Dr. Oz: Exercises For Your Eyes, Eye Smoothie Recipe & Presbyopia

By on April 5, 2010

Doctor Oz spoke about Presbyopia, what people get as they age and find it harder to read things close to your eyes.  When we reach our late 30’s, our reading materials begin to move further and further away, because it is too blurry to read close-up.  The reason for this is because normally, light comes through the lens of our eyes and goes to the back of our eye where impulses are sent to our brain through our nerves to tell use that we are seeing something.  As we get older and develop Presbyopia, the lens on the front of our eyes thickens and the light no longer focuses in the right spot on the back of our eyes, which is why  people wear glasses to make the light hit the right spot on the back of their eyes.  In addition, people begin to notice that they need a lot of light to read – Dr. Oz said that he has trouble reading menus in dark restaurants for example.

Dr. Oz’s Eye Exercise

From the moment we are born, our eyes begin to deteriorate.  By the time we are teenagers, Dr. Oz said we can only read things 3″ away from our eyes on average.  You can do an exercise to help strengthen your eyes though.  Hold one finger out in front of your face (as far back as possible).  Focus on the finger as you move it closer to your nose, until it becomes blurry.  When your finger becomes blurry, move the finger back out (still focusing on your finger).  Repeat moving your finger closer and further from your nose (focusing your eyes on your finger).

3 Major Eye Treatments for Presbyopia

1.  Over The Counter Glasses

2.  Prescription Glasses (Bi-Focals)

3.  Operations like Lasik Surgery (but this is not often done if you just have Presbyopia)

How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy:

1.  Get regular eye exams

2.  Read with sufficient light

3.  Make the following “Smooth See” Smoothie Recipe that helps with your eyes and any retinal problems.

“Smooth See” Smoothie Recipe for Healthy Eyes

Make a smoothie out of the following ingredients and you will keep your eyes healthy and strong!

– Spinach (contains lutein)

– Peppers (contains vitamin C)

– Carrots (contains carotene)

– Flax Seed Oil (contains omega 3’s)

– Lemon Juice (more vitamin C)

– Cayenne Pepper

– Pinch of Salt

Dr. Oz: Exercises For Your Eyes, Eye Smoothie Recipe & Presbyopia

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  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in learning the Exact recipe for Dr. Oz’s: “Smooth See” drink.
    In other words – How much of each ingredient. How long to blend and on which setting.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi:
    I’m interested in learning the exact recipe for Dr. Oz’s ““Smooth See” Smoothie Recipe for Healthy Eyes” drink. Exactly how much of each ingredient is needed; and how long does this need to be in the blender and at what setting?
    Thank you in advance..

  3. Greetings:

    I need to know Exact recipe for Dr. Oz’s: “Smooth See” drink as my eyes are at a desperate stage now even with definite yearly eye care. Can you help me with the different items and measurements of each for this eye smooth see drink?
    thank you.

  4. I would love to have the exact recipe for your Smooth See Smoothie

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