parasites wreak havoc on your immune system. Most people with these types of illnesses have parasites even if they never visited a 3rd-world country and live a clean lifestyle.

    So, your colon and bowels must be clean before doing a ‘PC’. I do this faithfully, once a year, and this has helped me tremendously for Chronic Fatigue and Lupus. I also avoid or limit trigger foods — sugar, alcohol, gluten, white/wheat four, pasta, processed or microwaved foods and I limit eating out and take-out foods. I use organic butter instead of margarine. I eat only organic fruits and veggies, mostly veggies and eggs and some organic chicken or turkey and brown rice, as well as Alaskan Wild-Caught Salmon. Farm-raised Salmon or Salmon that’s not from Alaskan waters doesn’t have the same health benefits as Alaskan Wild-Caught. Squeeze fresh lemon and lime on foods, especially on the fish and veggies, and buy whole organic flax-seeds and crush a heaping tablespoon in a coffee-grinder (everyday) and then sprinkle on top of foods, such as oatmeal or organic applesauce, etc. Also, eat a few Calymra Figs every other day.

    DON’T drink tap water. Get a reverse osmosis water-filter or buy the one-gallon jugs of distilled water. The minerals in distilled water may be minimal, as they get destroyed in the distilling process … but anything is better than tap water. All of this does take discipline, but it has helped me and others a lot … hope it helps you.

  26. Laura-jo says

    I totally urge everyone who is suffering to do as Joy-Ann R described. I follow almost word for word, her dietary suggestions, and have found it to be tremendously helpful. I do the first month of the yeast free diet 4 times a year and have amazing results. Choose organic food, avoid processed meats, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and packaged/frozen foods that are full of preservatives. My doctor has explained that the overgrowth of yeast in the colon and intestine shields and protects the EBV virus, so the body cannot find it in order to ‘fight’ it. So, keep the yeast levels down, and the flare ups are better controlled, and you will have much more
    energy. I do organic vegetables-especially green leafy-protein rich meat like cage-free chicken breast, turkey, tuna and salmon. Avoid wheat, pasta, processed meats (like lunch meat, bologna, bacon, etc), limit red meat and no caffeine! Also limit dairy-I eat only Monterey Jack
    cheese cause it’s the least moldy of all the cheeses and contains some protein. You’ll be amazed. It takes some discipline, but if you’re like me, you’ll feel so much better that it give
    you the incentive to maintain the healthy eating. Also, take a good multivitamin. I take Po d’Acor every day to keep the yeast levels down, and once a year do a cleanse (I do the
    Isotonix). I hope this helps. It’s an awful feeling. People don’t understand that even though you
    look good on the outside, you feel absolutely terrible on the inside. Good luck and hang in there!

  27. Edgar Hernández García says

    Sólo Jesucristo puede realmente ayudarnos, confiémos en Él con todo nuestro corazón!!!

  28. Zain says

    Hi Everyone,

    The presence of EBV in my blood was detected in Jan 2012. i tried the same approach as many of you have spoken about here. I have been reading plenty of articles on infectious diseases and have assessed the availability of conventional treatments and non-conventional treatments as well. I prefer to remain hopeful of being able to treat this condition rather than to live a miserable life.

    Multivitamins, diet, and a lot of rest. I have done that. I came across an interesting video by a doctor at stanford research center on the treatment of EBV and he mentioned that the drug “valgan cyclovir” has elevated the symptoms of CFS in many of his patients during a clinical trial.

    Now since i have been looking beyond the conventional approach as well, i came across treatments offered by doctors who practice ozone therapy, mickel therapy (he says it really works). I prefer to keep an open mind and prefer to think that non conventional approaches can work for certain things.

    Below are few references to interesting videos by experts who speak about CFS and other infectious diseases. Hope the information helps.


