Dr Oz: Faith Healer Dr Issam Nemeh: Scam Or Faith Healer?


Dr Oz did a show unlike any of his others.  Doctor Oz interviewed Dr Issam Nemeh to find out Is He A Faith Healer Or Not?  For years, Dr Oz has heard stories about this doctor in Cleveland who people come far and wide to visit because he has an unexplained ability to heal people through prayer and his touch.  A large section of Dr Oz’s audience were filled with people who say that Dr Nemeh has healed them with his unshakable faith and his hands.  Could faith be the reason why the unexplainable sometimes happens?

Dr Oz: Who is Dr Issam Nemeh?

Dr Oz said that Dr Issam Nemeh is a trained Anesthesiologist who has gained a reputation for healing with his hands.  Nemeh works in both a medical office to treat patients with acupuncture Dr Oz Dr Issam Nemehand infrared treatments and he also works in church where heals people through touch and prayer.  Some people were healed from conditions they never thought that they could overcome.  One lady said Dr Nemeh cured her of MS.  Of course, there are skeptics, but Nemeh said that everyone who has doubt should come and witness it themselves.

Dr Oz: Is Dr Issam Nemeh A Faith Healer?

Dr Mike Roizen is intrigued by Dr Nemeh and visited his church.  Is all of this just a Placebo Response or some absolute gift?  One thing is clear, and that is that people seem to feel better.  Dr Issam Nemeh said that there are no guarantees that you will be healed.  He has been called a Faith Healer, but he says that there are scientific explanations and so he prefers to avoid the term “Faith Healer.”

Dr Oz: Dr Issam Nemeh Review

Dr Oz asked Dr Nemeh how he heals people.  Nemeh said that it is through connectedness.  When you are in the right state of mind, G-d connects us together.  He can feel things happening in the body of those he prays for, so he is not disconnected.  Dr Oz asked everyone in his audience if they believe that faith can heal or not, and 86% said that they believe it can.  Dr Nemeh said that even his own brothers (who are doctors) have gone against him, but he had to make a decision to go one way or the other and this was his calling.

Dr Oz: Spontaneous Healing

Dr Oz said that there is something called Spontaneous Healing when the body somehow heals itself, and we do not understand why it happens medically.  There can be a variety of explanations including that the person was mis-diagnosed – or others believe that it is the miracle of prayer and touch from someone like Dr Issam Nemeh.

Dr Oz: Dr Nemeh Heals Lung Mass

Kathy said that Dr Issam Nemeh helped a mass in her lung disappear.  She was coughing up blood and was not breathing well.  She went to Dr James Kelly who did a CT Scan and saw that she had a bad mass in her left lung.  Kathy went to a friend’s beauty shop crying and her friend told her to go see Dr Nemeh, so she went for a 2 hour visit of Acupuncture and Infraray Light Treatments.  After her treatment, she said she took a breathe of air and could not believe how much air she was able to take in.  She went back to Dr James Kelly two months later and he said that she was 100% healed.  Kathy said that she always had faith, but this experience confirmed her beliefs.  Dr Oz said that another theory is that Kathy had a lung infection and it resolved on its own (just to play Devil’s Advocate).

Dr Oz: Dr Nemeh Heals Lung Fibrosis

Another patient of Dr Issam Nemeh was a doctor herself (Dr Patricia King) and she got a deadly diagnosis of a Lung Fibrosis where you increasingly cannot breathe and there is no known medical solution.  She was diagnosed in 1995 and Dr Oz said that most patients die within 5 years of getting the diagnosis.  Patricia said that faith is a big component of healing and that western medicine cannot reverse scar tissue, but her scar tissue was reversed.  Dr Oz asked her how she knows that what she had was not mis-categorized or that she did not have the wrong diagnosis.  Patricia said that the doctors did a biopsy of her lung which showed a fibrosis, and you cannot call it something that it is not when you look at it under the microscope.

Dr Oz: Dr Jeffrey Rediger & Harm of Faith Healers

Dr Jeffrey Rediger, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital, said that there is no harm in believing that G-d can make you better as long as you keep two things in mind.  One, you must not judge yourself or others if you do not get better.  Two, both faith and medicine are great gifts and you should not think in the mindset of either /or.  We are not just physical beings that need oxygen, we are also spiritual beings that need love.  Science is only now beginning to look at the connection between love and healing.  Just by thinking you will get better, can you really get better?  Well, some people use the word placebo to explain things that we cannot explain – it could be faith, a mental state, misdiagnosis, or mind over matter.

Dr Oz: Prayer Healing Study

Dr Oz said that there was a Prayer Healing Study that was done and people from afar prayed for various patients, which had no measurable impact on the healing of the patients.  Dr Oz asks patients all the time how they get better, and he is often told that it is through prayer.  However, sometimes people pray and do not get better.  How can Dr Nemeh help people to get better better than people praying for themselves?  Dr Nemeh said that the only thing that is important is his state of mind and his love for everyone around him.  Dr Issam Nemeh said that people often come in with photos of people who are sick, and they do not know that we are praying for them, but they get better anyway because we prayed for them.


