Dr Oz: Essentia Pillow, Homedics Massage & Magic Bullet: Hot List

As part of Dr Oz’s Watch & Win Hour, Doctor Oz gave a list of three of his favorite products – a.k.a. Dr Oz’s Hot List!  And the best part is that all of us have the chance to win Dr Oz’s Free Giveaways of the Essentia Pillow, the Magic Bullet and the Homedics Swedish Massage Cushion on Monday, February 7 2011 at 3 pm!  Dr Oz Hot List I will tell you below how you can enter for a chance to win Dr Oz’s Hot List items!

Dr Oz’s Hot List

Here are the three items that Dr Oz said he absolutely loves:

Dr Oz: Essentia Pillow – Eco-Friendly Memory Foam

Dr Oz said that he loves the Essentia Pillow ($149) and he takes naps on them in his green room!  The Essentia Pillow is made of memory foam technology, which allows you to get into just the right position for your body.  Plus, the Essentia Pillow is the only Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Pillow out there, which really excites me!

Dr Oz: Magic Bullet Giveaway

Dr Oz said that if you do not pack your snacks carefully, then you often end up eating un-healthy snacks.  The Magic Bullet is $49.95 and it splices, dices and blends in seconds.  Dr Oz said that he loves to make something called “The Magic Drink.”  Here is his recipe:

Dr Oz: The Magic Drink Recipe

Mix together 1/3 cup soy protein, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 TB Flaxseed Oil, 1/2 large ripe banana, 12 ounces ice, 1/2 TB honey and 1 tsp Psyllium Seed Husks and blend it well in a Magic Bullet.  These things have always looked wonderful on tv infomercials, so I am glad to hear that they actually work and that Dr Oz uses them!

Dr Oz: Homedics Swedish Massage Cushion

Dr Oz said that when you have lots of stress, you should try to get massages, but we often do not get them frequently enough.  Massages can change all of our lives.  Dr Oz said he loves the Homedics Swedish Massage Cushion because you can use it when you sit in your office and get a massage without making a massage appointment.

Dr Oz: How To Enter Watch & Win Giveaways

Don’t forget that on Monday at 3 pm ET you can win a free giveaway of the Essentia Pillow, the Magic Bullet and the Homedics Swedish Massage Cushion!  All you have to do is go here at 3 pm ET on Monday for your chance to win!


  1. jacqueline says

    hey dr. oz….is your give away products a scam. I can’t get to the web site no matter what I do.. Am i just another stupid women. Jacquie

  2. Ryan says

    Oz’s give away is nothing more then cheap advertising for those companies. It was disgraceful the way he advertised for those companies. Never trust a doctor who pushes products like he does.

  3. Bella says

    For everyone who is trying to win these giveaways and thinks it is not legit: Do you have any idea how many millions of people watch his show and how many try to enter (even those who do not watch learn about these contests all over the internet). Unfortunately sometimes due to internet connection speed and bandwith or other reasons, the pages just will not load. Mine is very slow so I rarely ever get to enter these contests but I still keep trying lol.

    Ryan, it is actually an advantage to the companies and manufacturers of the products that he advertises. It is a huge way to get product information to viewers. Just because you may not like what he is about does not mean you should tell others not to trust him. You and your bad attitude can go watch another show if you do not like it.

  4. Candi says

    I submitted and got a confirmation for both the pillow AND the majic bullet…here it is Mid March and still NOTHING. I think it is a SCAM.

  5. queenjames says

    I thought, like many others, that my submission for the magic bullet had been confirmed, but I haven’t heard anything back. Not an email or anything. I DID however get the Swedish Massage cushion. Just showed up on my doorstep one day. So I don’t think that Dr. Oz is trying to scam anyone or give false hopes. I think any error in this giveaway is the responsibility of the companies (Magic Bullet) not Dr. Oz or his affiliates. I would very much like to hear what went wrong with this giveaway.

  6. says

    I like the Icy Violet Waves Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Bed Pillow the best. It looks like a nice cooling pillow that I need!

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