Dr Oz: Female Bladder & Overactive Bladder Treatments


Dr Oz: Overactive Bladder

Dr Oz did a segment on why the line for the ladies bathroom is always out the door, while the men’s bathroom never seems to have a line.  Doctor Oz did an experiment at a movie theater to see how many more women go to the bathroom than men.  After a movie was over, within 2 minutes, the line to the ladies bathroom was out the door, while there was no line for the men’s bathroom.  Why does this always happen?  And what can women do to treat their Overactive Bladders?

Dr Oz: Female Bladder vs Male Bladder

Dr Oz said that it turns out that men and women have the same size bladder, both of whichDr Oz Overactive Bladder holds about 2 cups of urine.  There is a medical reason though why women have to go to the bathroom more often than men, but it is not due to the size of the bladder.


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