Dr Oz: Everyday Lifesavers for Chronic Inflammation: Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

By on October 18, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment on Chronic Inflammation, and then spoke about everyday lifesavers to fight Chronic Inflammation.  So what are these everyday lifesavers that you need to stay healthy? Dr Oz Anti-Inflammatory Pills

How to Prevent Chronic Inflammation:

1.  Aspirin

Doctor Oz said that Aspirin is the holy grail of anti-inflammatory drugs.  In addition to thinning your blood, Aspirin works wonders for Chronic Inflammation.  Dr Oz suggested taking a low dose of 81 mg, a baby Aspirin, to help reduce your risk of Colon Cancer and Heart Attacks.

2.  Eat More Good Fats (Omega 3 Fats) & Less Bad Fats

Dr Oz said to eat more healthy omega 3 fats such as Canola Oil and Flax Seeds rather than foods like sunflower oil and corn.  Salmon is also a great source of omega 3 fats.  Your body will  naturally make the right chemicals to fight inflammation, but if you have Omega 6 Fats (Bad Fats) then you will have more inflammation chemicals hanging out in your body causing inflammation.

3.  Orange Juice

Orange juice of course contains vitamin C, but it also has flavonoids and protects your body from inflammation.

4.  Pedometer

Dr Oz has always stressed the importance of walking 10,000 steps every single day, and the best way to get in all of your steps is by using a pedometer.  A pedometer measures how many steps you take every day so that you can monitor your activity level.  By having moderate activity, Dr Oz said you can decrease the inflammation in your body, because active people have lower levels of C Reactive Proteins.

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