  29. flo says

    I have been diagnosed with the EBV and CMV for two years now and it has been active and I am exhausted I feel terrible everyday. I am currently out of work trying to get SSI and I have no medical insurance, since I am collecting unemployment I can’t get Medicaid. But I am told I have to constantly see doctors which I can’t afford, if I get a job I am worse and then SSI says well you are working but the jobs don’t last because you are out or you have brain fog or exhausted. So what to do, where to go. I live in the Tampa Bay area and if anyone knows where to get help I would appreicate any advice.

  30. Katie says

    Hello i was diagnosed with mono when i had strep three weeks ago i was doing ok then yesterday and today it hit me hard! I mean my body is so heavy and crappy. I heard EBV is not deadly unless you do something to rupture your spleen but i think i need to go into the doctor again as im in pain all over to make sure i don’t have something else coming on as my immune system is low from medications. and I didn’t know 95% of us have the virus in us that is good info to know.

  31. diana says

    I seem to be having a flare up of mono. I am in my fifties and was finally diagnosed supposedly having caught it from a grandchild who goes to daycare. It took two years to I thought get over it. Now I have the symptoms again and so does my husband. We were told we both had a lingering virus. We are both sick of each other being sick. I am wondering why if so many of us have this why more isn’t being done to address it. I do want Dr. Oz to talk more about it and our immune systems on his show. I am very fearful of MS, and have always tried to lead a healthy life. I can’t believe there is little we can do to manage this. I am so sad for everyone struggling with this. If anyone learns more please check in and let us all know.

  32. Sabine says

    I also think Joy-Ann is on the right track since parasites can cause chronic fatigue, are difficult to test for, and very easy to get. Diet is essential and daily multivitamins. I think many people on anti-depressants may in fact have CEBV or parasites or both. My docs tried to put me on antidepressants, I refused, and finally “forced” another doc to test me for EBV because there were abnormalities in my white blood cell ranges (NEU, MON, LEU), but total WBC count was within range, as was all my other bloodwork (including thyroid). She said doing an EBV test wasn’t indicated, but the results came back off-the-charts EBV last week. Now she is testing herself, and she found another patient who also has it! It’s important to rest, not do too much, limit stress. YOU MUST! It is my opinion that flare ups must be related to decreased or overloaded immune system. EBV is a “weak pathogen” — almost all people have it but do not have symptoms unless they are “run down” or immunodeficient or overly stressed or have something else going on. Obesity and sendentary lifestyle can also contribute. Do not expect much help or even belief from your doc. Help your doc by educating yourself and her/him. Bring credible info from reputable websites/sources with you to appointments. If he/she is unwilling, find someone else! Google Chronic Epstein-Barr Support or CEBV.org for loads of info and a support forum. You CAN get better, but you must treat yourself better first! For the record, Vit D functions best when all other vits & minerals are balanced. You can show a Vit D deficiency when you have a deficiency of something else, like zinc, so it’s not just Vit D. Also, many zinc deficient people are highly susceptible to parasites and are basically immunodeficient. High prevalance in elderly.

  33. mag says

    Epstein Barr Virus reactivations can be successfully treated by a combination of Lyzine, monolaurin, and I believe the third one is Astra Isatis. There are other things that hasten the mending process, including B-12. The virus will always be there, but it can usually be pushed back into a latent state with these natural antivirals. I was a mess when I found a wonderful naturopathic doctor and instructor Eric Jones at Bastyr here in Seattle. He took one look at my lupus ANA blood tests and said they looked more like an EBV pattern to him. TWO WEEKS later I was a new person. I have since had the beginning of another reactivation, but I go right back on the protocol for several weeks and I’m ok. Stay away for L-arginine. It’s an amino acid and it breaks down the protective wall that encapsulates the virus, allowing it to reactivate. Energy drinks and protein shakes are loaded with L-arginine. This is a lay person’s explanation, and very basic. You should be able to find the protocol, dosages, etc if search for them on the web.

