Dr Oz: Fecal Incontinence, Anal Incontinence & Rectal Incontinence


Doctor Oz said that the majority of patients who suffer from Fecal Incontinence, also called Anal Incontinence or Rectal Incontinence, are too embarrassed to tell their doctors.  Women are twice as likely to have Fecal Incontinence, and in fact Dr Oz said that 70% of the population has it… so if you have it, you are not alone!  Dr Oz also said that it happens most commonly when a woman is in her 40’s.  Here is what Dr Oz said about what Fecal Incontinence is, why it happens and what we can do about it. Dr Oz Fecal Incontinence

What is Fecal Incontinence?

Dr Oz said that Fecal Incontinence is kind of like urinary incontinence, but on the back side.  The sphincter muscles can get torn or damaged when giving birth for example.  Dr Oz said that in folks with dementia, the same thing can happen with the nerves that go to the gut (just like the nerves that go to the brain), and this can cause you to become incontinent.


  1. says

    Mominky, thank you so much for breaking the ice in the comment section for this post… I know there are tons of other people out there with fecal incontinence and I really hope that your advise can help someone!

  2. therapies says

    It is so important for women to speak to their doctors about bowel incontinence – especially since there are so many new therapies that can help! Biofeedback mentioned above is one that works well on the very conservative side…if conservative therapies fail there is also a new minimally invasive therapy called Secca – it’s very effective with a low complication rate (FDA cleared), Solesta an injected bulking agent (awaiting FDA)…then also Sacral Nerve Stimulation, which is an implant kind of like a pacemaker (awaiting FDA). As more treatment options become known – hopefully the silent sufferers will come out, talk to their doctor and take steps to improve their quality of life instead of just living with it!

  3. star says

    i would like to know what kind of doctor,or special kind of doctor would a person have to go to in order to get checked for fecal incontinence.i mean because i know this person thats had this problem for at least half a year,they have not gone to the doctor,or talked to no one yet to get this checked yet,but i dont know who to go to take this person,and the person that would need the help is of a gender of a male,in the age of 30.

  4. ebony says

    Mominky, thanks so much for the information on fecal incontinence. I have suffered from this condition for some years as a result of tear from two deliveries. I was told that to fix the condition would involve an extensive surgery. I have learned to control it somewhat by getting to know the demands of my body. This is a very embarassing condition which causes me to stay at home a lot or if I’m out in public to stay seated in one place. I am interested in learning abou the biofeedback therapy you mentioned.

  5. domenica says

    I have fecal incontinence I need to get to the bathroom urgently !!!!!!
    or it just comes out ,I can,t hold on……

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