  1. Kathy Lawrence says

    I saw Dr Nemeh on March 13, 2005 amongst 10,000 people and by some miracle in itself he said a prayer for me. I was there for nine hours at St Peter and Paul Church and you could have told me I was there for one hour. The presence of holiness and the Holy Spirit was so evident. The day changed my life forever. I did not have a physical ailment but what the experience did for my faith I will cherish for the rest of my life. I try to see Dr Nemeh as often as I can, as I find I receive grace, which truly helps me become a more loving and forgiving person. My faith and my experience at Mass have transformed into great joy for me each and every day and I am grateful to Dr Nemeh for being an instrument to awaken my spirit.

  2. says

    How do I get a hold of you for treatment? I have saracoidosis and have kidney problems as well as chronic back problems and sciatica – am allergic to most medicines Help me please Anne

  3. says

    I saw you on dr. oz show , I too need healing both knees have been replaced ,I have no energy,high blood pressure ,heart disease and other problems.
    PLEASE,pray for me.

  4. Sue Lingerfelt says

    I watched your show today featuring Dr. Nemeh and was touched by his humility. Dr. Nemeh does not do the healing, he a an instrument of God. I do believe faith plays a huge part in being healed through prayer. I always thought the person needing healing also had to have faith that God could and would do this, but maybe not.

  5. Lois Lane says

    Did the Doctor ever do research on Faith Healing of the past generations? I am a descendant of a builder of a Catholic Church in Cheektowaga that was know for it’s Faith Healings.

  6. Dr. Issam Nemeh says

    I have questions for Dr. Issam Nemeh, I have hearing lost in both ears,speech effect, and bad hip/ knees. Can you heal this? Elaine Sandmann.

  7. Mark Korngute says

    I have lost over 35 lbs. I weighed 144 now I weigh 108 lbs. If I don’t get Dr. Nemeh, I feel I will die. My Dr. At Kaiser Permanente won’t even take my blood work. I have terrible stomach pain and am having a lot of trouble eating.

    My phone number is (818)645-1522

    Please save me. I know you can help me Dr. Nemeh. Thank You.

    Sincerely, Mark Korngute

  8. says

    My 13 year old grandson has spina bifida and does not have the ability to walk. Of course I would love to see him walk but lately his spine is becoming more crooked, causing him to lean to the left. I sometimes see people in wheelchairs bent over in this manner. Is this something Dr. Mehmet would consider addressing.

  9. Mishie says

    Re Dr Issam Nemeh, I don’t no what to believe, but I no what I saw on Dr. Oz show. Can someone be so gifted? If I really have extra cash I would really travel to the State to meet with this doctor.

    I am asthmatic for years and I would really like to see him cure it. Many persons suffer from this.

    God be with you Dr. Nemeh.

  10. Balwant Singh Garcha says

    Dear Dr. Issam Nemeh,
    My wife is 73 and she has arthritis in the knees, hands and spine. She had heart bypass in January 2009 and spine fusion surgery in July 2009. After spine surgery she developed pain in the right leg. She walks with great difficulty with a walker. I shall feel extremely grateful if you kindly advise me how to approach you for her treatment.

  11. says

    I truly in Dr. Nemeh’s healing and wonder how I can get in touch with him. I feel it would benefit a lot of people if he would have a healing seminar down in Canada (Sydney or Glace Bay, N.S.)

  12. says

    Dear Dr Oz;
    I really enjoyed this show with Dr Issin Nemeh.
    Your mention of the prayer patient experiment that did not do anything noticeable!
    I recall that there are several other such experiments that were done
    over the years on both human and animals that did show definite results.
    I am sure you are aware that many persons have claimed/experienced such
    healing as Mr Nemeh does. Not easy to explain with todays knowledge limits.

  13. Eva J. Diaz says

    My brother-in-law Andres has cancer all over his body. He is worn out from chemotherapy. He needs help. How might he be able to meet Dr. Meneh? Andres lives in Puerto Rico, travel is very dificult for him.

  14. Eva J. Diaz says

    My brother-in-law Andres has cancer all over his body. He is worn out from chemotherapy. He needs help. How might he be able to meet Dr. Meneh? Andres lives in Puerto Rico, travel is very dificult for him

  15. Tracy Meenach says

    I am asking for help for my sister she is 44 years old, has dystonia in her legs and last year the docs. found a blood clot on the stem of her brain. Its causing vision problems and headaches, she has been in and out of the hospital. She lives in Arizona and all her family lives in Ky. we have a hard time dealing with this due to the fact we can’t get to her. Would like to see If there is any way you could help her. Thank you for your time Tracy

  16. Cheryl Bartolomei says

    I would like to get a video of the Dr. Oz show from Tuesday February 1,2011, with Dr. Issam Nemeh. My husband has the same lung condition that the guest had. I would like to watch the video since I missed that show. How do I go about ordering it.

    Thank you.
    Cheryl Bartolomei
    [email protected]

  17. Barbara Molden says

    I have three problems first My Husband has a servere Lung problem, My Mother-in-law has both knee replace and is having trouble walking and she has a poor shoulder, my sister-in-law has rumurtories artritis she unable to walk or wash herself. Can you hellp them if so please contact me and let me know where I can meet you to bring them.