  34. Sabine says

    Yes! “Mag” is right! Stay away from L-arginine (found in nuts and power/diet drinks) and take L-lysine. I took 500mg lysine 4x per day and felt better within two days. Backing off the dose now, but I can tell when I don’t take enough (I get so tired, depressed and irritable again). Also taking multivits and B-complex. I’ve also heard that monolaurin helps. Specialist at Stanford recommends Valtrex or Famvir 1g 4x per day and Ritilan for brain fog. Anything that treats a herpes-type virus (shingles, cold sores) will also work for CEBV. Strengthen your immune system. Wonder out loud to your doc if you REALLY need the antidepressant?? Nasty stuff.

  35. alison gates says

    I have lived with chronic fatigue since I was 15-(23 years) The only thing, besides acupuncture that has had any real affect, has been taking Usana vitamins. I swear by them. When I do not take them, the symptoms flare up. It does not cure me..but if I do not take them, I start getting so foggy brained that I can barely function. It takes about 2-4 weeks to notice, but without them I struggle. I just had surgery and didnt take them for a week. Now my glands are swollen, I have major fog brain and I am achy and tired. I know there are other things that can help too, but for some reason, these vitamins are very good quality and they work. They were recommonmeded to me for chronic fatigue many years ago.

  36. Pixie Poet says

    The current serum vitamin D levels 30-100 ng/ml are wrong. Optimum blood levels are actually 60-80 ng/ml. Most people need to take 20,000 IU of vitamin D, with 2 mg of vitamin K2 (Life Extension brand sells dosages high enough) every day for 12 weeks to see results. You can check your blood levels on your own with a kit purchased from ZRT labs.
    Google vitamin D with Dr Gominak, Dr Mercola, or Dr Hollick for details.

  37. sandi says

    I am 57 and have been suffering terribly with epstein barr since in my early twenties. I am horribly sick, my glands in my neck are always swollen, painful and throb. I have a splitting headache, low grade fever, fatigue and muscle aches and pains. I am not able to work. I was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous tumor on the brain and I KNOW it is the result from having this virus as it is known to cause head, neck and throat cancer and lymphoma. My tumor has made my left leg paralyzed and I have seizures from it. I always wonder what destructive things is it doing to my body right now. It’s hard for anyone (my hubby) to understand how gross I feel cuz people who don’t have it can’t relate. It is completely debilitating. It has taken my life away from me, hands down. Stress brings it on and with the tumor, I am stressed all the time because of the handicaps it has caused, meds and frequent brain scans. Between the virus and the tumor I know I will not live to be old. It doesn’t bother me tho cuz THIS life is hell and I’ve lost all interest in being here.

  38. Dee says

    I have suffered with eppstein bar virus for almost 20 years now In my case, I have lost weight, have achy and tired joints, gastro problems, light sensitivity and cannot seem to concentrate whatsoever. I seemed to accept my illness until my daughter got sick 2 years ago and my son thereafter. Now I am stressed every day because I never wanted them to have to go through with what I have to go through. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Its a shame that we have to suffer in silent and there is nothing being done about it.

  39. TMR says

    I was diagnosed with EPV today – have had major issues with Fibro and now they say CFS caused by EPV. Value was 150+. I’m already on ritalin for a sleep disorder (Just another part of CFS/Fibro, but it helps to get the med), and it definitely helps. I’ll be starting valtrex soon, but nervous about all this. It seems I can give this to my husband, but I don’t remember EVER having Mono. How do you have EPV and never had mono? It’s weird. Anyway, stress of diagnoses stole all my energy,s o going to take a nap now.

