Dr Oz: Favorite F Words & Dr Oz’s $1000 Pyramid


Dr Oz played a game with two audience members called Dr Oz’s $1000 Pyramid.  Doctor Oz gave them one minute for the lady to make the gentleman guess 5 out of 6 of Dr Oz’s Favorite F Words by giving clues that did not include the actual word.  The prize was a trip worth over $1000 to the Dominican Republic from Apple Vacations.  All of his fans know that Dr Oz loves fiber, flax seed and fitness – but what other F Words does he love? Dr Oz How Many Times A Day to Fart

Dr Oz’s Favorite F Words

Dr Oz: Flossing

Dr Oz said that flossing helps to prevent tooth decay and reduces heart disease, so you should make sure to floss once a day.  The clue she gave was that it is something that you do to your teeth – and the man got it correct.

Dr Oz: Flexible

Dr Oz said that being flexible is important to help prevent injuries, so stretch for 5 minutes every day.  The woman gave the clue that the word is the opposite of being stiff – and he guessed that one correctly!

Dr Oz: Flatulence

Dr Oz said that the average person farts 14 times a day.  You can try taking Lactose Supplements that cost around $10 at the drugstore.  The woman said that this is another word for farting, and yet again he identified the correct F word.

Dr Oz: Fungus

Dr Oz said that fungus is the most common way to spread infection and illness – so why is this one of his favorite words?!  The woman gave the clue that this is found on mold in your refrigerator, but the man could not guess the word so she moved to the last part of the game.

Dr Oz: Fish

Dr Oz said that you should eat fish 2 times a week to prevent Heart Disease and Strokes.  The woman’s clue was fabulous, all she had to say was Nemo and he guessed fish!


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