  18. Iain Skinner says

    I would be extremely interested in being advised as to whether or not Dr. Neme can help me in any way. I have NF-2 and I’m 62 yrs. old. I have had major surgery on my spine for tumor removal in 1999 and other surgeries at various times over the years.. I also had an acoustic neuroma which was treated with Gamma Knife Surgery in 1999. I have four(4) tumors in my spinal column which at this time are stable as far as I know . I get MRI’s once a year in order to keep abreast of the status of all the tumors in my body. My Neurologist has informed me that he could operate for ever and still not remove all tumors that I have. I am in excruciating pain at times with spinal arthritis and peripheral neurapathy which I believe is part and parcel of my NF-2.
    Thanking you in advance for your advice.

    Sincerely Iain Skinner

  19. says


  20. Mishie says

    Had doctor Nema replied to any one who wrote to him since his appearance on Dr Oz show? I would really like to know.

  21. Mishie says

    Had doctor Nema replied to any one who wrote to him since his appearance on Dr Oz show? I would really like to know.

  22. Kitty says

    Dr. Oz is a con man. ANd a liar. The good old doctor oz has bought stock in a company (SIGA) that makes vaccines, then pushes vaccines on his show. What a loser. Just another greedy doctor who brings disgrace and discredit to his profession.” Dr. Oz. isn’t merely a holder of SIGA stock options, … holding stock options in a vaccine technology company, Dr. Oz. is also a front man….” Dr. Oz YOU SUCK. Screw you for being yet another SELL OUT.

  23. Nick says

    I for one would like to know why there is a $95 ticket fee to enter the presence of the Holy Spirit in one of his healing sessions. Sounds pretty lucrative.

  24. says

    there is a great deal in the power of prayer, i have prayed so many mnay times to the Virgin mary, to God, to jesus and somehow they have been healed. If people pray together there is even a greater healing. Praying also constantly for someone intercession is a great healer.

  25. Pam says

    I am not comfortable with Dr. Issam Nemeh charging 95 dollars for a prayer ticket. Prayer should be free. I am not saying God doesn’t work through him… I just have issues with him charging for prayer.

  26. Nahida Elsharaiha says

    My son started to regress physically and mentally around a year ago;we did lots of tests on him to know the cause of his brain shrinkage but no answer.He is the only child ,we believe in God and he is our only chance. Please how can we get hold of him.

  27. Ray Pavelac says

    Please pray for me since I am having serious heart problems, vein problems in my legs, and doctors do not know what is causing the heart problems. I have no feeling in my legs from my knees down. I would very much like to get in touch with Dr. Memeh. Please respond to this email with a contact for Dr. Memeh. God bless you for allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to work through you. All things are possible with God and Jesus!!!

  28. lynn Harten says

    I have a friend that had breast cancer and that is now gone but it has now moved to her liver. I would like to give her more hope for getting better and let her know how to get in touch with Dr. Nemeh would give her that hope. I am sure that she would be willing to travel to his church and partake in his celebration.
    Thank you.

  29. Robert says

    I have HIV and unsure of my lymphatic system.But have alot of body pains that could relate to the depression.I am a very loving person but have made lots of mistakes and can literally feel the evil in someone and myself when it is at surface in action. i can also play with my bodily energies with my mind,like i can feel things around me..like waves of water flowing up and down in my body.I’ve spent most of my time entering and exiting relationships,learning alot about people and there intensions.Is this something that can be healed.Or am i awakening a higher sense of one self.I do wanna know what we all are as humans im sure i can’t be the only one to feel this way.

  30. Don says

    I just got a call from my brother in Arizona. Dr Nemeh and his wife are having five healing services this weekend beginning tomorrow morning at 10 am. The location is in Paradise Valley (Scottsdale) Arizona. Without knowing all of the details, I do know that whenever you hold any kind of service or class or anything in a hotel; especially a nice hotel; it is expensive to rent the building space, chairs, have water bottles at each seat, all of the audio video equipment, etc. And of course Dr. Nemeh is a medically certified doctor who is licensed to practice medicine. I am sure he carries a lot of insurance, and has a practice to support. Tell me where you can go to see ANY doctor for less than 100 dollars? I have been in the hospital after a hip replacement and the doctor stopped by afterwards to “chat” with me for less than five minutes. On the hospital bill was a 135 dollar fee for the three minutes. I don’t think 95 dollars is excessive when you stop and think about it. BUT…..

    My brother has been an addict for over 20 years; in and out of treatment programs. He has COMPLETED at least five treatment programs of six months or longer in the past 20 years, one for a full year, so what does that tell you? And he has been in many sober living homes, and done shorter programs of 30-90 days more times than I can count.

