Dr Oz: Fat Causes Cancer: Ovarian, Colon & Pancreatic Cancers


Dr Oz: Is Your Fat Causing Cancer?

Dr Oz is often talking about how fat can increase your risk of having a Heart Attack, a Stroke or of getting Diabetes.  But until recently, we had no idea how much your risk increases for getting Cancer if you have excess Belly Fat.  Doctor Oz said that if any of us ever needed a reason to lose weight, then surely this is it!  In fact, it could be a matter of life and death… so as Dr Oz said, lose the weight or you may lose your life.  A new study found that belly fat, especially when combined with stress and excess estrogen, can make cancerous cells grow bigger faster.

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Causes Cancer

Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Kathleen Wolin (also known as Dr Kate Wolin), who was at the forefront of the study that found a link between Belly Fat and Cancer. Dr Oz Belly Fat Causes Cancer  She said that 20% of deaths caused by Cancer in women are attributed to Obesity.  And this is something that is preventable and that we can stop from happening.  Dr Wolin said that any amount of excess weight increases your rate.  But especially if you hit the “overweight” category according to your BMI.  And if you reach the “obese” category, your risk of getting Cancer goes up even more.  She said that even if you do not lose weight, just not gaining more weight can reduce your risk of getting Cancer.  So at the very minimum, we should stop our weight gain.

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