Dr Oz: Exercises & Cures for Knee Pain & Schiff Move-Free Omega Review

By on May 29, 2013

Dr Oz: Cures for Knee Pain

Dr. Oz says the most important joint in the body and the one that often causes the most pain is the knee. He invited a brave viewer into the “Anatomy Lab”, which is a medical classroom filled with bodies of those who have donated themselves to research. They examined the knees of one of the cadavers and Dr. Oz explained the key to healthy knees is keeping the surrounding muscles strong so they will not be under the force of your body, which is why so many people experience knee pain.

Dr Oz: Exercises to End Knee Pain

Dr. Oz says it was his own battle with knee pain about 10 years ago that led him to look into alternative treatments before considering surgery as an option. He is now ready to reveal his natural treatments to give you quick relief for your knee pain! Peggy Brill, Dr. Oz’s personal Orthopedic Therapist, joined him to share some easy ways end your knee pain without medication or surgery.

Dr Oz: Exercises & Cures for Knee Pain & Schiff Move-Free Omega Review

Orthopedic Therapist Peggy Brill says the best way to treat knee pain is by icing the area with a bag of frozen vegetables. It will reduce inflammation while giving you comfort.

Strengthen your Gluteus Medius muscle (on either side of your hips): Lay on your side and while you keep your feet together lift and lower one knee, like a clam. Do 15-20 reps before getting out of bed in the morning.

Stretch the Iliotibial Band (muscle that goes down the outside of your thigh): Peggy Brill says if this muscle is dysfunctional it will be tender and probably hurt when you do this exercise. Use a foam roller (or rolling pin from your kitchen) and roll back and forth to mobilize the Iliotibial Band and soften the tissue in that area of your knee.

Exercise to stretch the mid-section of your foot: Stand with one foot forward and resting your weight on the back leg. Without bending your toes, create a dome in the arch area of your foot.

Dr Oz: Best Way to Treat Knee Inflammation

Peggy Brill says the best way to treat pain in the knee caused by inflammation is by icing the area. She says the way is to use a bag of frozen vegetables, which will conform to your knee rather than fall to one side like an ice pack would do.

Dr Oz: Schiff Move-Free Omega-3 Review

Dr. Oz has recommended an Omega-3 supplement on his show many times before, but one benefit he does not talk a lot about is their ability to reduce inflammation and ease the pain in your joints, especially the knees.

Dr Oz: Healthy Shoulder Exercise

Dr. Oz says your shoulders are not only the joints with the widest range of motion, but they are also the most prone to injury. He shared an easy exercise to keep them flexible and healthy.

In a seated position place your hands behind your neck (like you would to do sit-ups), with your elbows in front of your face. Slowly open and close your elbows to stretch your shoulders. Do about 10 reps for the most benefit.

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