Dr Oz: Facial Hair Fix + David Allen Organization, Get Things Done


Dr Oz: Fix For Facial Hair

If you have unwanted facial hair, Dr Oz and lifestyle expert and therapist Tia Brown, were ready to help you tackle it. There are all kinds of at-home gadgets out there that claim to help, but how do you know which ones will actually work? One woman said she’s tweezed, shaved, and used other hair removal products to deal with her facial hair.

First, they looked at home threading. Tia said threading can be costly and plus you’re often in the middle of a salon, so there’s no privacy. There’s a device called the Spring Facial Hair Remover, and it only costs $1.99. You don’t want to use it on your eyebrows but for your other problem areas, simply twist the ends while you run it across the area you want to take care of. A little warning, threading is painful!

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