    He has lost everything several times over. He is a Christian man who believes in God. But he just has not been able to get free of this addiction. He is not a bad person. Even when he is “out” using, he hates what he does. He is like the guy in Romans 7. The very thing that he hates doing, that is what he finds himself doing. He purposes in his heart to never use again, but then after 2, 3, 4, 6, months he succumbs and is gone for several days at a time, sometimes a week or more, using meth-amphetamine. He has been spared from suicide attempts, horrendous automobile accidents, attempts on his life by drug dealers, and more. But still he is not free from this addiction or whatever you want to call “it”.

    Today he got an unexpected call from a high school friend in California who said he does not know what Rob is going through, or even “why” he did so, but felt impressed to purchase Rob a ticket to one of the meetings this weekend. As my brother lives fairly close to Paradise Valley he is going. (AND because he is desperate for freedom)

    This takes some faith in and of itself, as EVERY time my brother goes into Phoenix he gets drugs and goes off the radar for several days. He usually avoids Phoenix like the plague. But he will have to drive right thru Phoenix to get to the revival and prayer meeting tomorrow.

    I believe with all my heart that God can, and does heal people through the use of others. The evidence is too plentiful today in both the scientific community and the community of faith to discount these healings.

    I am praying for all I am worth that my brother will be delivered from his addiction tomorrow. I would ask that any faithful believers join me in prayer for him ; that through the ministry of Dr. Nemeh and his wife, God will deliver my brother tomorrow and set him free.



  31. Joe says

    I feel that there is nothing wrong if a patient believes in faith healing as long as he/she doesn’t entirely rely on it. However, I feel that associating Dr. Oz’s show with this doctor and/or this type of healing somewhat diminish the reputation of the show. I like the show for it being a serious health show by a reputable doctor, but not so sure now.

  32. Joe says

    If he heals people through God, it should be free or he’s cheating God. If he heals people with his medical knowledge and skill, he should charge people.

  33. says

    Thank you to Dr Oz for having Dr. Nemeh on his show. I am 83 years old and a skeptic, but I do believe that human beings possess the power within themselves to alleviate or cure anything that happens to their bodies and minds. I don’t believe that anyone has the “power” to “fix” another, but I believe that some have the gift of helping us to help ourselves through positive thinking and “faith” when traditional medicine fails. I believe we have proof of this in “medecine men” of primative tribes. I would love to see a show that presents “healing” through hypnosis. I was cured of “fear of dentists” by hypnosiis in my 30’s and no longer have anxioty when visiting the dentist.

  34. Sue Lynn says

    Dr. Nemeh, I seen you on Dr. Oz and I wish there was a way that you could treat my mother.
    Lorene, can’t talk or walk anymore. She was put in a nursing home for 11/2yrs. they had her on halidol for a long period and i feel this drug did this damage.I got her home 11mo’s ago and with a trip to er, we found out she has a mass wraped around her bowel and mass on both overies and kidney stones.the surgeon doesn’t think she could undergo the anesthesia. she has alsheimers,is 76 yrs. old. It would be a miracle if you could come see us in zanesville,ohio
    there is so much love here, please pray for mom

  35. says

    I have faith in God’s word. Jesus said, John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. …and He did. The Bibles says, Ephesians 4:8 Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. One of the gifts he gave was the gift of healing….Apostle Paul said or shall I say as he wrote to the Church of the Corinthians….1.1 Corinthians 12:9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

    2.1 Corinthians 12:28 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

    3.1 Corinthians 12:30 Have all the gifts of healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret? …No not necessarily and Apostle Paul made a good point that we are all members of the same body with different abilities.

    Jesus was giving gifts before his resurrection too. He said, Matthew 10:7”And as ye go, preach, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand”.
    8 “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give”. What a blessing Huh…
    Jesus also said, Luke 11:20
    But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.
    In closing, A letter to the 1 Thessalonians 4:8 He therefore that despiseth, despiseth not man, but God, who hath also given unto us his holy Spirit….it the Holy Spirit that works all in all and these are the gifts that proceed out of him to bear witness of God’s existence and love for humanity….Be Blessed forever 😀

  36. says

    Hebrews 11:1 (Whole Chapter)
    Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. …Everyone that the Doctor is praying for is hoping to be healed. Therefore, they are exercising their faith (confidence) in the fact that he can do it…For example, Jesus asked the question: Matthew 9: 28And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord.

    29Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. ….the last part: “According to your faith be it unto you”. …So faith (confidence) in what you desire is the key ingredient to manifest what you hope for…Be blessed forever!

  37. Laura says

    Are there any chain prayer blogs out there? This would be great for getting prayer chains started when needed.

  38. Maryellen says

    We are entering a new era of consciousness and media (TV, internet) has made it very easy to access information some good and some not. We forget as Christians Christ said, “You will do as I do and even greater”. Medicine is moving gradually into energy and we are proving what many have know for thousands of years, we are more than mind and body. For 4000 years Qigong has been practiced in China, this is a healing art with much documentation. There is great work being written about healing and shattering of the paradigms of false limits as in Gregg Braden’s work, “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” and the gifted healer Joseph Pierce Farrell and his book,” Manifesting Michaelangelo”. We are awakening the gifts within and are moving into a new age of healing.

