Dr Oz Eyelash Mites & Tea Tree Oil, Blepharitis & Baby Shampoo

Dr Oz did a segment on Eyelash Mites and Blepharitis, a common infection you get along your eyelash line.  Doctor Oz said that we have 200 eyelashes per eye, and they are the prime breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.  Do you  know what is lurking on your eyelashes?  And more importantly, do you know the best ways to keep your eyelashes infection-free?

Dr Oz: Blepharitis Treatment

Dr Oz said that Blepharitis is a common infection that causes crusting along the line of your eyelashes.  If you take a close-up look at Blepharitis, it is caused by Dr Oz Eyelash Mitespollen or dust settling into the area and can cause inflammation all around the eye.  This is not the same thing as Conjunctivitis, but rather it is an infection from not keeping your eyelash area clean.  Dr Oz suggested that we can prevent Blepharitis by taking a cotton swab with diluted baby shampoo and washing our eyelids several times a day.

Dr Oz: Eyelash Mites & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Dr Oz said that 50% of us have Eyelash Mites, which we tend to get when our immune system is weak from an illness or from getting older.  When you put on mascara, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for Eyelash Mites.  So if you start noticing that your eyelashes are falling off much more than they used to, do not write it off to getting older – it could be Eyelash Mites.  They are fairly easy to spot if you go to an optometrist or ophthalmologist.  Dr Oz suggested taking a Tea Tree Shampoo and cleaning your eyelids and eyelashes every night with it.  Just make sure not to get the tea tree oil in your eyes! Just like Dr Oz, I love Tea Tree Oil, so if you buy some Tea Tree Oil to mix into shampoo for treating your Eyelash Mites, here are a couple of other uses for the rest of it: Tea Tree Oil for Acne and Tea Tree Oil Kills Mold.


  1. j weatherford says

    I have had an infection on my eyelid for three weeks wh started after a heavy day of pollen count. How do I clear the infected eyelid? With the tee tree oil shampoo? I have been using warm compresses often throughout the day with some relief but the infection never quit goes away. Do I need to see my doctor?

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