  40. Rachel Oronoz says

    December of 2012, my 15 year old was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus. A week later, she also tested positive for Lyme Disease. I chose to go the all natural route to attack both these horrible diseases. She had lost 15 pounds in a month and suffered with chronic fatigue. My natural Doctor started her on homeopathic remedies and some whole food supplements. She was then tested 2 months later and both the Epstein Barr Virus and the Lyme Disease were dormant. she was able to travel with her club soccer team to Las Vegas, New Jersey, Colorado, and San Diego where she competed in all tournaments. In October of 2013 she again started to lose weight, her right eye started to droop, and she suffered with chronic fatigue. I not only took her back to her natural doctor but I also started her on a Lyme protocol with DoTerra Essential Oils. We are on our third round of this protocol and I am proud to say that TODAY when my daughter got tested, the Epstein Barr Virus was GONE, NOT dormant but untraceable. Her doctor said this was nothing short of a miracle. The Lyme is still present but dormant and I believe as I continue the DoTerra protocol that the Lyme will also be gone. I forgot to mention that my daughter as a sophmore in high school was offered a full ride athletic soccer scholarship to a DIV 1 school in California. She is healthier now than ever and Im a TRUE believer in the Essential Oils. If you have any questions please go to my website at sharingwellnesswithjuiceplus.com and send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible. I believe that through all the time and money that has been spent on learning and educating myself, my daughter is alive and has an amazing quality of life.

  41. Jane says

    I have been struggling with mono for about 8 months now. It took a while to get a diagnosis (I just thought I kept catching the flu and cold) but luckily one doctor I went to thought to test me for mono. I suffered with a sore throat which wouldn’t go away, tiredness, headaches and just generally feeling awful. Couldn’t find the energy to do anything and would have been quite happy just locking myself away in my room. I was taking all the vitamin and herb supplements that were supposed to help with this, but it wasn’t until I tried liposomal vitamin C that I actual felt human again. Like 110% better again!! I take 2g a day at the moment but was taking 6g a day when I was feeling really bad. I’m going to keep taking it because the first year after mono is the most crucial as this is when it can recur if you don’t look after yourself. I use the LivOn Labs brand (watch out for cheaper brands which claim to be liposomal but aren’t really) and there are loads of videos online about how to make your own. If you’re suffering from mono then please try it, well worth the money and effort.

  42. Wishful says

    There is a lot of misinformation that I was reading and finally I just stopped. For all of the herpesvirus family, you want a medication that will break the viral envelope. If the envelope is damaged the the virus cannot become infectious (spread). Second, while some studies show Valtrex which is a form of acyclovir to be helpful, it is not very good at treating EBV. It works on other herpes viruses because SOME of the others contain Thiamine kinase. The acyclovir binds to that protein really well and helps to inhibit the replication of the virus. EBV is not known to have thiamine kinase.
    There is a drug that is in the same family that is in testing stages although I haven’t heard too much about it. Each antiviral drug is made for a specific virus. It’s not like an antibiotic that you can take for many things. Antivirals also can make you really sick, and if they do help, leave you completely dependent on them.
    While it’s not a perfect fix, I have had a lot of luck from monolaurin by Solaray. It’s 500 mg. I take it three times a day when I am not having symptoms, and about 5-6 times a day when I am having an episode. (female, 25, 145 lbs) B-vitamins are also great, as well as oregano oil capsules. None of these are cures, but they do seem to help. However please note that so far the monolaurin is acting just like the antiviral drug would. I ran out and missed a days worth of supplements and am now very ill. Also note that if you have high blood pressure you should definitely ask your doctor because monolaurin is made from the fatty acids in coconuts. It can definitely raise blood pressure with long term use.
    If you can afford the valtrex and know a doctor that can give you the right dosage, go for it! I just did a research paper for my biochemistry class and learned all of that information that I couldn’t previously find when just searching EBV.
    Also, please don’t freak out too much about cancer. Yes, I have been there and find myself freaking the same. EBV is known to cause cancer in Africa and Asia because of different genetic material (that’s what they say). They really don’t know why. It is unlikely in the US. Yes, lymphoma is possible but stress can cause all kinds of illnesses. I also tried acupuncture for a while and that was helping too. It’s also quite relaxing so you should try it anyways! EBV was once thought to cause CFS, but now has been almost completely ruled out. Some remedies for EBV might be helpful for people with CFS, but they are not the same thing.