  39. Maryellen says

    In defense of Dr. Oz, he has carefully studied and researched energy medicine. If anyone should bring this our attention, it should be Oz. I have followed him many, many years before his show and know that he does not jump into anything without great thought. Thanks to you, Dr. Weil, Dr.Dossey, Dr.Chopra, Dr. Orloff, Dr. Boryensenko and many, many others for your contributions to the “new” medicine.
    A response to Don regarding his brother: I know very few family members who have dealt with an addict and still show the love and compassion you do for your brother. You are truly amazing and he is so fortunate to have you. Healing comes from love and your love/prayers will heal your brother. God Bless

  40. Maria Gil says

    Dear Dr. Isaam Neemah, I would like for you to please have me in your prayers for my healing of multiple sclerosis. My husband and I just had our beautiful miracle baby boy 9 1/2 months ago. Six months after his birth I’ve had 2 mild relapses…..THANK GOD for the mild part!!!!! I would deeply love for GOD to heal me with his divine mercy. I do have faith in my healing. Prayer is the best gift and powerful thing ever, so I would like for you and the ones reading this request to please pray for me. I’ll hopefully be seeing you in the December service in Miami, Fl. Thank you for your time. GOD BLESS, Maria Gil

  41. says

    Hi, Dr. Neemeh..I been hearing alot of Miracle and your God’s instrument.I am begging to please help heal my 62 y/o mother Maria Mauleon, she was diagnosed with stage4 cancer of the uterus and she have a very rare cancer, and after 2 months of chemo her cancer mestasis to her lungs and 75% of her lungs is full of water and since then she was in lot of pain , shes been taking vicodin but it doesn’t help the pain anymore…the doctor said she only have weeks to live …my mother id dying.Please Dr. Neemeh…my mother needs a miracle please let her live and be with us for at least few more yrs..please..May the blessings of the God be with us.Thank you

  42. frances hinton says

    Would like to get in touch with the Dr that heals with hands, I have COPD and take breathing treatments every five hours around the clock, and I would like to have him pray for me if that is how he does it. I sure would appreciate any help from him I can recieve I am disabled and on SS . If my son didn’t live with me I wouldn’t be able to make from month to month as he is disabled also and on SS We both could use all the prayers we can get. Thanking y ou in advance. Hope this reaches the one I need to. God Bless And Thanks a Million.

  43. Eileen Doyle says

    I think we should always keep an open mind. As Shakespeare said “There are more things on heaven and earth than man has ever dreamed of.”

  44. Paul says

    This may well be the power of suggestion and the placebo effect.If it works – great.
    As long as the placebo deliverer does not take money.
    The attitude of mind is the most important – to want to get well!

  45. rose bickerstaff says

    I have a friend James Carll Hill, who is very ill., I want to know how I can receive healing
    prayer for him. He is a stroke survivor hospitalized in Redwood City, CA Whatever is
    required, please let me know. I truly believe in spiritual healing.

  46. Marie says

    how can we be sure he is not a fraud??? What about his income? you need a 95 $ ticket just to assist but you’re not even sure he’ll be looking at you… So many people need to believe in something… why not if it does not arm anyone… But… is it another Benny Inn, getting rich with people vulnerability… my guess si… YES!
    Otherwise, he would be able to present REAL cases to dr Oz , the thing is, even though there was a «spot» in the first lady’s lung, well… no diagnose was made! Sooo it could be just an infection or else, that just cured by itself, like we all experience: flu or gastroenteritis are just examples… The other case is more intriguing… But, as seen in a lot of hospitals everywere in the world, EVERY DAY, they make wrong diagnoses. Even a whole group of women from the CHSE hospital (québec)where given false diagnose AND treatment for breast cancer a few years ago… I knew one of them who lost her appetite, hair and health from the cancer treatment… to finally hear another doctor later telling her that she was one of «those» who received treatment for nothing… so…….be wise! Maybe some of these patients received error dx!

  47. K. Myers says

    Dr. Nemeh is a genuine faith healer and although when you hear the word faith, it does not mean that only the faithful are healed. It is true that nit all who see Dr. Nemeh are healed but, one must have faith that everything happens for a reason and that miracles do happen. For instance, although I am a Christ follower and I do believe that Christ died on the cross so that we may all be forgiven, I have a a few personal experiences with Dr. Nemeh and his healing hands. My best friends young son was taken to a church healing service when he was nine years old as the young boy was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration of the eyes when ge was 4. His eyesight became progressively worse as years passed. By age nine, his parents were told he would never drive a car and to hope for the best but, expect the worst, that his eyesight wouldn’t become any worse but, if it did his world would become darker and darker and by the time he was a young man, he would be completely blind. MD is a disease that never regresses. It only remains stagnant or progresses to blindness. My best friend took her son to see Dr. Nemeh at St Bernadette Catholic Church in Westlake, Ohio to have Dr. Nemeh lay hands on her son and heal him. It was a desperate measure as they truly had no hope medically. Something was felt by my friend and her husband has she held her son and the tight knit circle or those praying around them. It was a sensation through their bodies and it brought my friend to tears sobbing uncontrollably. She couldn’t help herself. The session was over in a matter of minutes. They left knowing something happened but, with not immediate resolution for their initial purpose of seeking Dr. Nemeh’s help. It wasn’t until a few months later that their young son had the grade school nurse call his parents to cone and pick him up from school early as he was complaining that he couldn’t see. My friend feared the worst and called her son’s opthomologist asking her to bring him immediately to the hospital. Tests were done and it was discovered that the reason he couldn’t see was because his EYE GLASS RX WAS TOO STRONG! His doctor called it a phenomenon. My friend called it a miracle and credits Dr. Nemeh for using himself as a vessel for God’s healing power. I am overjoyed to tell you that my best friends son is now 16 and his eye sight has continually improved over the years to the point if currently having PERFECT VISION and he no longer wears glasses.

