Dr Oz: Fat-urday Cheat Plan – The Day To Cheat On Your Diet!


Dr Oz: Faturday Cheat Plan

For over 400 episodes, Dr Oz has been bringing you information on how to eat healthy and lose weight. Today was no different, except you get a cheat day—Fat-urday! For the entire hour on today’s episode, Dr Oz showed you how to cheat without sabotaging your diet.

Dr Oz was so serious about this notion, he launched a campaign on Twitter and Facebook and chose 3 women (Jennifer, Linda and Michelle) to demonstrate their cheat days. He gave each woman 100 dollars of Fat-urday Fun Money and one day to live it up, eating whatever they wanted. They devoured foods like chocolate chip cookies, vanilla Swiss ice cream, pizza, butter popcorn, and my personal favorite, burgers with French fries.

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