Dr. Oz: Extreme Medical Oddities – Octopus Man & Tree Man


Dr. Oz featured two extreme medical oddities: a half-man half-tree person and the octopus man.  I have never watched TLC’s (The Learning Channel’s) My Shocking Show series, but I might just have to tune in next time, because these stories are truly shocking (and fascinating too!)

My Shocking Story 3: Half-Man Half-Tree Person
In Indonesia, there lives a man named Dede Bin Ateng who was completely normal until the age of 15 and then he began to grown branch-life feet and arms.  They grew to be 3′ long and were continuing to grow at a rate of 2″ per year.  Soon these branch formations started to grow on his face.  Nobody could figure out what Dede had or how to cure him until Dr. Anthony Gaspari from the University of Maryland stepped in.  Dr. Gaspari is one of the leading dermatologists for rare skin problems.


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