    Another experience is with another dear girlfriend who also lives in NE Ohio. She made an appt to see Dr. Nemeh in his office. She wanted so much to be a mother and all medical help failed. She sought Dr. Nemeh’s help to create a miracle and allow her to conceive. I’m happy to say that at age 43 my friend had her first child and 18 months later her second. She credits Dr. Nemeh’s gift to have allowed her to conceive and not miscarry.

    Friends of mine in Houston were facing the unbearable situation of the possibility of losing their 5 month old baby due to a rare heart disorder. I’d gone to a healing service by Dr. Nemeh in proxy for my friends baby in hopes of a miracle and healing her. When Dr. Nemeh touched me and began praying over me, a warm and beautiful sensation began in the tips of my toes and literally flooded through my body upward all the way to my head. It was a feeling a complete peace and pure joy and I literally lost focus and fainted. I was held upright by those surrounding me praying along with Dr. Nemeh. Within seconds I was completely aware and began weeping uncontrollably. Not because I was sad but, it was a feeling of pure love. I can not put it into words accurately enough so you will understand. It is a feeling that is undeniable and must be felt to completely understand. Surging minutes, the session was over. Sadly, my friends baby died that next week. I was angry and didn’t understand why God didn’t save her. But I now realize we must never underestimate God’s greatness and goodness. That next year my friends stepped outside of their comfort zone and took on a venture they never ever thought they could ever have in them to not only accomplish but, to be tremendously successful. They created a non-profit organization called Vanessa’s Big Heart Foundation. The foundation raises funds and awareness about the condition that took their daughters life. By creating this foundation in their daughters name, they have focused on research to find a cure, have scholarships that go toward medical school students who wish to focus on this condition in their future practice and they have paid medical procedures, testing and surgery for other babies and children who suffer with the same heart condition essentially saving dozens of lives in the last decade all because they lost their daughter who in turn has saved many after her.

    I believe that God works in mysterious ways and in His name miracles happen everyday as proof that He exsists. Dr. Nemeh has been given a gift from God to heal others by his touch
    and prayer. It’s undeniable. You can see for yourself any time, just visit one of his many healing services at Catholic churches all over NE Ohio or simply make an appointment to see him in his office. You’ll soon be a believer too.

  48. Sheila says

    My son has had Wegeners granulomatosis for four years. Different medications and many attempts to bring him to remission have failed. He has had plasmapherisis, been in kidney failure, had a collapsed upper left lobe of his lung and had terrible issues with his sinus passages due to the disease. He has had surgeries to try to cut away scar tissue from his lungs, once at UNC and twice at Duke. There is no cure for this disease. It is an autoimmune disorder and requires life time medical interventions and medications. My son went to see Dr. Nemeh in Sept. of 2011 with great skepticism. He went to appease me. Three days after returning from the service, he noticed an extreme change in his nose. He no longer had a deviated septum. The large gapping hole had closed up and continued to improve. He still talked as if he was skeptical of the healing. In his Dec. or Jan visit to the doctors in Chapel Hill, they reviewed his chest scans and were thrilled to find that only a small sliver of his collapsed lung( collapsed in early 2009)wasn’t working properly. They were amazed at the difference between this scan and the earlier ones. He has been taken off of several medications and they are reducing the strength of others. His goal is to come completely off because he says he is healed and no longer has the disease. His doctors don’t know how to account for the vast improvement but keep reminding him that there is no cure for the disease. There is a difference between a cure and a healing! They insist that he take an immune suppressant. He got the prescription filled but he doesn’t believe he needs it. Thank God for the healing and the gift he has given to Dr, Nemeh.

  49. Dave Lynds says

    Would like to contact Dr. Issam Nemeh by e mail. Could you please send me a link or e maol address. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave Lynds

  50. Skeptical Mind says

    I have called Dr. Issam Nemeh’s office to ask how does he charge for a 30 minutes computer skype session. I was shocked when the secretary told me $200.00 payable in advance before receiving the service! I was attracted at first by this phenomenon but now my brain has taken the PathtoReality. How can you be a a man of God when you prey and not pray on very sick human beings who often are on welfare or on a disability compensation plan. I have a lot of difficulty with him living in a million dollar home, his children driving very expensive cars. What I feel is, if I had a gift like healing I would be more respectful of others because we are all connected and we must hepl each other the best way we can. He does not live by the principles he teaches. PathtoFaith should not be as lucrative as this. It is immoral!!! How long will he last abusing sick people like this. He looks humble on TV but he is motivated by his Wallet only. It is a shame. Very disturbing….

