Dr Oz: Fat-urday Cheat Plan – The Day To Cheat On Your Diet!

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Dr Oz: Fat-urday Cheat Plan – The Day To Cheat On Your Diet!

By on February 3, 2012

Dr Oz: Faturday Cheat Plan

For over 400 episodes, Dr Oz has been bringing you information on how to eat healthy and lose weight. Today was no different, except you get a cheat day—Fat-urday! For the entire hour on today’s episode, Dr Oz showed you how to cheat without sabotaging your diet.

Dr Oz was so serious about this notion, he launched a campaign on Twitter and Facebook and chose 3 women (Jennifer, Linda and Michelle) to demonstrate their cheat days. He gave each woman 100 dollars of Fat-urday Fun Money and one day to live it up, eating whatever they wanted. They devoured foods like chocolate chip cookies, vanilla Swiss ice cream, pizza, butter popcorn, and my personal favorite, burgers with French fries.

Dr Oz invited the women to the show to tally up how many calories they ate during their cheat day.

Linda- 3217 calories

Dr Oz Faturday

Dr Oz Faturday

Jennifer-3362 calories
Michelle- 2508 calories

Jennifer stated that her favorite part of the cheat day was no counting calories, carbs or fats. Linda told Dr Oz that she cheated because she was an emotional eater. Whenever she had a bad day at work or at home with the family, she wanted to eat. Michelle told Dr Oz that she was a social eater. She constantly called up friends to go out to eat and didn’t prefer salads.

Dr Oz: Fat-urday Cheat Plan

Can cheating be good for you? Dr Oz says yes, but he wants you to do it right with a cheat plan. This is where Fat-urday comes in. According to Dr Oz, people who cheat (on their diet, that is), lose more weight. This is because the foods stimulate the thyroid gland and starts metabolism. Having a cheat day takes away the desire for the body to hold on to weight like it does when you starve yourself. When you cheat, control what you’re putting in your mouth and do it at the right time and at right moment.

Dr Oz’s Fat-urday Cheat Plan

1. Choose your Fat-urday- Make it 5 days away from your last Fat-urday
2. Eliminate the binge temptation
-no eating in the car
-no eating out of the fridge or walking around the house
-sit down and stay localized
3. Have a Fat-urday schedule (3 meals, 2 snacks and target different cravings)

Dr Oz: Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast: eat a breakfast wrap
-2 strips of turkey bacon
-2 eggs
-whole wheat wrap

Dr Oz: Cheat Salty Snacks

Morning snack: eat your cheat salts
-brie or goat cheese (These cheeses have fewer calories.)
– 7 whole grain crackers
– grapes
-tall glass of water

Dr Oz: Cheat Carbs

Lunch: eat your cheat carbs-turns thyroid gland on and turns on metabolism.
-1 slice whole wheat pizza
-toppings include grilled chicken and veggies

Dr Oz: Cheat Sugars

Afternoon snack: eat your cheat sugars (simple sugars)
-1/2 C frozen yogurt
-10 almonds
Michelle tried the yogurt and said she loved it. She loved it so much, she had 3 or 4 more spoonfuls.

Dr Oz: Cheat Proteins

Dinner: eat your cheat protein
-4 oz lean strip steak
-veggie fries

If you eat everything on this plan, you’ll get 1379 calories. (On the average, women trying to lose weight need approximately 1500 calories per day.) If you go lower, your body quickly figures it out and stores the fat. Eat enough food and your body feels safe enough to let go of the fat.

This is your 1-2 times per week cheat solution to turn back the clock so your body effortlessly helps you lose weight.

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