    I don’t know how many doctors I’ve been too and none are very helpful. I just keep hoping that if enough of us are out there with chronic EBV, then they will do more research. Antivirals are very expensive and time consuming to research so they only do it for viruses that affect large populations. 95% of people have no symptoms of EBV, so it’s not a top priority. If we get the word out that we’re all suffering from this, then maybe it can be!

    I am not a doctor, but I am studying biochemistry. I will link the sites that have this information. However, the information is very scientific and if you don’t understand, it could scare you or give you misconceptions. Also, check with your doctor before taking any supplements. I tried to say things as simple as I could! Feel better everyone!!!


  43. Mariam says

    I’ve never been the same since I got Mono in college, 20 years ago. It’s been found that I’ve had EBV reactivated last year and this year it was CMV reactivated. It was reactivated for at least 5 months before I was started on Therapy with Valcyte. I’ve been on it 4.5 months and it has worked wonders!! I still get sick after exertion and am tired all the time, but I’m so much better than I was months ago. Valcyte is pretty amazing!

  44. Tammy says

    I tested positive for Epstein-Barr in March 2012, and it took several months to recover and be able to work an 8 hour day back at work. Although I still got tired easily, I knew when to slow down and did fine. Due to a major stressful issue at my job this last year, I have now relapsed and back in the bed and on med leave again. To those of you who have dealt with EB for years, do you ever really feel like yourself again? My EB doctor, as well as my infectious disease doctor, both say this relapse won’t be as bad as the first, and they are both saying I may be off from work longer than 8 – 10 weeks. I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever fully be ME again and be able to work full time again. Prior to having it the first time, I was always active and lived a very happy fulfilling on the go life. Even before relapsing two weeks ago, the fatigue and brain fog never seem to go away. I haven’t been on any meds during this time, but one of my doctor’s has even suggested Lexapro to assist with keeping my emotions in check during the frustration of relapsing, as I’ve always been a very social and active person, and always enjoyed my office job. I haven’t agreed to do so yet though.

    I have learned this time though, that stress is my number one enemy and I will definitely be changing some things….as in a new job for starters!

    Any suggestions and words of encouragement for ever feeling like ME again would be greatly appreciated. It’s good to know others that have gone through the same thing and that I’m not alone.

  45. Angel says

    Has anyone tried anything different for EBV? I can’t find anything to help with the fatigue. I see my doc. soon but he really isn’t much help. I am just tired of feeling good for a while then bam right back to not wanting to get out of bed. Any good med suggestions?


  46. Lezlie says

    I am a 43yr old female. Just diagnosed with chronic active EBV and CFS. The doctor acted like it’s no big deal. A over abundance of yeast could of possibly set this off. I did have mono when I 13yrs old. This is crazy. I have never heard of this. I am miserable with so many symptoms and although I look well I don’t feel well. I feel like no one believes me and I am all alone. The only reason I want to get out of bed is my two kids. The dr advised me to take Vit. D, E and B complex. Cut down on foods high in yeast and take a pro biotic. I don’t eat healthy and I dont
    exercise and I don’t take vitamins. Time to stop taking care of every one else and take care of
    Myself. I feel alone. My obgyn found this in a complete hormone test I requested because I thought maybe I was going through menapause. Well not at all. Prolactin levels low and high levels of ebv active. Also, almost pre diabetic. A1c 5.9. So much to discover. I am at a loss. I just want to pull covers over my head and sleep for eternity. That is the depression part…..but deep down I am a fighter. I will take control of my health so I can be here for my kids. Can I give this to my kids while I am in a active phase?