  51. Louise Vachon says

    I just posted a comment about how abusive is Dr. Issam Nemeh’s $200 fee for a skype session and I was flushed by this website. Shame, shame. shame on this website. Screening to protect the frausters. What cons are you?

  52. Skeptical Mind says

    I can now see that you finally posted my comment. Good! People are allowed to know the truth in life. We are adults and vaccinated. No patronage on this earth please.

  53. says

    I have not seen the program which has been mentioned here. I do, however, believe that God does heal those with enough faith to receive it. I also believe that God exists in each and every one of us, even those who do not believe in him, as I am sure that, having created them, He (God) believes in them! I am not a traditionalist, who seems to want to limit their God’s ability or His Love, because of the name by which He (God) has chosen to reveal himself to one culture or another. I know that all cultures (including the scientific culture as I refer to it) are created by God and loved dearly by him. I don’t blame God for presenting himself as any other form, of Love Teaching, Deity on the Planet, as we all come from, and are more able to accept, and have faith and belief, in the things we are taught by our ancestors, and this is expected by the “Most Powerful and Intelligent Being In The Universe Or Universes” depending on your conceptions and acceptance of His (God’s) presence and Love in whatever culture you stem from. I am NOT Going to LIMIT MY GOD’S Power in my life, or that of others, by the limiting thinking that HE (GOD) only ministers to and heals or blesses one faith or belief only. The Bible, one of the many love letters which God has inspired men to write to all, plainly states that He (God) is not a respecter of persons, and that He (God) makes the sun to shine upon the good and the evil and the rain to fall upon the good and the bad, and that, however, “ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM THE FATHER” and God truly is the Father of ALL not only the “Just” or “Righteous”. God created us all, evolutionists disagree with this, but they are human too, and probably fail to look at and learn about “ALL” the possible facts, one being that Hydrogen is converted into Deuterium at a constant rate over time, and that because of this, a mere 20 million years ago the earth would be in the consuming cornea of the Sun’s Heat and Radiation and no life could have existed upon it, or rather no life as we know it, that alone should make those who believe that we evolved slowly over hundreds of millions of years take a more critical look at that particular theory. I do believe that someday we may understand the processes of the Creation and our Creation because the Holy Books of the Earth have said that God would teach men “all things great and wonderful” and I think that we may just not be ready for the “Truth” of things, for instance no one person can prove their absolute existence to another human being, because you or I or anyone could be in some form of deluded state or lying unconscious (as was clearly shown in the imaginative drama “The Matrix”) in some coma or induced state of unreality and I am sure that most of us are ignorant to some degree or other of our true reality, although not hooked up to machines or computers, that would not be necessary, especially in a universe which can be mathematically proven to be purely energy(or energies) of different kinds and types slowed or sped up to create some symbolic reality that is perceived by us as “Material” or made up of matter, due to this fact everyone does essential “Create” their own perception of what reality really is, and this must necessarily be so, by the very nature of it. Still, God then, and the “Kingdom Of God” would and does indeed reside as the Great Child Of God, Jesus or Yeshua states, within each of us! How, much more truthful could His answer have been?
    When a person or group serves their own Ideologies and understandings to the exclusion of all other possibility, then they are indeed not only the “Children of God” but as Christ puts it “doth not the scripture say that ye ARE GODS”, notice that there is not a possessive punctuation there, but rather a simple statement of fact, for is not a God, one who controls one’s life and actions? So, simply put, all people have a permanent, eternal, all powerful connection to the everlasting consciousness which created us, and by doing, so our concepts individually of reality. And this is why we see miracles of faith in all circles of religious belief, not just in Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, or any other of thousands of beliefs, even in the most primitive of belief systems. That is in fact the key, true unshakable belief, or faith as some call it, in any case, when you can not soberly and sanely prove that anyone is even alive at all, then you must by the mere inclination that you think intelligently, be open to any and all possibility, including an all encompassing faith in Goodness and Love having power, just as Evil and Hatred have, even if through the actions of yourselves or those of others. I think that the money aspect is in some cases reprehensible, but in other perspectives it could insure that only those who believe strongly enough to spend their money in this way, actually have enough faith to take time with, as one person can not attend to everyone on Earth, and any large organized effort of any kind requires the hiring of support people, and the rental of properties from which to attend to the people who would like to come, and many other travel and support expenses for vast networks of people who help to make these types of healers, ministers, philosophers, doctors, practitioners, or well wishing lover’s of humanity, available to those who would like to seek them out for prayer and supplication on their behalf, but again “The Kingdom Of God Is Within You!” and If in the beginning there was only God then all that He (God) created and all “Those” whom He (God) created must necessarily be created not only by Him (God) but from His (God’s) very substance, it is only by our varied amounts of understanding that we seek differing forms of expression of healing from Him (God) and therefor, we are unworthy, not being all knowing, to judge such matters, they are and always will be matters of personal, individual Faith, and acceptance. Therefor, let us all continue to question, but to hold each other in the highest opinion of one another, in Love and in the interest of Truth, Honesty, Peace, and loving Charity. May God, whomever you conceive of Him (God) to be, even yourself, bless and keep you all always and forever. Thank you for the opportunity to express a different view of things here.

