Dr Oz: Fat First Wives Club Divorced Friends Support Group

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Dr Oz: Fat First Wives Club Divorced Friends Support Group

By on September 17, 2012

Dr Oz: Fat First Wives Club

In this hour of Dr Oz, Kirstie Alley did everything from linking Cocaine and Menopause to cooking up her Beer Basted Chicken Recipe. She even explained the line of health products she created to help keep herself in check once her metabolism changed. Next, she turned to giving relationship advice for three overweight women struggling with divorce. Can she help this Fat First Wives Club?

Dr Oz: Fat First Wives Club Divorced Friends Support Group

Dr Oz and Kirstie Alley met with three Chicago women who call themselves the Fat First Wives Club to give advice on life after divorce.

These ladies call themselves the Fat First Wives Club of Chicago, and they talked about enjoying pedicures and martinis. The women have developed a great friendship and are open about their weight and relationship issues.

Dr Oz: Divorced Friends Support Group

Gloria said she gained 30 pounds following her divorce. Another of the women misses her wedding weight of 140 pounds. The third woman said she used food to cope with stress. The three friends enjoy spending social time together, but they realize they need to make healthier choices.

They want to prove they can make it on their own and lose weight so they can look great on the outside and feel great on the inside. They joined Dr Oz and Kirstie in the studio for advice on how to move forward in their lives.

Doctor Oz: Life After Divorce

Gloria said she was blindsided by her divorce and shut down, refusing to talk about her emotions, which led to some negative changes.

Tara admitted that it’s hard admitting that she gets lonely sometimes now that she is single. Anaan wanted to get a new perspective on relationships after ending her bad marriage.

Kirstie said there are a lot of good men out there waiting to be found. She said that she was the one who pursued her divorce, and she encouraged the women to leave those relationships behind them. She said she loved that they had banded together as friends. (Just wait until one of them meets a new man and ruins the group dynamic.)

Have you been through a bad breakup or divorce in your life? How did the change in your relationship status affect your social life and self-esteem?

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