  47. Mag says

    I originally submitted the post below in Oct of 2012. I’m re-posting it because I see so many people saying “what can I do?” or that their life seems to over or not worth living. Yet I don’t see that they’ve tried what has worked successfully for others. I repeat – LYSINE: 500 mgs once or twice a day, MONOLAURINE: 600mgs three times a day, ASTRO-ISATIS: three 650mg tablets three times a day. Two weeks after starting this standard protocol I had my life back. I’m 72 years old and was in misery for years. Now I work part time, ski, and play with my grand children. You will never get a traditional doctor to help you with this.
    I love my GP, but she didn’t even know how to order the tests that the naturopath ordered
    (for insurance purposes). If you can’t find a naturopath to help you, I believe you can order all of the above on line yourself, from reputable companies without a prescription. You CAN feel better. The virus will always be with you, as it is for anyone who has ever had MOMO, whether they know it or not. But this protocol will put it back into an inactive status. You will most likely have to take it the rest of your life – as I do, but it is well worth it!
    October 29, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Epstein Barr Virus reactivations can be successfully treated by a combination of Lyzine, monolaurin, and I believe the third one is Astra Isatis. There are other things that hasten the mending process, including B-12. The virus will always be there, but it can usually be pushed back into a latent state with these natural antivirals. I was a mess when I found a wonderful naturopathic doctor and instructor Eric Jones at Bastyr here in Seattle. He took one look at my lupus ANA blood tests and said they looked more like an EBV pattern to him. TWO WEEKS later I was a new person. I have since had the beginning of another reactivation, but I go right back on the protocol for several weeks and I’m ok. Stay away for L-arginine. It’s an amino acid and it breaks down the protective wall that encapsulates the virus, allowing it to reactivate. Energy drinks and protein shakes are loaded with L-arginine. This is a lay person’s explanation, and very basic. You should be able to find the protocol, dosages, etc if search for them on the web.

  48. Lauren says

    Mag….that is some very inspiring information. I was wondering if you take those products on a regular basis everyday or only if you have a flare up? I was told a few years ago I have a “dormant ebv” and I didn’t think much about it. I felt if it was something of concern my doctor would have done something about it. Lately I have been, for about a month now, very, very tired all the time. I went and had blood work done last week and find out that the EBV is still in a dormant state but I also have CMV which my doctor never tested me for before. That also is in a “dormant” state. My doctor doctor, again, seems to not be worried but I am…I looked up the products you suggested and was going to order them just to keep my own immune system at its best and just wondered if this was something to do every day the rest of your life or just at certain times…any info is helpful as this is really bothering me…why am I so tired if these viruses are dormant? And what triggers these viruses to become active? So many questions and so little good information. Thanks.

  49. wishful says

    Monolaurin will increase your blood pressure. I am in my twenties and mine went sky high from taking this on a regular basis. It did seem to be working, but I would monitor your blood pressure closely with your doctor.
    CMV and EBV are from the herpes virus family. The dormant state means that it cannot/ should not be causing your fatigue. It will always remain dormant your whole life or should. Ex: When you get chicken pox the virus goes dormant as well and under the “right conditions” (possibly uv light and stress) then it can come back as shingles.
    If they are looking at the markers and you haven’t had a recent infection of the virus, then there could be a million other things that are causing the fatigue. It’s worth a try for the vitamins/ supplements mentioned, but definitely check with your doctor if you’re going to take them longer than 30 days. Also if they haven’t ruled out autoimmune disorders then certain supplements can make those conditions worse.
    Mine keeps coming in weird cycles of perfectly healthy to bed rest three months later. It is always active when I get the bed rest…but it’s also not studied very much because 95% of the population doesn’t get symptoms when they have EBV.

  50. Debjane53 says

    I have been diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus back in October of 2014. This is month six and still having symptoms. It seems like it goes into different phases. I am noticing now that I try to do something and have to take a nap. My eyes are jiggly and tired. I had a housecleaning business but had to give that up because of the physical work. I haven’t exercised in 6 months. Just started taking walks with my dog. Been to the doctors on and off now for the past 3 months. I symphasize with anyone who has to deal with this. You think you are almost over it, and bang, it comes back again. It’s crazy stuff but have to think postiive and hopefully it will end soon.

  51. Debjane53 says

    I just wanted to add and say thanks Mag for that info on Lysine, MonoLaurine, and Astro-isatis. I just ordered the MonoLaurine. I have BHT which is similar to Lysine so taking that instead. A friend of mine told me about that and it worked wonders for him, so I will try this remedy and see what happens. What can you lose. Thanks again, so much for that info.