    P.S. – My name is Erick, just so no one will think me too cowardly to stand up for my statements.

  54. says

    I am not an English teacher or Professor of language, so please forgive any typos (such as where the “ly” is left off of essentially “Create” our own reality) or grammatical mistakes and incongruities in my letter to you all, and thanks again for allowing my expression and especially thanks to all who actually read and thought about what I put forth for their considerations.

  55. says

    I should have mentioned that I, myself, and many of my friends, family, and acquaintances have received personal healing from God, I was given 30 days to live by a very prominent Dr. who told me that even the medicines which were available for my condition were so toxic that in my condition, at that time, were he to give them to me, I would die even sooner, probably within 3 days, I went home and prayed and asked God for His Healing, not making promises which would only turn out to be lies, as we all do as our free will gift from Him dictates, but just supplicating His (God’s) mercy and healing, and while not completely healed (probably due to some subconscious doubt) I am still alive 17 yrs. after the best specialist in 5 states for my condition said that I could not and would not survive and did not even offer me the hope of treatment in or out of the hospital, I am today healthier than almost anyone I know and that while having almost no immunity to disease left, and this I attribute to God Almighty in whatever form He chooses to present himself, so to all who have lost hope, or who can’t seem to have faith, I would just like to say, You Are Loved! You Are Eternal! You Can Receive Healing! But remember most of it is dependent on YOU, your perceptions, Your attitudes, and Your personal expectations both consciously and subconsciously and the opinions and attitudes which you allow yourselves to be exposed to and surrounded by, even Jesus required anyone who might not believe to leave His presence when He was healing another. Sorry, that I did not include this in the comment before.

  56. passerby says

    This is a comment that I just stumbled upon — so please the poster of this comment — do not take it personally. But I think it is important to highlight the points you made:

    “Skeptical Mind
    January 16, 2013 at 5:57 pm
    I have called Dr. Issam Nemeh’s office to ask how does he charge for a 30 minutes computer skype session. I was shocked when the secretary told me $200.00 payable in advance before receiving the service! I was attracted at first by this phenomenon but now my brain has taken the PathtoReality. How can you be a a man of God when you prey and not pray on very sick human beings who often are on welfare or on a disability compensation plan. I have a lot of difficulty with him living in a million dollar home, his children driving very expensive cars. What I feel is, if I had a gift like healing I would be more respectful of others because we are all connected and we must hepl each other the best way we can. He does not live by the principles he teaches. PathtoFaith should not be as lucrative as this. It is immoral!!! How long will he last abusing sick people like this. He looks humble on TV but he is motivated by his Wallet only. It is a shame. Very disturbing….”

    The question about how much or makes or does not is not really the issue. Anyone can make as much as they want to. It is very strange how people point fingers at people who are actually helping and earning their living from it — and when it comes to visiting a doctor who sucks so much money out of them and dupes them and gives them expensive prescriptions because they are affiliated with the drug company — NO ONE complains and these very people — whether on welfare or not suck up to that very deceiving doctor who cares not one bit about whether they live or die. So think about it. Also people have no problem guzzling down booze, drugs, smoking and spending thousands every single month EVEN those who say they supposedly cannot afford it — and for this nobody says why do people have to pay for it. May be the real question is: WHY should people pay for food and water?????? But no one will dare say that because they will be laughed at. I have no affiliation with Dr Nemeh or anyone — it’s just not fair if this person is really helping and for others to simply point fingers — simply because he does healing work. Granted there are MANY charlatans out there — but that happened is EVERY industry – not simply in metaphysics. Also if he decided to dedicate himself to do this work — he is free to charge — and people are free not to go and see him — I am sure if those who really cannot afford it and are GENUINELY unable to pay — he will accommodate you. It would be nonsensical for a person to dedicate himself in assisting others through healing and not charging anything for that — and end up being on welfare himself!!!! So please don’t kid yourself that people who do healing work are not expected to charge for their work — I don’t think anyone is entitled to say that one must not charge for the work they do when they themselves are working for someone and would not do so for a single minute without getting paid! this is very hypocritical. And yes money is a perception that people have accustomed to when trying to hide behind excuses.

    skeptical mind — after reading this — try calling Dr nemeh office again and tell him the TRUTH that you are poor and on welfare and suffering etc …. be truthful. If despite that he shuns you – then you will know for yourself.

  57. Mary J Beck says

    Dr Nemeth has been treating my son and giving him false hope of curing his esophageal cancer, he keeps him on a roller coaster after his oncologist told him there was nothing else we can do for you and Dr. Nemeth tells him he doesn’t feel any cancer and he believes he is cancer free, people should be put out of business for making money on the dying by giving false hope to a medical diagnosis that is incurable , What a scam and still he is allowed to practice ,

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