  52. Lauren says

    Debjane53…..Just wanted to shed some light on what I started doing and I feel SO much better. When my doctor told me I have EBV I went home and did my own research only to find out that basically everyone that ever had chicken pox also has EBV and most people never even know it. I was constantly tired plus I have a very physically demanding job, let alone I am 57 years old and at 15 years ago weighed 405 pounds. So, needless to say my body was in poor shape. I was going to my doc once a month with my complaints and she would give me a shot to “pep me up” and then it seemed like I was fine until the next month. Upon coming across this site I also read Mag’s post about the MonoLaurine, Lysine and Astro-isatis. I ordered all three products. I started with just the MonoLaurine and the Lysine, both are capsule form and due to me having a gastric bypass I could not swallow capsules. Every morning for the past .4 months I open my capsules and put them in my morning yogurt…I always get Greek yogurt with some kind of flavor or toasted coconut….I have NEVER felt so good as I have the last couple months. I have not been back to my doctor in 4-6 months and really feel no need as I am doing fine. I do have the third product that was mentioned but decided to stick with what I am doing since it is going well. Sometimes I “want” to take a nap but not because I am tired…sometimes I just want a little “time out”…I monitor my own blood pressure and have had no issues with that either. I think it is worth a try but it doesn’t make you feel better in a few days…you need to stick with it and you will see. I have done a LOT of research on these products and it is all good….Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in because I know how you must feel and there is light at the end of the tunnel…..hope it works for you….just have to give it time…

  53. Mag says

    To answer Lauren’s question from last November – sorry I didn’t see it sooner. Yes, I will most likely have to take the Lysine, Monolaurine, and Astra-Isatis every day for the rest of my life. Not cheap, but worth every penny to feel so good! Also, a reminder about avoiding arginine.
    While it might give you give you a temporary boost, it dissolves the thin shell that encapsulates the EBV virus and allows it to re-activate. I do eat nuts, and other arginine foods, but I keep track of how much. And I NEVER take an energy drink. They are loaded with arginine. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if my dear Dr. Jones had not saved me with these natural antivirals. As I’ve said before, at 72 I’m working two jobs, driving to Portland several times a month to care for a ggranddaughter. The women I work with are 20 years younger, but after work they go home and hit the sofa. I go home, change clothes and go dancing several nights a week. Yes, I well remember what it was like to not be able to get out of bed in the morning and hurt all over. “Muscle snakes” is how I described the pain.
    But those days are gone. If nothing else has worked for you – then try the protocol. Good luck to all. Mag

  54. Deborah says

    If am reading all these comments and I’m more confused than ever. My 30 yr old daughter has been sick on and off for years and I just thought it was normal and perhaps part of her emotional make up because we are highly emotional and verbal in our family. She told me today she saw an infectious disease dr. And she has CAEBV…. I had heard of EBV but not the other. I began talking about supplements, and spirituality and homeopathic approaches and she repeated what she had and said the Dr. Said it can be fatal and she will never be rid of this. I am in a state of shock. She works out, never had mono, and has always been overall healthy but with a sore throat, cold, body aches, etc. nothing out of the ordinary. I’m so sick..worried out of my mind, and want her to be wrong….how can this be? But all year she kept crying saying that she wasn’t herself, she didn’t look the same, her body was changing, her hair was falling out. She has competed in body building these last 3 years and put her body and emotions under tremendous stress and I hated seeing her do that but she loved challenging herself. I think it may have made her sick….what can I do, how can I help her, will she live…?
    Thank you all for listening. I’m lost….
    Deborah in connecticut

  55. shathi says

    I’ve heard about a new ultraviolet machine called the UVLRx that’s being used for Epstein Barr patients. It uses a fiber optic thread which is inserted directly into the vein and the treatment lasts for an hour, so all the blood is treated. Has anyone tried this?

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